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Slammiversary Results: New Champions, 1st TNA Hall Of Famer, Christian and more!

Slammiversary Results: New Champions, 1st TNA Hall Of Famer, Christian and more!

On Sunday night, "Slammiversary" aired live on Pay-Per-View and on the internet from College Park Center in Arlington, TX in front of the largest live US crowd in TNA Wrestling history. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at


Scroll down for results, plus images below from the Pay-Per-View event

Tune into Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV at 8/7c for the aftermath from the event, plus exclusive footage! If you can't watch it, set your DVR to record it.

Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

X-Division Championship: Austin Aries def. Samoa Joe
Hernandez def. Kid Kash
TV Champion Devon & Garett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T
#1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: Mr. Anderson def. Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy
Open Challenge: James Storm def. Crimson
Hall of Fame Announcement:  Sting announced to the Hall of Fame
KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP Brooke Tessmacher def. Gail Kim
Joseph Park def. Bully Ray
WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP AJ Styles & Kurt Angle def. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Results from the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View

X-Division Championship
Aries began unleashing some blows on Joe but Joe brought on a firestorm of hits in retaliation.   Joe kept control of for much of the first part of the matchup up and he seemed to land quite a few hits on Aries.  Aries was finally able to get back n the match by landing a suicide dive on Joe and things went back and forth between the two for some time.  Joe finally went for submission and into a rollup for the pin but Aries kicked out.   This did not stop Joe as he continued to wear down on Aries.  In an attempt to implement a move from the top rope Joe was thrown to the mat by Aries, then did a flip onto Joe.   The fierce back and forth between these two continued at length and all seemed to be over for Joe after Aries reversed a muscle buster on Joe which seemed to almost finish him off.  After a few short offensive moves Aries performed his finisher and got the pin on Joe.

Kid Cash vs. Hernandez.

The match started with these two going face to face but then immediately kicked off with Kid Kash hammering on Hernandez.  The size advantage obviously went to Hernandez who started throwing Kash around.  Kash was able to turn things around and take the offensive and maintain the upper hand in the match.   Hernandez was able to get a few hits in but Kash was in control and displayed an impressive tornado sweeping DDT.   Thanks to the leaping ability of Hernandez, he acquired the upperhand leading up to an amazing leap over the top rope to the floor to take out Kash.   After a top rope splash Hernandez was able to get the pin for the win.  

TV Champion Devon & Garett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T
Garett and Robbie E faced off in the ring to start the match, after Garett dominated Robbie E he retreated and tagged in Robbie T.  Garett couldn’t seem to lay out Robbie T at all.  During the middle of the match Madison Rayne appeared at the ramp and watched.   With the help of Robbie E the duo was able to break down Garett.  Finally, Garett was able to take out Robbie E long enough to tag in Devon who was able to even things up and even avoid some outside interference from Robbie T.    Through his offensive flurry he turned things to the favor of his team and was able to get a near pinfall but was stopped by Robbie T.  This did not stop the duo as Garett was later able to stop Robbie T long enough to allow Devon to get a pin on Robbie E.  

#1 Contenders Match:
The three men faced off in the ring with it seeming to be every man for themself.  Hardy was able to get a lot of offensive in which led to a near pinfall.   Following this things went back and forth between all men.   Anderson was able to implement a top rope superplex on Hardy and RVD attempted to take advantage of the situation with a frog splash but missed and caused all three men to be laid out on the mat.  All three men seem to be back to square one and they all went to war on one another.  After bringing the match outside of the ring we saw Hardy fly off the top rope onto his opponents and take control of the match.  Hardy was able to nail a Swonton Bomb off the top rope to attempt a pin on RVD, but the count was stopped by Anderson who pulled out the ref.  All three men had near pinfalls but in the end Anderson was able to pull off a mic check and get the pin for the win.

Open Challenge
After talking himself up in the ring Crimson awaited the person who would accept his open challenge.  To the delight of Texas, the challenge was answered by the Cowboy James Storm.  Storm came in to start the match with a vengeance giving Crimson no chance to retaliate.  After turning his back on him, Crimson was able to get things moving in his favor for a short time.  James Storm came to answer his short offensive with his own version of southern justice and finished it off with a last call superkick leading to a pin officially ending the streak of the former undefeated Crimson.   

Hall of Fame Announcment
After thanking the fans of TNA Wrestling Dixie Called out the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING roster to the stage.  Carter thanked everyone and introduced Sting as the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.  Sting came to the ring where Dixie shared a few words and said the formal induction would happen at Bound For Glory.  Sting gave a brief speech and thanked the fans, the roster and Dixie.  

Knockouts Championship
Brooke started that match in control actually driving Gail Kim out of the ring to gather herself.  She was able to turn it around and bring the offense to Tessmacher.  Gail wore down Tessmacher with a head scissor and continued to wear her down.  Kim finally seemed to hurt her with a necktie neck breaker followed with Tessmacher getting knocked down to the floor where Kim could have won via countout, After returning to the ring Tessmacher was able to pull a reverse on Gail Kim to get the pin for the win and be crowned the new Knockouts Champion.  

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park
In an anything goes match Ray and Joseph faced off but not before Joseph took off his glasses.  Ray instigated Park inviting him to throw the first shot, which he obliged and missed terribly.  Ray continued with taunting him and smacking him after his many misses.  To top things off, Ray spit in the face of Park.  In a surprise move Park was able to get a slap in on Ray but was blindsided immediately afterwards.  Ray stepped outside the ring to bring a chair into play but as he returned Joseph kicked the rope causing Ray to trip allowing for him to grab the chair dropped by Bully.  Joseph was not able to use it as he turned his back allowing for Bully Ray to get the chair and hit him numerous times in the back.   After avoiding contact, Park was able to unleash a series of awkward punches on Ray.   But Ray kept things on his favor by bringing out his trademark weapons.  Though before Ray was able to use the kendo stick, Joseph low blowed him, grabbed the kendo stick and hit him over the head.  Park immediately went under the ring.  To Bully’s surprise Abyss came out and threw him through the table and disappeared back under the ring.  Joseph came back out to get the cover and the pin for the win.

Christian Cage made his appearance and addressed the crowd then presented the #1 Moment in TNA Wrestling History.

World Tag Team Championship:
The match started with AJ exploding into the ring to kick things off against Kazarian.  Styles and Kazarian ended up outside of the ring and AJ did a Springboard off the railing.   After bringing it back into the ring AJ threw more offensives at Kazarian then tagged in Kurt Angle who ended up facing off against Daniels shortly after being tagged in.  Kurt was able to break down Daniels then tag in AJ.  Kazarian was brought back in and as AJ attempted to climb to the top rope he was stopped by Daniels allowing Kazarian to kick him making AJ fall and get hung up in the ropes.  The two continued to work on AJ.   Styles was finally able to get his opening with a suplex, giving him time to tag in Angle who was able to bring in a massive offense on the champs all the way to getting a near pinfall.  In a massive showin of Strength Angle was able to Suplex both Daniels and Kazarian.    The champs however were able to stop the challengers from gaining any ground.  After a very impressive set of offenses from Angle and Styles, the match was nearly over but the count was stopped by Daniels to which Styles responded by doing an amazing flip outside of the ring.  With Daniels out of the picture Angle was able to work Kazarian into submission and new tag team champs were crowned.   

 World Heavyweight Championship
The Match Started out with Roode avoiding Sting but Sting would not have it as he brought out an offense on him that Roode could not get away from.  Things ended up outside the ring thoughout the match as Roode tried to get away from the Stinger numerous times.  Finally Roode was able to get into a groove and take control of the match from Sting.  Sting was able to conjure up the strength to get back into the game with a suplex off the top leading to a scorpion death lock which brought the crowd to its feet.   Roode was able to escape this and promptly left the ring and attempted to leave the arena but Sting stopped the attempt and pounded on him outside of the ring bringing things to the announce table where he implemented the Scorpian Deathlock on him on top of the table but was stopped by the Ref.  In the scuffle Roode grabbed a six pack that was sitting by the table and later used the bottle to bash Sting over the head leading to a pin for the win keeping Roode the World Heavyweight Champion.   Something snapped in Sting and he beat on Roode throughout the arena and gave a scorpion death drop on Roode off the entrance ramp.

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