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The Stars of IMPACT WRESTLING Answer what they think they greatest video game of all time is!

Coming up on No Surrender this Wednesday, Rockstar Spud will be in a match with a lot on the line.  Rockstar Spud is putting up his "Rockstar" name against Austin Aries' career.  Either way somebody is walking away losing something more than a single match.  With so much at stake one can't imagine what is going through the head of Austin Aries, however caught up with Rockstar Spud on his thoughts going into this match. 

Wednesday night EC3 steps into the unknown, EC3 must face Matt Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem. Below The TNA World Champion responds to this hectic and crazy environment where anything can and likely will happen on Wednesday night.

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They are your favorite athletes. The things they do are amazing. They are larger than life. They are the Stars and Knockouts of IMPACT WRESTLING.

How did they get here? What were their struggles? How did they accomplish this dream?

The Stars and Knockouts get candid in this TNA Digital Originals series as they share with you the feelings, emotions and experience of “My First Day”.  

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You know the members of the TNA roster from their weekly appearances on IMPACT, but how we do you really know them outside of the ring? 

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They are the most stunning athletic women on the planet. They are beautiful, outgoing and badasses in the ring, and they know how to keep their bodies in top physical condition. Now, they are ready to share the hottest workout tips with you in the TNA Digital Originals series “Knockouts Workout.” Watch as Madison Rayne, Gail Kim and Brooke get together for a weekly workout and share with you targeting training techniques for a knockout body.

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Reigning TNA World Campion, pop culture icon and master of social media Ethan Carter III sits down each week to address fans and critics on a range of topics and issues including “Wrestling is Stupid”, “Selfies Are A Cry for Help” and “Sick of Hashtags.”

Whether you loathe him or love him, EC3 has an opinion and in the TNA Digital Originals series “EC3 Fireside Chat” you will hear his stance on politics and pop culture. “EC3 Fireside Chat” debuts Friday, August 7 at 1pm Eastern / Noon Central exclusively on IMPACT WRESTLING’s YouTube channel and

This Wednesday night on IMPACT WRESTLING, the world will witness Full Metal Mayhem for The TNA World Title as EC3 defends against Matt Hardy. How did we get here?

The Law, Bully Ray, put Matt in a one-on-one Tables Match against Bobby Roode with the winner emerging as The Number 1 Contender. Matt secured that victory and as a reward, Bully allowed Matt to choose the stipulation for his World Title Match against EC3.

With the help of his brother, Jeff Hardy, Matt chose Full Metal Mayhem as the stipulation for his Title Match and now, many believe Matt is in the driver's seat and the favorite to win Wednesday night.

This environment is tailor made for Matt, a match that features Chairs, Ladders, Tables and anything Matt can get his hands on. The Title will be suspended high above the ring and Matt knows what it takes to win in this high stakes match. 

What role with EC3’s heavy Tyrus play? The Bodyguard for EC3, who has helped The Champ so much in the past, is banned from ringside. EC3 will truly have to be on top of his game if the undefeated champion plans on keeping the Title and remaining a hero.

Tune in to IMPACT WRESTLING: No Surrender and the Full Metal Mayhem match this Wednesday night at 9e/p on Destination America to find out who leaves No Surrender as the TNA World Champion.


WATCH The Hardys vs The Wolves vs Team 3D in Full Metal Mayhem Tag Team Titles Action

The TNA family is saddened by news of the passing of professional wrestling legend, Roddy Piper. Piper appeared with TNA in 2003 and 2004, and in recent years many of TNA’s Stars appeared on Piper’s popular podcast. Our condolences go out to Roddy's family during this time of loss. 


Josh Mathews sits down with the winner of British Boot Camp Season 2, Mark Andrews, to discuss what his first day at IMPACT WRESTLING was like.  Come back Mondays at 1pm ET / Noon CT for premieres of "My First Day" exclusively on the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING YouTube Channel and 

The world reacted last week when Jeff Hardy returned to The Impact Zone and helped his brother Matt select Full Metal Mayhem for The World Title. However, the world wants to know, when is Jeff Hardy going to be back competing? Jeff answers that question and more here:

Following his induction into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame, cameras caught up to the founder himself to get hist thoughts on returning to TNA and accepting the prestegious award.

Josh Mathews and Pope look at this upcoming week's episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America, Wednesday 9PM E/P.