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Complete Results and Ringside Photos from the December "Final Resolution" Pay-Per-View

On Sunday night, "Final Resolution" aired live on Pay-Per-View and on the internet from Orlando, FL, featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at

Scroll down for results, plus exclusive ringside photos below from the Pay-Per-View event! (Results by Kris Long)

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If you missed the "Final Resolution" Pay-Per-View event, the replay is now available to watch online around the world at - the official online video service of IMPACT WRESTLING! You can view the PPV in its entirety online, featuring the main event of Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship!


Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

- James Storm Def. Kazarian
- X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Rob Van Dam Def. Kenny King
- WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez Def. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan
- Austin Aries Def. Bully Ray
- ONE FINAL TIME  Christopher Daniels Def.  "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles
- MAIN EVENT: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy Def.  Bobby Roode

Results from the Final Resolution Pay-Per-View

James Storm vs. Kazarian
The Pay-Per-View opened with James Storm calling out Bobby Roode but instead Kazarian entered to call out James Storm but turned into a match between the two grapplers.  The match initially started outside but was brought into the ring where the ref was able to officially start the bout.  Kazarian seemed to focus on the head and neck of the Cowboy and was able to work Storm into a choke hold.  The two were able to wear down on each other but Storm came out with the upper hand and nearly landing a last call super kick, but was stopped when Kazarian ducked behind the ref.  This effort by Kazarian wasn’t enough to stop Storm.  After failing to implement the fade to black finisher, Kazarian was taken out by the last call superkick and was pinned by Storm.

Kenny King earned the #1 Contendership to face RVD for the X Division Championship on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING.  The Matchup Started with the two shaking hands then locking up with RVD who was able to get King into a side headlock.  The two exchanged holds with brief spurts of explosive moves from the two.  King led into an impressive near pinfall to get things in his favor leading to Van Dam leaving the ring to slow down the momentum of King.   Upon entering the ring RVD began working on King’s left leg to wear him down.  When attempting to go high risk, RVD was taken out by King who kicked him causing him to fall from the top rope onto the ground.  King brought RVD back in for a near pinfall.   After some wearing down RVD made an attempt at two near pinfalls.  The two went back and forth with neither successfully able to get the 3 count.  After a monkey flip and a rolling thunder Van Dam was going for the five star frog splash but was stopped by King.    However, things did not stay in King’s favor as RVD performed a body scissors into the cover to get the pin for the win and retain the X Division Championship.

Joey Ryan And Chavo Gurerrero faced off in the ring but at the start Joey Ryan didn’t seem to keen on locking up with Guerrero, finally things sped up leading to Hernandez and Guerrero breaking down the sleezy superstar.   Ryan managed to tag in Morgan who basically manhandled Guererro leading to Hernadnez and Morgan facing off in a pushing match with each trying to knock the other down.   Finally Morgan managed to clothesline Hernandez to knock him down and tag in Joey Ryan.   Hernandez put Ryan into a vertical suplex.    Hernandez and Chavo traded off on wearing down Ryan with few opportunities for an offense from Ryan.   After some work Ryan was able to tag in Morgan to wear down Chavo and allow for Ryan to come in and get back to work on him.  The two worked together to wear down Chavo before Hernandez got back into the game and faced off with Ryan.  After some back and forth it came down to Chavo Guerrero who jumped off the top rope for a near pinfall on Ryan but was abruptly stopped by Morgan who pulled out the ref from the ring to stop the count.  The match was thrown out and the two teams ended up brawling with Hernandez getting the last move in.  

At the start of the match Aries immediately slid outside the ring to make sure that Bully’s chain was not close to be used as a weapon.   Aries managed to do a few things that seemed to make Bully angrier than he obviously already was.  Bully Ray went to work on Aries, but Aries managed to turn things around to break him down for many near pinfalls.  Aries even took a moment to mock the general manager Hulk Hogan during his series of offenses on the Bully.   Aries wasn’t able to wear him down enough to prevent Bully from landing a brutal missile drop kick.  After getting knocked outside the ring Aries attempted a suicide dive that was stopped abruptly by Bully’s foot.   After some in ring action, things ended up back outside the ring and at some point caused Bully to start bleeding.  As Bully was bleeding in the ring Brooke Hogan Came in to aid Bully, however, she was taken by Aries into the ring.  Bully stopped Aries who got Brooke to leave with Hulk Hogan, who was at ringside c to assist.  As Bully was distracted Aries got a low blow in and was able to get the pin for the win.

The two locked up with the advantage shifting quickly from one to the other with no shortage of hair pulling.  Early on Tara wanted to call for a time out.   Mickie seemed to have the advantage for the most part.  When things seemed dire, Jesse pulled Tara out of the ring but Mickie kicked them both down.   Tara was able to get control but after a counter Mickie had the pin on Tara, but referee Taryn Terrell was distracted by Jesse.  Favor went back to Tara for a short time but Mickie did not back down and the extremely physical matchup continued with Jesse again pulling out Tara from harms way though Mickie was there to jump onto Tara from the top rope.  Tara was able to get the three count after a widows peak taking advantage of Mickie being distracted by Jesse.

The Captains, Devon and Kurt Angle faced off to start things out then things changed up when Samoa Joe and Doc were tagged in. Samoa Joe was able to man handle him at the start.  Garett and another Member were the next to face off with things going back and forth between these two.  Next up is Wes Brisco who faces another anonymous member of Aces and 8s.   Joe came back in and faced off with Devon where Devon maintained the advantage despite Joe’s attempts.  DOC and Devon and the anonymous Aces and 8s members tagged in and out to tear down Samoa Joe.  Joe was able to get things together enough to tag in the Olympic Gold Medalist to take out the Aces and 8s members in the ring but it lead to all out warfare with everybody fighting.  Angle managed to get the pin after some close moments and being nearly taken out by DOC who was stopped by Garett and Wes Brisco.

ONE FINAL TIME  Christopher Daniels vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles
A lot of bitter feelings came to a head in this final match between the two former friends.   The match started out with each man being fairly cautious making calculated moves.   Each time things seemed to elevate Styles worked to slow things down by taking time outside of the ring.  The two worked on each other with a hits and submission moves.   AJ Styles managed to pick up the obvious advantage for some time but Daniels was able to turn it around and tear apart AJ.   The two went hard at it with Styles getting cut open, which seemed to light a fire and allow him to unleash a series of offenses on Daniels who remained resilient.   Styles attempted to finally finish things off with a Styles Clash off the top ropes however it was reversed by Daniels who was able to actually land a Styles Clash on him and get the three count for the win against the Phenomenal one.

The crowd was very much behind Jeff Hardy for the Main Event of the night.   Roode went in after Hardy very heavy beating him into the corner and continuing it throughout the ring.  The favor went to Hardy who kept the momentum for some time until Roode was able to pick up near pinfalls and pick up favor in this matchup.   Roode was able to keep things going his way for a big part of the match and he worked at slowly tearing down Hardy.  After taking too long to make his move up off the top rope Hardy managed to pick up some momentum but it was very short lived.  The brutal match continued and it seemed neither competitor wanted to let up.  Things seemed questionable for Jeff Hardy after missing a jump off the stairs and landing on the guardrail instead.   Roode tried to capitalize on the injured Hardy but he managed to kick out.  Roode tried one more time to capitalize but was kicked off the top by Hardy who landed a Swonton Bomb but was unable to make it for the cover.  A weakened Hardy was gored by Roode who went for the cover but could not get the pin.    Roode who was distracted by The Aces and 8s who just showed up was taken out by Hardy with a twist of fate and able to get the 3 count for the win to retain the title.   Directly following the match the Aces and 8s took out Hardy.  Roode began yelling about how he paid the group on Thursday and said he should be champ now…  so the group proceeded to take out Bobby Roode as well.