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Joey Ryan

Height: 5’10”                                                            
Weight:  210 pounds
From: Hollywood, CA

Joey Ryan, the self-professed king of sleaze himself, was a thorn in TNA’s side ever since he failed to impress the “Gut Check” judges and secure a professional contract. Gaudy and incorrigible, Ryan kept showing up unwanted in the IMPACT Zone until Al Snow had finally had enough. Snow lashed out against the nuisance, so Ryan used his newly found leverage to blackmail his way into “Bound for Glory” 2012. With a little bit of luck and a lot of help from Matt Morgan, Joey Ryan beat Al Snow on TNA’s biggest stage to earn himself a legitimate professional contract. Billed from Hollywood, CA, Joey Ryan has his heart set on worldwide fame and fortune, and gladly will walk all over anyone who tries to stand in his way. Don’t fall for his slick haircut and quick wit; Joey Ryan will gladly do whatever it takes to get what he wants.