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Lockdown Results: NEW World Champion BULLY RAY | Watch The PPV Replay Online

On Sunday night, March 10, TNA Wrestling presented the annual "Lockdown" event live on Pay-Per-View from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas! If you missed Lockdown, catch the replay on your Pay-Per-View provider or online at

The online replay is NOW AVAILABLE at - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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Quick Results:

- X Division Title: Kenny King def. Zema Ion and Christian York
- Joseph Park def. Joey Ryan
- Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim
- Rob Terry def. Robbie E
- Tag Team Title: Bobby Roode & Austin Ries def. Bad Influence and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
- Steel Cage: Wes Brisco def. Kurt Angle
- Lethal Lockdown: Team TNA def Aces and 8s
- World Title: Bully Ray def. Jeff Hardy to win the championship

- Lockdown kicked off with X Division action as champion Kenny King successfully defended the gold against Zema Ion and Christian York in a three-way match, using his "Royal Flush" TKO finisher on York to get the pin and the win.

- In the second bout, Joey Ryan faced Joseph Park! The two traded verbal jabs on the mic before the match, with San Antonio solidly behind Park. Park was obviously disgusted by Ryan's constant posing and body oil. Park eventually won the bout after Ryan tried to hit a sunset flip from the outside, but Park fought it and hit a sit-down splash for the win!

- Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim to retain the Knockouts Championship! It was a solid match between Gail and Velvet - but referee Taryn Terrell would play a pivotal part! After Gail argued a pin count, she began to shove Terrell and berate her. After Gail kept it up, Terrell finally had enough and hit Gail with a spear and several smacks - leading to Velvet hitting her finisher on Gail Kim for the win!

- Getting revenge on his his former tag team (and clubbing) partner, Rob Terry defeated Robbie E! Robbie E tried to stall and avoid Rob Terry to start (and even tried to change his mind by hugging him!), but Terry eventually got his chance when Robbie tried to use a sleeperhold. With Terry almost out, Robbie E ran the ropes but was caught by the big man. Terry then hit a press slam on Robbie E for the win!

- Bobby Roode and Austin Aries won the three-way tag team match to retain the Tag Team Championship against Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Guerrero and Hernandez looked to win the gold after Guerrero hit the Frog Splash from the top rope on Daniels, but Aries and Roode took advantage of the situation (with Hernandez on the outside) - while Aries went after Guerrero, Roode covered Daniels for the win to retain the titles!

- It was time for the first cage match of the night as Kurt Angle faces Aces and 8s member Wes Brisco! Angle took the battle to Brisco right away, dominating early with a series of suplexes. Later, when Angle went for a clothesline, he missed and accidentally hit the referee. Angle trapped Brisco in his Ankle Lock Submission, but there was no referee as Brisco tapped out repeatedly. After an Angle Slam, Kurt decided to leave the cage, but he was attacked by Aces and 8s member D'Lo Brown! Brown battered Angle with the cage and put him back inside - then pulled Brisco out! When the referee finally came to and saw Wes on the outside, he awarded Brisco the match!

- The Lethal Lockdown match started with Mr. Anderson from Aces and 8s vs. Magnus from Team TNA. Knox from Aces was out next with the advantage, followed by Samoa Joe who evened the odds. Garett Bischoff was out next, then Eric Young. Devon from Aces was up, then "Cowboy" James Storm was Team TNA took control after a Storm superkick on Knox! D.O.C. from the Aces made his entry, giving the gang the upper hand - but it didn't last long as "The Icon" Sting was last…and he brought the weapons! In the end, Sting nailed his Scorpion Death drop on Knox - and Eric Young went to the very top of the cage! Young hit his elbow drop finisher off the top of the cage on Knox for the win for Team TNA in Lethal Lockdown!

- The main event was up next, as Jeff Hardy put the World Heavyweight Title on the line against Bully Ray! Both superstars battled back-and-forth early, but Bully Ray inflicted major damaged on Hardy after hitting a Bully powerbomb on Hardy from the top of the cage! Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke came out ringside to watch - then the Aces and 8s came out and began to climb in the ring! Bully and hardy stood back to back to fight off the Aces, but then Devon pulled a hammer from his pocket and tossed it to Bully! Bully turned around and smashed Hardy with it! As Hulk and Brooke watch on in disbelief, Bully Ray pinned Hardy to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Bully Ray declared he was the President of Aces and 8s and told Hulk and Brooke he used them! Bully Ray joined the Aces and 8s in celebration with the World Title as the PPV went off the air! Tune in to Thursday's IMPACT on SpikeTV LIVE from Chicago for the aftermath!