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IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James | June 26, 2014

IMPACT Wrestling begins with a recap of MVP’s abuse of power that saw the crowning of Bobby Lashley as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and the return of Bobby Roode.

Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King, and the new World Champion Bobby Lashley claim tonight is theirs.



Gail Kim and Velvet Sky are in to start the match.  Gail Kim attempts and early pin, but Velvet kicks out.  Gail drags her to the corner and tags Taryn Terrell.  Taryn dominates Velvet Sky.  Eventually, Velvet, trying for separation, sends Taryn flying into the middle rope.  Velvet capitalizes on the moment and tags in the Knockout’s Champion, Angelina Love!

Angelina is only able to mount some offense before Taryn climbs the turnbuckle.  Angelina attacks Taryn, but Taryn is able to fend off the champion and drop her to the mat with a flying clothesline!  Angelina rolls out of the ring and Taryn pursues her until Velvet Sky interferes and changes the complexion of the match.  Angelina tags Velvet and together, The Beautiful People execute a double elbow drop on Taryn Terrell. 

Velvet takes advantage of a vulnerable Taryn and goes for a cover.  She gets a two count.  Taryn kicks out, leading to a neckbreaker from Velvet, who then locks in a submission hold.   Taryn reverses the hold and shifts the momentum by making the tag to Gail Kim. 

As Gail rushes into the ring, Velvet tags in Angelina.  Gail’s aggression leads to a two-count.  Velvet breaks up the count, but Taryn Terrell flies off the turnbuckle with a cross-body that takes out The Beautiful People.  Gail Kim scores the Eat Defeat and the victory. 

Winners:  Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell

Backstage:  MVP refers to Bobby Lashley as the “Devourer of Souls,” and the “Destroyer of Worlds.”





Back from the commercial break, a promo airs for BOUND FOR GLORY, which takes place October 12 from Tokyo, Japan!

Backstage:  Dixie Carter says “…tonight is gonna be a very good night to be Dixie Carter.”

MVP and Kenny King enter the IMPACT Zone to celebrate the new TNA World Champion, Bobby Lashley.  MVP claims he’s regained power as Director of Wrestling Operations because Lashley is the champion. 

MVP’s speech is interrupted by the former champion Eric Young!  EY rushes the ring to attack MVP, but Kenny King and Bobby Lashley step in and begin their assault.  Just as MVP is about to hit EY with a crutch, Bobby Roode explodes onto the scene and clears the ring!

Back from commercial, Bobby Roode has a mic and claims he and EY, despite having their ups and downs, helped build TNA Wrestling from the bottom up – and that they both have love, desire and passion for professional wrestling.  Roode says MVP took that love, desire and passion away and that he’s returned to bring honor and respect back to TNA Wrestling. 

MVP reenters the ring.  He says Bobby Roode made a big mistake returning.  Just when it looks like MVP is about to fire Roode, Earl Sullivan Armstrong from TNA’s Board of Directors interrupts.  Armstrong says MVP is no longer the Director of Wrestling Operations and that his replacement will appear later tonight!

Bobby Roode attacks MVP!

Backstage:  The Menagerie discusses having a debt to be paid.  Knux says the way to get cash to pay the debt is to be champion – and that’s something Crazy Steve can do in his match next. 






Backstage:  Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud discuss MVP being removed as the Director of Wrestling Operations. 


X-Division Championship Match:


The TNA X-Division Champion Sanada enters the IMPACT Zone to choose his challenger.  He says all three contenders receive a title match.  Early in the match, DJ Z leaps for a missile dropkick but is met by a standing dropkick from the other three participants! Crazy Steve tries for an early pin. 

The action-packed match sees Manik lock in simultaneous submissions on Sanada and Crazy Steve before being attacked by DJ Z.  Manik clears the ring then flies from the turnbuckle with a diving somersault! 

DJ Z pushes Manik from the top rope and attacks Crazy Steve.  DJ Z attempts a superplex, but Manik interferes and brings Crazy Steve and DJ Z crashing down with a powerbomb!

Sanada drops DJ Z with a reverse suplex and pin to retain the X-Division Championship. 

Winner:  Sanada

Backstage:  Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter make their way toward the IMPACT Zone. 





Backstage:  MVP promises that Dixie Carter will regret the moment he was removed from power. 

Backstage:  Magnus and Bram hype their Monster’s Ball Match against Willow and Abyss tonight!

Dixie Carter enters the arena accompanied by Rockstar Spud.  Dixie says she hopes the fans recognize the historical significance of her return to power.  She says her mistake, when she lost power, was because she put her faith in wrestlers. 

Dixie says tonight is about the future and her regaining complete control of TNA.  She invites Earl Sullivan Armstrong to the ring.  Armstrong thanks Dixie for some kind words, but says there’s been a misunderstanding. 

Armstrong says Dixie Carter is not the new Director of Wrestling Operations, but that whoever it is will be in the arena later.  Dixie and Rockstar Spud verbally attack Armstrong.  She declares “This is my ring – and I own these people!”

Bully Ray enters the ring.  Dixie hides behind Rockstar Spud as the crowd demands tables!  Dixie asks Bully what it will take – how much money does he want – to spare her.  She offers $200,000!  Bully Ray declines and declares he’d rather put her through a table!  EC3 tries to save Dixie, but Bully fights off both EC3 and Rockstar Spud. 

Bully Ray hoists Dixie into the air and moves toward the table, but Rockstar Spud makes the save! Dixie, EC3, and Spud retreat.





Backstage:  Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud frantically make their way out of the building.

Backstage:  Bully Ray vows that “one day,” Dixie Carter is going through a table.



James Storm enters first, followed by his challenger, Mr. Anderson.  Storm attacks Anderson on the ramp.  Anderson is able to fend off the attack and takes the action into the ring to start the Slammiversary rematch.     

The competitors trade momentum before each making pin attempts.  After kicking out, James Storm dodges a Mic Check and drops Anderson with a Last Call Superkick for the win!

Winner:  James Storm

Backstage:  A limousine arrives. 





Video:  Gunner visits Samuel Shaw with news of Samuel’s release. 

Backstage:  James Storm confronts the X-Division Champion, Sanada.  He asks Sanada if he’ll take the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion. 

Backstage:  EC3 is on the phone with Rockstar Spud demanding to be picked up.  Tommy Dreamer emerges from the shadow to attack EC3!

The brawl spills into the IMPACT Zone.  Dreamer attacks EC3 with a trashcan, and then chokes him with his jacket.  EC3 breaks out of the hold and slams Dreamer onto the ramp.  Dreamer and EC3 throw each other into the steel stairs.  Dreamer hits EC3 with a steel chair, but EC3 rams Dreamer’s head into the turnbuckle. 

When the action carries into the ring, Dreamer hits a strong clothesline before mounting a series of punches and bites to the skull of EC3! TNA agents enter the arena to breaks up the brawl. 

Backstage:  Abyss and Willow hype their Monster’s Ball Match against Magnus and Bram. 

Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley are headed to the limousine to find out who the new Director of Wrestling Operations is. 





Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley interrogate and attack the limo driver. 


Monster’s Ball Match:


The action starts outside the ring.  The contestants pair off.  Bram and Magnus fight outside, as Willow attacks Magnus brawl inside the ring.  Willow and Abyss take enough of an advantage to fill the ring with weapons, including trash cans and hockey sticks. 

Magnus and Bram capitalize and attack Willow and Abyss with everything in the ring.  After a failed double team attempt, Willow uses several weapons to take and maintain the advantage.  Willow kicks a trash can into Bram’s face, and then misses a Swanton on Magnus.

Magnus tosses a chair at Abyss, but “The Monster” withdraws Janice from the darkness beneath the ring!  Abyss misses wildly and Magnus and Bram double team Abyss outside the ring.  Bram handcuffs Abyss to the guardrail!

Magnus and Bram take advantage of Abyss’ absence and attack Willow – until Abyss breaks free and launches an assault!  Willow begins to fight back and drops Bram with a Twist of Fate!  Willow climbs the turnbuckle but Magnus THROWS a chair that connects with Willow’s head, sending him flying out of the ring through a  table wrapped with barbed wire!!!

Abyss dumps tacks all over the ring and attempts a chokeslam on Magnus!  Magnus with a low-blow!  He grabs Janice and attempts to hit Abyss who counters and chokeslams Magnus onto the tacks!

Bram HITS Abyss with Janice as he turns around! Abyss lies shaking as Bram scores the pinfall.

Winners:  Bram & Magnus





Earl Sullivan Armstrong announces the new Director of Wrestling Operations:  “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle says he’s accepted the position to give back to the wrestling fans.  Bobby Lashley leads MVP and Kenny King into the IMPACT Zone.  MVP questions the Board of Directors’ decision.  MVP says the three of them are going to be a problem for Kurt Angle.

MVP says Kurt Angle may have some authority – but he has power! Angle says if they lay a finger on him, he’ll fire all of them on the spot!  Kurt Angle says Bobby Lashley will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next week against the former champion, Eric Young. 

Kurt Angle says he’s reinstated Bobby Roode.  A brawl between Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King breaks out as IMPACT goes off the air.




Today, just hours before TNA's massive IMPACT tapings begin in New York City, TNA President Dixie Carter and legendary Japanese icon the Great Muta held a press conference at the Manhattan Center to announce that, for the first time, the annual Bound For Glory pay-per-view will take place in Tokyo, Japan at Korakeun Hall!

This year will mark the 10th Anniversary of the annual Bound For Glory event and will certainly be the biggest and most exciting year yet!

Additionally, it was revealed today that Team 3D will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in Tokyo as well! The most decorated Tag Team in history, Team 3D have done many tours of Japan and held the country's most prestigious tag team gold!

Bound For Glory will be held on October 12, 2014 and more details will be available soon!

Hulk Hogan Announcement

When Hulk Hogan was signed to TNA IMPACT WRESTLING it was done install in the city that never sleeps.  On top of being in New York City the announcement was made in one of the biggest staples in the city, Madison Square Garden. 



In 2010 TNA Wrestling’s Basebrawl drew one of it’s largest live domestic crowds with fans in attendance seeing the spectacle of TNA Wrestling on a baseball field!  The night saw many of the fan favorites including Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Madison Rayne, Angelina Love and Abyss as well as Alumni such as Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, Homicide, Desmond Wolfe, Jeff Jarrett and Ink, Inc.  The crowd was treated to quite a few things outside the norm including a performance of Homicide’s theme “5150” and to cap off the night the crowd was treated to a fireworks show in the outfield.

Instagram from 2013 Event at MCU Park in Brooklyn


Hammerstein Ballroom


The Hammerstein Ballroom is a staple of wrestling and has always been a place where proud New Yorkers go to see some of the greatest in wrestling62738 437879491025 1234407 n in the world.  TNA IMPACT WRESTLING first came to the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom in September of 2008 when the show was first taken on the road and at this event Team 3D announced they had resigned with the company.  TNA IMPACT WRESTLING returned yet again in 2010 this time to the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom. 

The Return of the  6 Sided Ring

TNA Wrestling 6 Sided Ring

One of the things that the fans of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING hold dear is the uniqe six sided ring.  It seems only fitting that the six-sided ring make it’s return in one of the most historical wrestling cities in the world.  It has been over 4 years since the 6 sided ring has been a mainstay at TNA IMPACT WRESTLING with it initially being introduced in 2004 but subsequently being done away with at Genesis 2010.   With all the changes happening lately one can only assume that TNA IMPACT WRESTLING in New York City will be must see TV. 



Today, TNA superstars Bully Ray, Eric Young, Velvet Sky, Gunner and new World Champ Bobby Lashley appeared on Fox & Friends and even brought a TNA ring with them!

Check out the clips from the show below - including the Fox & Friends team getting in the ring for some action! Which member do you think has the best shot at becoming a pro wrestler?


Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video at



Manik is a man with an edge. He is not only one of the most acrobatic, risk taking wrestlers on the TNA roster, but he is also one of the most mysterious. Wearing a mask with a sinister face works to intimidate his opponents and his aerodynamic suit is designed to compliment his signature high-flying wrestling moves. Manik is madness and we are counting down his top three moments!


5. Manik Twists and Turns Kenny King

Manik is known for his ability to incorporate acrobatics into his wrestling. The extreme athleticism that he displays is evident in his ability to move around his opponent. He is able to use his body in unique ways to confuse and contort his opponents in style that only Manik knows how. Although he ultimately lost the match against Kenny King and Chavo Guerrero below, the move he uses on King at minute marker 1:40 perfectly displays his talents.



4. Slammiversary's Incredible Ladder Bump

Slammiversary 2014 was full of epic matches, but the 6-Man Ladder Match between Davey Richards, Sanada, Crazzy Steve, Eddie Edwards, Tigre Uno and Manik for the X Division Title was one of the best of the night. Just as Richards was about to grab the belt, Manik takes him out with a breathtaking slam off the top.



3. Jeff Hardy and Manik beat Chris Sabin and Kenny King
When you’ve got Jeff Hardy as your tag-team partner, that’s when you know you’re in the big leagues. Manik and Hardy absolutely destroy King and Sabin. Manik works effortlessly with Hardy and performs a knee drop making Kenny King vulnerable to Jeff Hardy’s front flip to get the pin.




2. Manik’s Mask Stolen!
Although this particular occurrence happened when T.J. Perkins was wrestling under the name Suicide, it is still one of the most memorable moments in TNA history, and lead to the birth of Manik. After “Suicide” won the X Division Championship in June of 2013, it was revealed that Perkins had been attacked and the Suicide costume was stolen by Austin Aries. He used the mask to win the title! Soon after the fake out, Perkins began wrestling under the name Manik and eventually won the X Division Championship for himself. 


1.     Manik Wins the X Division Championship
For the up and coming stars on TNA’s roster, the X Division Championship is the title they’re gunning for. You must be dynamic, talented and incredibly athletic to win the belt, and Manik put all those skills to use to win the X Division Championship. He initially competed in a three-way match for the Championship against Chris Sabin and Austin Aries, but Sabin come out victorious. After Sabin vacated the championship, Manik entered a tournament to see who the next X Division title holder would be. Manik beat out Chavo Guerrero and Kenny King in preliminary matches and Greg Marasciuolo and Sonjay Dutt in the finals to win the Ulitmate X Match for the first time.


Rockstar Spud has become a fashion icon in the wrestling ring with his signature colorful suits and perfectly worn bow ties. He has many style secrets for this season and is ready to reveal his favorites. Get your summer wardrobe ready as Spud gives you 5 sizzling tips on how to look like a sophisticated gent this season.


Taking care of your skin is very important. I recommend a LOW protection sunscreen so you can get extra orange. People will notice you have put in many hours to look as bronze and handsome as Madam Dixie's Chief of Staff does under the lights and in front of the cameras on IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night on Spike!


Who wears short shorts? SPUD wears short shorts and especially in the summer time. Make sure the shorts are very colorful and bright. If you’re lucky, girls might start to notice you. 


It’s very important to wear the appropriate shoes for a hot summer day. I personally like to wear flip flops, so I can get some air to my feet. I always apply a foot powder before I go out in the sun, and I’m not embarrassed about it. I own everything, and I’m confident with my body.


I always have my shades on in the sunshine, but don’t fret if you forget them at home. Usually when I’m at the pool, there are always children swimming, screaming and splashing.  Generally, it’s really annoying so while they are off doing what children do, I just walk over to their clothes and pick up their shades. Half the time the children are too busy being obnoxious and don’t notice their shades missing. I hate children. I’m so glad I never was one.

5.  BOW TIE –

You ALL know that the Chief of Staff doesn’t go ANYWHERE without a bow tie. That includes in the sunshine as well. You might get some funny looks and stares but people are jealous. I like being me, Madame Dixie likes me, my best friend, EC3, likes me and what you see is what you get. I wear a bow tie in the sunshine, so I suggest when you hit the beach or are on vacation lounging by a resort pool, make sure to have a bow tie on and be a stand out.

My lords, ladies and gentlemen, these are 5 hot tips for a sexy summer from a sophisticated gentleman. Apply all these tips to your everyday wardrobe and you will look fabulous!

With the World Cup kicking off this past week, a plethora of countries from across the globe are being represented.  From Cameroon to Iran to Costa Rica – almost every continent will be covered.  TNA’s roster also has its own international flair. 

TNA and its talent represents multiple countries, so check below to see what wrestlers have connections with some of the current World Cup teams: 

Bully Ray – Italy


As Italian as they come, this Hell’s Kitchen product proudly traces his roots back to “bel paese” aka The Beautiful Country.  With one win already under their belt, the Azzurri certainly has a full head of steam for their upcoming game, which we’re positive Bully Ray will be watching. 

Follow Bully Ray on Twitter @REALBully5150



 Kurt Angle – USA


“The Cyborg” Kurt Angle represented the United States in the 1996 Olympic Games, and eventually went on to win a gold medal.  Angle’s support of the U.S. is unwavering as evidenced by his advocacy for #SaveOlympicWrestling, a campaign to support Olympic wrestling and the U.S. wrestling team. 

Follow Kurt Angle on Twitter @RealKurtAngle



Magnus & Bram – England


As most people know by now, Magnus & Bram’s loyalties lie with The Three Lions, considering they hail from King’s Lynn, England.  This team of Brits has turned into quite the dynamic, terrorizing the IMPACT roster and defeating Willow & Abyss at Slammiversary.

Follow both on Twitter @MagnusOfficial & @BramTNA



Tigre Uno – Mexico


Just like El Tricolor’s offense, Tigre Uno’s wrestling style could best be described as explosive and electrifying.  With an impressive showing at Slammiversary, Tigre Uno, as well as El Tricolor, looks to keep momentum rolling on the latest IMPACT.

Follow Tigre Uno on Twitter @TigreUnoTNA



Sanada – Japan


Home to current X Division Champion Sanada, the Land of the Rising Sun lost its first match at the World Cup, but hopes to bounce back in their next matchup against Greece.  Unlike Japan’s national team, Sanada has been on a roll, holding the X Division belt for over 100 consecutive days. 

Get to know the X Division more with the video below and follow him on Twitter @seiyasanada:





EC3 - Dixieland



Obviously, EC3 hails from Dixieland.  Although, Dixieland won’t be represented in this year’s tournament, we are all sure EC3, including President Dixie Carter herself, would predict World Cup gold if they did participate.

Follow EC3 on Twitter @EthanCarterTNA




IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James | June 19, 2014

“The Aftermath of Slammiversary XII” IMPACT opens with a recap of Sunday’s World Heavyweight Championship match between Eric Young, Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries. 

MVP kicks off the show!  Mike Tenay mentions MVP’s not medically cleared for competition after suffering a torn meniscus, which kept him from Slammiversary’s main event.  MVP is interrupted immediately by a “You can’t wrestle!” chant from the raucous and lively Pennsylvania crowd!  MVP exclaims tonight will be run his way, in defiance of the Board of Directors, and he calls out the champion, Eric Young!

 MVP and Eric Young exchange threats.  Kenny King grabs the mic and challenges the champ to a match.  Eric Young calls Earl Hebner to the ring. 

MATCH #1: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Eric Young, with an extremely vocal crowd behind him, takes the early advantage until he’s thrown from the ring.  Bobby Lashley and MVP approach, but are countered by Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and The Wolves. 

Kenny King uses the distraction to fly over the top rope onto the champion.  He rolls Eric Young into the ring and continues his assault.  E-Y changes the momentum until he’s dropkicked into the turnbuckle by Kenny King.  Eric Young kicks out of a pinning suplex combination then counters Kenny King’s Coronation with a small package for the pin! 

Winner:  Eric Young



MVP is still in the IMPACT Zone as IMPACT returns.  He attacks the bell-ringer!  Eric Young rushes back into the arena with The Wolves, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe.  A giant brawl ensues!

MVP grabs a mic and screams, “I run this company! I am the Director of Wrestling Operations! I am like God!”

MVP says he’ll abuse his power, as he’s been accused of doing, and books the champion Eric Young in a second World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley!  MVP says everyone is banned from the arena, except himself, Kenny King, and the referee. 

MVP then books The Wolves to defend their Tag Team Championships against Samoa Joe and Austin Aries – and – a mystery tag team! 

MVP calls out senior official Earl Hebner, tells him that he had a simple task, to count 1-2-3 against Eric Young.  He scolds him for failing, and then fires Earl! Brian Hebner rushes to his father’s aid, MVP threatens to fire him if he doesn’t back down!

Backstage: EC3 and Dixie Carter appear.  Dixie says MVP’s actions will backfire, as EC3 runs down retiring “The Icon” Sting, ending Kurt Angle’s in-ring career, and defeating Bully Ray.  He refers to himself as the “Hardcore American Icon,” while Dixie Carter discusses her upcoming confrontation with Tommy Dreamer!



Backstage:  Eric Young is interviewed and says MVP has taken things too far by firing Earl Hebner.  He then takes a call from Kurt Angle as the show cuts to the entrance of The Wolves for their title defense!

MATCH #2: Triple Threat World Tag Team Championship Match

Christy Hemme announces the following contest as “The Monster” Abyss and Willow enter the IMPACT Zone.  The bell sounds.  Austin Aries and Willow are in to start the match.    

Willow and Aries are evenly matched opponents.  Aries tags out to Samoa Joe! Joe attacks Willow, which brings forth “The Monster.”  Abyss and Willow attack Joe and Aries and The Wolves enter the fray.  The match breaks down as Aries and Joe take the advantage and nail The Wolves with a double suicide dive!  

Just before the break, Tommy Dreamer is shown backstage entering the arena!

Back from commercial, Abyss is in control of Davey Richards.  Eddie Edwards comes to his aid.  Abyss catches Edwards.  As “The Monster” attempts a double chokeslam, the champions back flip out and nail a double dropkick! Austin Aries tags in and attacks The Wolves who quickly gain the advantage with a double team attack.  The Wolves isolate Austin Aries and make rapid tags as they unleash an onslaught of offense.

Aries fights out with a discus forearm, sending Davey Richards into the corner of Willow and Abyss.  Abyss tags in, misses another chokeslam, bringing in Samoa Joe!  Joe nails a 350, but it’s only good for a two-count!  Joe dominates “The Monster” and Willow tags himself into the match and sends Aries flying into The Wolves!

Willow leaps backwards from the top turnbuckle into the pile of bodies.  The Wolves regain control and double team Willow with a powerbomb/double-knee backbreaker for the three count to retain their tag team championships!

Winners:  The Wolves


Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley discuss not being prepared for “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle. 

Mike Tenay and Taz preview the impending confrontation between Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer.  They detail the Twitter war between the two.    

Backstage: Rockstar Spud is with Dixie Carter as she makes her way toward the IMPACT Zone.  The confrontation is next!



Backstage:  Security escorts Samoa Joe and Austin Aries out of the arena.

Backstage:  MVP books The Wolves in another Tag Team Championship Match – against Bram and Magnus!

Accompanied by Rockstar Spud, the TNA President Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring.  She speaks to “the haters” who tell her how to run IMPACT Wrestling.  She reminds the fans, and MVP, that she’s in charge.  She says MVP is digging his own grave, and like MVP, Tommy Dreamer is doing the same. She compares Tommy Dreamer to a parasite and invites him to the ring.

Dreamer enters.  Dixie demands an apology.  The crowd chants “E-C-W!” and Dixie responds, “You people did not go to school and you do not have the right letters!”

Tommy Dreamer discusses how he originally came to IMPACT Wrestling.  Dixie claims she doesn’t remember.  He asks what happened to the gracious Dixie Carter.  He says what he sees on IMPACT makes him embarrassed to say he’s a professional wrestler.  He then states Dixie’s not a wrestler, but it’s her responsibility to provide the best product on television!

Tommy Dreamer says there’s still good in Dixie Carter because he saw her explode like a fan at Slammiversary! He pleads with her to do the right thing – to give the fans what they want to watch. 

A crying Dixie Carter embraces Tommy Dreamer.  Then she deceives him and hits Dreamer with a low-blow before instructing a vicious EC3 to get this “has been” out of the ring!

Backstage:  Kurt Angle arrives and is confronted by Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. 




MATCH #3: World Tag Team Championship Match

Magnus and Bram attack the champions immediately and isolate Eddie Edwards.  Edwards reverses a corner attack and exchanges rapid-fire tags with Davey Richards.  In pursuit of Magnus, Edwards is attacked by Bram.  Bram slams Edwards face-first into the turnbuckle and rolls him in the ring to Magnus. 

Magnus tags Bram.  Eddie Edwards fights off both Bram and Magnus before finally making the hot tag to Davey Richards! Richards explodes and uses his speed and agility to mount a flurry of offense.  Richards evades an attack from Bram and connects with a missile dropkick to Magnus!

Richards climbs the rope and let’s out a howl before missing a top-rope assault.  Richards lands on his feet, but as he turns, Bram and Magnus attack with steel chairs, earning themselves a disqualification.    

Winners:  The Wolves (via DQ)

Post-match, Bram and Magnus toss Richards from the ring and put Eddie Edwards' head in a chair - damage will be done!  Willow and Abyss make the save.

Backstage:  MVP makes Brian Hebner the referee for the title match between Eric Young and Bobby Lashley.  He threatens Hebner’s job and says he’ll count 1-2-3 on E-Y!

Backstage:  TARYN TERRELL is back!




Backstage:  Magnus and Bram say they were instructed to beat up The Wolves.  Willow attacks!

In the ring, Gail Kim welcomes Taryn Terrell back to IMPACT Wrestling.  Taryn Terrell enters the IMPACT Zone.  Gail says she didn’t like Taryn when she first came to TNA.  Then she says Taryn opened her eyes with their Last Knockout’s Standing match at last year’s Slammiversary.  Gail says Taryn has earned her respect. 

Taryn says she took the last year off to have a baby.  She says technically, the record between her and Gail is tied.  She teases a rubber match to determine the best Knockout. 

The Beautiful People interrupt, claiming they’re the leaders of the Knockout’s Division.  Angelina Love attacks Taryn Terrell before joining Velvet Sky to double team Gail Kim. Taryn recovers and attacks The Beautiful People!  She and Gail throw Angelina and Velvet out of the ring. 


Backstage:  MVP confronts Kurt Angle.  Angle says he wants MVP to look inside himself.  MVP threatens Angle, telling him to leave the arena, or to join his party.




Backstage:  Security is shown removing Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, JB and the cameraman from the arena. 

MATCH #4: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Accompanied by Kenny King and MVP, the challenger Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring.  The World Heavyweight Champion enters next to defend his title.  

Eric Young takes an early advantage, managing to get Lashley to the outside of the ring.  E-Y launches himself from the turnbuckle and connects with a flying cross body! Eric Young attempts another flying cross-body in the ring, but is captured by Lashley who begins to control the match as IMPACT goes into a commercial break. 

When IMPACT returns, Mike Tenay details Bobby Lashley’s dominating physicality during the break.  Lashley hoists Eric Young into the air for hanging suplex.  E-Y shifts momentum as the crowd screams his name.  He heads to the top rope and connects with another flying cross body!

Lashley powers out of a two-count and begins to dominate.  E-Y reverses an attack and executes a piledriver on Bobby Lashley.  Before Brian Hebner’s hand can count the three, Kenny King pulls him from the ring.  Eric Young slips out of a double team attack that sees Lashley knock King from the apron.  Lashley is met with a Spike DDT.  Eric Young climbs the rope one more time, hoping to score an elbow drop.  Lashley rolls out of the way and breaks Eric Young in half with a spear before making the cover and becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

After the match, MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley attack Eric Young.  Bobby Roode emerges from the crowd to make the save!  







TNA Superstar, MMA fighter, three-time amateur wrestling Collegiate National Champion and former Army man Bobby Lashley (twitter: @fightbobby) tonight became the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, defeating reigning champion “Showtime” Eric Young during an explosive episode of IMPACT WRESTLING (Spike TV, 9/8c) broadcast live to millions around the globe from Bethlehem, Penn.

lashley1This is the first time the behemoth Lashley has held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Ranked by “Pro Wrestling Illustrator” as Rookie of the Year in 2005, Lashley has spent nearly a decade dominating the squared circle with his rare mix of size and athleticism. Lashley originally joined TNA in 2009 and after a hiatus returned to the promotion at the “Lockdown” Pay-Per-View event earlier this year. In recent weeks Lashley has joined forces with Director of Wrestling Operations MVP to wreak havoc on the TNA locker room.

Lashley is a decorated amateur and professional wrestler, including:

•       NAIA Collegiate National Championship (1996 - 1998)
•       NAIA All-American (1995 – 1998)
•       CISM Armed Forces Championships Senior Freestyle Medalist – Gold (2003), Silver (2002)
•       Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year (2005)
•       Two-time ECW World Champion
•       WWE United States Champion
•       TNA World Heavyweight Champion



Thursday night on IMPACT on SpikeTV, Tommy Dreamer will make his return to confront Dixie Carter - and no doubt, Dreamer will be brutally candid with the TNA President. After a recent controversy involving Carter removing Bully Ray from an appearance at Dreamer's House Of Hardcore event, the "Innovator Of Violence" lashed out online at Carter. In turn, Dixie took personal offense and invited Dreamer to Thursday's IMPACT - daring him to speak out face-to-face. Dreamer quickly accepted the challenge, and now Thursday's IMPACT will feature the much-anticipated confrontation between the hardcore legend and the TNA President.

As we count down to Thursday's huge broadcast, takes a look back at Tommy Dreamer's history in TNA Wrestling!




Dreamer made his surprise TNA debut at Slammiversary 2010, appearing in the audience and distracted Bully Ray, costing him his match at the epic event. Dreamer's appearance ushered in a Hardcore Revolution in TNA, as he was joined the following week by Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Simon Diamond and Al Snow. The group aligned with Mick Foley and Rob Van Dam and declared war on the TNA locker room. Dreamer made his official TNA in-ring debut on July 29, 2010 against Abyss. This hardcore invasion led to TNA showcasing the Hardcore Legends and over a dozen alumni from the famous Philadelphia promotion with their own Pay-Per-View event in August 2010 - Hardcore Justice. That night, Dreamer reignited his longtime feud with Raven in a bloody and violent "Final Showdown" between the two enemies.



One week after Hardcore Justice, Dreamer and the hardcore legends were attacked by Ric Flair's "Fourtune" alliance, consisting of AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Kazarian, Matt Morgan and Doug Williams. The two-month battle between Dreamer's EV 2.0 (Extreme Version 2.0) and Flair's group led to a battle inside the Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage at Bound For Glory 2010, where Dreamer got the win for his team by pinning AJ Styles.



Unfortunately for Dreamer, in-fighting among the EV2.0 members in the months that followed ultimately led to the implosion of the group, with Dreamer battling Rhino on IMPACT and Rob Van Dam at Turning Point 2010. After EV2.0 disbanded, Dreamer took a brief hiatus from TNA before making his return in February 2011, involving himself in a feud between Team 3D. At Victory Road 2011, Dreamer defeated Bully Ray in a Falls Count Anywhere match after an assist by Brother Devon.


In January 2013, Dreamer made a brief return to TNA as a groomsman for Bully Ray during his wedding to Brooke Hogan. However, a war exploded later that year when Bully Ray showed up unannounced to Dreamer's "House Of Hardcore" event in Philadelphia, attacking Dreamer and the legendary Terry Funk. The attack drew Dreamer back to TNA, where he battled Bully in a Falls Count Anywhere match in February 2014 at the "One Night Only: Old School" Pay-Per-View event!



It was another recent "House Of Hardcore" event that will result in Dreamer's return to IMPACT this Thursday night to confront TNA President Dixie Carter. No doubt, the wrestling world will be watching with anticipation to see what happens when Dreamer goes off on Dixie! Don't miss it this Thursday at 9/8c on the can't-miss IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV!