Aug 29, 2012

Who Will Be The Final Four At No Surrender?

Who Will Be The Final Four At No Surrender?

Entering the final seven days of the BFG Series, eight of the twelve competitors still have a chance to make the final four at No Surrender and main event Bound for Glory in October.   The BFG Series this year featured a round-robin tournament between the twelve competitors battling to see who could accumulate the most points.  It wasn’t just if you won, but how you won.  


Here are the final 5 matches that will take place over the next two IMPACT broadcast

8/30 Impact
James Storm vs. RVD
Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles
Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

9/6 Impact
Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe
Rob Van Dam vs. Bully Ray

With just five matches remaining in the series, here are the standings.


Mathematically eliminated from the final four are Christopher Daniels, Magnus, Robbie and The Pope.  Some wrestlers control their own destiny, and some need a lot of help!  Here is how it breaks down for those eight still in play.


JEFF HARDY (42 Points)

Jeff Hardy has two matches left in the series vs. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.   Jeff needs to win both his matches to even have a shot to make the final four.  Two pinfall victories would put him at 56 points and at 3rd place.    Hardy is not known for submission but a victory in one or both could help his cause as well.   A loss to Kurt Angle this week will eliminate Jeff from the final four at No Surrender and the BFG Series.  


Defeating James Storm on the 7/5 Impact
Defeating Bully Ray on 8/16 Impact

Losing the Tables Match at Hardcore Justice (worth 20 points)
Losing to AJ Styles at Live Event in Brooklyn, NY  7/21


MR. ANDERSON (47 Points)

Mr. Anderson has no matches left at the series and is sitting at 47 points.  Mr. Anderson is all but mathematically eliminated from the series.  He would need a miracle to make the final four.


This week he needs AJ Styles to lose by disqualification to Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle to lose via disqualification against Jeff Hardy, RVD to lose via disqualification to James Storm!  Next week he needs Samoa Joe to defeat Jeff Hardy! And Bully Ray to defeat RVD or go to a draw!  
Also remember Mr. Anderson did not compete in opening gauntlet match for 20 points when he waived that right and instead faced the World Champion at the time (Bobby Roode) for the World Title that same night.  He took a gamble that now looks to have cost him!

Defeated Bully Ray on 8/23 Impact
Defeated AJ Styles on 7/19 Open Fight Night

No winning the Falls Count Anywhere match at Hardcore Justice worth 20 points
Losing to Kurt Angle on 7/12 Impact


KURT ANGLE (48 Points)

Kurt Angle is sitting at 48 points in the BFG Series with one match left vs. Jeff Hardy.   He needs a win and some help to make the final four!  If Kurt Angle gets a submission vs. Jeff Hardy he’ll be at 58 points and a pin gets him to 55 points.   


With a submission he’ll need James Storm to defeat RVD.  Samoa Joe to beat AJ Styles or AJ Styles to win via Pinfall over Samoa Joe, if AJ wins via submission then Kurt is out!  Plus Kurt would need a DRAW between RVD and Bully on the final week to lock it up!  

If Kurt wins via pinfall over Jeff Hardy, he’ll need James Storm to beat RVD, Samoa Joe to defeat AJ Styles.  And Bully Ray to beat RVD.  

End result – Kurt Angle needs to make Jeff Hardy to tap!  

Defeating Bully Ray on Impact 7/26
Defeating Mr. Anderson on Impact

Losing to Samoa Joe via Submission at Destination X
Losing to James Storm via Pin on Impact  
Losing the Ladder Match at Hardcore Justice (worth 20 points)


AJ STYLES (50 Points)

AJ Styles had a ton of distraction during the BFG Series due to the mind games played by Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.  With one match remaining, AJ Styles is sitting at 50 points!  To make the final four, he must win and get some help!


If AJ Styles pins Samoa Joe he’ll end with 57 points, if he can make Samoa Joe submit, he’ll finish with 60 points.  

AJ needs James Storm to defeat RVD and for Bully Ray to beat RVD next week to guarantee a spot in the final four even with a victory.  

Won Ladder match at Hardcore Justice for 20 points
Defeated Christopher Daniels on Impact 8/16

To Kurt Angle on Impact 8/9
To Magnus on Open Fight Night 6/21


BULLY RAY (55 Points)

Bully Ray has one match remaining in the series on the final week vs. RVD.   Sitting at 55 points, he is in control of his own destiny.  Beat RVD next week and he’s in the final four!


Lose and he needs help!  If he loses to RVD, he’ll need AJ Styles to lose to Samoa Joe.  He’ll need Jeff Hardy to beat Kurt Angle but lose to Samoa Joe!  He’ll need RVD to have lost to James Storm as well!  

For Bully Ray, it’s win and you’re in!  

Winning the Tables Match at Hardcore Justice for 20 points
Defeating AJ Styles on Xplosion

Losing to Samoa Joe via Submission on 6/28 Impact
Losing to Kurt Angle via pin on 7/26 Impact


ROB VAN DAM (55 Points)

RVD, sitting at 55 points, controls his own destiny in the BFG Series.   With two matches in hand, RVD needs to win one of his last two matches to guarantee himself a spot in the final four.
A victory over James Storm or Bully Ray gets him into the final four!   Two loses, and he could be on the outside looking in.  


Won Falls-Count-Anywhere match at Hardcore Justice for 20 points.
Defeated Samoa Joe on Impact 7/12

Lost to Jeff Hardy on 6/21 Impact
Lost to Christopher Daniels on Open Fight Night 7/19


SAMOA JOE (61 Points)

Samoa Joe burned out a big point total in the BFG Series with numerous submission victories worth 10 points.  Sitting at 61 points, he has two matches left vs. AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy.  Joe is out to be in first place and two victories will get him there.


Defeated Kurt Angle by Submission at Destination X
Defeated Bully Ray by Submission on Impact 6/28

Lost to James Storm on Open Fight Night 6/21
Lost to RVD on 7/12 Impact


JAMES STORM (66 Points)

James Storm had the most to prove in the BFG Series coming off his loss to Bobby Roode at Lockdown.   Refocused on his career, James made his triumphant return to Impact Wrestling the week the BFG Series kicked off.  Winning the opening gauntlet, James jumped to an early lead.  A few stumbles during the series only forced him to work harder and now he sits at number one.  


James has one match left in the series vs. RVD.  He win and he locks up the number one spot in the BFG Series.  

Winning opening Gauntlet for 20 points
Defeated Kurt Angle on Impact 8/2

Lost to Bully Ray on Impact 8/9
Lost to Jeff Hardy on Impact 7/5

Who will be in the final four at No Surrender?  Who will main event Bound For Glory vs. the World Heavyweight Champion in October in Phoenix, AZ?  Tune into Impact  Wrestling Live every Thursday at 8/7c on Spike TV!