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Results From Thursday's IMPACT: The Final Countdown To The Bound For Glory PPV

Results From Thursday's IMPACT: The Final Countdown To The Bound For Glory PPV

Here’s what you missed on an all-new IMPACT WRESTLING, live from Orlando: (by Thomas Sanders)

The “Cowboy” James Storm wasted no time taking his corner in the ring against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries to kick off another wild night of IMPACT WRESTLING. With “Bound for Glory” just days away, this Pay-Per-View quality matchup was neck and neck until Storm’s nemesis, Bobby Roode, delivered a cheap shot to the “Cowboy.” Aries took advantage by unleashing his signature “Brainbuster,” which led to an easy pin for the champ.

(Footage from Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast is below)

Both slated for the “Triple Threat” Tag Team match at “Bound for Glory,” AJ Styles and Hernandez met in a matchup of strength and athleticism. A massive shoulder block from Hernandez left Styles across the ring and vulnerable to a quick cover up and pin.

TNA X Division Champion Zema Ion may be f’in pretty, but he better be as f’in dangerous as he claims to be because RVD called him out for a “Bound for Glory” showdown.

World Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian tried to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Hulk Hogan and Sting about their decision to put Bully Ray in the “Bound for Glory” fight against “Aces and 8s;” but Bully Ray flipped the script by challenging the Tag Team Champions to a match against himself and Sting. Dominating from beginning to end, Bully Ray and Sting unleashed a flurry of high-powered assaults, finishing the match by slamming Christopher Daniels through a table.

TNA Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher stayed sharp for “Bound for Glory” by taking on former champ and Knockout veteran Gail Kim. Tessmacher collected the victory, but her “Bound for Glory” opponent Tara decided to crash the celebration.

Bobby Roode entered the IMPACT Zone with an unmistakable focus, despite a run-in with James Storm in the locker room that King Mo had to break up. But the “Bound for Glory Series” winner and number one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Jeff Hardy wasn’t fazed, despite an opening cheap shot by Roode. All of Hardy’s signature moves were on display, including back to back “Twists of Fate” that would have left most wrestlers unconscious. But the “It Factor” Bobby Roode hung tough until he opted for yet another cheap shot, this time below the belt to earn himself a disqualification.

As the “Charismatic Enigma” recovered from unfair blow, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries stormed out to angrily accuse TNA of preferential treatment toward Jeff Hardy. More and more issues continue to surface as we inch one day closer toward “Bound for Glory.” Will Austin Aries earn the respect that he so desperately covets? Will the “Aces and 8s” take the IMPACT ZONE from Sting and Bully Ray? There’s only one way to find out: tune in this Sunday to the biggest Pay-Per-View of them all, “Bound for Glory,” live from Phoenix!