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It seems to be a common thing for referees to be accused of shady tactics and fulfilling the duties of their job in an unbiased manner. The same thing goes for Brian Stiffler of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING as his behavior in the previous week’s has led to very questionable finishes. Is Brian Stiffler refereeing matches in a fair manner or should TNA launch an investigation into his questionable behavior? Let’s take a look at the evidence.



It all started on May 8, 2014 when Velvet Sky came ringside to distract referee Brian Stiffler by showing him something nobody else could see…. Though the world may never know what was SkyFlashingunderneath the towel, the damage was done. Referee Brian Stiffler was taken in by Velvet Sky to be manipulated.



Two weeks ago on IMPACT WRESTLING Angelina Love issued an open challenge that was answered by TNA IMPACT WRESTLING’s newest Knockout, Brittany. The match was in the favor of Brittany and was all but won, however, Brian Stiffler was distracted by the …assets … of Velvet Sky which led to the very questionable loss for Brittany.


 IMG 5086

Yet again Referee Brian Stiffler seemed to be more distracted by the pretty Knockouts than he did the match and missed some key things that lead up to Love kicking and knocking out Brittany allowing for Velvet to swoop in for the win and gain the victory for the Beautiful People.  Though what happened between Brittany and Madison after this is a whole other story.

What happened between Brittany and Madison Rayne?  

Can this spell be broken or will the Beautiful People’s reign only strengthen with the hold they have on Brian Stiffler. Only time will tell but by the look of this photo from the new Knockouts Galleries we don’t see that happening any time soon. To see the newest photos of the Knockouts head over to the Knockouts section now!

Brittany is the newest Knockout in the locker room and, already, the claws - manicured, pink and sharp – have come out! The Beautiful People have made it clear that Brittany doesn’t belong. Two weeks ago, they gave Brittany a “makeover”. This past Thursday, Brittany challenged the devilish duo again, but fell victim to Angelina Love’s deadly Botox Injection.


Despite back-to-back defeats from wrestling’s mean girls, Brittany seemed more upset that Madison Rayne wouldn’t come to her rescue, despite being warned by Madison to avoid The Beautiful People altogether. That’s when things took a turn for the bizarre.


We’ve watched Brittany devolve from ultimate “fan girl” of Madison to a bizarre, perhaps even romantic, obsession – and Madison is clearly, and understandably, worried about it.

#IMPACT365 cameras caught up with Madison to get her thoughts!

Brittany is seemingly the most volatile vixen in TNA and things are bound to heat up this Thursday. Watch the story unfold LIVE on IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike TV!

The recent escalation of attacks certainly reflects strategic victory for MVP’s team. No one expected the pure chaos that has come from TNA’s Director of Wrestling Operations, especially his recruiting of Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. TNA, on the other hand, seems powerless to halt the mayhem or to fight Team MVP inside the battlefield of the squared circle.  In a sign of strength, MVP announced on Thursday that they have no intention to pursue talks with TNA officials before continuing to wreak havoc.

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For a brief moment, it seemed as if MVP could permanently destabilize the company.  That was, until Samoa Joe made his triumphant return to join an incredible team of Eric Young, Bully Ray, Austin Aries and The Wolves that stood tall as IMPACT went off the air.

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It appears that TNA is the battleground for an all out war. Only time will tell who will reign supreme – but we do know that all parties will be present at IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV and you don’t want to miss what comes next!


In New York City, everything is larger than life and this embodies TNA’s X-Division, where there are no weight classes and no limits. Today, TNA is happy to announce that Destination X will take place during the June 26 event inside the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center in New York City and will broadcast as a special episode of IMPACT on Spike TV during the summer.

One of the most celebrated divisions in all of pro-wrestling, the X-Division has come to exemplify the meaning of TNA – Total Nonstop Action. The death-defying athleticism of X competitors is something fans have been captivated by since its debut. Every year, Destination X has been the flagship show of the division and, for 2014, we’ve made it even more extreme!

With many surprises in-store for the event, one major question is will Sanada make it to Destination X as the X-Division Champion? If so, will he use Option C to cash in the X-Division Championship for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship?

Since Option C was created by Austin Aries in 2012, both competitors who held the X-Division Championship have successfully cashed in to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X.

Will it happen again? Don’t miss Destination X LIVE from New York City on June 26. Get your tickets now!

Additionally, TNA is giving fans a voice in the show! Beginning immediately, use the hashtag #MyDestinationX on Twitter to tell us which X-Division Superstar you most want to see at this year’s event. Your vote can be any past, present or even FUTURE X-Division star! Get involved in the conversation now!


One of the acts from MVP that has drawn the most ire from fans and talent alike is the absurd suspension of The IT Factor of Professional Wrestling, Bobby Roode. After exploding on MVP due to an unfair cancellation of his TNA World Heavyweight Championship match with Eric Young, Bobby Roode was sent home. 
MVP has refused to comment officially or clarify the reason for the suspension, other than saying Bobby should cool off for a while and that the suspension was “indefinite”. 
At this time, Bobby Roode has been suspended for an agonizing 25-days. With no end in site, we advise all fans of Roode and TNA Wrestling to begin voicing your unrest with the main in charge. MVP is on Twitter (@The305MVP), as is Bobby Roode (@REALBobbyRoode). Sound off now by tweeting at MVP and use the hashtag #BringBackBobby
If you miss Bobby Roode, don’t stop telling MVP until he’s back! 


Throughout history, whether it politics or the squared circle, factions have played an important role in presenting a dissenting view from the larger group. Today counts down the top TNA factions of all time.


#5: The Latin American Exchange (LAX)

This militant group of thugs made their presence known for nearly four years in TNA. Emerging from the breakup of another famed-faction, 4Live Kru, Konnan joined forces with Apolo and Homicide to form the original team, which later added Hernandez, Machete, Hector Guerrero and Salinas. Represented among the faction are numerous championships and accolades, including the award for TNA’s match of the year in 2006 when LAX faced A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels at No Surrender. The team of Homicide and Hernandez are three-time Tag Team Champions.

Watch LAX take on Triple X at Bound for Glory




#4: Team Canada

This hockey-loving powerhouse faction from up north made its maple-leaf waving TNA debut in 2004. Captained by Teddy Hard, Team Canada debuted as a foursome and throughout its two-year run acquired members along the way. Known for the strength and agility of its members, Team Canada experienced success collectively, perhaps most notably in the World X-Cups tournaments where the team twice finished in second place, and as individuals, with numerous members of the factions having held singles and tag titles.

Members of Team Canada included their coach Scott D’Amore, A1, Johnny Devine, Tyson Dux, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Bobby Roode, Petey Williams and Eric Young.

Watch Team Canada attack Team 3D inside the steel cage



#3: America’s Most Wanted (AMW)

James Storm, Chris Harris and Gail Kim

Many credit the team of James Storm and Chris Harris with putting the TNA tag team division on the map. Six-time tag champions, America’s Most Wanted, better known as AMW, were involved in many of TNA’s most memorable feuds. The team debuted in 2002 and ruled the ropes for four years. They went on to be managed by Gail Kim, who has sense been the most dominant female in professional wrestling.

Watch AMW vs Triple X in a Six-Sided Steel Cage Match




#2: Aces and Eights

“When you ride with the Aces and Eights, you never walk alone.” This ferocious leather-vest wearing motorcycle riding gang of outlaws kept their identities under cover when they initially debuted in TNA in mid 2012. What began as a trio soon became a full-fledged club of badasses and some of the most dominant names in TNA history including President Bully Ray, Devon, Garrett Bischoff, Knux, Taz, D’Low Brown, D.O.C., Mr. Anderson, Tito Ortiz, Wes Brisco and First Lady, Brooke. After months of intimidating the roster and dominating the squared circle, the group began to implode from the inside and in late 2013 disbanded.

Watch the Aces and Eights annihilate the TNA roster



Watch the Aces and Eights funeral






#1: The Main Event Mafia

One of the most dominant and illustrious stables in wrestling history, The Main Event Mafia (MEM) debuted in October 2008 and has counted among its members a who’s who of wrestling royalty, including Hall of Famers and world champions such as Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, Magnus, Rampage Jackson, Booker T and wife Sharmell, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner. After breaking up in early 2010 the MEM returned stronger than ever in 2013 led by TNA Hall of Fame original inductee Sting. Later that year the group dissolved after stating it had completed its mission.

Watch the Main Event Mafia take on Aces and Eights


If MVP, King and Lashley continue to dominate TNA like they have in recent weeks, they will surely be contenders for future top TNA factions of all time.

Is your favorite faction on the list? Share your favorite faction in TNA right now on twitter  @impactwrestling


Preview tonight's can't-miss episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV at 9/8c as the road to the June "Slammiversary" epic event continues! If you can't watch it on Thursday, make sure to set your DVR!

- Samoa Joe's shocking return this past week evened the odds - but will the Samoan Submission Machine suffer a backlash for going to war with the Director of Wrestling Operations, MVP? Samoa Joe will be on tonight's broadcast and will speak out for the first time since his comeback!

- Bully Ray is on the warpath, and is hellbent on revenge: Six Tables for Six Victims! This past week, Spud was the first to go through a table! Who will be Bully Ray's second victim this Thursday night - MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, EC3 or…DIXIE? Tune in and find out!

- This past week, Magnus challenged Bram to step up against one of TNA's elite and face Willow! Bram has agreed - and the match is now official for Thursday's huge IMPACT broadcast! Can the newcomer back up his intense attitude against Jeff Hardy's alter-ego and prove himself to Magnus? Don't miss Willow vs. Bram on Thursday!

- Also on Thursday, the Knockouts Championship will be at stake as Madison Rayne is using her rematch clause for a shot at the gold against Angelina Love! Will Madison beat her rival and take the gold away from The Beautiful People?

All this and much more on Thursday's broadcast, including appearances by "Cowboy" James Storm, Mr. Anderson, The Menagerie and many more!


March 9, 2014

After becoming a new TNA investor, MVP proposed he and Dixie assemble their own teams to compete in a Lethal Lockdown match at the March 9th Lockdown Pay-Per-View Event; winner of the match was set to gain full control of wrestling operations… Dixie accepted.

At Lockdown, Dixie paid Bull Ray a large sum of money to be her secret weapon, hoping to secure Team Dixie’s win over Team MVP. Dixie’s plan backfired as Bully turned on Dixie, and allowed MVP’s squad to pick up the victory – in hopes that MVP would right what Bully saw as Dixie’s wrongs.

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April 27, 2014

Dixie disappeared from TNA until Sacrifice on April 27, where she disguised herself as a male ringside photographer. Dixie exacted her revenge by pushing an unsuspecting Bully Ray through two tables. Dixie’s interference allowed Bobby Roode to defeat Bully Ray in a tables match – and left Bully with broken ribs.

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May 1, 2014

Spray painting Dixie’s name on multiple tables, Bully threatened to put Dixie Carter through a table on IMPACT WRESTLING if she shows her face in the IMPACT Zone. Dixie enters the ring with a team of security guards and call’s Bully’s bluff. A great negotiator, Bully talked security into leaving Dixie’s side. Dixie is left defenseless in the ring and Bully is close to putting her through the table when MVP steps in to interrupt. Director of Wrestling Operations then bans both Bully Ray and Dixie Carter from the IMPACT Zone.

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May 8, 2014

Bully doesn’t give up on putting Dixie through a table and searches for her in the TNA Headquarters in Nashville, TN. He arrives in Nashville to find a drone-like staff under the command of Dixie. “Bully Fears Dixie” is all over the office – even on the newly implemented company uniform. Bully then retrained the staff, through a party… er, meeting AND put Chief of Staff, Rockstar Spud, through a table in the board room!




May 15th, 2014

Bully found Dixie’s home address and invaded her Nashville estate. Dixie arrives home and finds tables with her name spray-painted on. Dixie brings Rockstar Spud and a camera crew to document this. Spud enters first and is attacked by Bully. Dixie, shaking and scared, enters her home to face Bully. Bully assures her that this can all go away as long as she agrees to tell the world that “Dixie Fears Bully”. Out of nowhere, EC3 appears behind Bully, knocks him unconscious, and Dixie completes her sentence. “Dixie…Fears…No One”.





May 22nd, 2014

Dixie and EC3 confront MVP in the ring during IMPACT but Bully Ray interrupts. MVP proceeds to have his posse beat down Bully Ray. Dixie and EC3 take advantage of this and make their way back to the ring. EC3 then puts Bully through a table, himself! Cementing the grudge match that will take place at Slammiversary!


If history can predict the future, this story is far from over… Tune in to IMPACT this Thursday to see what happens next!




When James Storm is put up to a challenge, he never backs down. Especially, when that challenge is one that involves any kind of alcohol. He prides himself in being a hard to the core, shot taking, beer drinking, rough and tumble cowboy that will dominate any contest. Yet, that same attitude is exactly what got him into hot water with Ken Anderson last Thursday on Impact Live. Anderson challenged Storm to a contest to see who could out drink the other. Storm gladly accepted, knowing a win was inevitable, but what he didn’t know was that Anderson was only drinking water. By the end of the night, Storm was extremely intoxicated and Anderson took the opportunity to beat Storm to a pulp.

Inspired by Storm and Anderson’s challenge, TNA staff has put together a list of their favorite drinking games (and they know how to drink). So crack open a beer and try them for yourself. After all, Storm is thirsting for a rematch and you might just be right competitor.



Beer Pong

drinking1An oldie, but a goodie. A staple at both college fraternity houses and house parties, it’s rare to go to a rager without a table set up.  It has become so popular amongst partiers, that there is even a World Series of Beer Pong.

Rules: Can be played one-on-one, but is typically played with teams of two. Teams with set up 6 solo cups in the form of a triangle and opposite ends of a long rectangular table. Each solo cups should be about ¼ full with your favorite beer. Using two ping-pong balls, partners will take turns throwing the balls into the cups on the opposite side of the table. At the end of each turn, the opposing team consumes the cups containing a ball.

Objective: To be the first team to clear all of your cups.

Notes: These are just basic rules. Often times, there are extra incentives to “bounce” the ball in or hit the same cup as your partner. These are called house rules and it depends from game to game. It is advised to ask about house rules before starting the game.




drinking4Quarters is always fun to play at the beginning of the night as a nice “pre-game” activity. This particular game can get players intoxicated pretty quickly depending on what type of alcohol you are playing with, so players beware.

Rules: Can be played with any number of players, but 3-6 is best. Competitors sit in a circle around a table (must be a hard surface) with a glass in the middle. Shooters take turns trying to bounce a quarter off the table and into the glass. If the quarter goes in, the shooter chooses an opponent to drink.

Objective: There are no technical winners, just for fun.

Notes: Rules can be incorporated to make things interesting. Instead of just picking a player to drink after a shot is made, shooters can choose to establish various rules. For example, saying a phrase or making gestures before you take a drink. Not mandatory, but can make for a more enjoyable game.



Flip Cup

drinking2Remember field day relay races as a kid? Well, Flip Cup is that for adults. Great for playing with big groups to get the competitive juices flowing.

Rules: Teams are divided into equal halves. Most games are played with 4 or 5 to each team, but with this game there is no set number. The more the merrier. Each player much have a half cup of beer in front of them at the start of the game. Once the relay begins, each player must chug their drink and then flip the cup from the edge of the table with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next team member can begin.

Objective: First team to finish is the winner

Notes: Can get pretty competitive. If you are the weakest link on your team, don’t be surprised if a lot of yelling and screaming comes your way. This is serious business. Get yourself together.



Power Hour

drinking3Not for the weak of heart.

Rules: Take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. Sounds easy? Think again.  A typical shot is about 1.5 ounces, therefore you would need to consume almost 8 beers in all to complete the Power Hour.

Objective: To say you did it

Notes: If you think this sounds too easy, you can always try to join the Century Club, which is one shot every minute for 100 minutes. Good luck.

Eminem and Elton John.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Arnold Schwarzenneger and Danny Devito.  Over the years, there have been some unusual, and at times, crazy duos.  Whether one defines the relationship as symbiotic is completely subjective though.  With Mr. Anderson and Gunner forming the unusual pairing of tag team partners for their match against The BroMans last night on IMPACT WRESTLING, it is yet to be seen if this partnership will be mutually beneficial or if it will crash and burn, and keeping with that theme, we take a look back and share the most unlikely duos in TNA history. 


Adam “Pacman” Jones & Ron “The Truth” Killings

Back in 2007 and after Adam “Pacman” Jones was viciously attacked backstage by an unknown assailant, the professional football player went on the offensive and assumed the beating was from Ron “The Truth” Killings.  Killings immediately addressed Pacman in the ring and the duo transformed from bitter enemies to tag team partners and went on to defeat the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and “The Icon” Sting at No Surrender 2007 and win the World Tag Team Championship.


Eric Young & Orlando Jordan

On the July 29th, 2010 edition of IMPACT, Orlando Jordan formed a dysfunctional tag team with Eric Young, who was battling mental problems after taking a bump to the head.  After taking the hit, Young cost himself and Jordan a tag team match between Ink Inc. after throwing a mannequin into the ring which he had first tagged into the match.  This flawed relationship was on full display when the duo decided it was time to meet with a psychiatrist to discuss Eric Young being completely unaware of Jordan’s sexual orientation and interest in him. 



Bully Ray & Rockstar Spud

Bowtie vs. Chain necklace.  Brit vs. American.  Mike Tenay justly labeled these two wrestlers as “polar opposites”.  When it was announced on the Joker’s Wild II One-Night-Only PPV that Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray would be paired up to face Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries, most assumed the Brit and American had no chance of winning.  This unlikely duo silenced the critics, won the match and went on to qualify for the Gauntlet Battle Royal later that night. 


Eric Young & ODB

Does it get more unlikely than a male/female duo to win the Knockouts Tag Team Titles?  On the March 8th episode of IMPACT WRESTLING, the current World Heavyweight Champion “Showtime” Eric Young and ODB defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.  Immediately after the bell was rung, Eric Young made history and proposed to his soon bride-to-be only to be upstaged and have ODB propose to him.