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Tickets are on sale now to TNA Bound for Glory in Charlotte, NC!  Get your tickets now to experience TNA Wrestling’s biggest night of the year at the annual LIVE Pay-Per-View event that will broadcast to millions in more than 120 countries around the globe. The event takes place live, Sunday Oct 4, 2015 starting at 7:30 PM at the Cabarrus Arena. 

Tickets are also available to the TNA Fan Zone and the Main Event Experience!
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The stars of IMPACT WRESTLING scheduled to appear at Bound for Glory include, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Olympic Gold Medalist and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III, Drew Galloway, TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves, Bram, Bobby Lashley, Knockouts Champion Brooke, X-Division Champion and high-flying luchador Tigre Uno, Gail Kim, Rockstar Spud, the Dollhouse and many more.


Last night on IMPACT WRESTLING Chris Melendez faced Eric Young one on one and the outcome didn't quite go exactly the way Melendez had planned.  Judging by his reaction below the Sarg will bounce back and not give up..

Bully Ray, Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries kick things off

Next: Young v Melendez

Eric Young Takes on the Sarg Chris Melendez

Next: Brooke v Bell

Brooke defends her title against Marti Bell of the Dollhouse

Next: Matt Hardy Makes a Stipulation

Matt Hardy is Joined by his brother Jeff and together they lay out the stipulation of next week's World Title Match to EC3

Next:  Jeff Jarrett Hall of Fame Induction

 Jeff Jarrett becomes the 5th person inducted into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame after Sting, Kurt Angle, and Team 3D consisting of Bully Ray and Devon

BullyAriesSpudImpact Coverage by Bobby James
July 29, 2015 | Jarrett’s Hall of Fame Induction

“Rockstar” Austin Aries?

Austin Aries says nobody works harder or cares more about professional wrestling than him. He adds there’s nobody better than him. Aries takes exception to being left out of the No. 1 Contender’s match last week and calls out “The Law,” Bully Ray.

Bully Ray says Aries is a great wrestler, but that he moves his mouth too much, too quickly. Bully says Aries can have a shot at the X-Division Championship – but for any other title, he’ll need to work his way back to the top.

Aries declines, saying he doesn’t need the X-Division title because it was designed for guys like Rockstar Spud – guys that will never be at a main event level.

Spud interrupts. He says he’s looked up to Aries – the greatest champion in TNA. He says Aries created opportunities for guys like him. Aries counters by saying he created opportunities for himself, not for guys like Spud.

Aries challenges Spud next week; he accepts – but a stipulation is added: If Aries loses to Spud, he leaves Impact Wrestling. If he wins, he takes Spud’s “Rockstar” name. Aries drops Spud with a cheap shot.

Backstage: Kurt Angle gives Chris Melendez some words of encouragement for his match against Eric Young.

EYvsChrisMelendezSingles Match | Chris Melendez w/ Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young

Eric Young taunts and slaps Melendez to start the match. Melendez responds with a body drop. Young methodically responds by slowly picking Melendez apart. Young tells the fans, “This is your fault.”

Melendez attempts to come back, but Eric Young overpowers him and plants him with a piledriver for a three-count.

Winner: Eric Young

TNA Hall of Fame Retrospective: A look back at “The Icon” Sting’s career in TNA Wrestling.

BrookevsMartiBackstage: Jeremy Borash probes Matt Hardy for his World Title match stipulation. Hardy says he’ll reveal it later tonight.

Knockout’s Championship | Marti Bell w/ Dollhouse vs. Brooke (c)

Realizing she’s outnumbered, Brooke cautiously approaches the ring. Jade and Marti Bell attack Brooke before the opening bell. Taryn looks on from the turnbuckle as Brooke begins to overcome Dollhouse. Brooke powers Jade into the stairs. Then, she takes down Jade and Marti with a double clothesline.

While she’s distracted by Taryn, Brooke is driven face-first into the mat by Marti Bell. The opening bell sounds. A “Let’s go Brooke!” chant erupts as the Knockouts’ Champion begins taking control. Brooke lands a series of kicks followed by a neckbreaker. Marti Bell refocuses the momentum and uses the middle rope to choke out the champ.

Marti sets Brooke on top of the turnbuckle; Brooke battles out and connects with a diving clothesline. She takes down Marti with a series of follow-up clotheslines and a side Russian leg sweep. Jade hops onto the apron and Brooke brings her in over the top rope. Taryn takes a cheap shot while the official gets Jade back to the outside.

The arena goes dark and Gail Kim’s music hits. When the lights come up, Dollhouse screams “Where is she?” as Brooke connects with the Butterface Maker to retain her title.

Winner: Brooke

TigreInterviewTNA Hall of Fame Retrospective: A look back at Kurt Angle’s dream-inspiring career in TNA Wrestling.

Tigre Uno Talks Trump

TNA cameras return to Tijuana, Mexico with a second installment of Tigre Uno addressing Donald Trump’s controversial comments about Mexicans.

Tigre Uno discusses fatherhood, TNA, the style of Lucha Libre and the X-Division Championship.

Backstage: Christy Hemme interviews Tigre Uno about his open challenge to Donald Trump going unanswered. Tigre Uno says the Mexican people are honorable – and that he gave Trump a chance. He asks Trump where he’s at and says he’s not afraid of Trump or people like him.

Backstage: Ethan Carter III says he’s unbreakable and undefeated. He says Hardy’s stipulation doesn’t concern him, “Matt Hardy, hit me with your best shot.”

The Stipulation

EC3 defends his title against Matt Hardy next week at No Surrender. He claims Hardy only has the right to choose the stipulation for their match because he was duped. EC3 calls the Hardys a couple of hillbillies from North Carolina; EC3 calls Matt Hardy “the Khloe” to Jeff Hardy’s “Kim.”


Jeff tells EC3 that his overconfidence will kill him. Jeff says he’s healing – and that he’ll be wrestling before he knows it; Jeff says he’ll be World Heavyweight Champion again, but for now, Matt Hardy will be the change – the end to EC3.

Matt Hardy enters the Impact Zone. He says he’s been told he can’t his whole life, yet he has done. He says next week will be no different; he pulls a table, chair and ladder from beneath the ring. Then, he references the stairs and the rest of the Impact Zone. Their title match will be Full Metal Mayhem with nobody ringside.

MagnusMickieStormSerenaTNA Hall of Fame Retrospective: A look back at Team 3D’s TNA career.

Backstage: Magnus says he and Mickie are bringing the fight. Mickie says she and Serena have been friends for years, but tonight, it’s family first.

Tag Team Match | James Storm & Serena vs. Magnus & Mickie James

Mickie charges into the ring, sending Serena to the outside. Storm gets distracted by Mickie and Magnus jumps him. Magnus drags Storm around the ring and lands a hard right. Storm gets a thumb to the eye when Serena distracts Magnus.

A cheap shot from Serena allows Storm to maintain control. Storm gets in Mickie’s face before applying a headlock. Mickie chases Serena around the ring. The official steps between the Knockouts and Storm connects with a backstabber. Storm retains control, allowing Serena to choke Magnus on the middle rope.

Storm gets back in Mickie’s face, screaming he’s a real man. Mickie gets the crowd behind Magnus and calls for a tag. Storm wipes sweat from his body and flicks it into her face. Storm reapplies a headlock to Magnus. Magnus gathers momentum, but Storm sends him back to the mat.

Magnus rolls from the ring and Storm sends him into the guardrail. Storm connects with a “lung buster” before both men collide with a double clothesline. They each tag out to their partners.

Mickie James delivers a series of clotheslines and a flapjack. Then she catches Serena with a Thesz press from the top rope. Storm interrupts the cover by grabbing a handful of Mickie’s hair. She breaks the hold with a huge slap to the face. Serena’s there to connect with a gutbuster that sends Mickie outside.  

Magnus spears Storm; Serena calls for Khoya. Mickie and Serena trade blows outside; Serena sends Mickie into the stairs. Khoya charges into the ring and swings his staff at Magnus. Magnus ducks and Khoya connects with Storm. Magnus powerbombs Storm!

Serena attacks Magnus but Mickie’s there with a Mickie-DT! Mickie makes the cover to secure the victory for her team.

Winners: Mickie James and Magnus

Post-match: Mickie delivers a Mickie-DT to James Storm.

JeffJarrettHOFBackstage: Bram demands a match against Mr. Anderson next week at No Surrender.

Jeff Jarrett’s Hall of Fame Induction

Dixie Carter enters the Impact Zone to handle the induction. She says Jeff Jarrett is a third-generation competitor – that wrestling is in his D.N.A. Dixie recalls how she and Jarrett met – and the founding of TNA in 2002. She introduces the newest inductee, Jeff Jarrett, with Karen.

Dixie formally inducts him into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Jarrett thanks the fans and anyone who’s “ever received a paycheck” from TNA Wrestling. He thanks the Carter family and the entire team behind the show with special thanks to Mike Tenay and Don West.

Jarrett thanks the X-Division and its competitors. He praises and thanks the Knockouts and references the rating for Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong’s main event. He thanks tag team wrestlers, notably Team 3D. Jarrett thanks the heavyweights – Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and AJ Styles.

Jarrett thanks Dixie Carter for making the decision to put him in the Hall of Fame. Finally, he thanks his family, notably his father, daughters and wife. Jarrett receives a standing ovation as Impact Wrestling goes off the air.

Josh Mathews is backstage before the tapings of IMPACT WRESTING and not only looks towards the Hall of Fame induction of Jeff Jarrett and the tag match between James Storm and Serena who are facing Magnus and Mickie James, but also gives a look at how things are set up backstage!

When Serena pledged to The Revolution no one was more surprised than Mickie James. Serena and Mickie have known each other for years and the words of Serena upon pledging to James Storm must have cut like a knife. Here Below what Serena said to Mickie James after taking The Pledge:

Serena would address this situation with our cameras later in the back lot area:

James Storm also chimed in on this developing situation:

Tonight on IMPACT after months of tension Chris Melendez has for and recieved another match to face Eric Young in hopes to get retribution for months of disgusting behavior at IMPACT WRESTLING.  What seems to be a major catalyst for all of this, is the horrible act that was perpetrated against Melendez on the May 15 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING. 

Melendez finally stepped up to Eric Young to call him out for his dispicable actions and within a very heated exchange stepped up to face Eric Young on IMPACT WRESTLING the following week on IMPACT! 

Chris Melendez faced Eric Young in a very hard fought battle.  Although he put his heart and soul into it Young, with his experience and being flat out insane, managed to score a clean victory against "The Sarge" Chris Melendez.

Just on July 15th Chris Melendez showed his disdain for the path Eric Young has taken and came to the aid of Kurt Angle whom Young was yet again trying to take out. 

Will Chris Melendez finally get his retribution?  Tune tonight on Destination America 9PM E/P

After gaining the Knockouts championship from Taryn Terrell, the Dollhouse wants their retribution and now they are coming at Brooke 1 by 1.  This week Marti Bell of the Dollhouse will be facing Brooke for the Knockouts Title. 

Watch Brooke regain the Knockouts Title. 

Just last week Taryn made it abundantly clear that she wanted her title returned to her and was going to through as many tantrums as she could until she was satisfied.  Fortunately, Brooke has found what appears to be an ally in Gail Kim who recently made her return to IMPACT with a different look and a different attitude. 

Taryn demands her title back

While Brooke has had to worry about the antics and methods of the Dollhouse and has been able to rise above these circumstances in part due to the return of Gail Kim.  One can see based on this Interview though, Brooke is not worried about much

Jeremy Borash ask questions to members of the IMPACT WRESTLING roster each week.

Coming out of last week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING we saw a tease for the return of "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy.  Matt Hardy has followed up and confirmed that he will in face be returning to the IMPACT ZONE and also states that he will be revealing the stipulation to his TNA World Title Match with EC3!