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Twitter: @LeiD_Tapa

The self proclaimed "Queen Of Rings" Lei'D Tapa comes from the Royal blood line of Tonga. Her trademark call "ChoOooHoOoo0oooo" can be heard from miles away as the sound of her Tongan culture.  "I'm here to takeover the Knockouts & Make them Bow Down one by one, my ring, my island" she says, claiming her throne in the ring. This is just the beginning as she is just getting started... on a movement to bring change & to dare you all to Dominate!

IMPACT WRESTLING Career Highlights: TNA Gutcheck Winner

Extras: Played Women's Pro Football for Carolina Queens Independent Womens Football League as LB & DE. Became Team Leader & MVP. She is the niece of professional wrestler Sione "The Barbarian" Vailahi.

LEI'D TAPA: Dare To Be...Dominant
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