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As IMPACT Wrestling prepares to land on Destination America in 2015, we wanted to spend sometime with the superstars themselves and see where they go when they aren’t trying to win championships, pummel each other or find a good restaurant on the road.  

Where do they call home?  

Where does Robbie E like to tan? What is Dixie Carter’s favorite Texas hangout? Beginning tomorrow and spanning the next few weeks, we will bring you 'Destination: Home' excusively on 

As the end of the year nears, IMPACT WRESTLING prepares to move to Destination America in January. Also, IMPACT looks back at the best moments of 2014! Tune into Spike tonight at 9/8c for an action-packed "Best of 2014" edition of IMPACT!

You will see shocking moments, such as the reunion of The Hardys, the Tag Team Series, Bully Ray finally catching Dixie Carter, the debut of HAVOK, Austin Aries uses Option C, Team 3D's TNA HOF induction, title changes, The Great Muta and much more! 

Also, tell us your favorite moment of IMPACT this year on social media. Head to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #BestOf2014 to tell us your pick! 


This week, Playboy Magazine released their list of the 'Top 25 Hottest All Time Women of Wrestling' and included three TNA Knockouts in their picks! Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell, Christy Hemme and Velvet Sky all made the cut!

Taryn Terrell had the following to say, "To be recognized by Playboy is such an honor. I am in awe of the company and, of course, the man behind it all, Hugh Hefner. I am a huge fan of Playboy and have been blessed to be a part of their world throughout my career. This is so exciting! Thank you, Playboy!!!" 

Christy Hemme echoed her thoughts, adding, "Such an iconic magazine and so cool to be a part of it! I love you, Playboy!" 

Click here to check out the full feature at (warning: NSFW content).

#TheWrestlers struggled this week on The Amazing Race -- did they make it through?! As always, we have an exclusive video with Brooke and a blog from Robbie E, breaking down this week's episode! Remember to catch #TheWrestlers every Friday at 8/7c on The Amazing Race. You can catch the entire TNA roster on IMPACT WRESTLING, when it debuts on Destination America in January 2015! 

That was way too close, bro!!! WAY TOO CLOSE! But, #TheWrestlers are still in it. There's nothing like hearing Phil say "this is a non-elimination round"... Still four teams left! 

The Wrestlers - We got this!! We're funny, good looking and have proved everybody wrong!  

Dentists - They are too confident. It's going to backfire. Plus, what is up with their teeth, bro???

Scientists - Dorks aren't going to win this race. They just aren't. 

Surfers - They are too nice to win, bro. Nice doesn't get you anywhere. We're ruthless, bro! 

This week we had to deal with smelly fish, a smelly ox and really hot weather!!! But, hey, we are still here. See you next week from the Philippines again!! Two more weeks left and TEAM BRO is here to stay!!!

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IMG 0303
#AngelinaLoveFACT... she is also very talented with beautification!


IMG 0528
Grande skinny caramel macchiato with soy milk and an extra shot of espresso, yummy!


IMG 0877
If only you could be a fly on the wall for this juicy locker room talk!


IMG 0924
The Beautiful People + The Bromans= Match made in heaven


IMG 0918
Posing with her favorite TNA Knockout… HERSELF!



It is with great excitement that welcomes Mark Andrews to the TNA Wrestling family! Tonight, "Mandrews" was crowned the winner of British Boot Camp 2 - finishing at the top of an incredible class of British wrestlers, which included Rampage Brown, Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar, Dave Mastiff and Grado. 

The Cardiff, Wales native proved to be a high-flying and incredibly talented performer. The fact that Andrews is just 22, well, that means the future is brighter than ever! 

We, here at, welcome Mark Andrews and look forward to following his journey. Congratulations Mark Andrews, winner of British Boot Camp 2! 

Last week, the Top Six became the Final Three. Sunday night at 9PM on Challenge, the Final Three become one. That's right, British Boot Camp 2 will go out with a bang this Sunday night as a winner will be chosen, and that winner will receive a contract to join the elite TNA Wrestling roster. 

Will it be Rampage Brown, Kay Lee Ray or Mark Andrews? Tell us your pick on social media, using the hashtag #BritishBootCamp2 and then, join us at 9PM on Challenge TV this Sunday to see which of these three incredible performers will be the TNA contract!

Tickets are on sale NOW! You can join IMPACT Wrestling at the Manhattan Center in New York City for the debut of IMPACT on Destination America! 

Click here to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster. 

Join us for three consecutive televised events, Jan. 7 – 9, emanating from the legendary Manhattan Center in New York City for IMPACT WRESTLING’s debut on Destination America. 

“With the explosive sold-out crowds in New York City this past summer, returning to the Manhattan Center for three huge events as IMPACT WRESTLING debuts on Destination America was an easy decision,” said Dixie Carter.

On the heels of the recently announced news that IMPACT WRESTLING will move to Destination America in January 2015, Jeremy Borash sat down with TNA President Dixie Carter for an exclusive interview! You can play the interview below to hear Dixie discuss TNA's past with Spike, future with Destination America and everything in-between! 

Make sure you follow @TNADixie and @IMPACTWRESTLING on Twitter!




IMG 0616
Photog Hemme coming out from behind the camera!


IMG 0746
Signing the NEW gorgeous 2014 Knockouts Calendar. Get it now at


IMG 0580
Selfie TIME… Again!


IMG 0775
Don’t tell Christy Hemme to keep her feet on the ground!


IMG 0832
Shake it off, shake it off, uh uh!