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Last week saw one of the most shocking moments in TNA history, as Bully Ray finally made good on his promise and put Dixie Carter through a table. Fans and fellow wrestlers cheered emphatically, but what will the fallout be after Bully finally made good on his word? Find out this Thursday night!

The main event this week is the return of one of the most infamous rivalries in tag team history. Team 3D takes on Matt and Jeff, The Hardys, in a must-see matchup!

After what took place last week on IMPACT, TNA World Champion Lashley teams with MVP and Kenny King to take on Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Austin Aries.

The Knockouts Title is on the line in a 4-way as Gail defends against Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Taryn. Will Gail overcome the odds and retain her title? Will Velvet and Angelina be able to stay on the same page or will they go separate way in order to capture the championship?

Plus, the tension has finally boiled over between Mr. Anderson and Gunner and the two friends will face off one-on-one this Thursday.

All of this and MUCH MORE this Thursday as IMPACT airs on Spike TV at 9/8c from New York City!

Not only is he back, he’s better than ever! We’re of course talking about Samoa Joe in the X-Division. Two weeks ago, the Samoan Submission Machine came to terms with Kurt Angle to return to the X-Division, competing in the series of 3-way matches to determine contenders for the vacated X-Division title. On his quest to return TNA to its roots, it only made sense to bring back the former catchphrase of the X-Division: “It’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits!”

Joe’s last reign with the X-Division Championship came in 2009, when he defeated Homicide at Hard Justice. In his return to the division, it was clear that the intensity and speed that led him to 4 previous reigns with the title were ever present and, indeed, even more impressive!

This past Thursday on IMPACT, Joe faced off against two former champions, Low Ki and Sanada with X-Division gold on the line. In stunning fashion, Samoa Joe flew around the ring, hit breathtaking moves with ease and then cemented his Samoan Submission Machine nickname, locking in a Rear Naked Choke on Sanada and forcing him to tap out. Just like that, Samoa Joe became the new X-Division Champion.

Samoe Joe returns to the division at a time when competition is fierce. With Low Ki and Homicide returning to IMPACT and an already impressive list of competitors such as Austin Aries, Manik, Sanada, DJ Z and more, it looks as if now may be the most challenging reign of Samoa Joe’s career.



A new king of extreme is on the loose in TNA and his name is Bram. Bram’s bloodlust has put the entire TNA lockerroom on high alert since his arrival earlier this year. Initially targeting Willow and viciously beating him with turnbuckles and pry bars, Bram even converted Magnus from a classy world champion to a wild brawler. Together, the two have conquered everyone in their path – but it is Bram’s sheer barbarism that is really terrifying.

In recent weeks, Abyss has been trying to stop Bram’s madness, while also reclaiming the title of TNA’s most extreme – and we’ve had some incredible wars between the two as a result. However, what we’ve been left with is an even more terrifying Bram – now that he has taken Abyss’ beloved Janice. The nail-filled board has been used against its owner not once, but twice – ending in Bram even taking Janice from the Manhattan Center this past Thursday.

While Abyss certainly won’t give up his hunt to recapture Janice, it may be too late. Bram is poised to wreak havoc on the TNA roster and his new alliance with Janice could very well be the beginnings of a new-age Bonnie and Clyde, tearing through the flesh of TNA’s toughest one-at-a-time.

What will happen next? How will Abyss react to losing his girl? Find out this Thursday on IMPACT!


TNA UK Tour Poster

UK fans, get ready! TNA announces Fan Interaction packages for the MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour, along with the names of more international wrestling superstars who will be competing on the events in Glasgow, Manchester and London. Extra great seats, which were previously held off, are also being made available.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley will be making his first ever appearance in the UK as an IMPACT WRESTLING superstar at the January 2015 shows.

MVP, Taryn Terrell, The Beautiful People and Kenny King have also been added to a Tour roster that already features Samoa Joe, Gail Kim, Bully Ray, Magnus, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Mr Anderson, Eric Young, Gunner, Abyss, EC3, Tigre Uno and Rockstar Spud.

In another major announcement, TNA today confirms that the company’s trademark six-sided ring will be used on all MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour events – the first time it will have been seen in Britain since 2010.

TNA President Dixie Carter said: “The MAXIMUM IMPACT Tour is a highlight of the year for the TNA Superstars who travel to these big events and meet the incredible fans.

“With an unmatched Fan Interaction experience, a roster of the best professional wrestlers in the world and the return of the six-sided ring, the shows scheduled for the 2015 MAXIMUM IMPACT Tour will be our best yet.”

Fan Interaction tickets for the January 2015 Tour go on sale on Friday August 15 at 10am – along with the extra great seats – and allow fans to meet some of their favourite wrestlers before each event.

The strictly limited meet & greet passes are available for all three shows and cost £35 plus booking fee. Those purchasing Fan Interaction tickets must also have a regular event ticket, which are sold separately, in order to gain access.

There will be eight TNA superstars at each meet & greet. Each wrestler will sign a maximum of two items per fan. TNA received positive press coverage and fan feedback last year after making a number of improvements to the Fan Interaction experience.

The MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour sees TNA visit Glasgow (Jan 29) and Manchester (Jan 30) before culminating in a huge double TV taping and Ultimate X match in London on Jan 31.

Bobby Lashley said: “This will my first time wrestling in the UK for TNA and I can promise you I’m more than ready. The bigger question is whether the UK is ready for Bobby Lashley?”

Taryn Terrell added: “I’m so happy to be on the Tour. I, alongside fellow Knockouts Gail Kim and The Beautiful People, look forward to bringing the rowdy UK fans the best women’s wrestling in the world and delivering some memorable matches.”

MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour and Fan Interaction tickets are available via,, or direct from the tour venues. Full details of the UK events are:

Thursday 29 January 2015     Glasgow The SSE Hydro

Friday 30 January 2015          Manchester Phones 4u Arena

Saturday 31 January 2015      London SSE Arena Wembley

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is broadcast on Challenge in the UK and Ireland every Sunday night at 9pm, as well as on Spike TV in the USA and more than 120 other countries. has received an update on the condition of TNA President Dixie Carter after she was power bombed through a table at the conclusion of last night’s Impact Wrestling.

As IMPACT went off the air medics continued working on Dixie, carefully moving her from the ring to the backstage area. She was cleared for release yet her condition deteriorated throughout the night.

On further evaluation Dixie was sent to the Emergency Room at Centennial Hospital, where she was immediately seen by an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and radiologist. Following numerous tests and scans, X-rays reveal and an MRI confirms Dixie has L2 and L3 Transverse Process Fractures, as well as a hairline rib fracture.

Dixie has been released from the hospital and is back home in Nashville resting uncomfortably. 

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A Chronicle of Dixie Carter Getting Put Through a Table



IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James

August 7, 2014

Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer vow to tear the house down in tonight’s Hardcore War!  Bully Ray promises to drive Dixie Carter through a table!


Monster’s Ball Match


Christy Hemme introduces “The Monster” Abyss as the first competitor in the opening contest, a Monster’s Ball match.  Magnus accompanies Bram to the ring. 

Bram goes on the offense early, but Abyss counters by driving Bram over the top rope with a solid clothesline.  Abyss and Bram exchange blows outside the ring until Abyss reverses and Irish whip and sends Bram into the steel stairs. 

Bram rolls into the ring while Abyss tosses trashcans and chairs in over the ropes.  Abyss mounts a chair in the corner, but when he turns, Bram smashes “The Monster” with a trashcan!  Bram pulls a barb-wire board from beneath the ring and leans it against the turnbuckle. 

Bram and Abyss counter one another, avoiding the board.  Bram grabs a wrench – when he goes to swing it, Abyss catches Bram below the belt with a cheese grater! Abyss sends Bram headfirst into the steel chair he’d mounted earlier, then he withdraws Janice from under the ring. 

Abyss swings Janice and gets “her” stuck in the turnbuckle.  Abyss then counters a chair shot from Bram and opens a bag of tacks.  He pours them around into a pile as the crowd chants, “We want blood!”

Bram slams a kendo stick over the head of Abyss and pulls Janice from the turnbuckle!  Abyss counters and chokeslams Bram onto the pile of tacks!  The crowd chants “This is awesome” as blood pours from the various holes in the back of Bram!

Abyss picks up Janice, but a distraction from Magnus allows Bram to spear “The Monster” through the barb-wire board! Bram swings Janice into the gut of Abyss and makes the cover for the win!

Winner:  Bram

Bram exits the arena with Janice in hand. 

Backstage:  Low Ki confronts Samoa Joe about the three-way X-Division Championship match tonight.  Joe tells Low Ki that the next time he hears his name it’ll be to announce him as the new X-Division Champion!



Backstage:  EC3, Ryklon, Gene Snitsky, Rhino and Rockstar Spud guarantee Dixie Carter will never go through a table!

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley, joins MVP and Kenny King in the ring.  MVP says Lashley is a destroyer – referring to Lashley’s victories over greats like Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. 

Bobby Roode interrupts and issues a challenge to Lashley for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Kenny King and MVP attack Roode until Eric Young and Austin Aries make the save. 

Backstage:  Samuel Shaw and Gunner are headed to the ring for a six-man tag team match.  Mr. Anderson approaches and says he doesn’t trust Samuel Shaw. 

Backstage:  Bully Ray says he won’t reveal their fourth partner for the Hardcore War.





THE BROMANS (Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, DJ Z)



The BroMans are in the ring when Mr. Anderson introduces his team, “Gunner – ‘this freakin’ guy – and Misterrrrrr Anderson!”

The bell sounds and Samuel Shaw and Jessie appear ready to start the match.  Mr. Anderson intervenes and pushes Samuel Shaw out onto the apron.  Anderson commands an early advantage before tagging Gunner. 

Gunner dominates.  Jessie tags Robbie E.  Gunner and Mr. Anderson exchange tags and alternate punishment to Robbie.  Robbie reverses a slam from Gunner and is able to make the tag to DJ Z. 

DJ Z spends a great deal of time taunting Gunner, who counters an attack and tags Mr. Anderson.  Robbie E flies into the ring and thwarts Anderson’s Mic Check!  The BroMans toss Gunner from the ring and team up on Mr. Anderson until Samuel Shaw rushes in to cleans house!

Anderson confronts Samuel Shaw.  Robbie E uses the distraction to roll up Mr. Anderson for the win. 

Winners:  The BroMans

After the match, Mr. Anderson tries to assault Samuel, but Gunner intervenes.    

Backstage:  Dixie Carter talks to King Mo about not being afraid of Bully Ray.


Backstage:  Gunner pursues Mr. Anderson asking him what his problem is.  Gunner shoves Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw steps in to accept the blame for the loss, averting a backstage brawl.






Hardcore War




EC3 and Tommy Dreamer enter the IMPACT Zone first.  Mike Tenay explains that there will be no pins or submissions until all partners have entered the match.  A new partner will enter every 90 seconds!

Dreamer attacks early, but EC3 gains control of the match after shoving Dreamer knee-first into the steel steps.  Dixie Carter and King Mo look on as EC3 takes the action back into the ring.

Dreamer grabs a Singapore cane and uses it to lock in a hold that sends EC3 flying over his shoulder.  Tommy Dreamer mounts EC3 in the corner and lands a series of punches.  Christy Hemme announces the next competitor – Rhino!

Rhino rushes into the ring and drops Dreamer with a trashcan lid!  Rhino dominates Dreamer and sends him crashing hard onto the mat.  Rhino tosses the cane to EC3.  EC3 smacks Dreamer then tosses the cane back to Rhino.  Rhino chokes Dreamer with the cane as Devon enters.   

Devon tosses a trashcan over the top rope and attacks Rhino and EC3 immediately.  Devon sends the trashcan lid crashing down over the head of EC3!

Snitsky enters the match, allowing EC3, Rhino and himself to gain control, until Bully Ray storms the ring and unleashes a savage assault!  Bully uses a steel chain to bust open EC3’s face!  Bully and Devon are in command. 

Ryklon enters by slamming a chair across the backs of Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer before powering Devon to the mat with a hard slam! EC3 screams from the center of the ring as his team scatters bodies all around.

EC3 is choking Bully Ray with the steel chain as Team 3D’s mystery partner is revealed – AL SNOW! 

Al Snow jumps into the ring carrying his famous head.  The crowd chants, “We want head” as Snow attacks EC3.  Ryklon and Snitsky send Al Snow crashing to the outside, then Bully Ray flies from the top rope and connects with a cross body!

Rockstar Spud slides into the ring and hits Dreamer with the cane, but pays dearly for his efforts! As Snow and Devon leave the ring to “Get the tables,” Ryklon and Snitsky attack and double team Devon.  Al Snow launches himself from the middle rope and connects with a moonsault, taking down Devon’s assailants!  

In the ring, Team 3D drops Rhino with a 3D for the win!

Winners:  Team 3D

After the match, Bully Ray calls out Dixie Carter and says he will put her through a table tonight!  Dixie promises that’s not going to happen and that King Mo will knock Bully out!

Backstage:  The Beautiful People make their way to the ring. 




Backstage:  EC3 says Ryklon, Snitsky and Rhino failed him and his aunt Dixie.  He says they’ll keep her from going through a table – and if they can’t, then it’ll be up to their secret weapon, King Mo.  EC3 guarantees Dixie Carter is not going through a table!

The Beautiful People enter.  Angelina Love says she and Velvet are way hotter than Gail and Taryn – and that she is a superior wrestler.  Angelina demands a rematch for the Knockout’s Championship!

Taryn Terrell interrupts the former champion.  Taryn says Angelina stole her opportunity to become the Knockout’s Champion.  She says her match with Gail was to determine who was better.  Angelina says she is better – she’s the best Knockout on the roster. 

Gail Kim enters and says that Kurt Angle is allowing her to choose the next challenger for her championship.  She says next week she’ll defend her title against Angelina Love, Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky!

The Beautiful people attack Gail and Taryn.  Gail dodges an attack from Velvet, who connects with Angelina Love!  The Beautiful People retreat as Gail holds her championship high into the air. 

Backstage:  James Storm commands Sanada to bow to him and win the X-Division Championship.




Video:  A promo airs, promoting the debut of “H---K” – coming soon!

Backstage:  Bully Ray says his match tonight was “Hardcore Heaven,” and that he will knock out King Mo and put Dixie Carter through a table!


Triple –Threat for the X-Division Championship


James Storm introduces himself as “The Legend” before introducing “The man who ended The Great Muta’s career,” Sanada.  Storm forces Sanada to bow!  Low Ki and “The Samoan Submission Machine,” Samoa Joe enter next. 

The opening bell sounds and the three men square off.  Low Ki is sent from the ring and Samoa Joe unleashes a series of rapid-fire strikes to Sanada.  Sanada mounts enough offense to allow Low Ki to get back into the match. 

Low Ki leaves Sanada reeling and Samoa Joe powers Low Ki over the top rope, high into the air!  Low Ki crashes down on the arena floor!  As Samoa Joe attempts a suicide dive, Sanada catches him with a hurricanrana! 

Samoa Joe sends Sanada to the outside and Low Ki flies through the ropes, propelling Sanada into the railing!  Sanada and Low Ki fight outside the ring, but Samoa Joe crashes into them with a suicide dive! 

In the ring, Joe plants Sanada with a powerbomb and locks in an STF!  Low Ki reenters the ring and goes face to face with Samoa Joe.  Joe and Low Ki trade punches.  Low Ki scores a series of offense, but Joe powers out – and attempts a muscle buster! 

Low Ki reverses and locks in a dragon sleeper.  Sanada breaks the hold but Low Ki quickly reverses, only to find himself trapped in a cross arm breaker by Samoa Joe.  Sanada breaks the hold with a moonsault! 

Low Ki rolls out of the ring and Joe locks in a rear-naked choke!  Sanada taps just before Low Ki can make the save. 

Winner:  Samoa Joe

Backstage:  Dixie Carter instructs King Mo to “Take him out!”




Video:  Bully Ray’s promise to put Dixie Carter through a table is recapped. 



TNA President Dixie Carter enters the arena on the arm of King Mo.  EC3, Rockstar Spud, Rhino, Ryklon and Snitsky follow.  The crowd boos Dixie who says, “Right back at you!” 

Dixie says EC3’s team is worthless.  She fires Ryklon and Snitsky – commanding they get out of her ring!  Then she fires the fans and tells them to “Pick your s**t up and get out...!” 

The crowd boos until Team 3D enters with Tommy Dreamer carrying a table with “DIXIE” painted on it!  The sea of boos changes to a tables chant.  Bully says Dixie is the most hated woman in professional wrestling!  Tommy Dreamer takes the mike and King Mo knocks him out.  The teams collide and Dixie escapes the ring. 

The IMPACT roster blocks her escape and Tommy Dreamer rolls her into the ring!  Devon hoists her up! FROM THE TURNBUCKLE, BULLY RAY POWERBOMBS DIXIE CARTER THROUGH A TABLE! IT HAPPENED!

The crowd erupts while Dixie lies motionless in the ring as IMPACT goes off the air.


Last night, after months of a frustrating chase, Bully Ray made good on his promise to TNA President Dixie Carter. To cap off an incredible show, Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through a table – with TNA’s top superstars surrounding the ring and cheering along with the sold-out NYC crowd.

What happens next!? Well, Bully Ray told exclusively that a major celebration is going down in NYC next week on IMPACT – and that his idea for celebration is something that wrestling fans all over the world would love to see.

We are being told that something big is brewing for IMPACT next week. So, while you celebrate last night’s epic #BossToss, get ready for a truly incredible treat on next week’s IMPACT. will bring you more details as soon as they are available!

Low Ki at New York City IMPACT WRESTLING Tapings gives Manik and DJ Z a drop KickAfter 3 thrilling X-Division triple threat matches this past Thursday at Destination X, fans everywhere have been reminded why the X-Division is the most exciting division in professional wrestling today. From those matches, 3 contenders emerged and this Thursday on Spike TV, a new X-Division Champion will be crowned!

Low Ki returned 2-weeks ago, making a huge splash by first knocking off DJ Z and then defeating both Z and Manik at Destination X. The two-time former champion and fan favorite wasted no time reminding us why he is one of the all-time greats in TNA history. This week, he plans to rise to the top of the division and become a 3-time X-Division Champion.

Sanada has proven to be one of the best international stars of wrestling since arriving in TNA earlier this year, as a protégé of iconic Japanese star The Great Muta. Sanada quickly captured the X-Division title and has reigned at the top of the division for a majority of 2014. Since losing the belt, we have seen a darker and more aggressive style from Sanada – which led to his betrayal of The Great Muta and alliance with “Cowboy” James Storm. Could this new bond with the “Cowboy” mean that Sanada returns to the top of the X-Division?

James Storm and Sanada face to faceWhat could you not say about Samoa Joe? The Samoan Submission Machine is one of the all-time greats and one of the most recognizable stars in professional wrestling. As one of the most decorated superstars in the history of the company, Joe is a Samoa Joe in Wrestling Ring5-time X-Division Champion and one of only a handful who has held every title in TNA. Last week, Kurt Angle announced that Samoa Joe was returning to the X-Division and he wasted no time raising the bar once again, defeating Homicide and Tigre Uno in an incredible match. As quickly as Samoa Joe returned to the X-Division, will he rise to the top and capture gold this Thursday?

One of these 3 men will be your new TNA X-Division Champion. Find out who tomorrow on Spike TV, as IMPACT airs at 9/8c.