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TRISTAR Debuts All-New, Exclusive-Licensed IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE Trading Cards

TRISTAR, the nation’s premier producer of sports collectibles and memorabilia, today released its all-new, exclusive-licensed IMPACT WRESTLING trading card product, titled LIVE.  

The new set of high-gloss cards features IMPACT WRESTLING superstars, with parallel editions of each card featuring serial numbering.  

What can IMPACT WRESTLING fans and collectors look forward to in LIVE?  Highlights include:

- Hand-Signed Autograph Cards with signatures from 40+ different IMPACT WRESTLING stars.  Special multi-autograph cards feature two, three, four, six, eight, ten or twelve autographs on a single card!  This is the first time TNA cards have ever featured as many as ten or twelve autographs on one card.  Plus, look for the special inscriptions IMPACT WRESTLING stars signed with their autographs.

- 1 of 1 LIVE Printing Plates With Autograph(s) can be found in LIVE hobby boxes.  These are the actual plates used to print the LIVE cards and are highly coveted by collectors.

- Special Short-Printed Cards are randomly inserted one per hobby box, as well as randomly in retail packs. These special cards include images of special Sam Shaw Caricatures that he drew of TNA stars exclusively for LIVE Trading Cards.  Plus, Jeff Hardy comments on his fellow TNA stars.

- Authentic Action Memorabilia Cards feature a swatch of clothing worn by a star in an IMPACT WRESTLING event, with many of the cards featuring not only the event-worn clothing swatch but a hand-signed autograph, too!  Look for the five Jeff Hardy Letter Cards spelling out his last name, with each including a swatch of a Hardy event-worn art t-shirt.  Authentic Action Memorabilia Cards feature Hulk Hogan, Sting, Hardy, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Knockouts and many more.

- Special Insert Cards: Attend IMPACT WRESTLING Live In a City Near You! – Look for randomly-inserted, special insert cards giving those who find them free tickets to a LIVE TNA IMPACT WRESTLING show in a nearby city.

Special Card Subsets include:

- “4 Corners” – A TNA star names four words that best describe another TNA star.
- “LIVE Events” – Which stars get nervous before entering the ring?  What are the stars’ most memorable matches? Find out on these cards.
- “Reality” – Which reality television shows would TNA stars like to appear on?  Which do they most like to watch?  They will tell you in this special subset.
- “Then & Now” – TNA stars are pictured as a child and talk about favorite childhood memories.
- “Dixie Carter’s Top TNA Moments of 2012” – President Dixie Carter reveals the TNA moments or events that were at the top of her list in 2012.
TRISTAR vice president Mandy Fuerst said the company is excited to mark the historic move with TNA this month taking the weekly Thursday IMPACT WRESTLING show on the road with this new, special trading card product.

“LIVE Trading Cards provide the opportunity for TRISTAR and TNA to reach out to fans that now have the opportunity to attend a live IMPACT WRESTLING televised show in their own city for the first time,” Fuerst said.  “IMPACT WRESTLING now going on the road from city to city is a big step in allowing the fans to be part of the TNA excitement in person, and this new trading card product (LIVE) celebrates TNA and TRISTAR bringing the stars LIVE to them.”  

IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE Trading Card checklists, as well as all the card details, are available online at  For all the latest news and information, follow @TNACards on Twitter.

“IMPACT WRESTLING trading cards are such a great way for fans to collect their favorite stars, and collectors recognize the value of these cards with all of the hand-signed autographs, short-printed cards, serially-numbered parallels, event-worn clothing memorabilia cards and more,” said Fuerst.