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The TNA Wrestling Knockouts - Dare To BeOfficial Knockouts Sponsor - Spurst.Com
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Twitter: @TheODBBAM

Meet ODB for the first time, and you're way more likely to get a hearty "BAM!" thrown your way than "Hello, nice to meet you." Big-voiced, tatted-out and ready for a fight at the drop of a hat (or a flask), when they made ODB, they broke the mold...and then she took the mold, broke it some more, set the pieces on fire, took the ashes and hid them away. "Let's face it, the Knockouts are a group of misfit renegades at heart," ODB says. "And I definitely belong because I dare to be original every day."

IMPACT WRESTLING Career Highlights: Knockouts Champion (3x), Knockouts Tag Team Champion (with Eric Young)

Extras: Bartender at the Courtside Bar & Grill in Anoka, Minn. Future bar owner. One of the coolest most down to earth people you will ever meet!

ODB: Dare To Be...Original
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