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Results And Images From Sunday's Victory Road Pay-Per-View Event

Results And Images From Sunday's Victory Road Pay-Per-View Event

On Sunday night, "Victory Road" aired live on Pay-Per-View and on the internet from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at

Scroll down for results, plus images below from the Pay-Per-View event

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Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

#1 Contendership for World Title:  "Cowboy" James Storm def. Bully Ray
X Division Championship Match:  Austin Aries def. Zema Ion
World Tag Team Championship:  Samoa Joe & Magnus def. Matt Morgan & Crimson
Television Championship match:  Devon def. Robbie E
Knockouts Championship Match:  Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne
AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson def. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
Kurt Angle  def. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy
No Holds Barred Match: "The Icon" Sting def. World Champion Bobby Roode

The Pay-Per-View Opens with Bully Ray who earlier in the day stated on IMPACTWRESTLING.COM that he would hold the Victory Road Pay-Per-View hostage unless his match with James Storm is for the #1 Contendership.  Bully Ray stated his intentions which was followed by James Storm coming and granting Bully Ray the chance at #1 Contendership right then and there to kick off the pay-per-view

Results from the Victory Road Pay-Per-View

#1 Contender for World Title

Following Bully Ray’s tirade that resulted in James Storm granting Bully Ray his wish to battle for #1 Contendership the match ended up being very short lived.  After going for what seemed to be a plot to use Storm’s own signature beer against him, James Storm was one step ahead and took out Bully Ray with a last call super kick to get the pin fall and retain the #1 Contendership.

X Division Championship Match:

Ion Started things out by mocking the champ which did not set well with the Long Reigning X Division Champ Austin Aries.  Ion was able to avoid the offensive of Aries early on however he was unable to continue his efforts at doing so which, led to Aries dominating him.  Aries was so confident in himself that he took time out of his match to tweet “It's a #GREAT day to be #GREAT...and a #GREAT day to #LiveTweet #TGMTEL > @ZemaTNA #VictoryRoad”.  There were many pin attempts with control going back and forth.  Even after an attempt to blind the champ with his Hairspray, Ion was still unable to get the pin on Aries.    After Aries gave Ion Brainbuster he put him into the Last Chancery forcing Ion to submit resulting in Aries retaining the X-Division Championship

World Tag Team Championship:

Morgan and Magnus faced off to start the match but Morgan was immediately tagged out by Crimson before the action started.  Magnus took advantage of Crimson being distracted and dominated the match early before tagging in Samoa Joe.  Joe and Magnus maintained control for a short time however after a short break outside of the ring Crimson was able to take over the match all while refusing to tag in Matt Morgan.   The match seemed to wear on Crimson, which resulted in Magnus and Joe keeping control of the match until Morgan finally tagged himself in to help Crimson out.  This did not seem to set well with Crimson as this was followed up with some arguing between the two.   Morgan attempting to finish business by himself was speared by Crimson which lead to Magnus and Joe getting the pin on Morgan to retain the Tag Team Championship.

Robbie E’s Open Challenge for the Television Title:

Robbie E’s second open invitational for a chance at the Television Title was almost not going to happen due to all of the wrestlers in the back being contracted to a match. Robbie E opened it up to any fan in the IMPACT WRESTLING Zone but cancelled it after not being able to find adequate competition.   At the last minute Devon answers the open challenge and kicked off the match and dominated Robbie.   Through some interference from Robbie T, Robbie E was able to get the upper hand in the match but was very short lived as Devon exploded onto Robbie T.  After taking away the distraction of Robbie T, he was able to get the pin on Robbie E and become the new Television Champion.  #TESTIFY!

Knockouts Championship Match:

It is apparent from the start of this match neither of these former BFFs will be doing the other any favors as it started with hair pulling until it went full contact.  Both Knockouts seemed kick it up a notch for this match bringing a much more physical style to the ring.  Rayne in the middle of the match started screaming to Gail “We’re not friends anymore!” laying to rest Rayne’s what her relationship is with Gail Kim.  Though Rayne seemed to dominate a lot of the match, after Gail Kim landed her “eat the feet” finisher on Rayne she was able to get the pin and retain the Knockouts Championship

AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian:

Anderson and Kazarian open up the match and after some short back and forth promptly tag in Styles and Daniels and they begin to slowly wear each other down but quickly shifted gears to a faster pace.  After Daniels attempted to leave, Anderson stopped him and brought him back into the match.   With some back and forth between the teams and after a few tags the tide turned to Daniels and Kazarian.  Daniels worked down Styles for a while before he finally tagged in Kazarian but after a move that didn’t go Kazarian’s way Styles was able reverse things to be in his favor and follow it with a tag to have Anderson take advantage of the situation.   Control went back and for until the point where all four competitors were on the floor trying to get up to avoid a count out.   After returning to their feet and some back and forth AJ performed a blind tag to capitalize and pull a reverse on Kazarian to land a Styles Clash and get the win.

"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy v. Kurt Angle:

The match started with the two competitors locking up and as it continued throughout the beginning each time the speed of the match seemed to increase Kurt would leave the ring to try to maintain control.  Hardy was able to finally get the match more up to his speed but due to a mistake upon reentering the ring Angle was back in control.  Angle continued to work and maintain the control of the match. During multiple occasions the action was brought outside the ring, which caused an increase in the intensity.  After a rough crash outside of the ring it seemed as though Hardy was hurt and unable to continue.  Rather than let Hardy get counted out Angle went to work on Hardy and brought him back to the ring for a series of failed pin attempts.   The match went back and forth with Hardy going high risk and Angle bringing out a series of suplexes.  Angle brought out the Ankle Lock but Hardy was able to stop him and retaliate with a twist of fate that fell short of a pin.  The match was brought outside yet again and Hardy gained control to bring Kurt back into the ring and try for a Swanton Bomb but Kurt was able to get his knees up and block it only to answer with Angle Slam but yet again Hardy was able to kick out of the pin attempt.  Finally after Hardy lands another Swonton Bomb Hardy had a near pinfall but Angle reversed it and was able to get a controversial pinfall by using the rope.

No Holds Barred Match:

It was apparent that after the first few minutes of the match that Sting wasn’t messing around and though he has not been wrestling as of late he still had his a-game.  Everything Roode threw at Sting was countered and he was able to control much of the early part of the match.  Roode was able to get control of the match for a short period but Sting regained quickly.  Sting was able to tear down Roode all while taking pleasing the crowd.  Finally Roode was able to get back in the match and work on Sting’s leg and wear him down.  Roode put Sting into a figure 4 leg lock and wear him down immensely before Sting was able to get out of it.    Just when it seemed Sting’s tank was empty the fire was relit and he unleashed an offensive on Bobby with a highlight being his superplex off the top rope that allowed Sting to set him up with the Scorpion Deathlock, which Roode manage to get out of thanks to his ring position outside the ropes.  Roode took over and brought a chair into play but was unable to use it against Sting.  Sting was able to regain control of the match however when he gave Bobby a Scorpion Deathdrop on Roode he accidentally hit his head on the Chair Roode had set up in the middle of the ring to use against him earlier.  This resulted in Roode getting the pin on Sting.

Following the match Roode brought in Dixie Carter and began going to work on Sting, he was able to fight back briefly but could not continue.  Bobby taped Sting to the ring and went on a tirade against him but was stopped byDixie who stepped in the way of Sting to prevent Bobby from impaling him with the chair.