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Preview The Aces & 8s vs. "The Icon" Sting and Bully Ray At "Bound For Glory"

Preview The Aces & 8s vs. "The Icon" Sting and Bully Ray At "Bound For Glory"

What’s more American than TNA wrestling? The excitement, the dedication and the notion that anyone can scale the heights of stardom with enough hard work and dedication; but, also like America, compromises must be made. Our Presidential candidates may differ in policies, but they know that sometimes you have to reach across the aisle in order to get things done. When it comes to the “Aces and 8s,” something needs to get done quickly. Two superstars with completely different philosophies will have to come together for the good of the TNA nation. No need to hit the campaign trail; these titans of trash talk have already secured the domination nominations.

(Watch footage below of Bully Ray stepping up to join Sting)

The “Icon” Sting brings poise and thoughtfulness to the ring, not to mention a wealth of experience with just enough insanity to get the job done. The three-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion always rises to the occasion, especially at “Bound for Glory.” If the “Aces and 8s” think they can intimidate TNA’s first Hall of Fame inductee, then they better start worrying about their own safety, because the Stinger won’t be handing out any executive pardons in the Phoenix ring come October 14.

The ruthless Bully Ray offers up a different style of leadership: shut up and listen to him. This Chief of Hate won’t be winning the popular vote, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. If the “Aces and 8s” really want to take the IMPACT Zone by force, then sending a tyrant to do the dirty work is TNA’s best strategy. As a former tag team champion, Bully Ray also knows the importance of a good running mate. Just don’t expect him to kiss any babies.

Still not sure who to vote for? Don’t worry, because on October 14, we’re swearing in both superstars to protect the IMPACT Zone at “Bound for Glory!” There won’t be any peace talks or diplomatic immunity in this battle, just Total Nonstop Action as two of IMPACT’s biggest superstars team up for an unprecedented brawl with the “Aces and 8s.”