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Upon Samoa Joe’s return audiences had many questions going through their mind such as “where has he been?” or “Why is he so angry?”, but likely the one that is weighing heavy on the minds of viewers is “What are Samoa Joe’s Intentions?”.

Samoa Joe isn’t known for making a subtle comeback …   In 2008 there was a war happening between “The Frontline” and the Main Event Mafia and in the process Joe suffered injuries brought on by the Main Event Mafia that sidelined him until he made a return sporting a new look.   In January 2009 Joe returned a changed person with a message for the Main Event Mafia, He’s a new Joe and he’s going toJoe1 unleash his “Nation of Violence”.  He was a single man looking to inflict as much violence on the people that have wronged him.  Though things weren’t as they seemed as it was revealed later that Joe had been taking orders from the Main Event Mafia all along to fool “The Frontline” and destroy them. 

Later in 2009 at Final Resolution Samoa Joe took part in a Feast or Fired match where he acquired a briefcase with a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.  Though Joe didn’t take the opportunity right away, he opted to wait and strike when the current champion, AJ Styles, did not expect it.  In February 2010 Joe made his return by attacking AJ Styles and made it known that he would be trading in his briefcase for a shot at the title at Against All Odds. 



Joe Leaning over rope

In December of 2010 it was announced that Joe’s contract had expired and Joe went on yet another brief hiatus before it was announced that he had resigned with the company.  Joe made his return in January of 2011 apparently to expose “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero for who he really was and that he had lied to the world about his “charitable donation” which actually was spent at strip clubs.

In May of 2013 Joe returned after a month long hiatus, that finished with him being blindsided by the Aces and 8s, to help his former tag team partner Magnus against a beatdown from the Aces and 8s.  His return eventually came back around to the reformation of the Main Event Mafia with the intention of destroying the Aces and 8s once and for all, which seemed to be what it took as the newly reformed Main Event Mafia managed to put an end to the 18 month reign of the Aces and 8s. 

With his history it’s hard telling what Joe’s intensions could be but based on his return and his actions in the ring taking out MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley it could be a move to shift power back in the favor of the current champion in order to make for a fair match between Eric Young and MVP at Slammiversary.. or this could be a play to gain the trust of the champ and to sabotage Eric Young’s championship run.   This could also come as an opportunity to expose MVP and his intentions, which aren’t so clear-cut.




With a “Rebel” Yell, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Returns Home | To Make Wrestling Pay-Per-View Debut at TNA Slammiversary

Although she’s originally an Oklahoma girl, Tanea Brooks will always hold a special place in her heart for Texas. Brooks took Dallas by storm when she became the youngest female selected for the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad and went on to become the cover girl for the team’s 2001 calendar. On Sunday night, June 15, she returns to her home away from home as part of TNA Wrestling’s globally televised Pay-Per-View event, Slammiversary, taking place in the College Park Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.

For Brooks, professional wrestling has always been a distant dream; yet entertaining was her lifelong calling from an early age. 

“I knew early on in life I wanted to be an entertainer,” says Brooks. “I remember making up new dance routines and making my mom watch them as I performed in the middle of the living room.”

She started dancing at the age of 3, transitioned to cheerleading throughout her teens and eventually moved on to the University of Tulsa, where she joined the dance team and studied acting. Before long, the Cowboys came calling, and Brooks began her love affair with Dallas, Cowboys football and the rabid fans who quickly adopted her as one of their own.

After three seasons with “America’s Team”, Brooks moved to Los Angeles, where she pursued a wider variety of entertainment opportunities. She’s appeared on “America’s Got Talent”, MTV’s “Disaster Date”, VH1’s “Tool Academy” and music videos with the likes of Brooks & Dunn and Trace Adkins, where she was the lead dancer for the memorable “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” video. 

A former two-time “Miss Sturgis”, she’s even called upon her experience alongside the Cowboys to play full-contact tackle football in the “Lingerie Bowl” – an opportunity that landed her a feature spread in Stuff Magazine.

Despite her newfound opportunities, Brooks’ love for dancing remained strong, leading her to eventually join the “Purrfect Angelz”, a stable of gorgeous & highly skilled dancers. One member of the “Angelz”, a fiery redhead named Christy Hemme, went on to become one of TNA Wrestling’s most popular “Knockouts” and a current ring announcer of TNA’s flagship show IMPACT WRESTLING airing Thursday nights at 9/8c on Spike TV. The connection with Hemme would spark the events that would eventually lead Brooks to her biggest opportunity to date: becoming a star in the world of professional wrestling.  

“Many of my family members are athletes and competed in amateur wrestling, so I’ve always been connected to the sport,” said Brooks. “In high school I cheered for the wrestling team, and it was then I became more exposed to the world of professional wrestling. Ever since, I’ve had a dream of becoming a professional wrestler, and now thanks to TNA, this dream has become reality.”

Earlier this year Brooks made her television debut on “IMPACT” as part of the The Menagerie, a foursome of unseemly misfits who use their experience as carnival performers to create a visual and physical circus in the middle of the squared circle. Known as Rebel to wrestling fans, Brooks is surrounded by brutes like Knux, Crazzy Steve and The Freak.. Providing beauty alongside the beasts and freaks, Brooks’ on-screen identity seems to be a natural fit, and TNA fans have readily embraced her as one of the company’s bright new stars.

On June 15 at Slammiversary, TNA will celebrate 12 years of entertaining fans around the globe. For Tanea Brooks and her loyal fans in Dallas, that night  may be even more important, as she not only gets to revisit her “Cowboy” past… she gets to make her Pay-Per-View debut, a milestone marking what is certain to be a bright future in professional wrestling.

TNA also recently announced that the third generation of the Von Erich family, brothers Marshall and Ross, will make their global television debut at Slammiversary, accompanied to the ring by their father, the legendary Kevin Von Erich.

Tickets to Slammiversary, which start at $12 in honor of TNA’s twelfth anniversary, are available now at or at the University of Texas at Arlington box office.


Graduation season is upon us, making this prime time for Yearbooks! Think about it: beyond the goofy pics and handwritten notes from friends lies this time-tested high school staple's REAL highlight... the superlatives. needs your help in selecting the Superstar Superlatives for the Class of 2014. Strike up some pomp and circumstance and vote for your favorite in each category. The results will be announced Sunday, June 15 as part of Slammiversary, celebrating 12 years of TNA.

IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James

June 5, 2014

IMPACT WRESTLING opens with a recap of Samoa Joe’s triumphant return last week.   Kenny King, MVP and Bobby Lashley are shown searching for Joe backstage.  Joe enters the IMPACT ZONE and demands the three come to the ring. 

MVP obliges with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley in tow.  The crowd erupts into a loud “Joe! Joe! Joe!” chant.  King grabs the mic to remind Joe that MVP is the Director of Wrestling Operations.  Joe proposes a match for later – himself vs. MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley.  MVP asks Joe if he’s sure that’s what he wants, implying Joe couldn’t survive a handicap match.

Enter Austin Aries! A dismayed MVP books Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries in a Contract vs. Contract match. 

Backstage:  Magnus is with Bram warning him about the danger of underestimating the unpredictable and dangerous Willow.   






In from the break, Christy Hemme introduces IMPACT’s kick-off match as Bram and Willow make their ways to the ring.   Willow commands an early advantage until taking a hard fall to the outside.  Bram capitalizes, mounts some offense and returns the action to the ring.  The momentum shifts and Willow takes control of the match landing a series of kicks and a flying clothesline off the ring apron.  The crowd’s into the match chanting Willow’s name and “This is awesome!”

Willow misses a big spot allowing Bram capitalize once more.  Bram goes under the ring to retrieve a steel pry bar.  As he moves in for the assault, Magnus intervenes.  Magnus, who appears to be convincing Bram to not take the shot, takes the bar and attacks Willow.  The bell sounds – Bram is disqualified, but the decimation of Willow continues by Magnus as Bram screams, “Finish him!”

Backstage:  The Wolves tell MVP, “Last time I checked, this was supposed to be the era of the wrestler, not the puppet master.”  MVP books Eddie Edwards against Davey Richards, next. 






The Tag Team Champions, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards collide with an impressive, athletic display of chain wrestling.  Kenny King interrupts the match, demanding to see some “Wolves with teeth!”

Edwards and Richards trade submissions and pin attempts as King demands more aggression from the outside.  Edwards scores a pin on Richards, earning King’s protest.  King demands a fight from The Wolves, who attack and send King up the ramp and out of the IMPACT ZONE!

Backstage:  Carter questions MVP’s decision to book Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries in a Contract vs. Contract Match.  MVP assures Dixie that his decision-making abilities are superior to hers.





Out of the break, a recap of last week’s Knockout’s action played – detailing the events that transpired between Madison Rayne and Brittany. 

Backstage:  Brittany confronts Madison Rayne assuring her of her allegiance.  Madison tells Brittany to keep her distance and do “nothing” in her Knockout’s Championship match against Angelina Love.

Backstage:  Robbie E stresses about The Menagerie – and Crazy Steve as recalls a horrific birthday party involving a clown. 

Backstage:  MVP informs Brian Hebner a clear winner must be determined in the Contract vs. Contract match between Samoa Joe and Austin Aries.  Cut to Samoa Joe addressing MVP. Aries confronts Joe, assuring him he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he still has a job at the end of the night. 

DJ Z introduces Robbie E and Jessie, The BroMans! A nervous Robbie E says, “It’s about The Menagerie, Bro! …and none of us speak French!”

Jessie reassures and encourages Robbie E as The Menagerie’s theme overtakes the IMPACT ZONE.  Knux and Rebel enter with The Freak and Crazy Steve.  In the ring, Jessie impersonates Ace Ventura as DJ Z and Crazy Steve engage in what Taz identifies as a “horn off.” The Freak, Knux, and Crazy Steve clear the ring as Rebel looks on laughing

Backstage:  Eric Young and Bully Ray encourage Brian Hebner to “do the right thing.”  Hebner exits as Bully Ray and Eric Young assure they’ll do what they have to do.  The Contract vs. Contract match is next!





A video of Gunner and Samuel Shaw airs.  They’re playing Go Fish in the asylum. 

MATCH 3:  Contract vs. Contract:  Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

Aries is out first for the match where the loser’s contract is terminated! His opponent, from the Isle of Samoa, “The Samoan Submission Machine,” Samoa Joe! The bell sounds and the two lock up in the middle of the ring, Joe and Aries trade blows and the advantage. 

Joe attempts an early muscle-buster from the top rope, which Aries reverses into a pin attempt.  The match continues back and forth until Joe attempts a second muscle-buster and Aries jumps from the ring, hanging Joe up on the top rope.   

Aries locks in a bridge submission.  Eric Young interferes, pulling Brian Hebner from the ring before Joe can submit.  Hebner returns to the ring as Joe locks in a rear-naked choke.  Before Aries can submit, Hebner is again pulled from the ring and attacked by Bully Ray.  Eric Young tells Hebner, “This is bigger than you and this is bigger than me – we had to do what we had to do brother.”

MVP enters, threatening the careers of Bully Ray and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young.  Bully Ray claims MVP is “ruining this place!” Bully Ray suggests the he, the World Champion EY, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe face MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, and EC3 in an 8-man first-blood match, tonight! Kenny King accepts!

Match Result:  No Contest.

Backstage:  An eccentric Mr. Anderson wanders about – on his way into the IMPACT ZONE.   





Christy Hemme welcomes “The Cowboy” James Storm to the ring.  Out comes Mr. Anderson (“Cowboy Ken”), “the new sheriff in town – a drunk, redneck hillbilly from Tennessee.”

Cowboy Ken apologizes to Christy about his “damn breath.” James Storm interrupts! Anderson and Storm exchange words.  Storm approaches the ring and threatens Anderson with “one more round,” not of the drinking kind.  Anderson and Storm collide! Just when Anderson takes the advantage, Storm throws a drink into Anderson’s eyes and mounts an intense attack outside the ring before dropping Anderson in the middle of the ring with The Last Call! 

Storm grabs a mic to remind Anderson to bring his cowboy boots to Slammiversary on June 15, to “dance with the devil.”

Video:  Gunner returns to Samuel Shaw with his sketchbook.  Gunner wants to see inside.  “Okay,” says an uncertain Samuel Shaw as IMPACT fades into a commercial.   





Video:  IMPACT returns as Gunner and Samuel explore the sketch book.  Inside, Gunner reminisces about his mother’s cooking and feeling like Christy Hemme’s shadow.  There’s an unfinished picture, but the show cuts to “The Killer Queen,” Madison Rayne as she enters the IMPACT ZONE to challenge for the Knockout’s Title!

MATCH 4:  Knockout’s Championship Match:  Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love (c) w/ Velvet Sky

The Beautiful people enter as Mike Tenay remind viewers that Love is a record-setting six-time Knockout’s Champion.  Madison Rayne aggressively pursues Angelina Love and goes right on the offense.  Velvet Sky interferes and Brittany rushes to ringside.

Distracted by Brittany, Angelina Love capitalizes and lands a hard knee to the side of Madison’s head.  After Angelina herself is distracted by Brittany, Madison scores a series of pin attempts.  Velvet Sky returns to the apron, blinding Madison with hairspray, allowing Angelina Love to score the pinfall to retain her Knockout’s Championship. 

Winner:  Angelina Love

Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley tell EC3 to not “mess this up.”  EC3 reminds MVP that he’s undefeated.   





Backstage:  Madison Rayne confronts Brittany backstage, questioning why Brittany let Velvet Sky spray her in the face – Brittany says she did “nothing,” as she was told and walks away.

MAIN EVENT:  First-Blood 8-Man Tag Team Match:  EC3, MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and the World Heavyweght Champion, Eric Young

EC3 makes his entrance for IMPACT’s main event.  MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley are out next, followed by their opponents. 

Austin Aries and Kenny King start that match.  The match becomes a series of quick tags as the crowd chants, “We want tables!”  As the match progresses, EC3, MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley increase their rapid-fire tags and isolate the World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young, while focusing their attacks on the champion’s face. 

Finally, Eric Young is able to make the hot tag to Samoa Joe who begins to dominate EC3.  The match breaks down as all the wrestlers flood the ring with a series of signature moves.  Austin Aries and Bully Ray double-team Kenny King, before Aries flies to the outside.  EC3 attacks Bully Ray, but misses an attack in the corner, allowing Bully Ray to grab a chain and win the match by striking EC3 and drawing first blood!

Winners:  Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Eric Young

IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air with MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley attacking EC3.  Dixie Carter rushes to EC3’s defense assuring MVP that he’s started a war and he should “Get ready to bleed!”


Roll out the cake and break out the beer, TNA is turning 12! The celebration starts today and runs through Slammiversary weekend, June 14 and 15, in Dallas.

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This Sunday, Samoa Joe is scheduled to face Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries is scheduled to challenge Kenny King. We can now report that the winners of each of those bouts will then be added to Sunday’s Main Event against TNA World Champion Eric Young – creating a Three Way Steel Cage Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

EC3 vs. Bully Ray

Kurt Angle will announce the next TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee
Ladder Match For The X Division Championship: Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Sanada vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards
Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim
Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe
Willow vs. Magnus
"Cowboy" James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson
Austin Aries vs. Kenny King
The Von Erich Family to appear

Throughout TNA’s history several things have remained constant. The athleticism of the roster and quality of in-ring action. The access to and interaction with the TNA Superstars. And, most importantly, you, the incredible fans across the globe who continue to watch IMPACT and other TNA programming, attend live events and buy merchandise.

Because of you, TNA is a thriving global sports entertainment brand with a storied past and a bright future. Here are some of the events, happenings and offers surrounding TNA’s 12 year celebration!

Slammiversary Pay-Per-View

slamm2014Slammiversary on June 15, Father’s Day, is the premiere event of TNA’s twelfth anniversary celebration. Like the legendary Von Erich family, make Slammiversary (available on Pay-Per-View through your local cable or satellite provider) part of your Father’s Day festivities. And, if you live in the DFW area, take your dad to see the action live at the College Park Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.  

VIP Weekend

viplTNA is known and respected for giving you access to your favorite Superstars, and during Slammiversary weekend in Dallas, fans will have an opportunity to meet the Superstars and celebrate 12 years of TNA at an exclusive Slammiversary party at Six Flags Over Texas. There is only one way to be in the middle of the action – go to ShopTNA to get your Slammiversary VIP Weekend experience, which includes:

  • - A meet and greet, photo op and autograph signing session with your favorite TNA Superstars including, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Kevin Von Erich and his sons, TNA Heavyweight Champion Eric Young, Velvet Sky and more. The event takes places Saturday, June 14, from 9 – 11 a.m. at the Arlington Hilton.
  • - A full day pass to Six Flags Over Texas, including complimentary parking and a food voucher
  • - Exclusive access to the Slammiversary 12 Year Anniversary Party at Six Flags Over Texas. Celebrate in style as you eat and drink with your favorite TNA Superstars.
  • - A ticket to the Slammiversary event on Sunday, June 15


ShopTNA Twelve Year Celebration Specials

Still need that new Willow shirt? Missing that Slammiversary IV DVD? Join the Slammiversary festivities and go to ShopTNA right now to take advantage of the Slammin’ Celebration Sale. Think 6 – 12 – 24.

  • All Slammiversary DVDs are $6
  • Every ShopTNA order will automatically get a 12% discount
  • Every order over $24 will receive free standard shipping & handling (domestic only)


As you think back on some of your most fond memories as a child, chances are many of those moments involved watching wrestling on TV or attending a live event with your dad. For the legendary Kevin Von Erich, who will introduce his sons, Marshall and Ross, at Slammiversary, this Father’s Day will hold a special place, and the same can be true for you. Call up pops, invite him over on Sunday night, June 15 and give him the best gift of all, your company, as together you watch Slammiversary XII.

Even before MVP turned on Eric Young and gave himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the June 15 "Slammiversary" epic event, he had already set into motion a plan to take total power in TNA Wrestling. It was a numbers game - and slowly but surely, MVP improved his own odds by eliminating those he considered threats to his plan. His first major goal was achieved at Lockdown when he became Director of Wrestling Operations, taking power from TNA President Dixie Carter in the process (of course, with a little help from Bully Ray, who in hindsight was nothing more than MVP's pawn that night). Had Bully Ray known MVP's true intentions that night, perhaps the outcome of the Lethal Lockdown would have been much different.

After that, MVP wasted little time in building his empire and eliminating perceived threats. He kept Samoa Joe and Austin Aries languishing in a political minefield and even "indefinitely" suspended Bobby Roode. Why? MVP's next goal was to win the World Heavyweight Championship - and he didn't want any of the top contenders to get in his way. Once that was complete, he let the wrestling world in on his plan when he not only attacked Eric Young and gave himself a shot at the World Title at the upcoming "Slammiversary", but also unleashed his new and seemingly unstoppable alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King.

Within a few short months, MVP put himself in a position to take power - in his own words, POWER is never taken by request. POWER is achieved by numbers. In any business, success is all about MONEY, POWER and RESPECT. The BUSINESS of pro wrestling is no different - and MVP now had the numbers in his favor.


Continued on the next page >>


Now that he had the power, MVP and his alliance went on full attack mode - annihilating The Wolves, Austin Aries and World Champion Eric Young:

Continued on the next page >>



However, despite the early success of his plan, MVP continues to walk a fine line in maintaining power over the TNA ranks. Sometimes, things just don't work out the way you plan them - which MVP quickly began to realize. Despite banning Dixie Carter and Bully Ray, the personal war spilled back onto IMPACT. Dixie is still the TNA President and has great influence over the Board of Directors in Dallas. As for Bully Ray - well, he's never been one to follow orders anyway. MVP had to realize that sooner or later, he would have to deal with Dixie and Bully again. Then the "soldiers of circumstance" came together under the common cause of fighting back: Eric Young, The Wolves, Austin Aries, Bully Ray and this past week, the return of Samoa Joe. MVP had built his empire at a record pace - but now the numbers are growing against him even quicker. Absolute power corrupted MVP absolutely - but there was just one catch: his power was not ABSOLUTE. Dixie was still President, Bully was back and the soldiers of circumstance were growing in strength. But then, Dixie came to the table with a business offer of her own:

Continued on the next page >>



Certainly, June 15 at "Slammiversary" will be a major battleground in MVP's war for absolute power in TNA Wrestling. Even with his new alliance of Lashley and King and an impending World Title shot, MVP may have underestimated the resiliency of his enemies to not only fight back, but form a cohesive "Band Of Brothers" to try to destroy his empire. Would MVP sit down at the bargaining table to talk business with Dixie if it meant keeping his power intact? What would Dixie want in return? With the barbarians at his gate heading into one of TNA's biggest events of the year, can MVP afford to stay the course? Like MVP said in his own words, pro wrestling is a BUSINESS - and when it comes to MONEY, POWER and RESPECT, Dixie Carter knows all about that. She also knows that she could tip the balance of power against MVP by helping those fighting against him. The big question is: Will MVP need a little help from Dixie heading into Slammiversary - or is another all-out war with the TNA President on the horizon…a war that could potentially cost MVP EVERYTHING in TNA? No money, no power, no respect and perhaps after Slammiversary - no World Heavyweight Championship.


The battle for respect and power between Dixie Carter and Bully Ray has been ongoing and quite violent.  From Orlando to Nashville and back to Orlando again, this scuffle has covered a lot of ground and certainly has not been fought fairly.  When it involves the President of TNA, most certainly everyone on the roster will be involved, and undoubtedly, this is certainly the case in this situation. 

There have been many key people playing a part in this ongoing battle between The President and Bully Ray.  To say Rockstar Spud has been thoroughly involved would be an understatement.  In the past two weeks and as a byproduct of the Dixie-Bully feud, this unfortunate soul has been smashed through multiple tables.  MVP and his faction of supporters have also gotten in the mix and MVP even had to go as far as to ban both Dixie and Bully from the IMPACT Zone for a couple of weeks. 

But there is one person who appears to be lost in this ongoing scuffle, Dixie Carter’s nephew EC3.  In last week's IMPACT episode, EC3 was not assigned a match again and was essentially tossed to the side as a special referee for the Eric Young vs. Bully Ray main event.  The main players in this continuing fiasco, and rightfully so, have been Dixie and Bully.  But EC3 certainly has played his part.  In fact, he was the one person who physically took out Bully Ray in Dixie Carter’s mansion in Nashville.


One week later, EC3 was even responsible for putting Bully Ray through yet another table! 

How come EC3 doesn’t get more credit for his contribution to the #DixieFearsNobody campaign?  Have we overlooked this Carter right before his high-profile Grudge Match scheduled for Slammiversary?

And in the two weeks before Slammiversary, will EC3 re-establish his dominance in the ring and build momentum leading into the summer showdown?

Tune into IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike TV!



TNA Wrestling is excited to welcome back the French announce team of Celian Varini and Gregory Deas to provide live commentary on location for Dallas - Fort Worth Texas for the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View on June 15th.  This marks the second year in a row that the announce team has made the jouney to the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View to be on location to provide live commentary.  Slammiversary can be seen live in market on Ma Chaine Sport on 16 June 2014 at 2H00. 

For More information on how you can watch this event in France go to



Bully Ray made it known in a not so subtle fashion who he has on his hit list of people who he deemed necessary to be put through a table.  Though it seems as the he has come up against two separate factions, which may turn into a case of these two working together to defeat Bully Ray, after all, the enemy of my enemy must be my friend… right? 

Up next:  Bully Ray’s first target. 





Target #1 - Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud started the list and of course he was the first person to get crossed off the list.  Always seeming to get himself into situations where Bully Ray has ample opportunity to do the deed and put Spud through a table.  Actually one would think at this point that Rockstar Spud’s second home is being put through a table. 

Up Next:  Target #2 May be tough to get through a table...




Target #2 - Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has formed an alliance with MVP and in doing so has thrown himself into the mix of people who Bully has placed his sights on.   Especially after numerous beatdowns at the hands of MVP and his Cronies. 

Up Next: Target #3, Spoiled rich people should be tossed through tables anyway





Target #3 - Ethan Carter III

Ethan Carter III By association this spoiled Carter has made the list of people whom Bully Ray has set his sights on.  When Bully Ray came to Nashville to confront Dixie, he was ambushed by Ethan Carter III, and on the following week EC3 took advantage of a weakened Bully Ray and put him through a table.  An eye for an eye, a table for a table… seems fair. 

Up Next: Target #4, More Like the King of getting tossed through a table




Target #4 - Kenny King

Kenny King, the last of people on the list as part of MVP’s squad has injected himself into the list by associating himself with MVP.  Not sure if Kenny King’s smooth talking pretty boy antics can get him out of the clutches of Bully Ray. 

Up Next: Target #5, Most Valuable Person to be tossed through a table



Target #5 - MVP

MVP, the new Investor in TNA IMPACT WRESTLING, seemed to wage war on Bully Ray when he banned him from the IMPACT Zone, however upon his return MVP and his cronies, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley, sent a message to him with a beatdown and we saw a replay of it again last week.  However Bully Ray has a message he’d like to send… how many stamps does it take to send MVP through a table?

Up Next: Target #6, Everybody wants it to happen....




Target #6 - Dixie Carter

It only makes sense for Bully Ray to want to put Dixie Carter through a table.  She used shady tactics at TNA Sacrifice by using a disguise and pushing him through a table.  And naturally it is only fair that Bully Ray put her through a table.  Besides, who doesn’t want to put their boss through a table?  ...GET THE TABLES!!!







It seems to be a common thing for referees to be accused of shady tactics and fulfilling the duties of their job in an unbiased manner. The same thing goes for Brian Stiffler of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING as his behavior in the previous week’s has led to very questionable finishes. Is Brian Stiffler refereeing matches in a fair manner or should TNA launch an investigation into his questionable behavior? Let’s take a look at the evidence.



It all started on May 8, 2014 when Velvet Sky came ringside to distract referee Brian Stiffler by showing him something nobody else could see…. Though the world may never know what was SkyFlashingunderneath the towel, the damage was done. Referee Brian Stiffler was taken in by Velvet Sky to be manipulated.



Two weeks ago on IMPACT WRESTLING Angelina Love issued an open challenge that was answered by TNA IMPACT WRESTLING’s newest Knockout, Brittany. The match was in the favor of Brittany and was all but won, however, Brian Stiffler was distracted by the …assets … of Velvet Sky which led to the very questionable loss for Brittany.


 IMG 5086

Yet again Referee Brian Stiffler seemed to be more distracted by the pretty Knockouts than he did the match and missed some key things that lead up to Love kicking and knocking out Brittany allowing for Velvet to swoop in for the win and gain the victory for the Beautiful People.  Though what happened between Brittany and Madison after this is a whole other story.

What happened between Brittany and Madison Rayne?  

Can this spell be broken or will the Beautiful People’s reign only strengthen with the hold they have on Brian Stiffler. Only time will tell but by the look of this photo from the new Knockouts Galleries we don’t see that happening any time soon. To see the newest photos of the Knockouts head over to the Knockouts section now!