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Complete Results From The Lockdown Pay-Per-View Event From Nashville

Complete Results From The Lockdown Pay-Per-View Event From Nashville

On Sunday night TNA’s most brutal Pay-Per-View of the year, "Lockdown" presented by Direct Auto Insurance aired live on Pay-Per-View, in theaters and on the internet from Nashville, TN. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at Scroll down for results!

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Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

LETHAL LOCKDOWN: Team Garett Bischoff (Garett Bischoff, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries) Def. Team Eric Bischoff (Eric Bischof, Gunner, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)
STEEL CAGE: WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Magnus & Samoa Joe Dev. Motorcity Machine Guns
STEEL CAGE MATCH: Crimson Def. Matt Morgan
STEEL CAGE MATCH: Jeff Hardy Def. Kurt Angle
STEEL CAGE MATCH: Eric Young & ODB Def. Sarita & Rosita

Results from the Lockdown Pay-Per-View

Lethal Lockdown Match:  
The stipulation of this match states that the team leader from the losing team will have to leave IMPACT WRESTLING.  The first two are unleashed in the cage until the next team member is introduced and from this point every two minutes another member from one team will be introduced into the match and a ref is not brought in to the match until all members have been introduced.  The match started with Gunner and Garett facing off in the ring.  After some back and forth Bully Ray entered and the two beat down on Garett who was already being dominated at the time by Gunner.  Austin Aries came in to even the score and help Garett.  Next Kazarian, sporting a new haircut was introduced into the match to give team Bischoff the advantage and allow them to dominate until AJ Styles was introduced, at which point he unleashed a counter offensive to even things up.   Christopher Daniels came in to once again to allow team Eric Bischoff to capitalize on the numbers advantage and wear down team Garett.  Thankfully help came in the form of Mr. Anderson to take away the advantage and allow for Team Garett to get back on their feet but it was short lived as team Garett was too worn down and Team Eric Bischoff continued to overwhelm them.   Next to enter was Eric Bischoff who immediately held his own son, Garett, down and allowed the team to unleash an onslaught of chops and kicks on him.  After Team Eric Bischoff dominating the final member of team Garett, Rob Van Dam, made his way in and was followed by the lowering of the cage roof that held weapons all while Eric Bischoff cowered in the corner.   With Eric Bischoff not being of much help it allowed for Team Garett to finally pick up the advantage.   After all of the members of Team Eric were taken out they focused their attention on Eric Bischoff but did not continue for long as Team Eric Bischoff came back into play.  The teams continued on their back and forth assault with brutal attacks with weapons and high risk moves.   It finally came down to all members being down except for Eric Bischoff and Garett.  Eric beatdown on Garett but after turning his back on Garett he was able to get to his feet and hit Eric over the head with a guitar and pick up the pin on Eric Bischoff.  This means that Eric Bischoff is no longer allowed in IMPACT WRESTLING.  

World Tag Team Championship:
Magnus and Shelley kicked things off and Shelley was able to get the upperhand to hand off to Sabin to come in but he was quickly forced to face off with Joe.  Joe was able to dominate for the most part.  The teams went back and forth with Joe and Magnus trying to limit the match to the ground and pound game and prevent the Guns from taking things high risk.   For what seemed to be the biggest majority of the match Magnus and Joe was able to limit it to the ground game and keep control of the match leading to a near pinfall.  The Guns however were able to get back into it, unleashing the Motorcity Machine Guns everyone is used to and turn it into a fairly even match.  However in the end Samoa Joe and Magnus were able to get the pinfall and retain the Tag Team Championships.

Television Championship:
Robbie E Started out the match in full force but Devon was able tot bring the power game to the match and gain the upper hand to work on Robbie E and get the pin to allow him to retain the Television Championship.   But his victory were short lived when Robbie T came into the ring to take out Devon from behind and Robbie E was able to get a few cheap shots in before leaving the cage.

Knockouts Championship:
Gail Kim took control of this match for the first part but it turned into a very competitive match with a lot of back and forth between these two eager competitors.  Gail Kim went to work on Velvets back but this didn’t stop Velvet as she was able to land a powerbomb from the top rope on Gail.  This was not enough as Gail was able to turn it around quickly by reversing a roll up from Velvet and get the three count on Velvet by grabbing her tights and retain the Knockouts Championship.

Ric Flair entered the ring to express his anger to Hulk Hogan over Eric Bischoff losing his job.  After a brief exchange Hogan laid out Flair and left the cage.  After Flair was able to get back up he tried to get Hogan to come back to the ring to fight but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Matt Morgan Vs. Crimson
Crimson seemed apprehensive to start fighting in this match and as a result Morgan was able to get the upper hand fairly quickly.  Crimson finally got his head in the game and began to lay out Morgan blow by blow.  Crimson seemed to be on the path to victory but Morgan was able to turn things around on Crimson and pick up momentum from there.  After some time of back and forth, Crimson was able to make an attempt to leave the ring from crawling over the cage, Morgan was able to slow him down but it was not enough as Crimson was able to take out Morgan and crawl out of the cage to remain undefeated.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle dominated from the outset of the match though Hardy was finally able to get a few hits in after some time into the match, but Angle turned things around fairly quickly.  The match continued going back and forth and the match intensity continued to elevate and this led to Jeff Hardy getting his head split open.  Although Hardy was bleeding he was able to unleash an offensive on Angle and turn things around after a long period of being dominated by Kurt Angle.   Hardy made an attempt to crawl out of the cage but was stopped by Angle who unleashed an Angle Slam on him.   Shortly after Angle made an attempt to leave the match but was stopped by Hardy.   Hardy went for the door but was put into and Angle Ankle Lock, which was reversed by Hardy and put into an Ankle lock by Hardy.  The match continued for some back and forth but went into an epic ending with Jeff Hardy doing a Swonton bomb off the top of the cage leading into a pin for the win.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship.
ODB started the match with a vengeance as she went straight to work on Sarita and Rosita.   ODB Made sure that Eric stayed out of things, which he tried getting involved at one point counting a pin that didn’t even involve ODB.   When ODB made Eric leave it turned the favor towards Sarita and Rosita.  However, ODB was able to get things back and her favor and get the win to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Storm couldn’t seem to wait for Roode to get into the ring and started the match outside of the cage immediately taking control of the match and setting the tone.   The two competitors went to war outside of the steel cage for some time at one point drawing blood on Storm before even getting into the ring to start the match.  After the match finally got underway Roode was in full control over a bleeding James Storm.   Finally Storm seemed to build up some power to fight back but control of the match quickly returned in favor of Bobby Roode for much of the match.  After hearing the crowd chanting for him, Storm seemed to have a fire ignite inside and Storm was able to gain full control of the match.  The two competitors continued to wear each other down with numerous pin and submission attempts.   Roode went to make an attempt to leave the cage which lead to the two pounding each other into the cage.  Storm passed on a chance to leave the cage after taking out Roode but instead went back to beat on Roode.  Storm attempted a superkick on Roode but instead hit the referee and allowed Roode to start beating on Storm.  Roode brought into play a beer bottle that he blasted over the head of Storm.  Storm was able to get back briefly into it and kicked Roode but kicked him through the door of the cage inadvertently giving Roode the win to retain the Championship.