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Bracing for IMPACT: Sorry Mr. Jackson

By James Guttman

TNA Wrestling has seen its share of star athletes trying to transition into the elite club of two-sport athletes.  Tito Ortiz, Pacman Jones and others have tried to step into an Impact ring and show what they can do outside of their first profession. But with Rampage Jackson, things are different.  It's different.  It's damn different.

Rampage learned that when he showed up to last Thursday's Impact.  The MMA superstar arrived looking for applause and adulation.  What he got was the ire of wrestling's most famous two-sport superstar - Olympic gold medalist, multi-time World Heavyweight Champion and (soon to be) TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.  What followed was a confrontation that Jackson seemed surprised by, but fans who were paying attention to Angle's plight weren't.

Kurt Angle has been beside himself for over a year now.  With Aces and Eights invading Impact each week and trying to embarrass him at every turn, Angle is at one of the most frustrating points of his career.  Unable to singlehandedly destroy the group before they can destroy the company he loves, Kurt has had no choice but to turn to others for help.  Normally a loner, Angle has reached out only to have his supposed friends turn on him.  First it was Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff, then it was AJ Styles.  Now, we're left with a dangerous wrestling legend who doesn't trust anyone who comes bearing gifts and promises.  Rampage was a casualty of that that thought process.

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