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History was made last Wednesday on IMPACT as a new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned.  Bobby Roode did what many called impossible as he pinned "The Destroyer" Lashley to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion for a second time. Now seven days later, the world will hear from the new World Heavyweight Champion when he speaks out.  Lashley and his camp have been surprisingly quiet but informed us they will break that silence this week on IMPACT. What will be the fallout from this historic moment? Tune in tonight to find out.

Eight teams started and now only two remain.  The finals are set in the Tag Team Tournament to determine the new #1 Contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.  Will the Hardys prevail and come out on top or will it be the unlikely but dominant duo of Samoa Joe and Low Ki?  Tonight, these two teams clash and only one will move on to a future title match against The Wolves.

The TNA Knockouts Title will be on the line as well.  The undefeated champion HAVOK defends the gold against former 4x champion Gail Kim.  Gail was injured in their first meeting but the former champion's intestinal fortitude and never-give-up attitude has brought her back for revenge.  Gail has promised to take the fight to HAVOK in a way nobody else has.  Don’t miss this Knockouts Title match tonight on Spike. 

A war of words has turned into a huge hardcore battle tonight on IMPACT.  The self-proclaimed "New King of Hardcore" Bram teams up with Magnus to take on Devon and Tommy Dreamer in a match where weapons are not only legal, but encouraged. Hardcore rules! 

All this and much more on tonight's IMPACT airing on Spike TV at 9/8c.


What a week it was, bros.... 

This week was all about Morocco and stupid animals... Why do animals have to be so creepy, bro? I don't like that I don't know what they're up to. Anyway, to start things off, we had to carry these bags of hay across town, which was no problem for us because we're so strong. The world got to see how crazy buff we are and Brooke even did some elbow drops for good measure!

For the detour, we had to choose between building a tent and making goat butter. I really wish we had chosen camp, bro. These goats were the smelliest, grossest things ever. Why don't animals take baths? Anyway, we milked the goat, then I churned the butter. Took too much time, but whatever, we got it done. Then, it was off to the road block. 

Brooke did that and, bro, she had to walk across this ladder and cables all the way across a canyon. What are we, bro, daredevils? She was super freaked out and then she had a lot of problems with the puzzle on the other side, but she powered through and we even made up some time. 

We made it to the pit stop in 5th place, which is exactly where we started this round so not bad! We have to make up some ground next week though so we can win that million dollars! 

Next stop is Italy, bro! BOOM!!! I love pizza! See you next week on The Amazing Race! has just received the following message from TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle:

 "Just wrapped up a conference call with Gail Kim. She is healed and ready to return to IMPACT this Wednesday night. What better way for the original Knockout to return than by excercising her rematch clause and challenging TNA Knockouts Champion HAVOK? This is going to be a great match from two of the best women in wrestling today! Now that's a 
TREAT for TNA fans this Halloween!" 

There you have it! Wednesday night at 9/8c on Spike TV, it will be Gail Kim vs HAVOK for the TNA Knockouts Championship - only on IMPACT! 

Happy Halloween from all of the TNA family! We certainly have a treat in-store for you today, as the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts have sent in some of their favorite Halloween costumes from today and years past! Which is your favorite? 

Be safe and have a great holiday!

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Earlier today, Bobby Roode, fresh off winning The TNA World Heavyweight Championship last night on IMPACT, was able to call into TNA Headquarters for an interview. We congratulate Bobby Roode on this incredible accomplishment as we enter a new era in TNA. The Bobby Roode era has officially begun and excitement is in the air. Click play, above, to hear from the new TNA World Champion! 

Eight teams sought out to become the new Number One Contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.  We are down to the final two teams.  The Hardys, one of the most decorated tag teams in history, who have never won the TNA World Tag Team Titles and the unlikely pairing of Low Ki and Samoa Joe.

Matt and Jeff Hardy have won every other major tag team championship there is to hold, capturing the TNA World Tag Team Titles would complete an incredible journey for the brothers from Cameron, North Carolina.  If you look at the summer The Hardys had in NYC and competing in the thrilling Tag Team Championship Series, one would think that Matt and Jeff were born to wear TNA Tag Team gold.  After eliminating their competition can Matt and Jeff advace past Low Ki and Joe and raise those titles once and for all?

How shocking was it when Low Ki selected Samoa Joe as his partner for this Number One Contenders' Tournament?  A fierce rivalry exists and Ki would certainly love Joe’s X-Division Championship one day, but for now, these two are heating up an already stacked Tag Team Division in TNA.

Who do you got?  The experience of The Hardys or the determination of Low Ki and Samoa Joe may be the deciding factors.  Matt Hardy, had this to say when reached out earlier today.

 “Both Jeff and I feel that even though we’ve gotten older, we’ve used our experience and wisdom to adapt into an even more successful version of ourselves as a team.  I feel that many of the fans believe that.  When, not if, we win the TNA World Tag Team Titles… We are validated and it becomes a fact.”

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy more motivated than ever?  Can Low Ki and Samoa Joe stop them?

The Revolution continues to strike fear in the TNA Locker Room. James Storm, in line with his surname, looms over TNA like a dark cloud... and, occasionally, lightning strikes and someone gets hurt. In recent weeks, Storm has turned his attention to The Wolves... well, Davey Richards, and has made overtures to Richards about joining the Revolution. 

Last week, he certainly shook Richards' partner Eddie Edwards. After making an offer to Davey, Eddie challenged Storm to a bout. Throughout the match, Eddie seemed torn as to whether he should focus on Storm or on his partner. Davey also seemed torn... Was The Revolution's message resonating with him?

The most questionable decision came when Davey climbed on the ring apron and began arguing with Edwards, allowing time for Storm to recouperate. When Edwards turned around, he ate a BRUTAL Last Call Superkick from James Storm and was defeated. The question for the last week has been, did Davey know what was coming? Was that a telegraphed message to Eddie? What does it all mean for the TNA World Tag Team Champions? 

All parties have been quiet this week, but we know that they will all be on IMPACT tonight. Tune into Spike TV at 9/8c to find out if Davey Richards has answered the call of The Revolution! 

Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final 
MVP and Kenny King vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe

IMPACT Wrestling opens with MVP and Kenny King in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Low Ki and Samoa Joe enter.

Kenny King and Low Ki start it off. King locks in a tight side headlock before driving Low Ki into the corner. He catches Low Ki with a stiff arm to the face before mocking him in the center of the ring. Low Ki battles out of the corner and Samoa Joe and MVP find themselves in the match.

Joe leads with a series of submission holds that MVP counters into a rolling armbar. Joe reaches the ropes. MVP breaks the hold and Joe unleashes a series of kicks and a leg bar. MVP grabs the bottom rope and Samoa Joe tags his partner.

Low Ki mounts a small amount of offense before Kenny King is brought back into the fold. King is dominant upon reentry, driving Low Ki to the mat and locking in another headlock. Low Ki battles back with a giant uppercut and tag to Samoa Joe.

Joe connects with a series of punches and a reverse elbow. He whips Kenny King against the ropes, but MVP pulls his partner from the ring. Joe rushes toward them but they grab his ankles. With Joe struggling to break free, Low Ki flies out of the ring and connects with a suicide dive over the top rope!

Low Ki makes a pin attempt with Kenny King back in the ring. King’s out at two and Low Ki connects with a kick to the head. MVP catches Low Ki with a cheap shot and then he takes the tag and the advantage.

MVP drops a big elbow to the back of Low Ki’s head. He follows up with a snapmare and a dropkick. Kenny King tags himself in.

Kenny King quickly makes a cover, but Joe interrupts the count. Kenny King. As Low Ki tries battling out of a submission, King powers him back down to the mat. MVP comes back into the match. Low Ki takes the moment to connect with a flying back elbow. Just before Low Ki tags Samoa Joe, MVP grabs his ankle and drags him to his corner, to tag Kenny King.

King and MVP alternate tags and double team Low Ki in between. Low Ki catches both with kicks from the corner. Finally, Low Ki makes the tag! Samoa Joe storms the ring and attempts a pin on Kenny King. MVP interrupts the count and Joe locks in a rear naked choke!

MVP breaks the hold and Kenny King catches Joe with a solid kick to the face! Low Ki interrupts King’s pin attempt, and then he goes to battle MVP on the outside. Samoa Joe locks in a second rear naked choke to earn the tap-out victory!  

Winners:  Low Ki and Samoa Joe

Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final 
EC3 and Tyrus vs. The Hardys

EC3 attacks Matt Hardy immediately by connecting with a group of kicks and punches. Matt comes back fighting with a series of punches of his own. Matt tags Jeff. Jeff comes off the top rope with a splash and an early pin attempt against the undefeated EC3.

Jeff Hardy drags EC3 around the ring in a headlock before tagging in his brother Matt. Matt and Jeff double team EC3 and then Matt connects with a Side Effect. He covers him for two.

EC3 kicks out and makes the tag to Tyrus. Tyrus squashes Matt Hardy and EC3 takes a cheap shot. EC3 tags back into the match. He repeatedly drives Matt’s face into the mat. EC3 tags out to Tyrus.

Tyrus slams Matt Hardy, then he tags in EC3 who runs in with a snapping neckbreaker and a follow-up headlock. EC3 taunts Jeff Hardy while Matt struggles. Matt dodges EC3, causing him to eat a mouthful of turnbuckle. Matt finally tags Jeff!

Jeff Hardy is in with a flurry of offense and Whisper in the Wind! The Hardys double team EC3 and then Jeff connects with a Twist of Fate! As EC3 falls backwards, Tyrus makes the tag. Tyrus connects with a double clothesline.

The Hardys dodge a top rope splash from Tyrus, then they each connect with a Twist of Fate. Jeff flies with a Swanton Bomb and The Hardys take the win! The Hardys will meet Samoa Joe and Low Ki in the finals!

Winners: The Hardys

Outside the ring, EC3 screams at Tyrus.

Main Event: 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
Special Referee: Kurt Angle 
Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c)

Lashley and Roode lock up. Lashley forces Roode into the corner, Angle makes the break. Roode catches Lashley with a chop and they two have a stare down. Lashley grabs Roode and powers him to the mat, then drives him hard into the corner!

Roode fights back with a series of rights and back-to-back clotheslines. Lashley powers back and pounds Roode’s face with some serious shots! Roode counters a clothesline attempt with a crossface, but Lashley reaches the bottom rope with ease.

The action spills out onto the floor and Roode drives Lashley’s face into the guardrail. Lashley comes back with a powerful sidewalk slam on the outside. He rolls Roode back into the ring and locks in a torture rack that he turns into a body drop. Lashley scores with a spinebuster – and he’s in total control.

Roode somehow manages to get his boot up into Lashley’s face. Roode follows up with a neckbreaker and a spinebuster of his own. Roode hesitates in pain for a moment, but gets a two-count.

Lashley powers out. He drives Roode to the mat with a huge spinebuster! Roode kicks out just before three! Lashley inadvertently hits Angle with a massive clothesline, then takes Roode down again! By the time Angle comes around, Roode is able to kick out, again, just before three!

Roode dodges a spear. Roode dodges another spear – but Lashley connects with Angle! Lashley rolls to the outside. Roode leaps from the apron in pursuit. Lashley dodges Roode. Roode dodges another spear from Lashley – this one connects with an IMPACT crew member!

Roode drops Lashley with a Roode Bomb on the entrance ramp. He rolls Lashley into the ring and makes the cover. Referee Brian Hebner flies into the ring and makes the count! Lashley powers out at two!

Lashley catches Roode with a low-blow, then he retrieves his title. Hebner argues with Lahsley and Lashley powers through him with a clothesline! Roode picks up the title and catches Roode with it. He makes the cover, but Angle is slow to count and Roode kicks out at two!

Roode battles back and attempts a Roode Bomb. Lashley grabs the ropes, drops to the apron and hangs Roode on the top rope. Lashley climbs the turnbuckle. Roode grabs Lashley from the top rope – he’s in position for a Roode Bomb, but Lashley counters into a pin attempt. Roode sits down on Lashley’s chest and Angle’s hand makes the three count just before Lashley powers out!

Winner: Bobby Roode (New World Champion)