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IMPACT Results: Abyss Makes His Surprise Return To TNA | LIVE from Tupelo, MS

Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast aired LIVE from Tupelo, Mississippi!

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- The event kicked off with Sting and Kurt Angle coming to the ring, demanding an answer from AJ Styles! AJ came out, but refused to answer. Angle got in AJ's face, but Styles left, further angering the Olympian. Angle and Styles brawled on the entrance ramp, while the Aces and Eights came out and attacked Sting! Afterwards, TNA cameras caught AJ leaving the building - he still wouldn't answer!


- In Knockouts Tag Team action, Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky - still bothered by her knee injury - and Mickie James defeated Gail KIm and Tara! After the bout, Gail wasn't happy about the loss and attacked Tara!

- Later, the Aces and Eights hit the ring, with Bully Ray addressing the situation with AJ, wondering who would join Sting and Kurt Angle! Then he turned his attention to D'Lo Brown and how he let the club down last week! Bully ordered D'Lo to remove his gang colors, but D'Lo refused. D'Lo told them he had a match with Magnus and he would make it up to them - but Bully Ray told D'Lo to be the timekeeper while D.O.C battled Magnus instead!

- Magnus defeated D.O.C. by pinfall, after interference by D'Lo Brown backfired on D.O.C! D'Lo went to hook Magnus' leg, but held D.O.C.'s instead, costing him the match! Later, Bully Ray and the rest of the Aces were about to annihilate D'Lo in their clubhouse, but Anderson stepped in and told them to give D'Lo a job he could handle - getting their beer! D'Lo was informed he was demoted to a prospect and Bully Ray kicked him out of the clubhouse!

- Prior to the big tag team match, both teams of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (Bad Influence) and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode tried to get on the good side of special referee James Storm, but "The Cowboy" wasn't having any of it! Unfortunately for both teams, the match was thrown out after Storm left the ring, but not before hitting a Superkick on both Daniels and Aries!

- A special video aired announcing that the masked superstar Suicide was returning soon!

- Back in the ring, X Division Champion Kenny King brought out Chris Sabin - and pretended to welcome Sabin back from his injury! King asked Sabin to hold his title, then told him that would be the closest he would ever get to it! Sabin promised to regain the championship next week, tossed the title back to King, then smashed him in the mouth! King ducked out of the ring before Sabin could do more damage to the champion.

- In the main event, after the Aces seemingly attacked all their possible partners, Sting and Kurt Angle went to battle alone in a handicap match against World Champion Bully Ray, Devon and Mr. Anderson! During the bout, cameras cut to the back, where the rest of the Aces were shown beaten and battered by an unknown attacker! Back in the ring, the Aces took advantage of the 3-on-2, wearing Angle down. Angle eventually tagged in Sting who cleaned house on the Aces and had Bully Ray in the Scorpion Deathlock, but the Aces once again took control! As they beat down Sting and Angle, Devon brought in the wooden Table for the 3D, but before they could….ABYSS MADE HIS SURPRISE RETURN!!! The Monster hit the ring and annihilated Bully Ray, Devon and Anderson, chokeslamming Anderson through the table and hitting the Black Hole Slam on Devon for the pin and win! ABYSS IS BACK!

Announced for next Thursday:

- The World Title main event contract signing between Sting and Bully Ray for Slammiversary

- X Division Championship: Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams

- Gut Check: Jay Bradley vs. Christian York in a Bound For Glory Series qualifying match

- Plus, more to be announced!