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Upon expiration of Samoa Joe's contract, TNA and Joe have mutually agreed to part ways. We would like to thank Samoa Joe for 9 great years. Joe will always be a valued member of our family.

We wish him all the best.

John Gaburick - Executive Vice President, Television and Talent

Tag Team Championship: The Revolution vs The Wolves (Jan 7, 2015)
Everything seemed to start between The Hardys and The Revolution on the debut episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America.  In a Tag Team Championship Match between The Revolution and The Wolves, The Hardys stood by and watched the match unfold into an uneven matchup that morphed into 4 members of The Revolution beating up The Wolves.  The Hardys sick of what they were seeing came to the defense of the outnumbered Wolves, which may have been the moment The Revolution put a target on The Hardys.  

Jeff Hardy Lays out a Challenge to the Monster Abyss (Jan 23, 15)
On January 23, 2015 in a one on one match between James Storm and Matt Hardy, things yet again became lopsided in the favor of The Revolution when James Storm ordered Abyss to gather up Janice and finish Matt Hardy.  Jeff Hardy enters to stop and tired of seeing these events unfold he lays out a challenge to the Monster Abyss...

Monsters Ball: Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss (Jan. 30, 2015)
As expected during the Monsters Ball match things got out of hand when The Revolution joined Abyss in the one on one anything goes match.  Matt came to help however him and Jeff were not enough to face them, it took The Wolves, who were helped my Matt and Jeff only weeks earlier, to put things back in order and allow Jeff to get the win over the Monster Abyss.

The Hardys face the Revolution at Lockdown (Feb. 6, 2015)
In one of the bloodiest and most brutal days of the year for IMPACT WRESTLING, Lockdown, The Hardy's faced off against the Revolution consisting of Abyss and James Storm.  In predictable fashion Storm and Abyss were joined by Khoya (Mahabali Shera) and Manik who allowed for Storm to perform an act that put Jeff Hardy out of action to this date.

James Storm Interrupts Matt Hardy and Lays Out Two Options (Feb. 13, 2015)
Last week on IMPACT WRESTLING, Matt Hardy addressed the fans in Glasgow to give an update on the condition of his brother Jeff Hardy but was interrupted by James Storm and The Revolution who gave Matt an ultimatum to either join the revolution or join his brother Jeff in the hospital.  Not to go down without a fight Matt chose the latter but vastly outnumbered things did not look good.  Just when it seemed bleak, The Wolves, who seem to have made an unwritten alliance with the Hardys, came to the aid of Matt setting the stage for a fight between The Wolves with Hardy against The Revolution.  Though given the history of The Revolution and their unfair tactics what are the chances of it continuing to be a fair fight?  Tune in this week for IMPACT WRESTLING to find out.  

It's Presidents Day in the United States so, naturally, we are celebrating our beloved president - Dixie Carter! Love her or hate her, Dixie Carter is responsible for some of the most notorious moments in TNA history. So we celebrate our President with a playlist of some of the biggest moments of Dixie Carter in IMPACT WRESTLING! 



The Top 5 this week will get the advantage in this coming week's 20 man gauntlet match by being the last 5 entrants. The Injury to Bobby Roode, at the hands of Eric Young, took him out of the Top 5 for this week.

#5 EC3 - Still unpinned and unsubmitted.
#4 Samoa Joe - Who was victorious this past week with MVP against Lashley and Kurt Angle.
#3 Low Ki - Unbeaten as X Division Champion allowing the BDC to lock up another slot
#2 MVP - Moved back up the ranking after pinning Lashley in the tag team matc
#1 Kurt Angle - Made his intentions clear that his focus is on the World Title moving him up the rankings to Number 1


Impact Coverage by Bobby James
February 13, 2015

Emanating from Glasgow, Scotland – Kurt Angle kicks off Impact Wrestling!

Angle thanks Austin Aries and Gunner for joining him to defeat The BDC last week. He says The BDC wants to control the World Heavyweight title, but that control of the title should belong to the best wrestler in the world. Angle invites Lashley to the ring.

Angle thanks Lashley for aiding Team Angle at Lockdown. Lashley says he came to the ring to get his hands on MVP. Angle counters by saying it’s time for him to be the champion again. He proposes Lashley vs. Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

MVP and The BDC interrupt the moment. MVP says Team Angle never won because Lashley wasn’t sanctioned in the match last week. MVP challenges either Lashley or Angle. Lashley accepts, but proposes a tag team match – against any two members of The BDC. Then, he selects Kurt Angle as his partner.

Backstage: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries run into one another before their match.


Backstage: ECIII says he wants to scalp Rockstar Spud, tonight! He challenges Jeremy Borash, Rockstar Spud and Mandrews to a handicap match – against himself and Tyrus.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Aries and Roode lock up in the center of the ring. They exchange hammerlocks before grounding one another with submission holds, including a Last Chancery from Austin Aries. Roode comes back with a Roode Bomb attempt, but Aries counters, sending Roode to the outside.

Aries leaps from the turnbuckle and connects with Roode at ringside. As Roode struggles to get back into the ring, Aries climbs the ropes. Aries flies, but Roode jumps – countering with a standing dropkick.

Roode grounds Aries with a spinebuster. Aries uses the ropes to reach his feet again, before being powered into the corner and pummeled with a series of shoulder blocks. Aries scores a series of punches, but Roode counters with a diving neckbreaker.

Roode attempts another Roode Bomb, but Aries counters. Aries connects with a missile dropkick and tries for a brainbuster. Roode counters, going for another Roode Bomb. Aries counters again, sending Roode outside with a discus elbow. Aries dives to the outside, but Roode moves and Aries crashes head first into the guardrail!

Roode tosses Aries into the ring and locks in a cross-face to earn a submission victory!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Post-match: Bobby Roode grabs a mic and says, “Now that was pro wrestling!” He shakes Austin Aries’ hand and says Aries is one of the best wrestlers he’s ever shared the ring with.

Roode says it’s time for him to get his championship back. He says Roode vs. Lashley 3 never happened and that he deserves a rematch. He vows to win back the World Title.

Eric Young rushes into the ring and attacks Bobby Roode from behind. Young plants Roode with a piledriver in the center of the ring. As medics help Roode to the back, Young attacks again and connects with a second piledriver, on the ramp!


Al Snow addresses Grado, a contestant from season two of British Boot Camp.

Al Snow says beyond the ring, he’s trained some of the best and brightest wrestlers the industry has ever seen. Snow mocks the fans – and says none of them can do what he can do. He says Grado is just like all of them and that he’ll give Grado one more chance to leave the sport of professional wrestling.

He calls out Grado. Grado comes face-to-face with Al Snow. Snow says Grado hasn’t got the heart or passion to succeed in professional wrestling. He says Grado doesn’t have his respect – and that he should leave.

Grado interrupts Al Snow. Snow confronts Grado’s mother in the audience and says she should be ashamed of her useless son. She slaps Al Snow! He shoves Grado’s mom and Grado attacks from behind. Al Snow says he’ll meet Grado in a match next week.


Crazy Steve vs. Bram

Bram charges Crazy Steve, who tumbles out of the way. Steve charges Bram, but Bram powers him into the corner. Steve tries to escape by jumping onto the turnbuckle. Bram sweeps his legs and Crazy Steve smacks his head on the top turnbuckle before crashing to the mat with a nasty fall!

Bram leaves the ring and grabs a microphone. He verbally taunts Magnus as he continues his assault on Crazy Steve. Steve mounts some offense – and even bites Bram in the face – but Bram finishes him with ease using a huge DDT!

Bram pins Crazy Steve then screams, “Fight me!”

Winner: Bram

Backstage: Rockstar Spud gives Mandrews and JB a pep talk. He says they’re lions and tigers – and the he’s got back-up.


Backstage: Gunner thanks Kurt Angle for believing in him. He questions Angle about teaming with Lashley.

3-on-2 Handicap Match

ECIII & Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud, Mandrews & JB

Spud throws his jacket into Tyrus’ face before the opening bell. Spud immediately comes face-to-face with ECIII, who tags in Tyrus. Spud attacks, but Tyrus counters, punching Spud in the throat and sending him flying across the ring.  

Mandrews tags himself in, but he’s no match for Tyrus. Finally, JB tags himself into the match. ECIII tags himself into the match and JB goes crazy, connecting with a series of knees! ECIII creates enough separation to gain the advantage. He beats JB into the corner. JB tags Mandrews, who catches ECIII with a front dropkick!

Tyrus reenters the match and Mandrews is powered down hard. ECIII tags himself back in. He isolates Mandrews and tosses him into the corner. Tyrus attacks Mandrews while ECIII taunts Spud and JB.

Spud screams for Mandrews. Mandrews catches ECIII with a jawbreaker and an enziguri before making the tag to Rockstar Spud. Spud goes wild! He gets ECIII crowded in the corner, but Tyrus attacks with a cheap shot.

Tyrus charges Spud, but he side-steps, sending Tyrus crashing into ECIII! Spud connects with a cutter on Tyrus, sending him to the outside. Then, JB leaps from the top rope, onto Tyrus at ringside!

While Spud’s distracted by the action the outside, ECIII connects with a One Percenter for the win!

Winners: ECIII & Tyrus

Post-match: ECIII is about to shave Spud’s head when the arena goes dark. Mr. Anderson attacks ECIII and Tyrus!

Backstage: Kenny King and Low Ki attack Gunner.


Madison Rayne vs. Awesome Kong

 Madison says to the fans, “You guys love me – and I don’t care. Story of my life.”

Madison says she’s the queen of the Knockout’s Division – and the greatest Knockout of all time. She says not a single woman in the back can defeat her in the ring. Awesome Kong makes her presence known.

Madison tries hiding behind Earl Hebner. The bell sounds – and when Madison charges Kong, she’s deflected with ease. Kong smashes her against the turnbuckle before slamming her down onto the mat.

Kong misses a splash and Madison scores a series of rights. Kong is up quickly and simply rushes through Madison before connecting with an Implant Buster!

Winner: Awesome Kong



Backstage: Angle tells Aries he’s in his seat. Angle says he heard Aries tapped out to Bobby Roode. Aries says if Angle wins the title, he’ll have a big bullseye on his back.

Matt Hardy enters the arena to offer an update on his brother’s condition. A video recaps Jeff Hardy’s crash onto the steel steps last week.

Matt says that because Jeff loves the business so much, he’s taken incredible risks to create iconic moments. Matt said that after those moments, he’s used to a thumbs up – or a gleam in his brother’s eyes, to let him know that everything would be okay.

He says that following that fall from the cage, he didn’t get a thumbs up – and all he saw was emptiness – a broken Jeff Hardy.

James Storm, with the rest of The Revolution, interrupts. Storm said he did what the likes of Edge & Christian, Team 3D, Lashley – even The Undertaker couldn’t do. He says he put down Jeff Hardy, because in his story – heroes never win.

Storm says Matt Hardy has two options – to join The Revolution, or to be set up in a bed next to his brother.

Matt attacks! He’s easily overpowered by The Revolution 4-on-1. Storm says it’s an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. He says in this case, they’ll just take Matt Hardy’s arm. Storm instructs The Revolution to lift him up, but The Wolves make the save!


Backstage: The Beat Down Clan assaults Austin Aries. They throw him out of the arena.

Main Event
Kurt Angle & Lashley vs. The BDC

Angle and Lashley enter the ring, awaiting their opponents. It’s revealed that MVP and Samoa Joe will represent The Beat Down Clan. Low Ki and Kenny King are at ringside.

Angle and Samoa Joe start against one another. The two heavyweights trade arm submissions early. Angle takes Joe down with an arm drag. Lashley tags himself in and Joe shifts the momentum in his favor, until Lashley connects with a hard shoulder block into the corner.

Joe fights back with a headbut before being floored by a clothesline from Lashley. MVP distracts Lashley long enough for Joe to capitalize, then he tags into the match. MVP drives his boot into Lashley’s face and then he makes an early cover.

Lashley kicks out and Samoa Joe reenters the match. He plants a kick into Lashley’s face before exchanging tags with Joe. Joe and MVP double-team Lashley. Then, MVP distracts the referee while the other members of The BDC choke Lashley on the bottom rope.

Joe connects with a big uppercut to the champion. Lashley counters an Irish Whip, and then he drops Joe with a neckbreaker! Angle tags into the match. He hits Joe with a suplex before connecting with the Angle Slam. MVP breaks up the count.

MVP drives Angle shoulder-first into the turnbuckle! Angle and MVP brawl in the center of the ring until MVP connects with a clothesline. Low Ki chokes Angle again on the bottom rope while MVP gets in Lashley’s face.

Joe tags back into the fight. He drops Angle with a hard right and attempts a submission maneuver, but Angle battles out before it’s locked in. Angle delivers a dropkick from the second rope to Joe. Lashley makes the tag!

Lashley pummels MVP. He spears MVP into the corner before planting him a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley connects with a huge spinebuster, but Joe breaks up the count. Lashley gets distracted by Angle, who’s locked Samoa Joe in an ankle lock - and MVP rolls up Lashley for the pin.

Winners: The BDC

Post-match: Lashley and Angle confront one another.

- More than four million viewers tune in during first four weeks of premieres-

Earlier today, Destination America distributed the following press release:

To read the release in its entirety, visit the Discovery News site.

(Silver Spring, MD) – Destination America recorded its best January ever in Prime HH delivery with premieres of IMPACT WRESTLING.  The all-new season kicked off on Wednesday, January 7th, with IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE, ranking as Destination America’s best Wednesday evening in network history for delivery of M25-54.  The show also ranked as the 6th most social television program for the evening with #DestinationIMPACT reaching a collective 73M impressions on Twitter.

Premieres of IMPACT WRESTLING settled into their regular Destination America timeslot on Fridays beginning Friday, January 16th.  For the month of January, IMPACT WRESTLING ranked as the #9 series in ad-supported cable for delivery of M25-54 on Friday nights.   On Friday, January 23rd, the network garnered its highest rated and most watched Friday evening in network history for delivery of P25-54 and M25-54, ranking as the #3 sports telecast in cable (behind only NBA Basketball and the X Games on ESPN) and out-delivering networks including A&E, NGC, ESPN2, TNT and FXX among M25-54.

Throughout January, IMPACT WRESTLING posted record-breaking numbers, delivering an average of 276K viewers among P25-54.


Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are two of the most decorated performers in TNA history - and they have a very storied past. This week on Friday Night IMPACT, the two do battle for supremacy in the IMPACT Top 5. Aries, currently ranked #3, and Roode, ranked #1, will each enter the 20 Man Gauntlet Match next week to determine Lashley's next challenger for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the IMPACT Top 5 will have an advantage, entering the Gauntlet in the five final spots. 

However, that is not at all the only story going into this match. Do you remember the TNA World Tag Team Championship reign that these two men shared together as the "Dirty Heels"? Or how about Destination X in 2010 when Aries created Option C and took the TNA World Title from Bobby Roode - ending his reign (and the longest reign ever in the history of the championship? 

Fans will debate which is the better man and who will prevail this Friday, however looking at the feats listed above, there is no doubt that these two men personify what TNA is all about. Two of the greatest superstars in TNA history do battle this Friday night on Destination America and there are championship implications at play -- what could be better!?

Don't miss Friday Night IMPACT, tomorrow at 9/8c, on Destination America! 

TNA Superstars come from all walks of life and with all different experiences. The stars of IMPACT WRESTLING have backgrounds ranging from military veterans to professional stunt women. Davey Richards is certainly best known as a ring technician, but did you know that he is also a firefighter and Critical Care Flight Paramedic? 

The former TNA World Tag Team Champion headed to the UK in-order to practice one of those skill sets during the Maximum IMPACT Tour but had to use more by the time the trip was over. The Wolves boarded their return flight from the UK when a medical emergency occurred and Richards sprung to action!

Richards responded to the pilot's call for any trained medical personnel and successfully treated an elderly woman experiencing heart problems. Richards was commended by the flight staff, the patient and the patient's family.

After hearing about the story, reached Davey for comment:

"I feel it's my personal duty to put good in the world. Whether inspiring people to chase their dreams and keep fighting as one half of the Wolves or helping people in their time of need. I want to be there to help and lead by example."

Put that down as your feel good story of the day! Way to go, Davey!

Jeff Hardy's career has been filled with some amazing high flying maneuvers, but it has also seen it's share of spectacular crash and burns at the hands of his competitors.  To start off the list we will look at this past week's February 6, 2015 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING where we saw James Storm take out Hardy while perched on top of the steel cage at Lockdown 2015.  His health in this case remains to be seen as we will be getting an update from his brother, Matt Hardy, on this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING emanating from Glasgow.


 When Jeff Hardy faced Lashley for the World Heavyweight Title in New York City one would expect that Hardy, in his quest for championship gold, would stop at nothing to attain the highest level in pro wrestling.  Fans were not disappointed as Hardy unleashed everything in his arsenal to defeat Lashley and capture the title.  However, this may have lead to his downfall as he attempted to Swonton Bomb Lashley outside of the ring but landed on the steel steps instead.


At final resolution 2013 as part of a Dixieland match, Hardy makes an attempt to scale the ladder to retrieve the title and become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, however his attempt is thwarted by Dixie Carter's lackey at the time, Rockstar Spud.  Spud has since found a new path but this fall caused by him is spectacular no less.

One of the most dangerous places with the highest chances of a crash and burn seems to be inside a steel cage.  There is no exception for Jeff Hardy as you can see in this video where Hardy faces Raven inside a steel cage and takes one of the hardest crashes on our list.

While this isn't necessarily a crash on Jeff Hardy's part, this does seem to play well into the "and burn" part of this list so we found it fitting to include this nugget from the past.  James Storm, who is currently the leader of the revolution, is not unfamilar with using harsh or eccentric weaponry to eliminate his enemies including beer bottles, cowbells, and in this case fire. 


Lockdown Coverage by Bobby James
February 6, 2015
Welcome to Lockdown, where every match will be decided inside six sides of steel!

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardys vs. The Revolution (c)

The Hardys enter to excite the “creatures!” They’re followed by the tag team champions, James Storm and Abyss, accompanied by the rest of the Revolution.

The fight breaks out before the bell – and the Hardys connect with a flurry of offense. Matt and Jeff Hardy dominate the tornado-style tag team match, connecting with dropkicks and aerial assaults.

Manik climbs inside the cage to interfere. The Hardys double team Manik and handcuff him to the middle rope. However, the distraction allows James Storm to connect with a low blow to Jeff Hardy. Storm charges and pummels Matt Hardy with a club to the head. Then, with Abyss, he double teams Jeff.

The Revolution shifts the momentum as they drive the Hardys face-first into the cage. Storm and Abyss ram Matt’s face into the cage again, leaving him reeling in reach of Manik. Storm and Abyss shift their focus and close in on Jeff.

Abyss catapults Jeff Hardy into a DDT from Storm. Matt Hardy regroups and catches Storm with a hard right to the face. Matt charges Abyss and he’s slammed to the mat. Storm stands on the shoulders of Abyss and jumps toward Matt – he connects with a huge elbow drop! Abyss follows up with a splash.

Jeff connects with a Whisper in the Wind, then the Hardys connect with Twists of Fate! They’re good for a double two-count. Manik takes out Jeff Hardy and Matt misses moonsault. Matt and James Storm meet at the top of the turnbuckle and Matt catches him with Twist of Fate off the ropes!  

Khoya and Sanada pull Matt Hardy through the camera hole in the cage! They slam him into the guardrail and ferociously assault him. Jeff Hardy tries to escape the cage, but Sanada meets him at the top and spits mist in his face, sending Hardy back to the mat where James Storm connects with the Last Call for the win!

Winners: The Revolution


Khoya slams Matt Hardy through a table at ringside. Storm and Abyss set up a table in the ring and Manik leaps from top rope – and misses! Jeff rolls out of the way and Manik goes through the table! Jeff fends off Abyss, Storm, Manik and Sanada.

As he climbs over the tope of the cage, Abyss kicks the door open! Jeff straddles the door and Storm clubs him in the head with a cow bell! Jeff Hardy falls from the door onto the steel stairs!!!




MVP, Kenny King and Eric Young are in the center of the ring. MVP says the six sides of steel structure is dangerous – but it’s extremely dangerous when The BDC is in it. MVP claims it’ll be a bad night for anyone who opposes the Beat Down Clan.

Eric Young screams that he’ll make Bobby Roode bleed.

MVP demands a talk with Kurt Angle. He claims he’s the most reasonable person in Impact Wrestling. Angle answers the call with Austin Aries and Gunner by his side. MVP says he has a proposal for Angle. He says he’s going to give Angle – and his team – an opportunity to save their careers.

MVP tells Angle to walk away – or he’ll make it so Angle never walks again.

Angle declines and he, Gunner and Austin Aries rush into the ring. A fight breaks out. Samoa Joe and Low Ki run in – and the numbers game takes over.

Low Ki traps Gunner’s arm in the cage door – and Samoa Joe smashes the door, and the arm, with a steel chair! The BDC retreats as Gunner writhes in pain on the outside.




The Cataclysmic Collision
Havok vs. Awesome Kong

The “Empress of Annihilation” Havok enters first. As Kong makes her way to the ring, Havok attacks!

Kong drops her on the entrance ramp and drags her toward the ring. Kong attempts to drive Havok into the steel stairs, but Havok counters, sending Kong face-first into them instead!

Kong delivers a stiff kick and a series of rights that send Kong to the arena floor. The bell sounds.

Havok slams Kong face-first into the side of the cage! As Kong regroups, Havok tears up the floor padding. She lifts Kong, but Kong counters, boxing Havok’s ears. Kong sends Havok flying into the steel steps!

Kong rolls Havok into the ring and a loud “better than Divas!” chant erupts! Kong and Havok meet face to face in the center of the ring! Havok comes off the ropes and catches Kong with a big boot to the face! Havok makes a cover, but Kong’s out a two!

They press their faces together once more and attempt to chokeslam one another! Kong attempts an Implant Buster, but Havok counters, sending Kong into the turnbuckle! Havok charges with a shoulder block, but Kong side-steps and Havok runs head-first into the cage!

Havok recovers quickly and connects with a Harlot Slayer! Kong rises immediately and plants Havok with a chokeslam of her own! Kong climbs the ropes! Havok meets her at the top and nails a series of kicks! Kong tosses her from the top rope. Havok falls hard. Kong leaps and connects with a huge splash for the win!

Winner: Awesome Kong




Grudge Match
Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

The cage door is locked and the bell sounds. Roode yells, “You took everything from me! I’m going to kill you!”

Roode launches Eric Young with a body drop. Roode and Young attempt to slam one another’s face into the cage. Young succeeds, but as he comes off the ropes, Roode counters with a clothesline. The crowd chants, “We want blood!”

Eric Young sends Roode into the cage repeatedly before mocking the crowd. Roode is caught between the ropes and the cage and Eric Young connects with a running cross body!

Young delivers a belly to belly suplex – and follows up with a slam. Young motions to the back and MVP emerges with a chair. MVP slides the chair through the camera hole in the cage.

Young swings the chair and misses. Roode attempts a Roode Bomb, but Young counters and tries to hit a piledriver! Roode counters, catapulting him into the cage – Young is bleeding!

Roode sends Young face-first into the cage before connecting with a spinebuster and a two-count. Roode sets Young on the turnbuckle. He attempts a Roode Bomb from the top rope, but Young counters, sending him crashing onto the mat.

Eric Young dives – and connects – with an elbow drop. Roode’s out a two. Young lays the steel chair across Roode’s face and climbs the ropes. Roode escapes and when Young turns around, he’s hit with a flying chair. Roode drives the chair into Young’s gut, then smashes the chair across his back before planting Eric Young with a Roode Bomb onto the chair!

Roode get the three.

Winner: Bobby Roode




Handicap Match
Rockstar Spud & Mandrews vs. Tyrus w/ Ethan Carter III

As Tyrus makes his way to the ring, EC3 taunts Spud and Mandrews with hair clippers. Mandrews and Spud attack Tyrus as he climbs into the ring, but Tyrus battles back easily. Tyrus squashes Mandrews in the corner before standing on the back of Rockstar Spud!

Mandrews and Spud get caught in a double chokehold by Tyrus. They counter and connect with a double dropkick! They launch an offensive flurry of dropkicks before making a cover. Tyrus is out a one!

Tyrus sends Mandrews overhead into the turnbuckle, then he lifts Spud for a powerbomb! Spud grabs the cage and fights out of the hold! He climbs the wall, stands on top of the cage and flies onto Tyrus!

Spud writhes in pain and Tyrus is down – Mandrews climbs the turnbuckle. EC3 climbs the stairs and spits in Mandrews’ face! Mandrews opens the cage door and EC3 sweeps his leg.  Mandrews falls onto the stairs and the back of his head slams onto the second step!!!

EC3 shoves Mandrews’ face into the cage, distracting Spud. As Spud attempts a rescue, EC3 slams the cage door into Spud’s face! Tyrus drops Spud with a Tongan death grip/chokeslam for the win!

Winner: Tyrus


EC3 plugs in the clippers. Before he can start shaving Spud’s head, Jeremy Borash unplugs the clippers and takes off across the arena with EC3 in pursuit.







Lethal Lockdown
Team Angle vs. The Beat Down Clan

Two participants begin the match; every two minutes, an additional wrestler will enter.

Kenny King is revealed as the first entrant from The BDC. He meets Gunner from Team Angle.

King focuses his attack on Gunner’s injured arm. He leads with a series of kicks to the arm. King leaps toward Gunner, but Gunner tosses him into the cage. Gunner rams King into the cage again, on the opposite side, before ripping a trashcan lid from the cage and smacking King in the head.

Gunner grabs a pipe and starts choking Kenny King. Low Ki enters the match! Gunner counters a rushing Low Ki and then he drives his shoulder into Low Ki’s gut. Kenny King smashes a trashcan lid across Gunner’s lower back. Then, King and Low Ki double team Gunner, using the pipe.

The 2-on-1 advantage works in the BDC’s favor. King holds Gunner’s arms behind him as Low Ki drives a few stiff kicks across Gunner’s chest. Austin Aries is introduced next – and he flies into the ring, taking out King and Low Ki! Aries’ offense is wild!

Gunner hoists King onto his shoulders and Aries flies from the turnbuckle with the trashcan lid. Aries attacks King with the pipe and trashcan lid again, as Gunner attacks Low Ki with a tennis racket.

Low Ki sends Gunner face-first into a chair as Samoa Joe enters the match on behalf of the BDC. Joe crushes Aries and Gunner and their bodies are strewn about the ring. Low Ki and Kenny King hold up Gunner and Joe smashes the trashcan lid across his head.

Samoa Joe smacks Aries across the back with a hockey stick Kurt Angle makes his way into the ring. Joe catches Angle with a shot to the gut, but Angle counters a swing by Joe with a German suplex.

The momentums shifts as Angle, Aries and Gunner take control of the match. Gunner uses a kendo stick to choke Samoa Joe, but King breaks the hold as MVP enters Lethal Lockdown!

Angle catches MVP with a German suplex, but when Angle rises, Joe puts him down with a clothesline.

Low Ki and Joe stuff Gunner into a trashcan! Low Ki stomps on the can as MVP tosses Austin Aries into the cage! Low Ki and Joe again place the trashcan over Gunner’s head as they hold him in the corner – MVP kicks the can into Gunner’s face!

Angle is up – and he smashes a trashcan lid across the face of every BDC member! When Angle turns around, Joe meets him with a hard shot with the kendo stick. Joe and Low Ki hoist Aries to his feet and place the trashcan over his head – Kenny King kicks the can!

Lashley’s music hits! Lashley climbs into the ring and extends his hand to MVP. MVP and Lashley shake hands, but Lashley clubs him with a huge clothesline. Lashley demolishes the BDC!

Kenny King grabs Lashley’s ankle and MVP pounces on him with a series of rights. MVP chokes Lashley in the corner. Gunner is laid out in the center of the ring and Joe crashes onto a trashcan that MVP holds above Gunner.

Joe lifts Angle for a muscle buster, but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock! Aries locks in the Last Chancery on Low Ki and Lashley crashes into MVP with a huge spear! Lashley makes the cover and the pin.

Winners: Team Angle