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A video package kicks off IMPACT Wrestling recapping MVP’s removal from power, the instatement of Kurt Angle as the new Director of Wrestling Operations, and the rehiring of Bobby Roode. 

Kurt Angle says tonight is about celebrating TNA’s freedom and that tonight is his “Red, White, and Blue Throwdown!”  Angle rehires Earl Hebner before announcing tonight’s matches:  EC3 vs. Bully Ray in a Tables Match!  The Wolves vs. BroMans Jessie Godderz and DJ Z vs. Knux and The Freak of the Managerie in a triple-threat Tag Team Championship match!  Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim for the Knockout’s Championship!  Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley in a rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Samoa Joe enters the IMPACT Zone as Kurt Angle is about to leave the ring.  Joe says Kurt Angle is no different than his predecessors and that Angle covets the World Heavyweight Championship above all else.  Joe says he’s sure that as soon as Angle’s knee is healed, he’ll abuse his power to book himself in a TNA Championship match. 

Joe says Angle was “bought and brought” to TNA, whereas he fought his way to the top.  Angle says Joe’s problem is that he gives his all some nights, but gives less other nights.

Joe says, “I am pro wrestling!” before cautioning Kurt Angle to be careful what he wishes for. 

Backstage:  MVP and Bobby Roode confront one another.  As Roode approaches MVP, Kenny King attacks from behind. 






Triple-Threat Tag Team Championship Match


Jessie attacks Eddie Edwards as the bell sounds, then The Menagerie clears the ring and sends DJ Z flying over the top rope.  The Freak attempts a high vertical suplex on Eddie Edwards, until Davey Richards makes the save.  The Freak regroups and suplexes both members of The Wolves. 

Jessie tags into the match and launches an assault on Eddie Edwards.  Edwards begins to fight out, but a knee to the back by DJ Z is met with a dropkick by Jessie.  DJ Z tags into the match and mounts some offense before tagging out to Jessie.  Jessie slams Eddie Edwards onto the knees of DJ Z.  Davey Richards breaks up the count.  Edwards makes the tag to Davey Richards who fights off Jessie and DJ Z!  The Menagerie tags in, but an error sees the circus performers fly over the top rope. 

Jessie is double-teamed by The Wolves who score the pinfall to retain their championships!

Winners:  The Wolves

Backstage:  Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, MVP and Kenny King are backstage.  Angle books MVP vs. Bobby Roode.  MVP says he has a torn meniscus and that he can’t compete.  Kenny King interrupts and is booked in a street fight versus Bobby Roode!






Street Fight


Bobby Roode enters the arena favoring his left shoulder, the target of Kenny King’s backstage assault.  Roode grabs a mic and thanks Kurt Angle for reinstating him, then he demands Kenny King enter the IMPACT Zone. 

Kenny King with MVP says he’s going to break Bobby Roode’s neck.  Kurt Angle enters to eject MVP from the arena.  Bobby Roode takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Kenny King on the ramp.

Roode and King brawl off-stage, beside the crowd, in the tech area.  Roode tosses King over the guardrail to the floor on the level below.  Kenny King charges Bobby Roode at the guardrail, but Roode counters and sends King flying overhead. 

Roode grabs a chair to the pleasure of the crowd, but Kenny King kicks the chair into the face of Roode.  King rolls Roode into the ring and the match officially starts.  King suplexes Roode, then mounts a series of punches.  King retrieves the chair from ringside, but is dropped back-first by Roode who covers him for the win.

Winner:  Bobby Roode

Backstage:  EC3 hypes his match against Bully Ray and says that Bully Ray will never put him or his Aunt [Dixie Carter] through a table.

Backstage:  Brittany is on her way to the ring. 




Backstage:  Bobby Roode talks about Kenny King and MVP’s backstage attack and that the street fight is what he needed to get his head back in the game.  He says he’ll become the World Heavyweight Champion again. 

Backstage:  Austin Aries asks Kurt Angle to grant the rematch he never received for the X-Division Championship.  Angle announces Austin Aries vs. Sanada for the X-Division Championship next week.  Angle proposes a future match against Austin Aries and himself to determine “the Greatest Wrestler Alive.”

Brittany calls out Madison Rayne.  Madison is confrontational toward Brittany and demands a referee, but Brittany says that’s not necessary.  Brittany says she’s learned a very important lesson as she apologizes to Madison for taking things too far.  She says she’s always looked up to Madison.   

Madison Rayne accepts the apology and says she’ll stand behind Brittany from now on – to see her succeed.  They shake hands. 

Brittany screams, “…and the real lesson I learned, NEVER meet your heroes, because they always disappoint!” 

Brittany viciously attacks Madison Rayne and leaves her lying outside the ring.

Backstage:  Bully Ray vows to put Dixie Carter through a table, but says Ethan Carter goes through first. 





Bully Ray enters following EC3.  Taz reminds fans that Team 3D are the newest inductees into the TNA Hall of Fame. 

Bully Ray attacks at the start of the match and lands a massive chop to the chest of EC3! EC3 is tossed over the top rope and is repeatedly slammed face first into the steel steps.  The crowd chants, “We want tables!”

Bully rolls EC3 into the ring.  EC3 side-steps a charging Bully Ray, but before EC3 can mount any significant offense, Bully Ray is back in control of the match.  While EC3 is down, Bully retrieves a table from beneath the ring!   

EC3 capitalizes on the time it takes Bully to bring in the table.  He switches the momentum and grabs Bully Ray’s steel chain.  EC3 uses the chain to clothesline Bully Ray. 

Bully Ray thwarts a turnbuckle assault by EC3 and attempts to powerbomb him through the table!  Rockstar Spud makes a surprise save with a low-blow!  EC3 and Spud double-team Bully Ray as Rhino rushes into the ring! Rhino GORES Bully Ray and EC3 slams Bully through the table!

Winner:  EC3

Backstage:  Bobby Roode hypes Eic Young for his match.  Eric Young doubts himself, but says he has a bigger heart and that he’ll win back the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  Bobby Roode says he’ll be in EY’s corner.





IMPACT returns from commercial with a recap of Rhino’s assault on Bully Ray.

Backstage:  Rhino says he doesn’t owe anyone anything and that he does things because he wants to – just ask Bully.

Video:  The video is a chronicle of Samuel Shaw’s obsession with Christy Hemme and his stay in the institution. 

Backstage:  Gunner welcomes Samuel Shaw back to IMPACT and says that he needs to apologize to Christy Hemme.  Mr. Anderson enters, saying he doesn’t want Samuel Shaw back in TNA.  Gunner pleads with Mr. Anderson to give Samuel a chance.  Mr. Anderson concedes and leads Gunner and Samuel into Christy Hemme’s locker room. Samuel Shaw apologizes to Christy Hemme and leaves the room. 

Backstage:  The Beautiful People flirt with Brian Stiffler.  Velvet says “nobody puts ‘Stiffy’ in the coner” and Angelina tells him he “deserves to be ‘head’ referee.”  Stiffler tells them he’s the ref. for the match tonight. 






Backstage:  Kurt Angle says that The Beautiful People’s tactics make an embarrassment of Brian Stiffler and in turn TNA.  He switches Brian Stiffler for Brian Hebner as the official for the Knockout’s match. 

Backstage:  Knux says “he wants his money” and that The Menagerie must start winning.


Knockout’s Championship Match


The Beautiful People try flirting with Brian Hebner.  He refuses their advance and starts the match.  As Gail Kim moves in for the attack, Angelina Love flees the ring.  In pursuit, Gail leaves the ring and Velvet rushes up from behind, shoving her into the steel post.  Angelina goes for a cover, but Gail kicks out.  Angelina kicks Gail to the outside then distracts Brian Hebner while Velvet takes down Gail with a clothesline!

Back in the ring, Angelina hangs Gail in the turnbuckle and lands a series of kicks, finishing with a running dropkick.  Gail kicks out of the pin attempt.  As she mounts a flurry of offense, Velvet trips Gail Kim.  Brian Hebner ejects Velvet from the arena and the match changes dramatically as Gail Kim takes the fight to the reigning Knockout’s Champion. 

Gail connects with a top-rope missile dropkick, but is slow to make the cover.  Angelina kicks out after two.  Gail climbs toward the top rope and Angelina nails a Botox Injection, which sends Gail flying to the outside.  Angelina rolls Gail back into the ring and goes for the pin – kick out by Gail!

Gail Kim drops Angelina with the Eat Defeat for the three to become the NEW Knockout’s Champion!

Winner:  Gail Kim

Backstage:  Bobby Lashley and Eric Young make their way toward the IMPACT Zone.






TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match


The bell sounds as the crowd wildly chants “E-Y, E-Y!” Eric Young mounts an early assault, but MVP trips him.  In response, Bobby Roode trips the champion Bobby Lashley.  Earl Hebner ejects both Roode and MVP from the arena!

Eric Young capitalizes on the opportunity, flees the ring, then taunts Bobby Lashley to come to the outside.  Lashley takes the bait and chases E-Y around the ring, then back in.  E-Y lands a series of elbow drops before climbing the turnbuckle.  Bobby Lashley pummels Eric Young with a hard blow that sends him falling hard to the outside.   

Eric Young clinches his ankle, which becomes the focus of Lashley’s assault.  Lashley slams E-Y’s ankle into the turnbuckle, then he locks locks in a heel hook in an attempt to force a submission, but Eric Young fights out.  E-Y climbs the turnbuckle again; Lashley also climbs and the two trade punches.  Eric Young pushes Lashley from the top, then lands a diving elbow drop!

Lashley’s out at two then powers E-Y down to the mat with a dominator.  When Eric Young stands, Bobby Lashley finishes the former champion with a spear!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

IMPACT goes off the air with Bobby Lashley posing with his championship.




Dixie Carter always seems to have a little something up her sleeve… and this time it just so happened to be a BIG something. RHINO! The bone-crushing beast known as Rhino, shocked everyone when he came to the aid of the Carters on last Thursday’s episode of Impact Live. Known for his hard hits, Rhino is sure to shakeup that Impact Zone as part of Dixie’s posse. Coming of the heels of Rhino’s scandalous return to TNA, we have put together a list of his top 5 wildest moments with TNA.



#5 – The War Machine Rhino’s Brawl with the Monster Abyss

Abyss is known as one of TNA’s most feared wrestlers, but to Rhino he’s just another opponent. After a hard fought match, Rhino lays Abyss out using his signature finisher, the Gore.



#4 –Rhino Gores Samoa Joe and The Alpha Male

Rhino has his weapon and he knows how to use it! He’s a fan of the phrase, “killing two bird with one stone,” in this next wild moment.



#3 – Rhino Takes Down Sting

Sting is one of the legends of professional wrestling, so when he gets so badly beaten that a paramedic needs to check on him in the ring, you know his aggressor has done some serious damage.



#2 –  8 Mile Street Fight with Christian Cage

Bound For Glory 2006’s 8 Mile Street Fight had it all… straight jackets, tables, chairs, street signs, ladders, blood. What more could you want? Even though Cage pinned Rhino in the end, it still goes down in our books as one of his wildest moments.



#1 – Rhino Lashes Out At Vince McMahon

An angry Rhino lashes out at one of the most powerful people in the wrestling business in his #1 wildest moment. We couldn’t agree more. “Long live TNA!”


Since the Menagerie debuted, we have received thousands of questions from fans asking one simple question: WHO IS THE FREAK!?

Of course, when you see the imposing stature of the masked man, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to know what lies beneath the mask. What we know, per Knux, is that the Freak is a physical specimen unlike any other – a strongman who can out-lift anybody in the TNA locker room. Determined to provide you with the answers you seek, has set out on a hunt to determine who the Freak might be…



Rockstar Spud


Conspicuously never around when the Menagerie take the ring, we can even report that Spud has been spotted in the locker room with a hood on. Upon questioning, he claimed to be practicing for an upcoming audition for “Little Red Riding Hood,” which he says will be his big Broadway breakout. Not so sure we believe him…





As has been witnessed on Spin Cycle, Sanada is known to steal the spotlight of his peers. Could it be that the X-Division Champion just hasn’t gotten enough camera time to satisfy his desires? Since moving to the US, we do know that he loves carnivals so we can’t rule him out as a suspect!



Jeremy Borash


Why is it that the Freak never speaks? Is he simply letting his actions do the talking? OR, could the voice be so recognizable that it would blow his identity? Ok, we know that this has taken a turn for the silly. Maybe JB isn’t the Freak… but, we’ve saved the most likely choice for last!



Mike Tenay


Since debuting, The Menagerie has been a favorite of Taz – especially the Freak, as is evident with Taz’s trademark “FREEEEAK” call during their entrance. We all know that Taz is tough to impress, so why would he instantly be a fan of the Menagerie? Two reasons: 1. Rebel and 2. his legendary announce partner Mike Tenay has finally made an in-ring debut! There it is… We solved it. You’re welcome.

And, congrats to Mike Tenay! How old is he again!? MAN LOOKS BUFF!

Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have and we’ll continue to get you the latest, greatest breaking news!


Gail Kim is widely considered the BEST female wrestler on the planet today. After a victory against Angelina Love yesterday, she is also your TNA Knockouts Champion for a 4th time! Not only that, but Gail Kim is a professional wrestling fan. She and her sister would often stay up late to watch wrestling when she was growing up. Little did she know then, but she would also become the first woman recruited to join TNA and would play a major role in developing the TNA Knockouts Division.

“After I met with [TNA], I knew it was what I really wanted to do and my passion was reignited. I’ve won the TNA Knockouts Championship four times now. The most meaningful to me was the very first Championship match- it was like all of my dreams had come true in that one night,” Gail says.

In 2007, Gail was victorious in a 10-woman gauntlet match to crown the first-ever Knockouts Champion. After several incredible matches (and title defenses), Gail would go on to be named the TNA Knockout of the Year that same year.

Fast forward to 2011, Gail Kim returned to TNA after time away and quickly found gold again, winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Madison Rayne. Gail then, immediately, defeated Velvet Sky to capture the TNA Knockouts Championship again – making Gail the second woman in TNA history to be a double champion. During this reign, Gail would go on to become the longest reigning Knockouts Champion of all time with an impressive 210 day reign!

After a series of lauded matches with Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim went on to capture her third Knockouts Championship in 2013. Now, with her hands clutching the title for the fourth time in her career, Gail Kim is once again the Queen of the Knockouts and we expect her to do whatever it takes to keep the title around her waist!

Like it or not, Samuel Shaw has been released under Gunner’s “supervision” and returns to IMPACT this week. What are the implications and where will Shaw’s allegiances lie?
Recently, Mr. Anderson has done everything in his power to eradicate Samuel Shaw from TNA. From visiting his family home to having him locked up in a psychiatric ward after Sacrifice this past May, where he languished until Gunner’s intervention.
Gunner  took the time to visit Shaw in solitary confinement and made it a priority to help him on the long road back to sanity. Even Shaw’s doctors have been impressed with the progress he has made over recent weeks with Gunner’s help.
That being said, this is still the same Samuel Shaw who terrorized Christy Hemme. The same man who battled Mr. Anderson in a series of vicious matches and unprovoked attacks.  Has he really been brought back from the edge, or is this simply a shrewd ploy to gain access to those he wronged once again? To continue to terrorize and fixate on the object of his affections and to punish Mr. Anderson for the wrongs (real and imaginary) that have been done to him. And just where does Gunner fit into this picture? Will he be able to keep Shaw on the straight and narrow or will this move come back to haunt him?

What we do know is that Samuel Shaw will be at IMPACT tonight with Gunner! Make sure you tune-in to Spike TV at 9/8c to see what unfolds.

Taryn Tarrell2

Taryn Terrell is your classic girl next door embracing her signature blonde locks and captivating smile. When she isn’t in the wrestling ring fighting for the Knockouts Championship belt  you can find her enjoying the summer and showing off her great style. Get your summer wardrobe ready, because Taryn is opening up about her fashion style this season and everything you need for the perfect summer outfit. Her tips are below:

First off, there is nothing better than a pair of daisy dukes to keep cool in the summer! I love pairing cut off denim shorts with cute vintage band tees or tank tops.Taryn Terrell in Daisy Duke cutoff jeans on the stairs

Long summer skirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a day time casual look when you are heading to the beach or out for a little shopping, wear flip flops and a tank top. If you want to use the same outfit but dress it up a bit for a daytime party, change out those flip flops for a pair of chunky heels and add gold chandelier earrings.

Golf and tennis attire is always cute during the hot summer months! I love to play 18 holes of golf at the local country club in a cute white skirt and polo top!

Nothing can beat my all-time favorite summer look…the bikini. There’s nothing like a bright colored bikini and matching nails to say summer is here!Taryn Terrell in a Bikini 
Get your summer started off right by incorporating my entire summer fashion favorites into your wardrobe. These effortless looks will have people asking for your style advice!

Look at more photos of Taryn Terrell and the Knockouts at our Knockouts Section!


"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." -- Lord Acton

MVP's six month tenure in TNA can be summed up by this famous quote. What started as a breath of fresh air in TNA and someone to counter Dixie Carter's agenda, turned into a self-indulgent nightmare.
When MVP joined TNA as a minority investor and later as the Director of Wrestling Operations, his intentions seemed honorable.

With his background as a wrestler, he was viewed as being a friend to the locker room, understanding what it was like to be in their shoes. He gave an up-and-coming tag team like The Wolves an opportunity to win the Tag Team World Championship and a wrestling journeyman like Eric Young the opportunity of a lifetime to challenge and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

But sadly over time, MVP's real intentions became known. He was not acting in the best interest of the roster or the company -- he wanted to consolidate all the power, including the World Championship, for himself.

But like so many powerful people, MVP fell victim to his own hubris and the TNA Board of Directors forced him to abdicate his reign and replaced him with the Olympic Gold Medalist and NEW Executive Director of TNA, Kurt Angle.

So what happens now? Does MVP fall in line behind Kurt Angle's leadership and try to legitimately earn his way back for a shot at the title? Or like Napolean, will he use his exile to plot his return to power? Now that Lashley is champion, does he even need MVP anymore? One thing is for sure, we will find out tomorrow on Spike TV during #IMPACTLive.

Kurt Angle was named as the Executive Director of TNA Wrestling this past week on Impact Live by the TNA Board of Directors and he’s already making changes.  Effective today – the TNA World TV Title is now inactive. 

What does this mean?  We reached out to Kurt Angle for a comment.

Kurt – “The TV Title was left dormant by the Dixie Carter and MVP administrations for over a year.  Taking over as Executive Director has required me to fix issues they left behind.  Championships are the reward of competition inside the ring between wrestlers striving to be the best.  As of now, the TV Title is inactive.  I’m looking for our roster to step up their level of competition and wrestle on a higher level for the World Heavyweight, X-Division, Knockout and World Tag Team Championships.”

Every summer, the value of X-Division Championship is raised as that champion is given the choice of cashing in that title for a shot at the World Title at Destination X (July 31st on Spike TV).  Kurt’s focus on championship competition starts with this Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV with Kurt Angle’s Red, White and Blue Throwdown.  Angelina Love will defend the Knockouts Title against Gail Kim.  The Wolves will defend their World Tag Team Titles and World Heavyweight Champion Lashley will defend against former Champion Eric Young.



It’s Canada Day, eh!?

Well, we have a lot to thank the great nation up north for! Over the years, some of your favorite wrestlers have come from Canada. Names like The Hart Family, Lance Storm, Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, and former X-Division Champion Petey Williams standout amongst some of the best in Canadian history.

Here, we take a look at the great Canadian exports in TNA currently!



Angelina Love


The Knockout who has held gold in TNA more times than any other, Angelina Love, is not only one half of the Beautiful People, but also a Canadian. Hailing from Toronto, Angelina is a six-time Knockouts Champion and a one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

Indisputable proof that Canada is BEAUTIFUL? Check!



Eric Young


Two things everyone knows about Eric Young: he’s a little crazy and he’s a LOT Canadian. One of TNA’s most popular superstars, Young comes from Vancouver. A former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, two-time Television Champion, one-time X-Division Champion and three-time World Tag Team Champion, Young is also one of the company’s most decorated performers! Known to never back down from a fight, Eric Young might be the toughest (ehhhm) Canadian in TNA!

Indisputable proof that Canada is CRAZY? Check!



Gail Kim


The first ever, and longest reigning, Knockouts Champion of all time was born in Toronto, Ontario – and her name is Gail Kim! Widely considered the best female wrestler in the world today, Gail Kim is innovative, unique and tough as nails – and majorly responsible for making the Knockouts Division what it is today. Is there any surprise that the feud for the Knockouts title is between to Canadians? After reading this story, maybe not…

Indisputable proof that Canada is FIERCE? Check!



Bobby Roode


From the longest reigning Knockouts Champion, to the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all time! Bobby Roode is the IT Factor of Professional Wrestling and he is from Toronto. If that isn’t enough, Bobby Roode is also one-half of the longest reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions of all-time, as a member of Beer Money with James Storm. Roode has held Tag Team gold 7-times, is a former Bound For Glory Series Winner and, at 256 days, he is the longest reigning TNA World Champion in history.

Indisputable proof that there is something in the water in Canada? CHECK!