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Results/Video/Photos From Genesis: Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy For The World Title


On Sunday night, "Genesis" aired live on Pay-Per-View and on the internet from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, featuring Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship and much more! Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world at

Scroll down for results, plus ringside photos below from the Pay-Per-View event

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Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View:

X-Division Title:  Austin Aries Def. Zema Ion, Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen
Devon Def. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero
Gunner Def. Rob Van Dam
Knockouts Championship:  Gail Kim Def. Mickie James
Monster’s Ball Match:  Abyss Def. Ray
Tag Team Championship: Crimson & Matt Morgan Def. Samoa Joe & Magnus
Kurt Angle Def. "Cowboy" James Storm
Heavyweight Title Match:  Jeff Hardy wins due to DQ, However Roode retains title

Results from the Genesis Pay-Per-View

X-Division Title:
Rap Star Rick Ross was in attendance who promptly made his feelings known of his opinion of Zema Ion during his entrance.  At the start of the match Aries immediately left the ring followed by Kash, which left Ion and Sorensen duking it out in the ring.  The two finally made their way back in after seeing an opportunity for a pin however neither was able to follow through for the pin.   After bringing the fight outside Ion took a massive twist off the top rope to the outside of the ring to take out Aries and Kash, followed by Sorensen taking a dive off the top as well.   Ion managed to get the first elimination by pinning Kash.  Sorensen nearly got the second elimination on Aries but was stopped by Ion, though this came back on him as Sorensen shortly after eliminated Ion.   Aries nearly had an elimination on Sorensen however the ref was distracted missed the pin.  After Ion, who was waiting outside the ring, interfered by stopping Sorensen from taking out Aries, Aries was able to take advantage and get the pin on Sorensen to retain the X-Division Championship.

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Devon:
The match got off to a quick start with Devon running to the ring and immediately starting a very rough beat down on Pope with Devon’s sons Terrance and Terrell at ringside.  This seemed to be a bit much for the Pope ashe begged him to stop shortly into the match.  While Devon showed no mercy Pope was able to turn the match in his favor and maintain.  Each time Devon managed to build a little bit of momentum the Pope would shut him down and keep the match in his control.  Pope brought in Devon’s kids Terrance and Terrell and told them to start beating on their father, but after they wouldn’t he took them out, which unleashed the fire in Devon who went after Pope in a full on assault and led to Devon getting the pin on “The Pope”.  After the match Devon and his sons resolved their personal issues and were all back together.

Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam:
The match started with the two competitors exchanging holds on each other with neither seeming to gain the upper hand.   They ended up exchanging blows and kicks with control of the match going from RVD during much of the early part of the match to Gunner after receiving some advice from his mentor Ric Flair.  The match went outside of the ring where Gunner attempted to expose the concrete as he has done with competitors on the past few weeks of IMPACT WRESTLING but was stopped by the referee and was forced back into the ring.  RVD managed to start building momentum in his favor, however Gunner left to go to the outside the ring next to Ric Flair.  RVD attempted to dive on Gunner outside the ring however Flair pulled Gunner away and Van Dam landed on the exposed concrete below.  As the Ref was distracted dealing with Flair,Gunner DDT’d RVD on the exposed concrete then got him back into the ring to get the pin for the win.  RVD was stretchered out of ringside by emergency personnel.  

Knockouts Championship:
As part of a stipulation suggested by Velvet Sky to Sting, Rayne was forced to stay inside a cage hung at ringside during the match, which was dubbed “Velvet’s Touch”.   The match went back and forth with many near pin falls coming from each competitor in a very physical match.  Though Rayne was suspended at ringside (and she made sure you didn’t forget she was there…) she still managed to interfere by tossing two brass knuckles with the first being discovered by the ref, however the second managed to be intercepted by Mickie who used them against Gail and led to a disqualification.  As a result Gail Kim retained the Knockouts Championship.

Monster’s Ball Match:
At the start of the match Bully Ray delayed then inevitable and continuously left the ring.  Finally Ray grabbed a chair and taunted the Monster who left to grab a chair and even the odds.   After some back and forth the Monster took it upon him self to load the ring up with weapons and the match continued.  Finally after Ray turned his back, Abyss brought out Janice from under the ring which prompted Bully Ray to give up and leave.  Abyss would not have this and he went and brought him back in to the match.   From this point the match continued to get more brutal with barbed wire, a cheese grater, and thumbtacks.  After Abyss attempted to slam Ray into the thumbtacks Ray went for the table, however Abyss managed to counter and send Ray into the table instead.   Between Abyss being sandwiched between Razor board and Ray being slammed into thumbtacks it’s amazing these two competitors were able to continue as long as they did.  Finally, after a black hole slam into barbed wire a bloodied Abyss was declared the winner and he will retain his freedom from Immortal.  After years of Monster’s Ball matches this one tops them all.

Later during the Tag Team Championship match Ray was seen beating down on Abyss.   Later in the Pay-Per-View the cameras caught up with Ray who was cleaning blood off to find out what happened to Abyss however he said he had no idea where he was.

Tag Team Championship:
Starting out with Morgan and Joe these two started with an exchange of blows that Morgan seemed unaffected by for the first few, however after continued blows Joe seemed to start effecting Morgan.  Shortly into the match both Magnus and Crimson were tagged in and a lot of back and froth happened until Crimson tagged in Morgan and gave Magnus repeated elbows then immediately tagged Crimson back in.   The match continued with a series of quick tags to and smart tag team strategy by both teams.  The challengers were in control of a big part of the match but it managed to turn around back into the favor of Morgan and Crimson leading to Morgan getting the pin on Magnus and the duo retaining the World Tag Team Titles.

Kurt Angle vs. "Cowboy" James Storm
This match started out with each competitor being very cautious so as to not make a mistake.   The pace started to pick up with Storm in control of the match and keeping the pressure on Angle.   After a slight hesitation on the part of James Storm, Angle managed to turn things in his favor and maintain it for a large part of the match.  Storm was eventually able to get things turned back in his favor, however Kurt retaliated with multiple suplexes and a moonsault.  From here on the control changed back and forth between the two.    In the end Angle managed to avoid the last call super kick and answer with a low blow and a kick to the face to take out Storm and get the pin on him.

Heavyweight Title Match:
The crowd was in favor of the challenger Jeff Hardy for this match.  Roode started out dominating Hardy with his calculated ground and pound style.  Hardy was able to gain control and bring it outside of the ring where Hardy managed to wear down Roode and at one point cleared fans from ring side and drop kicked Roode into the guard rail.  However, after this Roode dominated and wore down Hardy punishing every inch of his body.   Bobby’s strategy for the most part seemed to be to keep Hardy on the mat to prevent him from going high risk, essentially cutting off his main means for offense.   Finally Roode mocked Hardy before jumping on him off the ropes and Hardy managed to lift his leg in time to take out Roode.   Though Hardy was slow to get up he managed to turn the tide in his favor.   From here forward the control seemed to go back and forth though not according to Roode’s plan and at one point he attempted to leave and take the count out, though Hardy would not allow it.   Hardy continuously put the pressure on Roode who tried leaving yet again with thetitle.  In desperation Roode kicked the referee to get the disqualification, which gives Hardy the win but allows Roode to retain the title.   An unhappy Hardy gave Roode, who was laid out from a twist of fate right before the ref called for a disqualification, a farewell Swonton Bomb and left the arena.