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Many have pinned Robbie E as the underdog in tonight's matchup between him and Matt Hardy.  Robbie, however, feel that this is unfair and has the credentials to prove that he is on par to be a contender against Matt Hardy in the World Title Series.  With many accolades under his belt, as stated in the video, perhaps Robbie E may have a valid point.  Watch below and judge for yourself. tried to get a few words in from Crazzy Steve in advance of his match against Aiden O'Shea on IMPACT WRESTLING tonight as part of the World Title Series, however as a man of few words we managed to get very little insight.  Perhaps this did at least offer the state of mind Crazzy Steve is in going into the World Title Series.... And what's with the creepy monkey?

DJ Z Talks with cameras about stepping back into the spotlight after being the DJ for the BroMans for such a long time.  Though he will likely still drop a few sick beats.


It is the most iconic rivalry of the past decade. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong tonight they write the latest chapter & it happens in The World Title Series. Kong has 3 points. Gail sits at 0 points. A win for either Knockout is a game changer. It eve. Has TNA President Dixie Carter talking:

Also, from Group Knockouts, Madison Rayne has chimed in on this epic encounter and discussed the this match in the World Title Series and she spoke very highly not only of the division but also how important this match is. 

"These two women deserve this spot on this show, their rivalry is part of the knockouts history, they had an amazing match at Bound For Glory and I have a vested interest in this match because I'm very confident that whoever wins this match tonight between Kong and Gail is going into the Round of 16 with me." 

Watch her full comments below.

Tonight the World Title Series continues and Josh Mathews and the Pope take a closer look at Group Knockouts which will see Gail Kim and Awesome Kong go head to head. 

Josh Mathews Updates you on everything you need to know going into this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING where the World Title Series continues with group play, though there is quite a bit more on the line than we have seen in past weeks.

Many have casted doubt on the abilities of Robbie E to advance in the World Title Series, however, after his win over Eddie Edwards a few weeks ago on IMPACT WRESTLING that gave Robbie E 3 points in the World Title Series, Robbie has decided to address all those who still doubt him. 

"I don't get what's the big deal, I've been wrestling for 15 years.  I'm a former X Division, Television and 2 time Tag Team Champion.  Why is everyone so shocked that I got a victory?"

Watch the full video below

During this week's episdoe of IMPACT WRESTLING Jessie Godderz delivered the top 5 reasons why he will win the World Title Series.