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Coverage from Thursday's IMPACT: Sting returns, Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray face to face

Results from Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV as the road to the June "Slammiversary" event continues - two championship matches, Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan go face-to-face, Sting makes his return and much more!

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- Video: Chris Sabin returns next week - CLICK HERE

- The broadcast kicked off with a recap of the events last week, including the Aces and Eights injuring TNA's top stars!

faceoff- "Cowboy" James Storm coming out to address his match with AJ Styles last week - and AJ was present in the crowd! Storm dared the Aces and Eights to come out and fight him, but he was intruppted by Bad Influence, who told AJ they still wanted to reunite with him, even talking about their days in Fortune! Storm tried to shut them up and went after them, but Kaz kicked Storm with a low blow after a 2-on-1 advantage. The Aces then came out and beat down Storm - while AJ watched and did nothing! Joseph Park tried to help, but he got annihilated as well when Bully Ray and Devon hit a 3D on Park through a table! After the attack, Bully Ray got on the mic and reminded Hulk Hogan of his challenge - and that there were no more heroes left in TNA!

- In TNA Knockouts action with ODB as special referee, Taryn Terrell defeated Tara

- In a battle of TNA's powerhouses, "Big" Rob Terry defeated Jessie Goderz, despite interference from Robbie E

- World Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Bobby Roode and Austin Aries to retain the titles after interference by Daniels and Kazarian backfired on the challengers.

- Matt Morgan came out and talked about all the wrong decisions he felt Hulk Hogan has made recently, and called out The Hulkster! Morgan told Hogan he would offer his services against the Aces and Eights, but for a price - a World Title shot! Morgan told Hogan that TNA needs Morgan more than ever - HE is their knight in shining armor! Hogan got angry at Morgan for being selfish, telling him he didn't need Morgan's help and he would face the Aces alone! Hogan dropped the mic and left Morgan in the ring!

- In the Knockouts Title match, with ODB as special referee, Velvet Sky defeated Mickie James to retain the title! Velvet's injured knee nearly cost her the match, and ODB made Mickie back off, but it gave Velvet an opportunity to roll up James for the pin as Velvet barely pulled out the win!

stingbully- In their face-to-face confrontation, Hulk Hogan (in his red and yellow) prepared for a fight alone against Bully Ray and The Aces and Eights! Bully Ray got on the mic and lashed into Hogan, reminding him he's lost all his allies and asked him how his repaired knee was doing - but Hogan returned fire and told Bully he could never destroy Hulkamania! Just as the gang was about to attack Hogan, the lights went out and "The Icon" Sting appeared in the ring to back up The Hulkster! Sting knocked off Bully's hat with his black bat, then Sting began to clear house! The broadcast ended with Sting and Hogan chasing off the Aces - but Sting pointed his bat at Hogan and left the ring without saying anything to Hulk!