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Footage, Photos and Results from IMPACT: AJ's Decision, Mickie wins Gold, Storm's Partner

Footage, Photos and Results from Thursday's LIVE IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV from Tampa, Florida |

- IMPACT opened with condolences to all those affected by the recent tornadoes  in Oklahoma

- "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan kicked off the broadcast from his hometown of Tampa, talking about AJ Styles joining the Aces and Eights before bringing out "The Icon" Sting. Sting and Hulk talked about the World Title main event at Slammiversary, with Sting saying that if he could't win the title, he didn't deserve another shot. Unexpectedly, Brooke Hogan came out and told her father and Sting that they shouldn't take the blame for what Bully Ray and the Aces have done to TNA, because she caused it. Brooke was about to resign, but Hulk cut her off - and then Bully Ray's music hit! The World Champion told Hogan and Sting that HE runs TNA, and that he still loves Brooke and would NEVER remove his wedding ring - which drove Brooke to tears.

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- In his return to TNA, the mysterious masked Suicide defeated Joey Ryan and Petey Williams! Suicide will compete in the Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary for the X Division Championship against titleholder Kenny King and Chris Sabin!

- Sam Shaw was supposed to face Alex Silva in the Gut Check Tournament, but the Aces and Eights music hit with Wes Brisco coming out to congratulate Shaw on advancing to the final - because the Aces annihilated Alex Silva in the parking lot! With the other Aces members joining in, they attacked Shaw before Magnus came out to help Shaw! Magnus then challenged Brisco to fight him right there!

- Magnus defeated Wes Brisco by disqualification after the other Aces and Eights interfered! As the Aces were beating down Magnus, Samoa Joe made his return to help Magnus and chase off the Aces!

- Footage was shown of AJ Styles arriving on a motorcycle!

- In a huge PPV caliber match, Kurt Angle renewed his rivalry with Mr. Anderson! The two superstars went to war and the act was back-and-forth as Angle eventually got the momentum…until AJ Styles appeared at ringside! Angle's attention turned to AJ, giving Anderson the opportunity to low blow Angle from behind and roll him up for the pin and win! After the bout, Styles left while Anderson celebrated his win over the Olympic gold medalist.

- "Cowboy" James Storm came out to pick his tag team partner for the World Tag Team Title match at Slammiversary. World Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez were watching at the Spanish commentary booth. However, before Storm could get to business, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries came out to talk trash, followed by Bad Influence - who offered Storm a spot on their team (which Storm obviously declined). Shark Boy - also making his surprise return - and Robbie E also came out to try and convince Storm, with Robbie E already ready with team names.  However, Gunner made his surprise return - hitting the ring and annihilating both Robbie E and Shark Boy! Gunner went face-to-face with Storm, who told Gunner he would "See him at Slammiversary" and shook his hand! Storm's tag team partner at Slammiversary will be Gunner!

- In Knockouts action, Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky to regain the Knockouts Championship! During the bout, Velvet went for a flying headscissors, but hurt her knee further with the move. Seeing her opportunity, Mickie clipped Velvet's knee and hit her with a DDT and the pin to win the championship!

- Finally, it was time for AJ Styles to join The Aces and Eights! In the ring with all of the Aces and Eights, they presented AJ with his booker vest and officially patched him into the gang while Kurt Angle watched on! After AJ put on his vest, a furious Kurt Angle hit the ring and was immediately attacked by the Aces! Bully Ray gave AJ a hammer to smash Angle, who went down in agony! HOWEVER, when the Aces turned to the crowd to celebrate, AJ attacked THEM with the hammer as well!!! Before the Aces knew what was happening, Styles left the ring and went up the ramp as IMPACT went off the air! AJ isn't a member of the Aces and Eights….but he apparently isn't with TNA either! Just when we think we know the answers, AJ changes the question! Will Styles explain his actions next week?