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Mr. Anderson has always been a funny guy. Rumor has it being named class clown in high school inspired the tattoo on his arm (sorry Crazzy Steve, it isn’t your portrait).

In recent months Anderson has stepped up his antics. From visiting Sam Shaw’s mom to impersonating “The Cowboy” James Storm, Anderson knows how to get a laugh and throw a powerful punch line.


Mr. Anderson Visits Sam Shaw’s Home



Mr. Anderson Challenges James Storm to a Drinking Contest




Mr. Anderson Impersonates Cowboy James Storm





“The Cowboy” James Storm holds an exclusive spot in the club known as the TNA Originals.  Since day one, Storm has been with TNA Wrestling, and in that long time, this hell-raiser has certainly made his mark on the wrestling world as both a singles and tag team wrestler.  Whether you love or hate him, this Cowboy certainly plays by his own rules and after signing a new multi-year deal in April 2014, this TNA original will surely make many more memories in the future, but first, let’s take a look back at some of the Cowboy’s great moments at TNA and the hell he has raised. 


James Storm & America’s Most Wanted

Credited for putting the tag team division on the map, America’s Most Wanted (AMW) certainly made their mark on TNA.  In 2003 at the Nashville Asylum, AMV successfully completed their finisher the ‘Death Sentence’ on Slash of The Disciples of the New Church and became Tag Team Champions once again.  In total, the duo of James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris would go on to win the NWA Tag Team Championship a record 6 times. 


James Storm & Beer Money

This hell-raising moment brought to you by Beer Money and Team 3D.  Perhaps the most cringe-worthy moment James Storm has been a part of involved putting Homicide through a glass table, sending thousands of pieces flying in every direction.  Beer Money would eventually go on to claim the TNA World Tag Team Championship 4 times and claim their place in TNA history as one of the best tag teams ever. 


James Storm & Bound for Glory 2012


One of the bloodiest brawls in TNA history, the matchup between James Storm and Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory 2012 went down in the record books.  The match was labeled as a Street Fight and every weapon imaginable was used including tables, trash cans, tacks and even beer bottles.   


James Storm Ruins Gunner’s Tribute to His Dad

Storm’s most recent hell-raising moment came at the expense of Gunner.  While abruptly and rudely interrupting Gunner’s tribute to his father, Storm beat down both men, handcuffed Gunner to the ring and bashed a beer bottle over Gunners father’s head – talk about a headache!

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Last week, Magnus warned Bram to not take his match against Willow lightly. Explaining that Jeff Hardy only became Willow after being beat by Magnus for the World Title. Bram doesn’t ever seem to be phased by Magnus’ warnings and is only concerned that Magnus has lost his hunger, become complacent and lost his edge. Bram struck a nerve with Magnus after claiming that maybe Magnus would never get that edge back, and never be the “Old Magnus” again.  Is this just an experiment for Bram to get Magnus back to his old violent ways? After Magnus interfered in Bram’s match against Willow last week, taking the weapon from Bram & using it on Willow. Bram was psychotically delighted and crazily thrilled that the dark and brutal “Old Magnus” had returned.

588magnus2Is Bram really here to help Magnus become his old self because he truly cares, or is Bram here on his own agenda? But, how often in the history of wrestling, have wrestlers truly put themselves on the line for the benefit of another? Is he creating a monster in Magnus that he intends to control? But for what purpose?

Let’s assume Bram’s experiment worked and Magnus is now actually on the “dark side”. Now the questions become, how far will they go and what kind of havoc can we expect from these two?

The “dark side” as portrayed in Star Wars, draws energy from passion and violence, and is enhanced by fear, anger, hatred and rage. Coincidently, all, the things Bram is bringing out in Magnus. While we can assume this destructive duo will not be choking out opponents with their minds, it is safe to say we can definitely expect a force unlike any other in recent TNA history. Will they go down their own malicious paths, or team up? If Magnus isn’t careful controlling his rage, he could not only create destruction, but also self-destruction.

Benjamin Franklin once said “Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame”. Maybe that’s Bram’s plan all along, to bring Magnus to shame. By giving in to these tense negative emotions, Magnus could become self-aggrandizing, engaging in a never ending, greed-filled pursuit of power.

Now that Willow seems to know his place among the pair, what will happen now also have to contend with the monster Abyss?
And speaking of Willow, what will this do to him? Will this send Willow into an even deranged place, or will this bring back the "Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy?

Don’t miss the next chapter in this psychotic thriller, this Sunday at Slammiversary LIVE on Pay-Per-View!



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IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James | June 12, 2014

IMPACT opens with a video recapping MVP’s rise to power and the formation of his alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King. 

The TNA World Champion, Eric Young enters the IMPACT Zone to hype his upcoming Slammiversary battle against MVP.  MVP enters with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King.  MVP tells Eric Young that he’s a world class athlete and that Sunday he’ll becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Eric Young demands respect and has one simple request:  A fair fight.  MVP says a fair fight at Slammiversary is not guaranteed, but that Eric Young may pick the stipulation for the match if he can beat two of them tonight.   


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The bell sounds immediately when IMPACT returns.  Eric Young slides out of the ring to fight Bobby Lashley.  Lashley changes the momentum and begins dominating Young with a series of spears.

As Eric young begins mounting some offense, he is overpowered and tossed from the ring by the powerful Lashley.  Lashley’s onslaught continues outside the ring until he’s ready to make a pin attempt.  Eric Young kicks out and quickly finds himself in a series of back-breaker submission holds, including the torture rack. 

Eric Young reverses the second back-breaker and scores a series of near-falls.  Eric goes for a diving assault from the top rope, but is captured by Lashley and pinned following The Dominator!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley’s post-match assault is thwarted when Samoa Joe rushes the ring to make the save. 

Backstage:  Willow cuts a bizarre promo.



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Backstage:  Eric Young is checked out by a medical trainer who advises him against competing again tonight!

Backstage:  Samoa Joe hypes the power of Bobby Lashley before claiming Lashley will be his next victim. 

Magnus and Bram enter the arena.  Bram introduces Magnus – “the most brutal man I knew growing up.”  Magnus talks about his return to a more brutal, previous version of himself.  Bram says unlike Magnus, Jeff Hardy needs an alter-ego to believe in himself. 

Willow’s cackle sounds through the arena as he enters.  Willow says, “I’m out here giving you a chance to run.  I am dangerous.  I am from Jeff Hardy’s imagination! Where Jeff Hardy can’t go – I go.”  Willow hypes his match against Magnus at Slammiversary and promises victory with someone in his corner.  Willow introduces “The Monster” Abyss!  Willow and Abyss storm and clear the ring, sending Magnus and Bram up the ramp to regroup.

Backstage:  A video recap of last week’s first-blood match airs, to show EC3 bleeding.  EC3 says, as his Aunt Dixie vowed, “Everybody is going to pay!”



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“You are now in – the – mix!” welcomes viewers back to the IMPACT Zone. 

DJ Z introduces Robbie E (with Jessie), who he claims has conquered his fear of clowns.  The BroMans make their way to the ring as Robbie E prepares to face Knux. 

The Menagerie enters, led by “The Ravishing” Rebel, Crazy Steve, The Freak and Knux.  Robbie E nervously awaits his opponent.


Knux begins his assault on Robbie E as the match starts.  The Menagerie’s carnival theme plays continuously throughout the match. While Robbie E is down, Rebel distracts Jessie with splits on the apron, allowing The Freak to intimidate “Mr. Pectacular.”

Robbie E is able to mount some offense, but each move is psychologically countered by Crazy Steve, proving Robbie E has not overcome his fear of clowns.  Knux nails a sit-down powerbomb for the win. 

The Managerie taunts Robbie E post-match.  Crazy Steve ties a cluster of balloons to Robbie E’s tights, sending the bro frantically running out of the IMPACT Zone. 

Winner:  Knux

Backstage:  Rockstar Spud and EC3 are discussing a special guest for tonight:  Brooke Tessmacher!


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EC3 and Rockstar Spud enter the arena and EC3 says he knows the truth about Bully Ray and “his checkered past.”  He introduces Brooke – Bully Ray’s former “main squeeze.”

EC3 asks Brooke if she had a relationship with Bully Ray.  She says yes.  He asks if the relationship is ongoing.  She says no.  EC3 asks why it ended – was it because Bully Ray had late nights, drinking problems, or other women – or maybe he threatened to put her through a table?  Brooke denies all allegations and asks “What is this?”

Rockstar Spud grabs the mic and claims Bully Ray fathered a child with Brooke.  She denies Spud’s claims only to be called a “hussy.”  Brooke is offended and moves Rockstar Spud into the corner.  When she turns, she is met by a threatening EC3 – who questions whether or not to put Brooke through a table!  Bully Ray enters and EC3 and Spud make a quick exit as the crowd chants, “Brooke! Brooke! Brooke!”

Bully Ray vows to put EC3 through a table.  EC3 challenges Bully Ray to a Tables Match amidst a loud “Tables!” chant. Bully Ray counters by challenging EC3 to a Texas Death Match!  EC3 accepts!

Backstage:  Kenny King gloats confidently about his ability to defeat Eric Young.  The match is next.



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In from the break, Christy Hemme introduces the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young. Kenny King is out next.  Eric Young and Kenny King lock up and King takes the early advantage.  The two trade the advantage until King nails an unorthodox kick, sending the champion to the mat. 

Despite mounting some offense, Kenny King hits Young with a spinning slam.  He then boasts “I told you” as he taunts Eric Young and the audience.  King attempts and misses a spring-board dive, allowing Eric Young to capitalize.  Young drops King with piledriver and scores the pin!    

Winner:  Eric Young

Backstage:  Madison Rayne talks about the weird vibe coming from Brittany and the upcoming number one contender’s match, which is next.


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Backstage:  The medical trainer advises Eric Young against competing again.

MATCH 4:  No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Knockout’s Championship


Christy Hemme announces the Knockout’s contest.  Brittany is introduced first, followed by her opponents Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.  Gail goes for an immediate pin attempt while Madison is distracted by Brittany.  Brittany and Madison launch an early double-team assault on Gail Kim. 

Gail counters, sending both women outside the ring as The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) enter the IMPACT Zone.  Angelina Love and Velvet Sky join Taz and Mike Tenay on commentary as Madison Rayne and Gail Kim battle in the ring.  Madison scores a near-fall.

Brittany re-enters the ring, but is locked into a submission by Gail Kim.  Madison Rayne locks in her own submission on Gail.  Gail releases the hold on Brittany and breaks free of Madison’s hold.  Madison sets Gail on the top rope.  Brittany assists Madison, landing a double superplex on Gail Kim!

Brittany attempts to cover.  Madison interrupts the count and argues with Brittany.  Brittany sends Madison outside face first.  Gail Kim attacks and locks in a figure-four leg lock on the turnbuckle. 

The Beautiful People attack Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.  Velvet attempts to spray Gail Kim while Angelina Love has referee Brian Stiffler distracted.  Gail ducks and hits Brittany with the Eat Defeat!

Winner:  Gail Kim

Backstage:  MVP has a secret, inaudible conversation with his “most dependable” referee, Brian Hebner.


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Taz and Mike Tenay rundown the final card for Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event.


MVP is out first.  Mike Tenay details MVP’s conversation with Brian Hebner – there will be no interference once the bell rings to signal the start of the match. Eric Young makes his way into the IMPACT Zone for the third time tonight!

Young’s entrance is interrupted by an attack from Kenny King and Bobby Lashley! Lashley slams Eric Young into the steel steps, and then tosses him into the ring.  The bell sounds. 

When IMPACT returns from commercial, MVP is easily in control as the crowd roots loudly for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!  MVP maintains control but Eric Young powers out of a pin attempt.  MVP locks in a camel clutch, releases the hold, then taunts the champion and the audience. 

MVP powerbombs Eric Young onto the mat, then delivers a second powerbomb into the corner turnbuckle!  MVP makes three pin-attempts and Eric Young kicks out each time at the last possible moment.  Frustrated, MVP grabs a chair and assaults Eric Young.

Winner:  Eric Young (via disqualification)

Post-match, MVP says he doesn’t care what the stipulation is, at Slammiversary he will become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!  MVP poses with the title before beginning his exit. 

Eric Young grabs the microphone and says their match will be a Steel Cage Match! The champion exclaims, “I’m just crazy enough!” as IMPACT goes off the air.


Samuel Shaw has been locked away in a psychiatric hospital after being defeated by Mr. Anderson at Sacrifice 2014 in a Committed Match.  After being thrown into a padded van and being sent away, Samuel Shaw experienced solitary confinement.

As of recently, TNA Superstar Gunner has felt a personal connection with Samuel Shaw’s story and felt the need to intervene.  Gunner is not the only one with one-on-one capabilities with Shaw.  We gained exclusive access to the ward, and in hopes of gaining insight into this unique and rare situation, below is a recent interview conducted with Samuel Shaw inside the psychiatric hospital. 

IMPACT:  Tell us about your time so far in the psychiatric ward.

Samuel Shaw:  The very thought of being in the psychiatric ward was not a pleasant one.  When I was thrown into the padded van, a deep sense of failure washed over me.  Weakness for an impossible love ultimately landed me in a place I absolutely dreaded.  The psychiatric ward is not an environment conducive to a creative mind.  I was strapped tightly into a straitjacket and have been left alone with only my thoughts for hours at a time.  When I thought all was lost, Gunner shows up.  My straitjacket comes off, paper and pencils are in my hands once again and a new creative flame is ignited.  I can deal with this now. 

I:  You mentioned Gunner has been visiting you while inside the ward.  Can you tell us about your experience with him?

SS:  At first I was reluctant to even look in his direction.  I was so blinded by hate and disgust for the weakness I showed.  Emotions were turned off at the idea of someone like Gunner helping me.  But, this man understands that the only way to contain someone like me is to create.  He is extremely busy, yet comes right off the road after a long weekend of live events and comes to listen and speak with me.  We play cards, watch wrestling matches and even drink Bulletproof Coffee together.  The doctors feel that he is helping me and I’ve shown positive signs of a recovery.  I even get my smartphone at designated times, so I’m able to be apart of the bizarre social media world.  His visits have been nothing but beneficial.

I:  You have been allowed your pad and pencils while in the hospital.  Have you had any inspirations for your sketches?  And if so, what are they?

SS:  The first doctor gave up after a week and said I was unreachable.  He thought it was a bad sign when I was drawing scenes he deemed ‘violent in nature’.  The second doctor they brought in told me it was ok to draw whatever I wanted.  When if feel strongly about something, I usually have to release a certain energy.  Whether it be a nightmare or something TNA-related, I NEED a release.  I’ve had nightmares ever since I was a child.  Unfortunately, since arriving at TNA, they have gotten worse.  What has always helped me deal with it is releasing tension from my mind onto a piece of paper.  I guess you could say nightmares have been an inspiration.  Abyss is called a monster, but I don’t agree with these sentiments.  Like me, he is misunderstood and isn’t out to brutalize for the sake of brutalization.  He is an artist creating something spectacular and colorful and his work will be remembered forever. 

I:  What is it about drawing that helps you escape reality?

SS:  It’s all about a release for me.  I see certain things others don’t.  When I see Jeff Hardy flying through the air, I see vivid colors flowing behind him.  When he lands on top of his opponent it resembles an explosion of colors, almost like he splashed into a pool of fluorescent paint.  For a long time, I didn’t understand why others could not see what I was seeing.  Maybe this is why I felt needed to show this on paper.  Maybe this is why I became a professional wrestler in the first place while the majority of society sits in a cubicle.  Drawing and performing in front of a crowd are the greatest forms of expression to me.  If I can’t draw or perform in an environment like TNA, I might as well not exist.

Below are some sketches Samuel Shaw has drawn during his time in the psych ward:


A drawing by Samuel Shaw depicting the Monster Abyss


Samuel Shaw's Black and White Drawing of Gunner

Eric Young

Samuel Shaw's drawing of Eric Young after winning the Title

Samuel Shaw

Samuel Shaw's drawing of himself on the corner ringpost

For more personal updates on Samuel Shaw, follow on Twitter @TheSamuelShaw and @IMPACTWRESTLING can report that TNA President Dixie Carter left the TNA Offices in Nashville on Monday to attend Sunday's Slammiversary event to attend a meeting with the Board of Directors in Dallas, the site of the annual Pay-Per-View event.

According to sources, Carter is meeting with the Board to discuss the future (and possible fate) of TNA Director of Wrestling Operations, MVP. At the end of last week's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast, Dixie lashed out at MVP and his alliance for their treatment of her nephew EC3, promising all deals were off and that they should get ready for war!

MVP is competing in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship against Eric Young this Sunday at Slammiversary in Dallas, but now he must possibly prepare for retribution from the TNA President as the event is held in her backyard of Dallas. If Dixie has her way, MVP might be walking into a hornet's nest this Sunday. He may have the numbers, but in Dallas, everyone knows Dixie calls the shots.

It's been an ongoing power struggle between the TNA President and the Director of Operations, even before MVP gained leverage by winning the Lethal Lockdown match at April's Lockdown event. After becoming Director of Wrestling Operations, MVP banned Dixie (along with Bully Ray) from IMPACT. It was a tactical move, as MVP wanted to consolidate and grow his power. First he "indefinitely suspended" Bobby Roode (who is still sitting at home). Then, he attacked Eric Young and gave himself a shot at the World Title! Then, MVP brought in trusted backups with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley, who helped him unleash a path of destruction.

However, Dixie was still TNA President, and came back to IMPACT to confront MVP about his abuse of power. Surprisingly, she offered him the chance to find middle ground and settle their issues - but MVP wanted none of it. Then, when Dixie's nephew EC3 cost MVP and his alliance the First Blood Match last week and attacked him backstage after the match, Dixie erupted and promised revenge.

Despite his World Title match this Sunday, MVP may realize he's in trouble. Samoa Joe made his return - and despite trying to eliminate the threat of Joe or Austin Aries by putting them in a "Contract vs. Contract" match, both are still a part of the roster. Bully Ray is still hellbent on revenge against MVP, along with World Tag Team Champions The Wolves and World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young. For all the abuse of power from MVP, he may be slowly losing the fight for total control - not winning it.

Which makes Sunday's event in Dallas even more intriguing, as TNA President Dixie Carter realizes this as well. If their Board of Directors were to back her, she could effectively launch an all-out assault on MVP and unseat him from any power. MVP may be walking into Dallas and Slammiversary this Sunday with a World Title shot as the Director of Operations, but now that Dixie has promised payback, who knows how he will leave. No doubt, MVP knows to maintain power he MUST win the World Heavyweight Championship - the biggest bargaining chip in TNA Wrestling. If he fails, so does his empire.

MVP comes to Dallas, Texas - home of the Carter Family - with full control of TNA this week, but come Sunday night in Dallas, we all know who runs Dixieland.


Throughout the rich history of TNA and IMPACT WRESTLING, there have been several historic and surprising World Heavyweight Championship victories - the most recent being Eric Young, who as the major underdog defeated Magnus to win the World Title (watch the video below). Now, takes a look back at some more unexpected and surprising World Heavyweight Title wins in the TNA record book!




Bound For Glory 2005: "The War Machine" Rhino overcomes all odds

The very first "Bound For Glory" event was held in October 2005 and was regarded as the biggest night in TNA Wrestling history. The main event was originally scheduled to be Jeff Jarrett defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Kevin Nash, but an unexpected injury the night before the event cost Nash his chance at the gold. With Nash scratched from the event, Jarrett was in full celebration mode - but the TNA matchmakers had other plans and were determined to give the fans a World Title main event. As a result, it was announced that the Top 10 contenders would compete in a Gauntlet Match, with the winner earning a shot at Jarrett and the World Title later that night. The competitors consisted of: Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Abyss, Rhino, Monty Brown, Samoa Joe, Sabu, Lance Hoyt, Ron Killings and Kip James. Rhino emerged victorious in the battle, a major accomplishment considering he had already competed earlier in the night in the violent "Monster's Ball" match against Hardy, Sabu and Abyss! After the Gauntlet win, Rhino was given no time to rest and recuperate, as Jarrett's music played and the cocky champion hit the ring, taking full advantage of a beaten and battered Rhino. However, in a history-making moment proving that anything can - and will - happen in TNA (and with MMA star Tito Ortiz as special referee) Rhino pulled off one of the biggest upsets against all odds in TNA history by beating Jarrett to win the World Heavyweight Championship.



October 2011 - The World Title and the end of Beer Money

One of the most unexpected - and shocking - turn of events involving the World Heavyweight Championship took place over the course of a few weeks in October 2011. That summer prior, Bobby Roode survived the grueling "Bound For Glory Series" to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at TNA's biggest event of the year - and gained the respect and admiration of millions of fans in the process. With momentum on his side (along with his Beer Money tag team partner James Storm), many assumed Roode would realize his lifelong dream and become the new champion by defeating Kurt Angle at BFG - but it wasn't meant to be as Angle beat Roode that night and retained the title. Just days later on IMPACT, Roode's "Beer Money" tag team partner James Storm got his own shot at the World Title against Angle - and instead of Roode making history, it was Storm that upended Angle and surprised the wrestling world by winning the championship! Out of respect to his partner and their friendship, Storm gave Roode his World Title rematch one week later - but it was a decision that Storm would regret and resulted in the end of Beer Money. During the bout, Roode used Storm's own beer bottle against him and smashed it over his head, allowing Roode to win the World Title against his tag team partner in the most underhanded and vile way possible. Roode stabbed his own friend in the back to win the gold and destroyed the legendary Beer Money tag team in the process. To this day, the tension persists between Roode and Storm based on what happened that night!



Austin Aries wins the World Title at Destination X 2012

Another surprising and memorable World Heavyweight Title win came at the 2012 "Destination X" Pay-Per-View event, when Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode to become the new titleholder. What made the win so unique was the way the opportunity was presented to Aries - and even more memorable for how Aries revolutionized the X Division in the process with "Option C". In the weeks leading up to the Destination X event - which spotlights the no-limits superstars of the X Division - General Manager Hulk Hogan announced a career opportunity for the reigning X Division Champion, Austin Aries. He could face Bobby Roode at the PPV for a shot the World Heavyweight Title…but there was a catch. In order to get the shot, Aries has to "cash in" or give up his X Title reign. So Hulk presented Aries with two options: Remain the X Division and give up the World Title shot - or cash in the X Title for a shot at the World Title. Instead, Aries presented Hogan his own "Option C" - he would give up his X Title reign for a shot at the World Title, but under one condition - that every year going forward, whoever was the reigning X Division Champion would get the same World Title opportunity at Destination X! Hogan was impressed with Aries' vision and granted "Option C" - and Aries took full advantage by beating Roode at "Destination X" to capture the biggest title in TNA! Thanks to Aries, every reigning X Champion now has the same opportunity each year prior to Destination X - a privilege that Chris Sabin also capitalized on last year when he won the gold from Bully Ray!



Bully Ray shocks the world at Lockdown 2013

To fans around the world, Lockdown 2013 will always be regarded as one of the most shocking moments in TNA, as the night culminated in one of the most heinous acts in pro wrestling history that not only saw Bully Ray crowned World Heavyweight Champion, but the revelation that he was the mastermind behind the Aces and Eights! In the months leading up to Lockdown, the Aces held TNA hostage and unwashed assaults at their will, all backed by a mysterious figurehead. At the same time, General Manager Hulk Hogan had to determine who would face Jeff Hardy for a shot the World Title at the annual PPV event. Hogan announced he would select the contender via a series of matches on IMPACT involving top contenders, but that plan went up in flames when the Aces and Eights interrupted Hogan's final decision and surrounded him. As the Aces were about the annihilate Hogan, it was Sting and Bully Ray that came to Hogan's rescue. The next week, Hulk's daughter Brooke - then married to Bully but unaware of his sinister intentions - asked her father to give Bully the World Title shot as a reward for standing up to the Aces. Hogan obliged his daughter and gave Bully the shot at Hardy, but little did he know he and Brooke were just pawns in the entire scheme. At Lockdown, Bully turned his back on the fans, Hulk and his own wife Brooke when he revealed himself as the leader of the Aces and Eights. He beat Jeff Hardy with help from the Aces, then berated Hulk and Brooke from inside the steel cage - laughing at them and shoving the World Title in their faces as his entire scheme was revealed to the world!

Chris Sabin defeats Bully Ray for the World Title at Destination X 2013

Thanks to Austin Aries and the "Option C" stipulation, Chris Sabin was the next to cash in his X Division Championship at Destination X 2013 for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. However, the odds against Sabin seemed insurmountable - the reigning World Champion was Bully Ray, who along the Aces and Eights gang left a path of destruction in TNA Wrestling. Up until that point, Bully Ray and his gang were unstoppable. No one dared cross them, and many expected Bully Ray to simply annihilate Sabin en route to retaining the World Title - and with the rest of the Aces and Eight backing Bully, it would take an army to help Sabin win….but that's exactly what happened that historic night at Destination X. With Sabin looking beaten and the Aces helping Bully at ringside, the Main Event Mafia hit the arena to even the odds for Sabin! Minutes later, Sabin used Bully's own weapon against him and pinned him to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! When all the odds were against Sabin battling an unstoppable biker gang, the Main Event Mafia stepped up to help Sabin make history!


Everyone in the world has the one thing that maybe you’re a little scared of, whether it is heights, spiders, ghosts or anything in between. Well, wrestlers are no different. You may think that their strong and chiseled exteriors, paired with their hard-hitting attitudes make them invulnerable, even to fear. However over the past several weeks, we have seen some wrestlers show us their kryptonite and what really gives them the chills. Take a look at some of TNA’s most popular wrestlers and the fears they don’t want you to see!




Robbie E – Clowns

When the Menagerie first came to the Impact Zone, the reaction for most fans was complete and utter confusion, but for Robbie E, it was complete and utter terror! The two-time tag team champion is comfortable dominating the ring, but if that ring is anywhere near the circus, count him out. Robbie E’s phobia of clowns originated when he requested a DJ for his 3rd grade birthday party, but got a clown instead. Ever since, he has been terrified of clowns, and especially Crazzy Steve of the Menagerie. Will this be the last we see of Robbie E until the carnival moves out of town?




Brittany – Rejection

The newest Knockout has made quite the splash since her debut in March 2014. After stating that Madison Rayne is one of her favorite female wrestlers and  even calling her an idol, Brittany slowly started to take her love for Rayne to another level… a creepy level. After Rayne rejected Brittany’s offer to compete together in a tag match against The Beautiful People, a distraught Brittany professed her love for Rayne. She didn’t just want Rayne as her tag partner, but she “wanted to be with her.” Rayne quickly rejected the notion leaving Brittany alone. Now, all she wants to do is win Madison over, but has the ever-present fear of rejection hovering over her head.




Zema Ion – Heights

After being thrown off the very top of a ladder set up in the middle of the ring onto the hard cement ground, it would be hard not to be scared of heights! During a ladder match between the Bromans and The Wolves, Zema Ion stepped in to help his partners in crime win the match. It was clear that the Wolves had the match in the bag, so Zema hurried in to knock them off the ladders, but what he didn’t expect was for the Wolves to grab him by his little purple Mohawk and hurl him off! Now, rightfully so, he’s a little nervous to do the household chores that require a little lift.




Rockstar Spud – Dixie Carter

He may not necessarily have a phobia of the Queen of Wrestling, but he is definitely on pins and needles when in her presence. He never knows exactly what task Dixie Carter will give him next, but what he can be sure of, is that he probably won’t enjoy it. Carter  is infamous for using Spud and her nephew EC3, to do her dirty work for her. Spud works to keep up a jolly demeanor and would never speak ill of “madam” in public, but as we saw in the infamous elevator incident was a look behind closed doors, and for Spud, it’s a scary sight.





 Unknown-6Like the trailer for the 2011 psychological thriller movie, "The Roomate" says, "when you let someone into your life…how do you know they won't take it?"

When Brittany joined the Knockouts, she admitted she looked up to Madison Rayne & wanted to emulate her took her career. Madison under Britney under her wing and befriended her. Whether Brittany has misinterpreted Madison's kindness, it has become clear over the past several weeks that Brittany's infatuation with Madison Rayne boarders on being obsessive, and now has become creepy. We know it is uncomfortable, but is it dangerous?  

Two weeks ago, when Brittany asked Madison to be her tag team partner for a match with the Beautiful People, Madison declined and told her that Brittany didn't have the experience to successfully compete with the Beautiful People and made Brittany promise that she wouldn't pursue the match.


Whether Brittany actually made the promise or not wasn't clear, but Madison certainly interpreted it that way.  Brittany played on Gail Kim's hatred for Angelina and Velvet and recruited Gail to be her partner. Gail never even got in the ring and Brittany's inexperience against the veteran Knockout tag team proved Madison's advise was correct.

Last week, Brittany offered her assistance to Madison in her rematch with Angelia Love. Madison told Brittany, in no uncertain terms, not to get involved in her match versus Angelina.  This time, Brittany kept her promise, and  idly stood by ringside while Velvet Sky interfered, allowing Angelina to beat Madison.

How do you keep the danger out, when you have already let it in?

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Everyone knows that TNA President Dixie Carter hails from Dallas, TX and is proud of it! This Sunday, TNA broadcasts live from Dallas for our annual Slammiversary pay-per-view and have special events planned in the area all weekend long. If you are coming, Dixie has compiled her very favorite things to do in Dallas. Check them out yourself while you’re in town – and tell them Dixie sent you!



Raised as a southern girl, it's no secret that you love good food! What are some of your favorite places to grab a bite while your in town?

Visiting my favorite Mexican restaurant when I am back in Dallas is a must! Mi Cocina is my absolute favorite! I love the location at Highland Park Village, because it is definitely glitzier than the one in North Dallas.  As much as I love a good Mexican dinner, I love a great margarita even more. The Mambo Taxi rocks. It is a frozen margarita with a sangria twist… way too good.
I’m also a HUGE fan of Bolsa in Oak Cliff. It has a great original menu and uses fresh, local ingredients, and the food is always unique, with so many new options to try. My whole family loves to meet there for brunch.





Always hard at work as a busy mother and wife, what are some of your favorite things to do in Dallas when you have free time to spend with your family?

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was born.  By the time I was in 1st grade, I could name every player, his number and position. Getting to go back to see a game is always such a treat. America's Team… and mine!!!



One of my favorite family outings with my kids is to go to Six Flags Over Texas.  They love it as much as I did when I was young. Growing up, it was always a special trip for us to get to go there. I remember not being able to sleep the night before every time.
mesquite rodeo
Another one of my favorite things to do is to go to the Mesquite Rodeo! I love cowboy boots as much as my Jimmy Choo’s. I’m a country girl at heart, and my kids love the rodeo too! I can still remember The Calf Race and being 4 or 5 years old, running around the arena trying to pull the bow off the calf’s tail!  I’ve always loved good-looking cowboys too.... in cowboy hats and helmets!

We already know you love your country music, but what we really want to know is what's your favorite radio station to tune-in?
I love Nashville, but Dallas is the country music capital of the world. My favorite Dallas radio station is 96.3 KSCS. The Hawkeye and Dorsey in the Morning show is the best. The talented, funny and handsome Hawkeye is a long-time friend and their country music playlist is the best.


Let us in on your style secrets. Where are the best places to shop around town?

 northpark 2 1551758a
In my opinion, Dallas has some of the best shopping in the world, and North Park Mall is the best of the best! I try to find the time to shop there every chance I get. They still have the curved brick planters by the duck pond that I always loved sliding down when I was little, and it’s a blast to see my kids do the same thing. I really enjoy taking them there during the holiday season, because their eyes light up when they see Santa, the greatest Scrooge Puppet Show, the amazing Holiday Train Exhibit and so much more.



You have mentioned several things that you love about Dallas, but what's your all-time favorite, #1 thing to do in your hometown?

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I’m so excited to have our Slammiversary celebration in Dallas this year; only the 2nd time ever TNA has brought cameras to the D/FW area. Having Kevin Von Erich return to Dallas to be a part of our pay-per-view (his first time back to Dallas in more than a decade) is a real honor for me. Can't tell you how proud I am to be the one to debut his talented sons on national TV! I'm also ready to put MVP and Bully Ray in their place with the support of my hometown!  I'm bringing some back-up to make sure that happens. Stay tuned!!

Tickets are on sale at and I can’t wait to see y’all there!