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Show Time: 7:30 PM, Doors Open: 6:30 PM
York Fair Grandstand
York, PA


TNA Wrestling returns to York, PA for the IMPACT WRESTLING Live tour, IMPACT WRESTLING Airs every week on Destination America.  Be part of the action!

Sep 17, 2015
Times - Show Time: 7:30 PM, Doors Open: 6:30 PM

WHERE: York Fair Grandstand

TICKETS: Available Now At

ADULT: $55.00 / $45.00 / $35.00 / $25.00 / $15.00

Featuring the following IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars!
Jeff Hardy
Gail Kim
James Storm
Bobby Roode
Rockstar Spud

Get ready for the event and show support for your favorite TNA Superstar or Knockout by heading over to now!  New merchandise with the all new IMPACT logo is now available.


Moments ago, the unthinkable happened for TNA Knockout Velvet Sky. After helping Robbie E capture a Feast or Fired briefcase, the TNA Superstar repaid Velvet by making her take ownership of the case. Velvet opened the case to learn that she had retrieved the FIRED briefcase. Effective immediately, Velvet Sky has been released from the TNA roster. would like to thank Velvet Sky for everything she has done for us over the years. 

ShopTNA has just launched a "Fired Sale," making Velvet Sky's merchandise 50% through Monday! 

TNA officials have already taken to Twitter with their thoughts:


 Impact Coverage by Bobby James
January 23, 2015
Impact Wrestling presents “Feast or Fired,” Impact Wrestling’s version of The Hunger Games!

Feast or Fired Match:

The BroMans (Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, DJ Z) vs. Austin Aires vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Crazy Steve vs. Bram vs. Magnus vs. The Wolves (Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards) vs. Gunner vs. Samuel Shaw

Match Highlights:

- Crazy Steve attempts to secure a “Feast or Fired” briefcase. Velvet Sky distracts him and she secures the first briefcase for Robbie E!

-  Bram inadvertently hits Magnus and Rockstar Spud climbs the turnbuckle. Samuel Shaw stalks Spud and tosses him from the top rope. Gunner attacks Shaw and Aries attacks Gunner. Rockstar Spud climbs on top of Samuel Shaw to secure the second “Feast or Fired” briefcase!!!

- Jessie Godderz shoves Austin Aries from the top rope. He kisses Angelina Love and The Wolves double team Jessie when he turns around. Angelina distracts The Wolves, but they end up sending DJ Z into a pile of people! Aries attacks The Wolves and secures the third “Feast of Fired” briefcase!

- Gunner catches Bram with a flying clothesline. The two men battle back and forth in the ring and alternate turns climbing the turnbuckle for the final “Feast or Fired” briefcase. Magnus attacks both Gunner and Bram! Magnus secures the final briefcase!

Winners: Robbie E (1), Rockstar Spud (2), Austin Aries (3), Magnus (4)

Backstage: Bobby Lashley says he’s going to the ring to get his title back.



Backstage: Magnus says he’s feeling good about “lucky number 3.” Bram confronts Magnus.

Lashley enters the Impact Zone. He demands MVP bring him his title – now! Kenny King answer’s Lashley’s call. He says Lashley couldn’t make it into The BDC because he’s ungrateful. He says The BDC doesn’t need Lashley anymore because – himself, MVP, Low Ki and Samoa Joe are all capable of being World Heavyweight Champion.

Lashley demands his title. Kenny King says to get a referee, that if Lashley wants to fight, he can fight. King asks the rest of The BDC to join him at ringside. MVP (with Lashley’s title), Low Ki and Samoa Joe enter the arena.

Lashley vs. Kenny King

Kenny King goes on the offensive early, taking advantage of the World Champion’s early distraction. Lashley catches King in the air and tosses him over the top rope into the rest of The BDC!

Lashley overpowers King and hoists him into the air with ease for a single-handed vertical suplex! Lashley’s power and quickness becomes the focal point of the match as Kenny King is sent flying across the ring.

Kenny King comes back with an enziguri. Then, Lashley dodges a springboard assault from King and he connects with Sudden Impact! As Lashley goes for the cover, The BDC attacks!

Winner: Lashley (via DQ)





Video: A re-introduction of the revered and feared Awesome Kong!

Havok vs. Gail Kim

Havok attempts to attack Gail as she enters. Gail counters, sending Havok into the guardrail. Gail launches herself from the apron and connects with a cross-body!

Havok rolls into the ring and Gail climbs the turnbuckle. The opening bell finally sounds as Gail leaps – connecting with another diving cross-body. It’s not long before Havok assumes control of the match.

Havok, with a powerful clothesline, smashes Gail against the turnbuckle before choking her on the middle rope. Havok uses her cape to choke Gail in the center of the ring. Referee Brian Stiffler intervenes and Gail Kim begins to battle back.

Havok counters Gail’s assault with a bear hug and a slam. Havok connects with an ugly running knee to the face of Gail Kim. Gail rolls under the bottom rope, clutching her face. Havok rolls out of the ring and connects with a series of hard rights!

Havok attempts to grab the ring bell and Brian Stiffler again intervenes. Havok attcks the referee! Havok’s assault on Gail becomes unruly as she drops Gail face-first onto the ring bell! She rolls Gail into the ring and just as she attempts a chokeslam, the lights go out!

When the lights come up, Gail is gone and Kong is in the ring!

Havok punches Kong! Kong goes crazy, sending Kong over the top rope to the arena floor!!!

Winner: Gail Kim (via DQ)


Post-Match: Awesome Kong paces in the ring.






 Video: A recap of Jeremy Borash accepting EC3’s challenge to a match.

Tigre Uno vs. Khoya (w/ The Revolution)

Khoya makes his in-ring debut against Tigre Uno.

Tigre Uno takes an early advantage and Khoya is met with a slap to face by James Storm. Khoya becomes enraged and connects with a fall-away slam. He follows up with a Veera Bomb and the three-count. 

Winner: Khoya

Post-Match: James Storm addresses Matt Hardy. He says he’ll be the demon Matt Hardy can’t conquer – and that in The Revolution, there’s, “always room for one more.”

Backstage: Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode discuss their upcoming match, MVP and The BDC and Eric Young.





Low Ki & Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle & Bobby Roode

Low Ki and Kurt Angle lock up at the opening bell. Low Ki connects with a few elbows to Angle’s head before being sent to the mat. Angle brings Roode in early and together, they begin their domination of the X-Division Champion.

Low Ki connects with just enough offense to Bobby Roode to make the tag to Eric Young. Roode sends Eric Young to the mat with a backdrop. He hoists Young into the air, but Low Ki connects with a kick to the midsection, allowing Eric Young to capitalize.

Low Ki is brought back into the match. He and Young exchange tags rapidly and begin to isolate Bobby Roode. EY delivers a hard right to Roode’s face, sending Roode to the mat. He slams Roode and taunts the crowd before heading to the top rope.

Roode counters, sending Young crashing down to the mat with superplex! Enough separation is created and Kurt Angle re-enters the match! Angle connects with a few German suplexes to Young and Low Ki. He then drops Low Ki with an Angle Slam! Before he can make the cover, Eric Young makes the save.

Roode attacks Eric Young, then locks in a cross-face to Low Ki.

Angle fends off a chair-wielding Eric Young. The BDC distracts Angle and the referee, allowing Eric Young to smack Bobby Roode with a chair! Low Ki rolls up Roode for the three count!

Winners: Low Ki & Eric Young





 Backstage: MVP challenges Lashley from the parking lot.

Ethan Carter III (w/ Tyrus) vs. Jeremy Borash

Ethan Carter, with Tyrus is tow, enters the ring to mockingly assume ring-announcing duties. EC3 introduces JB from “Receding Heights, Baldimore!”

Jeremy Borash enters with Rockstar Spud by his side.

EC3 asks Taz and Josh Mathews to step down as commentators for this match, because he’d like to provide commentary too. Jeremy Borash attacks as EC3, surprisingly begins commentating the match!

EC3 attacks! Once JB’s down, EC3 taunts Spud. Spud retaliates and Tyrus interferes, sending Spud crashing to the mat! As Tyrus stalks Spud – Mandrews (Mark Andrews), the winner of British Bootcamp Season 2, comes to the aid of Spud!

Spud and Mandrews send EC3 and Tyrus into retreat!

Winner: No Contest.





Backstage: Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Magnus and Austin Aries make their way into the office to determine their “Feast or Fired” fates (officiated by Christy Hemme).

James Storm vs. Matt Hardy

A loud “Hardy” chant begins as the bell sounds. Storm backs Hardy into the corner, but Hardy is able to counter and come out swinging with a series of rights. Hardy connects with a series of clotheslines that send Storm retreating to the outside. Hardy dropkicks Storm through the bottom rope.

Hardy battles Storm beyond the ropes. He slams Storm’s face into the steel stairs multiple times before leaping from the apron to connect with an elbow to the back of the head. Hardy locks in a side-headlock, but Storm counters, setting Hardy on the second turnbuckle before connecting with a backbreaker.

Storm shifts the complexion of the match. He attempts a clothesline, but Hardy counters with a Side Effect. Hardy and Storm exchange punches before Storm nails a facebuster. Storm misses a Last Call and an Eye of the Storm and Matt Hardy rolls him up for the win!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Post-Match: Storm takes a knee and offers his hand for a shake. Hardy refuses and “The Monster” Abyss attacks! Abyss holds Hardy and Storm connects with a Last Call. Abyss withdraws Janice from beneath the ring, but Jeff Hardy makes the save with a steel chair and Twist of Fate!

Jeff Hardy challenges Abyss to a Monster’s Ball next week!





Backstage: MVP reassures Samoa Joe that he made Lashley, and that he doesn’t need back-up from The BDC!

Christy Hemme oversees the revelations of the “Feast or Fired” briefcases!

Christy says they’ll begin in descending order – with Case No. 4. Rockstar Spud opens his case to reveal an opportunity for the X-Division Championship!

Christy calls upon Magnus to reveal the contents of Case No. 3. Magnus reveals a Tag Team Championship opportunity.

Christy says that either Robbie E or Austin Aries will receive a championship opportunity – while the other will be fired. Robbie E freaks out. Christy says we’ll find out next.

Backstage: Lashley is in search of MVP.

Robbie E says he’s the stupidest man ever for grabbing the suitcase! Then he says he didn’t grab it – that Velvet Sky did! He has her sit down and open the case!

Velvet Sky opens Case No. 2 to reveal, “Fired!”

Robbie E goes crazy and Velvey Sky breaks down. Robbie E celebrates still having his job. Austin Aries opens Case No. 1 to confirm his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity.




Backstage/Outside: Lashley and MVP brawl on the streets of New York City! The fight carries over back to the inside of the Manhattan Center. Lashley picks up a piece of guardrail and before he can attack MVP, the rest of The BDC and Eric Young intervene – and it becomes a five-on-one mugging!

Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode make the save and retrieve Lashley’s title as Impact goes off the air.

Tonight, one of the most intimidating matches in TNA history goes down: FEAST or FIRED. 12 Superstars enter this match, 4 leave with briefcases. From those briefcases, 3 Superstars will earn title shots for TNA World Championships and one person will be fired. One person's career in TNA will be finished after tonight - for good. 

All week, we've been speaking to the TNA Superstars entering the match and finding out why they would risk it all. One man with retribution on his mind is Gunner. The world watched as Gunner retrieved the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase and then watched as his former friend, James Storm, robbed him of the World Title. We caught up with Gunner this morning to get his final thoughts before tonight's match! 

"Feast or Fired... Tonight. 2014 was, perhaps, the biggest year of my career so far. I earned a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship; the biggest prize in this industry. But I was robbed by a jealous cowboy, James Storm. Tonight, I will climb that mountain one more time and that World Title will be mine."

Josh Mathews sat down with The BroMans to get their comments on the Feast or Fired Match Coming up tomorrow on IMPACT WRESTLING at 9/8c on Destination America

All week long, has been reaching out to TNA Superstars to find out why they would risk their careers in this Friday's Feast or Fired Match on IMPACT. When we reached Samuel Shaw for comment, the oft-described Creepy Bastard responded in his own unique way. No words, no quotes, just this. Watch Samuel Shaw compete in Feast or Fired tonight at 9/8c on Destination America - only on Friday Night IMPACT! (Also, judging from this, we'd recommend that Robbie E keeps an eye on Shaw...)

SamuelFeastOrFired copy

Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell knows what it takes to compete at the highest level inside the ring.  Taryn has now taken her in-ring skills to the big screen and it has become a trending topic this week.  Taryn’s cheerleader character gets hit in the face with a basketball by none other than Will Ferrell for a scene in Ferrell’s upcoming “Daddy’s Home” motion picture.  Which, according to IMDB, also stars Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini and Hannibal Buress.

The clip in which Ferrell’s character attempts a half-court shot at a New Orleans Pelicans game and instead smashes the ball off of Taryn’s face has been seen everywhere from Vine to Twitter to Instagram to Youtube.  Makes one wonder if Taryn will attempt to exact revenge inside an IMPACT Wrestling ring in the near future?

We hope to have more from Taryn later today on

This week, has been talking to all of your favorite TNA Superstars about this Friday's Feast or Fired Match on Friday Night IMPACT! We caught up with The Wolves, who had the following to say:

Davey Richards:

This is what the Wolves are all about! It's all or nothing, every time we step foot in the ring. We've fought before and we’ll probably fight again. The Wolves are hungry for competition. But, you see, The Wolves have more to lose then anyone. Wolves move in packs – they rely on each other. Eddie and I are a pack, we hunt as a pack and, if one of us get’s fired, really, it’s like both of us do. Wolves don’t leave the pack.

Eddie Edwards: 

The Wolves strive to be the best. We want to win every chance we can and, for us, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. That’s also the perfect summation of Feast or Fired. I fully support Davey and I know he supports me. Whatever happens, happens. The Wolves will always be united. Whether that’s a TNA World Title shot or someone pulling down the Fired briefcase. Whatever goes down, we will go through it together. caught up with "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived," Austin Aries, this morning to ask a simple question: "why would you risk it all to enter Feast or Fired?" Of course, Austin Aries may be TNA's greatest innovator -- as the creator of Option C -- but, tonight, one TNA Superstar will be FIRED and gone from the company for good. What does Aries think of his chances? Listen below! Then, watch Feast or Fired on this week's edition of Friday Night IMPACT at 9/8c on Destination America!

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Quoting figures from media research group TAM, Sony Six says that it had an annual viewership of 181.3 million last year, placing it ahead of Star India’s Star Sports 1 on 172.3 million and Star Sports 3 on 169.2 million.

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Sony Six claims that 40 per cent of its viewership (74.1 million) is aged between 15 and 35 and 45 per cent (82 million) are female, higher than any other Indian sports channel.

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Sony Six business head Prasana Krishnan said, "It is a proud moment for us, as 2014 has been a defining year for the channel. We have established ourselves as one of the leading sports broadcasters in the country just within two years of our launch. With an exciting line-up for 2015 we hope to carry forward the momentum and serve a diverse brand of sports programming, which has hitherto not been seen on Indian television."

The channel is kicking off this year with coverage of soccer’s Africa Cup of Nations, tennis’ Australian Open and the debut of Indian wrestler Mahabali Shera in TNA, and will also be showing the Super Bowl live and exclusive in India for the first time, on 1 February.

However, the highlight of its schedules will again be the IPL, the eighth edition of which is set to begin in early April.