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Eli Drake is asked about his match with Micah on this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING where we see the beginnings of the #WorldTitleSeries.  Eli Drake feels that Micah has drawn the short straw and must now face him, Eli Drake, the future one..

TNA today announced Thomas Latimer, known as Bram, is immediately reinstated to his contract and the TNA roster following resolution of legal matters related to domestic disput charges brough against him this past August in Florida. On learning of the charges, TNA immediately suspended Bram indefinitely awaiting the outcome of the legal process.

"We hold all of our wrestlers to a high standard of conduct and take any potential legal charges against them seriously," said TNA EVP of TV & Talent Relations John Gaburick.  "With all charges being dropped, Bram has been reinstated."

Micah, who has been assigned to the Future Four Group, will be taking on another member of Future 4 as part of group play, Eli Drake.  What will happen when these former allies go one on one in the ring as part of the World Title Series?  Micah weighs in below. 

Crimson will be facing Jessie Godderz on this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING where the #WorldTitleSeries will continue.  

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Jessie Godderz will be facing Crimson on this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING where the #WorldTitleSeries will continue. 

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They have been marked as “The Group to beat” and for good reason. All four members of Group Champions have held The TNA World Title in the past. Lashley, Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries and EC3 are all in the prime of their respective careers. Judging by what we saw in their first encounters, Wednesday night is shaping up to be can’t miss.

lashley ec3EC3 vs. Lashley is a dream match that seems to favor Lashley. However, EC3 has never been pinned and the man has never submitted, so can Lashley be the one? Can The Destroyer find a way to do what no other human being on this planet has done and that is defeat EC3.  Lashley made it very clear that he knows Tyrus will get involved and will be watching for the bodyguard of EC3 during the match. Will Tyrus provide the distraction that serves as the point that allows EC3 to win? Can Lashley avoid Tyrus and spear his way to a victory? Keep in mind, EC3 only has 1 point at this juncture in group action. If EC3 defeats Lashley he will have 4 points and depending on what happens with Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson, EC3 might be near the top of the Leaderboard. Lashley is 1-0 and has 3 points.

Mr. Anderson needs a win. Mr. Anderson needs to rebound from his defeat at the hands of Lashley and needs to do it Wednesday night against Austin Aries. Aries, who sits at 1anderson aries point right now, also needs to secure 3 more points in The World Title Series. Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries know each other very well, they are both from Wisconsin and traveled together for years before making it to Impact Wrestling. Wednesday they go one on one in one of the most important matches in their careers.

The World Title Series continues Wednesday night on Destination America at 9PM EST.





  • Three historic TNA Wrestling events to take place from India December 2-4
  • TNA One Night Only: Mumbai will air LIVE in India and broadcast around the world on December 4
  • TNA partners with Dalip Singh for a talent search to find an Indian wrestling star to join Mahabali Shera


Sony SIX (a part of Multi Screen Media Network), India’s premiere sports entertainment channel, and TNA Wrestling, the international professional wrestling entertainment organization, have teamed up for India’s first ever LIVE televised wrestling event.

Mr. Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, Sony SIX & Sony KIX, and John Gaburick, Executive Vice President of Television and Talent Relations for TNA, today announced three historic LIVE TNA Wrestling events scheduled to take place in Mumbai December 2-4, a pioneering move that brings an internationally broadcast sporting event to India featuring the Stars and Knockouts of IMPACT WRESTLING, TNA’s flagship.


The final show, TNA One Night Only: Mumbai, on Friday Dec. 4, will air LIVE in India and broadcast in the United States and all around the world. Full information, including broadcast details, will be released in the coming weeks.

Also present at the launch were three of TNA’s most recognisable names. India’s own Mahabali Shera, former TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III and Knockout Rebel, who are currently undertaking a seven-day international media tour of four of India’s major cities to promote the upcoming LIVE events.

In addition to this, Sony SIX and TNA announced the launch of their second search for India’s next big wrestling star – to join Mahabali Shera on the TNA roster.

The project will give aspiring wrestlers from India an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global platform. The announcement follows 2014’s grand unveiling of TNA’s first ever Indian wrestler, Mahabali Shera – after a year-long talent search led by TNA Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle.

World-renowned wrestling star and Indian hero Dalip Singh will lead the talent search alongside Gaburick. Singh will be a part of the selection process and help mentor the contenders. He has also given his endorsement to December’s LIVE TNA events.

Building on the success of TNA Wrestling on Sony SIX in India, today’s announcement highlights the pair’s partnership to promote professional wrestling in the region. It is a testament to TNA’s growth and the on-going commitment of Sony SIX to cultivate the sport’s viewership in mass markets.

Mahabali Shera, Ethan Carter III and Rebel are currently on an expansive promotional tour, engaging fans through a series of activities. The expansive media and fan engagement tour kicked off in Mumbai today and will head to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore. TNA fans in India can look forward to meeting and interacting with their heroes in each city.



 Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, Sony SIX:

“India is a great country that has an extensive history of wrestling and talent in abundance. Given the national interest for the sporting event, we want to showcase consistent content along with high quality and local programming to connect with our viewers. 

“For the first time in India, fans will be able to experience a live event which is something that they have only seen on our channel. Through our annual efforts in showcasing international wrestling talents in India, we aim to reach out to more than millions of viewers, reaching out to a broader fan base in the country.

“The talent search will further give Indian wrestlers an opportunity to be a part of the incredible international TNA Roster.”


Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling:

“Our phenomenal partners at Sony SIX have been tremendous in recognizing the powerful reach of professional wrestling and we are thrilled TNA programming has contributed to the network’s ranking as the most watched sports channel in all of India. We are also proud of the relationships we are forming with our fans across India and we are honoured to travel our incredible roster to India for three historic global live events emanating from Mahabali Shera’s home.”



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Samuel Shaw faces Chris Melendez on Xplosion.  Xplosion is a one hour television show that airs internationally and features weekly matches, throwback matches and more!

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Watch the preview for the Oct. 21, 2015 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING Where we will see action from new groups as well as more action from group champions. 

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Robbie E has been making headlines over the past couple of weeks with his issues with Rob Gronkowski. The NFL’s “Gronk” wants to be known as Robbie G and Robbie E isn’t having it. Robbie E stopped by Josh Mathews hit podcast “Men’s Lifestyle Aficionado” to discuss.

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