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Hometown: Ocala Florida
Twitter: @BrittanyTNA

The hungry, excited, fresh faced beauty Brittany is here and ready to make her mark in the Knockouts Division! She may look like the girl next door but don't let her small frame and looks fool you, she is passionate about wrestling and not afraid to go big or go home in the ring. “I've worked hard to get to this moment. I’m thankful someone finally gave me a chance and very eager to step into the ring on Impact, travel the world and be a part of division of women respected in the industry and be able to show what I’m really made of” says Brittany, and we are excited to see her do just that!

Extras: Has 2 sisters and 5 brothers! Is a second generation wrestler after her father who ran a wrestling promotion in Ocala Fl & St Louis MO. Loves to train, sew and hang out with her rescue dog Charlie.

BRITTANY: Dare To Be...Passionate
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