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Bracing For IMPACT: What You Wish

By James Guttman


My grandpa would always tell me to be careful what I wished for because I might just get it. This piece of grandfatherly advice usually followed an unpleasant experience that I had set myself up for.  As I threw up that last cookie he warned me to put down, Grandpa would grin and give me a pat on the head.  It was infuriating. But, in honor of him, I'd like to remind Bully Ray (and a few others) to be careful what you wish for.  Because they just might get it.

Bully's current plan for "tough love" as it relates to D-Lo Brown is the perfect example. Currently a loyal club member, D-Lo has been blasted both verbally and physically by his brothers and opponents these past few weeks. After choosing the "I Quit" stipulation for his match with Kurt Angle two weeks ago, D-Lo wound up on the losing end.  Since then, his old friends seem ready to send him packing, even demoting him down to probationary status. If the World Champion has his way, all of this will lead to Brown regaining his killer instinct. But will the trade off for this so-called eye-of-the-tiger be the loss of his Aces and Eights loyalty? Can D-Lo continue to be treated in such a way by his "brothers" and still stay faithful to his oath? If Bully gets his wish, we'll find out...and so will he.

Kenny King is another arrogant star who would benefit from an afternoon with Grandpappy Grand. When Chris Sabin retuned from his year-long injury hiatus, his level of determination was at an all time high. He dreamed of coming back and taking the Championship he once held dear. Rather than focus on battling those seemingly difficult odds, Kenny thought it would be a better idea to publicly mock the returning star just one week ahead of their 3-Way X Division Title match with Petey Williams. The confrontation on last week's Impact seemed to awaken a sleeping giant inside Chris. Now, just as King wished, he has a challenger who would love to take his title and, if nothing else, probably wouldn't mind seeing Petey take it either. Bang up job, Kenny. Maybe next time you have a big match coming up, you could throw yourself off a building first. Wouldn't be much worse of a strategic decision than the one you made last Thursday.

Gail Kim keeps wishing for attention. Seeing the adulation and respect given to women like Mickie James and Velvet Sky in recent weeks, she's complained to anyone who will listen.  Her wish comes true on this week's Impact as she squares off against Velvet.  A win here could be just what she needs to right all the wrongs she claims to have suffered.  But another loss for Gail could finally drive her insane.  At the end of the day, she's been wishing for attention and this week, she'll get it.  Whether it's good or bad attention remains to be seen.

Of course, this entire column borderlines on redundancy. Everyone I've mentioned here could have learned this lesson by watching last week's Impact. For weeks, Aces and Eights called for TNA to "man up". They chuckled as top stars like AJ Styles deserted their duties to the company. They laughed as Hulk Hogan struggled to complete Team TNA for their six-man match on Impact. They high-fived each other at the thought of taking out a partnerless Sting and Kurt Angle in one swoop. But when Abyss, who has been MIA for a full year, returned to clean house on the outlaws, no one was laughing. Their wishes had finally come true.  TNA had finally "manned up".  Or, more appropriately, "monstered up."

This all brings up to this upcoming Impact.  Thursday night will be an interesting one for Aces and Eights.  It's the first time they're finally confronted by the reality of their wish come true.  The company they thought was too easy to destroy is finally ready for them.  They wanted it, they got it, and something tells me they're not going to be happy.