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Bobby Roode vs. James Storm at Bound For Glory | Special Enforcer: King Mo

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm at Bound For Glory | Special Enforcer: King Mo

BeerMoneyThe stage is set for the biggest grudge match in TNA history at Bound or Glory on October 14th live from Phoenix, AZ.  Per Hulk Hogan, the match will have the special enforcer King Mo on hand.  (Find out more about King Mo)

With the war between Roode and Storm growing more out of control, General Manager Hulk Hogan has named MMA superstar King Mo as the special enforcer for their match at "Bound For Glory" live on Pay-Per-View! No doubt, King Mo is the man to law down the law in the ring between Storm and Roode!

Once the most decorated tag team champions of all time, Bobby Roode and the “Cowboy” James Storm now stand alone.  Beer Money, Inc., defined teamwork and epitomized excellence, all the while upholding the honor of fierce competition.  For years Beer Money fought for the World Tag Team Championships with style and charisma, yet were never afraid to dish out a good old fashioned butt-whoopin’. But those days have since vanished, and only the scars of betrayal remain.

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Beer Money’s improbable final championship run ended last summer after a staggering 212 days as defending Tag Team Champions. After earning four titles together in four years, Roode and Storm immediately became favorites in the inaugural Bound For Glory Series as contenders for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, with Roode eventually earning the title shot. The championship slipped through his fingers at Bound For Glory 2011, though, setting in motion a chain of events that would forever alter the Beer Money era.

Soon Storm became the new World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Kurt Angle, but faced his former partner and friend Bobby Roode in the IMPACT Zone just five days later with the title on the line. Once two equal halves of an unstoppable duo, each man stood as a singular force; no longer brothers of the ring, but ruthless competitors with a lust for individual glory. A broken beer bottle to the “Cowboy’s” head earned Roode the ultimate prize that he so coveted, but signaled the end of a dominant partnership. 

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Earlier this year at Lockdown, Storm failed to regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship after accidently superkicking Roode out of the steel cage for the win. IMG 1902Their paths diverted, but the wounds never truly healed. Sickened by the loss, the “Cowboy” walked away from wrestling for two months, all but retiring from the sport that had left him reeling in pain. Meanwhile Bobby Roode embarked on his own individual record-setting TNA World Heavyweight Championship reign with total disregard for the partner that helped him climb to prominence.

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