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After defeating Lashley through what some may call questionable tactics, cameras caught up with EC3 to get his thoughts on the group situation and what his chances are as well as the match with Lashley.

Eli Drake has a lot of history with Micah going into the World Title Series and that seems to be spilling over even still.  Eli Drake faced off against Micah and the two tore each other apart.  Because of this the match ended in a time limit draw which awarded each competitor only one point in the Series.  Cameras caught up with Eli following his match to get his thoughts on the #WorldTitleSeries and facing Micah.

Group play continues on IMPACT WRESTLING as part of the World Title Series.  This week we saw somebody mathematically eliminated from the World Title Series plus plenty more action!  Get caught up on everything in one minute. 

With his defeat on Impact in The World Title Series at the hands of Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson has been mathematically eliminated from advancing to the Round of 16. EC3 defeated Lashley to earn 3 points, Austin Aries picked up the 3 points by pinning Mr. Anderson and now EC3 and Austin Aries have 4 points each. Therefore it is impossible for Anderson, with just one match left in Group Play to earn enough points to crack the top 2 spots.

We spoke to Mr. Anderson earlier today who talked about the silver lining, Anderson has the chance to keep rival EC3 from advancing, saying,

“if I can keep that big mouthed SOB from advancing, I will have done my job. My chance will come, but I am focusing on playing spoiler and making sure EC3 doesn’t move on.”

It comes down to EC3 vs. Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries vs. Lashley.  Here is how it breaksdown, if EC3 beats Mr. Anderson and earns 3 points, he advances to the Round of 16, but if EC3 loses, things get complicated and although Mr. Anderson is still out, the door will be open for Austin Aries, EC3 and Lashley to advance. Wednesday night is can’t miss in The World Title Series.

Following the match between Micah and Eli Drake that resulted in a draw which awarded both Micah and Eli Drake only one point in the World Title Series, caught up with Micah to find out what his intentions were in the long battle that happened inside the ring which seemed more like the two simply wanted to hurt each other.

James Storm says he has a plan for Abyss that is failsafe, while we await to see what that is, one thing is for sure, seeing this match is something we have all been waiting for. James Storm manipulated Abyss for months and Abyss followed Storm to the end of the earth as a Revolution follower. Now, Abyss is on his own and looking for retribution.

To make matters worse, in their roundtable discussion before The World Title Series, Storm picked Abyss as the one who will not advance to the Round of 16. Abyss was livid at that and now can do his talking in the six sided ring.

James Storm vs. Abyss is just one reason to not miss Impact Wrestling Wednesday night on Destination America.

Robbie E shocked a lot of people when he defeated Eddie Edwards to earn 3 points in his first match, that match has Robbie atop the Leaderboard with Matt Hardy. Hardy, is a clear favorite to win back the title he relinquished after Bound For Glory. Imagine if Robbie E can defeat Matt Hardy, earn 3 more points, get to 6 and have just 1 match to go in Group Play. This is a very intriguing concept for many reasons, but when the dust settles and it is all said and done either Matt Hardy or Robbie E will be with 6 points and in a great position.

Hey, what if they go to a time limit draw and each earn 1 point? It could happen, it happened in EC3 vs. Austin Aries and both are now chasing points to catch Lashley in Group Champions.

One thing is for sure, Matt Hardy and Robbie E will be looking for the 3 and not 1 and certainly not 0. Don’t miss this one on one encounter.

One of the best rivalries in TNA history gets renewed next Wednesday as Awesome Kong and Gail Kim go one on one in Group Play in The World Title Series. It wasn’t long ago that Kong and Gail went one on one for The Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory in a thriller that saw Gail Kim retain her Knockouts Championship.

Now, there is even more on the line. Gail Kim was upset in her first match in The World Title Series, losing to Brooke and a costly 3 points. Awesome Kong got past Madison Rayne and controls her own fate. Will Awesome Kong get to 6 points? Will Gail Kim draw even at 3 with Kong and Brooke? It is a pivotal night for Group Knockouts Wednesday night on Destination America.

Mr. Anderson Faces Austin Aries on the Oct. 21, 2015 Edition of IMPACT WRESTLING in the World Title Series
Impact Coverage | by Bobby James

October 21, 2015 | World Title Series

World Title Series: Group Champions | Mr. Anderson vs. Austin Aries

Mr. Anderson takes Aries down with a standing dropkick. Aries hangs Anderson on the top rope, but then misses with a missile dropkick. Anderson takes control until Aries sends him shoulder-first into the ring post.

Aries and Anderson exchange a series of rights before a mid-air collision. Christy Hemme announces there are five-minutes remaining as Aries sends Anderson over the top rope.

Aries delivers a suicide dive and rolls Anderson into the ring for a missile dropkick. Mr. Anderson counters a crossbody with the Green Bay Plunge; both men counter one another’s finishers.

Anderson sets up a Green Bay Plunge from the top rope; Aries counters with a 450 splash for a near-fall! Anderson connects with a spinning heel kick and Green Bay Plunge from the turnbuckle! Aries kicks out just before three; just over one minute remains.  

Aries delivers a discuss elbow, but Anderson battles to the top rope. Aries delivers a dropkick and brainbuster off the ropes for the win!

Result: Austin Aries def. Mr. Anderson (Aries: 3, Anderson: 0 – unable to advance)

Tigre Uno faces Mandrews on the Oct. 21, 2015 Edition of IMPACT WRESTLING in the World Title Series
World Title Series: Group X Division | Tigre Uno vs. Mandrews

The Impact Zone explodes with a “Mandrews” chant as the X-Division Champion, Tigre Uno, scores the first takedown. Mandrews and Tigre Uno trade a series of pin attempts. Their back-and-forth action continues until Tigre Uno is swept off his feet and Mandrews uses him as a skateboard and launchpad for a standing moonsault.

Mandrews delivers a running dropkick, but Tigre Uno is able to shift the momentums and begin controlling the match again. Mandrews though is quick to regain control with a dropkick that sends Tigre Uno outside.

Mandrews misses a suicide dive and Tigre Uno powers him into the turnbuckle with a German suplex! Tigre Uno comes off the ropes with a split-legged moonsault for the count.

Result: Tigre Uno def. Mandrews (Tigre Uno: 3, Mandrews: 0)

Backstage: Austin Aries says he’ll advance in the World Title Series and says having Thea Trinidad ringside drives him to be better.

COMING UP: A broadcast exclusive, a look at the Bound For Glory TNA World Title match.

Ethan Carter III Looks at Jeff Hardy In Disagreement During Bound for Glory 2015 in Charlotte, NCBroadcast Exclusive – from Bound For Glory

TNA World Championship | Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

Special Guest Referee: Jeff Hardy

The bell sounds and Jeff Hardy immediately ejects Tyrus from ringside. Hardy and Galloway take off against Carter! Hardy clotheslines Carter over the top rope; Galloway rolls him up for a two-count.

Hardy catches Galloway with a back elbow; Galloway scores a neckbreaker from the second rope. Galloway pummels Carter with a headbutt; Hardy catches Galloway with a neckbreaker.

Carter dropkicks both of his challengers. He sends Hardy to the floor and then he and Galloway trade blows; Carter earns a two-count. Galloway and Carter meet with a double crossbody, setting Hardy up to deliver a series of clotheslines.

Carter counters a Twist of Fate by driving Hardy through the ropes! Galloway suicide dives over the top rope; Carter dives to safety as Hardy takes the full impact! Carter drives Galloway into the barricade and then he pulls a table from beneath the ring.

Carter places the table and drags Galloway onto the stairs. He sets up for a powerbomb; Galloway counters, driving Carter onto the stairs with a cradle piledriver!

Galloway rolls Carter into the ring for a two-count! Hardy drops Galloway and Carter, earning himself a two count. Carter sends Matt into Jeff. Matt Hardy delivers a Side Effect; there is no count!

Galloway catches Hardy with a Future Shock DDT. Carter tosses Galloway out of the ring and scores a very near-fall on Hardy! Carter positions Galloway on the table outside and then he suplexes Hardy over the top rope – through Galloway and the table!

Carter rolls Hardy into the ring for a TKO! Hardy just kicks out before three!

Carter calls for the One Percenter; Galloway plows through him with a clothesline. Galloway unleashes his fury on Cater; Hardy is there to answer the call. Hardy catches Carter with a bulldog and Galloway with a clothesline.

Hardy scales the turnbuckle; Galloway moves in for a superplex. Galloway falls, getting caught up on the ropes. Carter moves in for a superplex of his own; Galloway sits up, toppling both!

Carter connects with a double One Percenter! Both Galloway and Hardy kick out at two! Frustration mounts and Carter assaults Jeff Hardy, demanding to be disqualified! He delivers a stiff low blow to Galloway and is moments away from cracking Matt Hardy with a chair when Jeff intervenes!

Jeff Hardy smashes EC3 with the chair; Galloway runs through him with a big boot, sending Carter outside! Matt Hardy catches Galloway with a Twist of Fate, earning the three-count to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Result: Matt Hardy def. Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III

Manik faces DJ Z on the Oct. 21, 2015 Edition of IMPACT WRESTLING in the World Title Series
Backstage: EC3 warns Lashley that he’s lethal and says the World Title Series isn’t over until he’s won.

Recap: Footage is shown of Jessie Godderz defeating Crimson with the Adonis Crab during a World Title Series: Group Future 4 encounter. (Jessie Godderz: 3, Crimson: 0)

Backstage: Jessie counts down the five reasons why he’ll advance in the World Title Series: (5) the Adonis Crab, (4) 2-time TNA Tag Team Champion, (3) youngest 2-sport athlete and body builder in the country, (2) skill, (1) physique: he’s “The Man,” “The Modern Day Adonis.”

Recap: Footage is shown of another Group Future 4 encounter between Micah and Eli Drake. They take their match to a time-limit draw, earning one point each in the World Title Series. (Micah: 1, Eli Drake: 1)

World Title Series: Group X Division | DJ Z vs. Manik

Manik scores an arm drag and shoulder takedown on DJ Z; DJ Z’s back with an arm drag and dropkick. Manik sends DJ Z into the ring post before catching him with a drop toe-hold and armbreaker.

Manik connects with a standing suplex/back suplex combination. DJ Z battles out of an armbar and catches Manik with a hurricanrana and dropkick that sends Manik outside. DJ Z is through the ropes with a baseball slide and over with a flying crossbody!

DJ Z delivers a back elbow but fails to connect with a springboard DDT. Manik applies a cross armbreaker that DJ Z rolls into a pin. Manik flips out and reapplies the hold. DJ Z rolls through and scores a two-count with a facebreaker.

Manik catches DJ Z with a shot to the face, but comes up short with a frog splash. DJ Z dives for another springboard DDT; Manik catches him mid-air and delivers a kick to the skull for the three-count!

Result: Manik def. DJ Z (Manik: 3, DJ Z: 0)

Ethan Carter Faces Lashley on the Oct. 21, 2015 Edition of IMPACT WRESTLING in the World Title Series
World Title Series: Group Champions | Ethan Carter III vs. Lashley

EC3 refuses the start that match until Lashley moves across the ring. EC3 shoves him and takes a shot before retreating to the ropes. While distracted by the official, Lashley gets a kick to the gut, but then he drills EC3 with a series of shoulder blocks and ten closed fists in the corner.

Lashley tosses EC3 across the ring and then sends him outside with a clothesline. Tyrus steps between them, creating the space Carter needs to capitalize. He throws Lashley into the stairs. Lashley catches Carter coming off the apron and powers him onto the floor. He rolls EC3 back into the ring; Tyrus powers Lashley into the ring post!

EC3 mounts Lashley with a series of rights before sending him back out to Tyrus. Tyrus plants Lashley again as EC3 showboats in the ring. The five-minute warning appears as Lashley counters a suplex with one of his own.

Lashley powers out of a camel clutch to deliver a combination of German/belly-to-belly suplexes. Lashley catches Carter with a power slam and rear-naked choke. Tyrus places EC3’s foot on the rope; EC3 delivers a neckbreaker.

With under two minutes remaining, Lashley powerbombs and spears EC3. Before he’s able to cover him, Tyrus pulls Lashley from the ring! Lashley’s back in for a two-count. Tyrus climbs into the ring with a chair; Lashley spears him! EC3 swings the chair; Lashley catches it. EC3 counters with a low blow and the One Percenter for the victory.

Result: Ethan Carter III def. Lashley (EC3: 3, Lashley: 0)