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EYConfrontsJeffImpact Coverage by Bobby James
August 12, 2015 | TNA vs. GFW

Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett), the founder of Global Force Wrestling (GFW), enters the Impact Zone. Jarrett announces a huge inter-promotional show: TNA vs. GFW.

Jarrett announces an X-Division match between Tigre Uno (TNA) vs. Sonjay Dutt (GFW), a Knockouts’ match between Awesome Kong (TNA) and Lei’D Tapa (GFW), a Tag Team match between The Wolves (TNA) and Trevor Lee & Brian Myers (GFW) and finally, a King of the Mountain match for the KOTM Championship.

Eric Young interrupts, threatening to take Jarrett’s title, dignity and career. Jarrett and Young exchange words. Jarrett names Eric Young the first participant in the first ever King of the Mountain match on Impact Live.

Young jumps Jarrett, leading to a roster collision.

KongvsTapaKnockouts’ Match | Lei’D Tapa w/ Royal Red (GFW) vs. Awesome Kong (TNA)

Royal Red announces Lei’D Tapa as the “Queen of Rings,” before instructing everyone to “Bow down!” The Impact Zone chants, “Kong’s gonna kill you,” just before Kong makes her way to the ring.

Lei’D Tapa and Kong trade blows; Kong capitalizes with a big splash in the corner and follows up with a crossbody! Lei’D Tapa reaches her feet and pummels Kong with a big boot to earn a two-count. 

Kong drills Lei’D Tapa with a series of a clotheslines followed by a big splash. Kong scores a near-fall.

Lei’D Tapa catches Kong with a high back elbow before hoisting Kong onto her shoulders, moving to the center of the ring and executing a Samoan drop!

Kong battles furiously against Lei’D Tapa, ultimately planting her with a chokeslam. Kong clotheslines Lei’D Tapa over the top rope and just as she’s about to go out after her, Lei’D Tapa trips her and drags her through the ropes.

Kong and Lei’D Tapa battle up the ramp as the official declares a double count-out.

Result: No Contest (Double Count-Out)

Post-match: Kong slams Lei’D Tapa on the stage!

Backstage: PJ Black introduces himself as a challenger in the King of the Mountain match. 

RoodeSpudPromoBackstage: Drew Galloway vows to impress in the King of the Mountain match.

“The It Factor” face-to-face with Rockstar Spud

Bobby Roode says there are a lot of unanswered questions and unknowns, especially with Jeff Jarett in charge and Global Force Wrestling on Impact. Roode’s angry for not being considered for the main event. He invites Jarrett to the ring – the call goes unanswered.

Roode shifts focus and calls out Rockstar Spud.

Roode mocks Spud for ending Aries’ TNA career. He pats Spud on the shoulder, to which Spud voices his displeasure, calling Roode condescending. Spud says he’s defied the odds his entire life before cautioning Bobby Roode about bullying him.

Roode says Spud defeated Austin Aries with his wrestling ability – he’s that good, but that had he faced him, the outcome would have been different. Roode says nobody can stop his aggression; Spud disagrees while taking a shot.

Roode quickly gains control of the situation and leaves Spud lying in the center of the ring. Roode starts to leave but turns back and tosses Rockstar Spud out to the floor. He drives Spud shoulder-first into the steel steps before locking in a cross-face.

LashleyvsGodderzBackstage: Jeff Jarrett confronts Bobby Roode.

KOTM Qualifying Match | “The Man” Jessie Godderz vs. Lashley

Josh Mathews and Pope reveal the winner will advance to the main event, to compete for the King of the Mountain Championship.

Jessie shoves and taunts Lashley before being leveled with a clothesline and press slam. Jessie ducks out of the ring to avoid a spear, but Lashley’s punishment continues as he bounces “The Modern Day Adonis’” head off the apron.

Lashley executes a delayed vertical suplex. Godderz begins battling back.

Godderz hangs Lashley up on the top rope before unleashing his fury. Lashley shifts the momentum once more following a spinning elbow. He connects with a German suplex followed by a release belly-to-belly and a spear into the turnbuckle.

Lashley stalks Godderz with a spear, but Godderz counters with a scoop slam for a two-count. Lashley powers out of an Adonis crab and folds “The Modern Day Adonis” in two with a spear for the win!

Result: Lashley via pinfall

Backstage: Drew Galloway is found unresponsive.

MattHEC3Backstage: Dixie Carter, Jeff and Karen Jarrett wonder what happened to Drew Galloway. They speculated that someone is trying to undermine their alliance. Dixie leaves for the hospital as Jeff vows to find a suitable replacement for Galloway in the main event.

The Undefeated Champion Speaks

Ethan Carter III says he was born and bred to carry TNA on his back into the future. He claims that since he’s World Champion, he’s better than every other wrestler across all promotions and the globe. The fans chant, “You suck!” EC3 disagrees by saying he defends his title in “God mode.”

Matt Hardy interrupts.

Hardy says EC3 has a valid claim about being the best. He says EC3 surprised him by defeating him in Full Metal Mayhem, but that he’s not going away until “#MattForChamp” is a reality.

EC3 says he respects Hardy’s humbleness in defeat. Then, he concedes that he truly does feel respect for Hardy. He says the fans can decide if Matt Hardy receives another title opportunity. The crowd goes wild – and EC3 says “No” as Tyrus blindsides Hardy. Tyrus restrains Hardy as EC3 drives through him with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

WolvesvsLeeMyersDollhouse Pillow Talk: Taryn Terrell instructs Jade and Marti Bell to destroy Gail Kim – in a cage. The Dollhouse meets Gail Kim in a Six Sides of Steel match next week.  

Backstage: Chris Mordetzky announces his participation in the King of the Mountain match.

Tag Team Match | Trevor Lee & Brian Myers (GFW) vs. The Wolves (TNA)

The Wolves exchange rapid tags against Brian Myers for an early advantage. Myers counters The Wolves’ momentum by catching and slamming Eddie Edwards. Myers tags out to Lee. Davey Richards counters a double team attempt on Edwards; The Wolves send Lee & Myers over the top rope.

Edwards and Richards howl before connecting with suicide dives. They roll Trevor Lee back into the ring and are poised to bring down the Hammer of the Gods, when Richards is shoved from the top rope by Myers and Lee counters Edwards.   

Lee & Myers take over as Edwards struggles to make a tag. A “Let’s go Eddie” chant erupts as Lee & Myers continue his isolation. Edwards connects with a double hurricanrana, allowing him the space to tag in Davey Richards!

Richards’ flurry earns him a near-fall, but Trevor Lee is out at two. Lee and Richards exchange blows until a double team attack ends in a German suplex to – and pin attempt on Richards. Eddie Edwards interrupts the count. The Wolves send Brian Myers over the top rope and deliver the Force of Nature to Trevor Lee for the pinfall.

Result: The Wolves via pinfall

TigrevsSonjayDuttBackstage: Lashley vows to destroy everyone against him in the King of the Mountain match.

X-Division Match | Tigre Uno (TNA) vs. Sonjay Dutt (GFW)

Tigre Uno drops Sonjay Dutt with a running dropkick, but Dutt comes alive with a hurricanrana that sends the X-Division champion outside. Dutt connects with a dropkick through the ropes and Tigre Uno crashes into the barricade.  

Dutt rolls Tigre Uno back into the ring and connects with a springboard splash. Then, he mocks Tigre Uno’s mask and works to remove it. The official breaks it up and Sonjay Dutt places Tigre Uno on the turnbuckle. He connects with a series of chops before climbing the ropes and grinding in Tigre Uno’s face. Dutt delivers a Frankensteiner, but Tigre Uno rolls through for the three-count.

Result: Tigre Uno via pinfall

Backstage: Jeff Jarrett tells EC3 that he’s proud of him; EC3 warns Jarrett to tread lightly. Jarrett announces the winner of King of the Mountain will challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

KOTM1King of the Mountain | Robbie E vs. PJ Black vs. Chris Mordetzky vs. Eric Young vs. Lashley

Match Rules: To be eligible to win the match – and title, a competitor must make a pinfall or submission. The pinned or submitted wrestler must then serve two minutes in the penalty box.

Match Hightlights:

-        PJ Black hangs back while the other four challengers duke it out. Eric Young positions Lashley for a piledriver; Black delivers a super kick and Lashley scores a pinfall, qualifying for the championship.

-        PJ Black earns eligibility by pinning Chris Mordetzky.

-        Robbie E and PJ Black join forces against Lashley, but their partnership dissolves as they debate who’ll earn the pinfall. Lashley goes unpinned.

-        Robbie E slams and pins PJ Black.

-        Lashley spears and pins Robbie E; Eric Young and Chris Mordetzky re-enter the match.

-        Mordetzky and Young join forces against Lashley. Mordetzky betrays and pins Young; all competitors are now qualified to win the match; PJ Black and Robbie E are released.

-        Mordetzky locks Lashley into a full nelson; Robbie E breaks the hold with a crossbody from the penalty box!

-        PJ Black loads a ladder into the ring, but Robbie E whips him into the penalty box!

-        Eric Young delivers a piledriver to Robbie E onto the stairs!

-        Mordetzky and PJ Black square off on the ladder; Lashley tips the ladder and then connects with spears!

-        Lashley’s poised atop the ladder; Eric Young tips it over.

-        PJ Black springboards onto the ladder to battler Eric Young!

-        Lashley leaps from the turnbuckle and spears Eric Young from the ladder!

-        PJ Black delivers a 450 splash to Lashley from the ladder!

-        PJ Black hangs the title.

Result: PJ Black becomes King of the Mountain

Post-match: Ethan Carter III emerges from the back to see his Turning Point challenger.

Josh Mathews and the Pope break down tonight's hugh #TNAvsGFW supershow!  After Jeff Jarrett was placed in charge of IMPACT WRESTLING last week due to Bully Ray being taken out, learned that Jarrett will be bringing in various Global Force Wrestling talent to put on a supershow pitting many TNA Talent against GFW talent!

Tigre Uno is on the top of his game right now. The X Division Champion has been defeating everyone and doing it in impressive fashion. Tigre can fly around the ring and collide with amazing force against his opponents. Tigre is a proud warrior who will gladly fight for TNA and Impact Wrestling. So it begs the question, how will Tigre fair against the greatest X Division competitor to never hold The X Division Title, Sonjay Dutt?

  First, we will find out the answer to the last question on Wednesday night, but this is a dream match. Dutt competed for years in TNA and inside The Impact Zone, but never held the coveted X Division Title. Now, Dutt returns as a member of GFW and can defeat our current X Division Champion. It is a major opportunity for Sonjay Dutt and a chance for Tigre Uno to prove just how good he really is in this one on one encounter.

  The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards consider themselves the greatest tag team on the planet. They are The TNA World Tag Team Champions and they are considered one of, if not the best pure tag team in the world today. Eddie and Davey love the fact that they get to defend TNA in a match against Brian Myers and Trevor Lee.

  A simple google search of Brian Myers will give you plenty of information, Brian has won tag team gold in various companies and has competed all over the world. Trevor Lee is more of a wildcard. Trevor was born and raised in Cameron, NC, which means Trevor grew up watching Matt and Jeff Hardy, two tag team wrestling icons. If Trevor learned anything from watching the likes of The Hardy’s he will be a tremendous partner for Brian Myers and a difficult out for Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.

  Which team will win the match? Which team will bring glory to their company? Will it be The TNA Wolves or The GFW duo of Myers and Lee?

The stars of IMPACT WRESTLING talk about their most random celebrity encounters.  Subscribe for more!

  Jeff Jarrett has informed us that The King of The Mountain Championship will be defended this Wednesday night on Impact Wrestling. It will indeed be defended in a King of The Mountain Match. It is a known fact that the King of The Mountain Title can be defended in any type of match, but there will be a King of The Mountain Match Wednesday night in our Main Event.

  Who is competing? That is something that Jeff is keeping very close to the vest, but assured that it will be explosive and the match will be contested under normal King of The Mountain Rules. That is, 5 men will compete, you qualify for winning the title by pinfall or submission (that can occur anywhere), if you are pinned or submitted you spend 2 minutes in the penalty cage and you win by climbing the ladder and hanging the Championship high above the ring.

  Jeff has stated that he will announce one of the participants in the first segment of Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night.

As part of the TNA Digital Originals Series, My First Day, Josh Mathews sits down with Brooke to find out about what her first day was like.  Starting out as the character Miss Tessmacher and what it was like to work with Eric Bischoff.  Plus much more!

  Awesome Kong is a 2x Knockouts Champion and often times is considered the most physically dominate Knockout to ever enter the 6-Sided Ring. In presence and power alone Awesome Kong is a spectacle. A force that can not and will not be stopped.

  Enter Lei’D Tapa, who in 2013 competed in TNA’s Gut Check Series and now represents Global Force Wrestling. Tapa is just as physically intimidating as Awesome Kong and with Royal Red, Tapa’s protector, lurking ringside Tapa might have an advantage in this encounter.

  This is truly a matchup that you will not want to miss as these two Knockouts step into The Impact Zone on Wednesday night to represent their companies and perhaps prove just who is the most dominate Knockout on this planet.

  Awesome Kong vs. Lei’D Tapa happens Wednesday Night on Impact Wrestling at 9PM EST/8PM CST.

After Dixie Carter put Jeff Jarrett in charge as a result of Bully Ray being taken out by an unknown person, EC3 had a few things to say about the situation and her decision to put Jarrett in charge..

Announced last week, Jeff Jarrett will be running IMPACT Wednesday Night.  As you may have seen has changed and you can see that this will be a TNA vs GFW edition of IMPACT on Destination America. In a video message sent to us below Jeff Jarrett has something to say regarding Wednesday night.  More news to come throughout the week.