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Rockstar Spud has not forgotten. It was supposed to be his entrance into a world of riches and fame and most importantly opportunity. It became his worst nightmare. Rockstar Spud was The Chief of Staff to EC3’s Kingdom and in an instant it was all taken away from Spud. Fired by the man he respected and loved like a brother, EC3.

Since that fateful night, EC3 and Spud have met in the ring and it was an old-school bloodbath that ended with Rockstar Spud getting his head shaved in embarrassment in London. Now, this Wednesday, Rockstar Spud will meet EC3 once again in the six-sided ring and this time The World Title will be on the line.

Also, keep in mind, Jeff Hardy will be in the corner of EC3 as our World Champs Personal Assistant. Jeff has stayed true to his word and has honored his agreement to do whatever comes to the dastardly mind of EC3. Will Jeff follow orders on Wednesday night?

Will Rockstar Spud capture The World Title? Will EC3 humiliate everyone? We can not wait to find out.

Tigre Uno is the embodiment of what The X Division is all about. He is an amazing athlete, an incredible competitor and a sportsman unlike any other. Tigre Uno tends to keep to himself in the locker room and is always very respectful to his fellow wrestlers. Tigre Uno is almost the exact opposite of his opponent this week on Impact, Kenny King.

Kenny King has certainly backed up his words in the past and has run with some rough characters, however now is the time to show the world what kind of man Kenny King really is. Kenny is a 2x X-Division Champion and knows what it takes to hold the title.

Something has to give as these two blue chip athletes compete over The X-Division Championship this Wednesday night on Destination America.

It was announced last week on right here on that on October 4th in Charlotte at Bound For Glory Gail Kim, who became a 5x Knockouts Champion last week, will defend her title against nemesis Awesome Kong in a highly anticipated encounter. Hold that thought… What about the former Champion Brooke and her rematch? Brooke was very outspoken with this tweet after it was announced that Gail will meet Awesome Kong at Bound For Glory:

Also, The Dollhouse’s Jade will have a Title opportunity this week on Wednesday Night Impact against Gail Kim. So it appears that Gail’s Championship celebration is certainly going to be short lived, unless she can get past Jade this week and keep her head on a swivel as it relates to former Champion Brooke.

If anyone can handle the pressure of holding onto the title it is certainly Gail Kim and the champion is feeling the heat right now.



TNA's Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash remembers his dear friend Eric "The Actor" Lynch on the anniversary of his passing.

A year ago we lost a tremendous friend in Eric "The Actor" Lynch.  Eric battled health issues his entire life, but his small size wouldn't keep him from leaving a giant impression on everyone that was fortunate enough to know him.  

I met Eric after running into Howard Stern Show producer Gary "Ba Ba Booey" Dell'Abate in Las Vegas.  I told Gary I could arrange Diana DeGarmo & Kurt Angle (two friends that just happen to be two of Eric's favorite people for completely different reasons) to surprise Eric when he made his historic first in-studio visit to NY later that month.  Eric and I met that day at the Howard Stern Show, and remained good friends until he sadly passed a year ago.

Eric had an amazing zest for life, wrestling, baseball, the Bunny Ranch, ODB's chest, and calling at all hours of the night with crazy wrestling ideas.  Wrestling brought some much deserved escapism to his life.  Given his health issues, the fact he traveled with Jon (a saint of a human being) to countless wrestling events, Robert Irvine shows, and even all the way to TNA Headquarters in Nashville proved that no affliction would keep him away from what he loved.  TNA was even gracious enough to pay his way to come hang out at Bound for Glory one year.  Eric's rarely seen but infectious smile made several appearances that weekend, later telling me he had the time of his life.

Many of the wrestlers soon became friends with Eric.  He'd often call when I had a car full of guys on the road, and would hold nothing back.  We'd put him on speaker phone so he could praise his favorites, and get into shouting matches with the ones he hated.  He was the same person you'd hear on the air.  He absolutely despised Bobby Roode, which once led to a classic on-air confrontation.  The entire audio was played on Stern, as the absurdity of it all led to one of the funniest hours of banter in show history.  

While he's gone, hearing clips on Sirius and listening to voicemails still saved on my phone always brings a smile, and serves as a reality check that no matter what hand life deals you, make the best of it.  Eric Lynch sure did.  Miss ya buddy.  Bye for now.  









Josh Mathews sits down with Bobby Roode to talk about his first day at TNA IMPACT WRESTLING. 

Yesterday, TNA President Dixie Carter called an all Talent Meeting for Wednesday to kickoff Impact Wrestling, plus mentions Eric Young.

Eric Young responded today.

"Do I look like someone that cares about what Dixie Carter is gonna say? Do I look worried?  Do I look scared?  I made my choice and it's the right choice."

Watch more below.

Jeff Hardy explains to the cameras the embarassing experience of being the assitant to EC3.  What the video below on how he endures and if he has any plan for getting out of the situation he's in. 

The Shera Dance is taking over!  Take a look at this new craze that is taking over the IMPACT ZONE every time TNA Star Mahabali Shera comes to the ring.  See more below!

  The scene was Atlanta, Georgia. The date October 14th 2007 and a night we will never forget. 10 Knockouts competing in an over the top rope gauntlet match for The brand new Knockouts Championship. Relive this piece of Impact history right now and see just how impressive our Knockouts truly are inside the 6 sided ring.

Robbie E talks about his most memorable Bound for Glory moment.  His Debut with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING.  Watch below for more.