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Results and Photos From Thursday's IMPACT on SpikeTV, plus Post Show Footage

Results from the March 7, 2013 IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV - the final countdown to Lockdown 2013

- The broadcast began with a memoriam to Bill "Paul Bearer" Moody, who passed away earlier this week.

- In the back, Kurt Angle promised to reveal the identity of the Aces and 8s VP later!

Ringside photos added below - scroll down below the results

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VIDEO: Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray face ot face beofre Lockdown: CLICK HERE

VIDEO: D'Lo Brown is revealed as a member of Aces and 8s: CLICK HERE

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- One-half of the World Tag Team Champions Austin Aries came out to call out the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy for a fight! Hardy answered, and Aries attacked him during his entrance to start the bout. Later, Hardy was going for the win when "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan hit the ring and knocked out Hardy with the Carbon Footprint - also costing Aries the bout! Morgan tried to boot Hardy again on the outside, but Bully Ray came out to stop Morgan and protect Hardy!

- Later backstage, Morgan explained why he went after Hardy - delivering a message to Hulk Hogan that he wanted what he deserved!

- Kurt Angle was scheduled to come out to reveal the Aces and 8s member, but out came Wes Brisco instead, who ran down Angle and talked about his own great wrestling family. Angle came out and went after Brisco - leading to the TNA agents hitting the ring to separate them. However, when Angle went after Brisco again, D'Lo Brown attacked Angle while Brisco took out Al Snow and Pat Kenney! D'Lo Brown got on the mic and told the world he was spoiling Kurt's surprise - and that he was the VP of The Aces and 8s! D'Lo threw down the mic and left with Brisco! D'Lo Brown was who Angle unveiled as the VP of Aces and 8s!

- In a Lethal Lockdown advantage match, Aces and 8s member Devon faced "The Icon" Sting! During the bout, while Devon and Sting battled on the outside, a fan of Aces and 8s threw a drink at Sting! As the referee went after the fan to eject him, Devon smashed Sting's face in the ring post - opening up a nasty cut on Sting's head. Devon tossed "The Icon" back in the ring for the quick pin and win! The Aces go up 1-0 in the Lethal Lockdown advantage.

- It was announced that "Nightmare" Danny Davis would join Bruce Prichard and Al Snow as judges for the TNA Gut Check. Backstage, the judges brought in Lei'd Tapa and Ivelisse Velez - and Prichard told both ladies it was the toughest Gut Check they ever had to decide. Prichard informed Lei'd Tapa that she would advance, while Velez was eliminated.

- In mixed tag team action, Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky teamed with Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero to battle Gail Kim, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian! Late in the bout, Hernandez and Chavo went to battle Danels and Kazarian on the outside, leaving Gail and Velvet in the ring. Gail immediately hit her inverted facebreaker finisher on Velvet, getting the pin and win heading into Lockdown!

- Backstage, a bloodied and angry Sting asked for complete trust from his Lethal Lockdown team!

- More footage aired of TNA cameras following AJ Styles, however, an angry Styles erupted and attacked the cameraman, shoving him back in his car! Later on IMPACT,

- In another Lethal Lockdown advantage match, Samoa Joe and Magnus faced D.O.C. and Garret Bischoff! In the end, Joe and Magnus got the win, tying up the series!

- In the Gut Check decision, Lei'd Tapa was approved 2-1 by the judges, earning a spot on the roster with IMPACT WRESTLING! Congratulations to the newest TNA Knockout, Lei'd Tapa!

- In the main event, it was the final Lethal Lockdown advantage match, with Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm! During the match, the Aces and 8s came out to show force in unity - resulting in Sting and Team TNA coming down as well! With Storm distracted, Anderson hit his Mic Check finisher on Storm to get the win and advantage for the Aces and 8s heading into Lethal Lockdown this Sunday!

- To end IMPACT, World Champion Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray had their final face-to-face before their main event match at Sunday's Lockdown. Bully Ray told Hardy he was proud for battling back in recent years to once again become World Champion. In turn, Hardy told Bully Ray he was proud of him as well. After Bully Ray said it was his goal to become the World Champion, out came IMPACT General Manager Hulk Hogan - still on crutches from his recent operation. Hulk wished both competitors good luck before Sunday night - and may the best man win! As Hardy and Bully Ray shook hands, The Aces and 8s hit the ring and went after Hardy and Bully! Then Team TNA hit the ring as IMPACT ended in total chaos! See you Sunday at Lockdown!