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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
March 13, 2015

Emanating from London, England, Impact Wrestling opens with the last man standing grudge match:

Last Man Standing Match
Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

Immediately, Bobby Roode takes the fight to Eric Young. A standing dropkick sends Young to the outside. Roode’s onslaught continues as he drives Young face-first into the barricade! Roode pulls Young to his feet, but Young counters by raking the eyes.

Young backs Roode into a corner before connecting with a very stiff shot to the face! Young attempts a suplex to Roode – but Roode counters with a suplex of his own, dropping Young onto the ramp! Bobby Roode sets up a table at ringside before driving Young into the guardrail, this time rib first.

Young clutches his side as the action returns to the ring. Eric Young capitalizes and connects with a whip into a flying neckbreaker. He drapes Bobby Roode over the edge of the ring and connects with a clubbing blow to the back of the head. Young delivers a second neckbreaker outside.

Roode is up at 7!

Eric Young sends Bobby Roode flying into the steel steps. Somehow, Roode gets lodged under the stairs! Roode appears desperate as Young attempts a piledriver onto the stairs. Roode counters and both men fall to the floor.

They’re both up at 8!

Roode and Young grab chairs. They swing and connect with one another. They follow up the smash with a double clothesline. They both reach their feet again as the official’s count hits 9! Roode and Young crawl back into the ring and Bobby Roode catches a second wind – but it’s short lived as Young catches him with a piledriver!

Roode’s up at 9!

Eric Young grabs another chair. This time, he takes a swipe at a fan before smashing the chair across Roode’s back. He drops the chair in the ring and attempts a second piledriver. Roode counters with a piledriver of his own! Young’s head bounces off the chair!

The official counts - both men reach their feet at 9!

Bobby Roode lifts Eric Young for a Roode Bomb, but Young grabs the top rope and leverages out of the move by pulling himself onto the apron. He drags Roode through the ropes and tries one more time for a piledriver, but Roode counters with a Roode Bomb that sends Eric Young crashing through that table!

Eric Young is unable to answer the 10-count!

Winner: Bobby Roode

Backstage: Rockstar Spud tells Jeremy Borash that in his world, the good guys still win.



Drew Galloway enters the Impact Zone. He says that first and foremost, he’s a fan. That he wants to feel the passion of the crowd. He leaves the ring for the crowd and says it’s “Story time with Drew.”

“Once upon a time…it used to matter what the fans thought… We decided who would be on our TV show – then something happened and people started shoving things down our throat. Who wants to take back wrestling?”

Galloway addresses MVP. He says MVP is a guy who thinks he can play God – and who thinks he can manipulate the system.

MVP enters the arena, backed by The BDC. He tells Galloway, “As far as you’re concerned, I am God, because I hold your life in my hands.”

MVP says Drew Galloway’s too dumb to be a champion, because of what he’s done and to whom he’s done it to. He asks the rest of The BDC to stand down.

MVP vs. Drew Galloway

Galloway overpowers MVP in the early goings of the match by repeatedly clubbing MVP! MVP takes an early cheap shot that gives him a window for offense. He mounts Galloway in the center of the ring and connects with a series of rights and a boot to the face.

MVP misses another boot attempt, instead getting hung up on the top rope. Galloway chops him down, forcing MVP to his hands and knees. Galloway kicks out a hand and connects with a running dropkick to the face.

Galloway hooks in the Future Shock DDT, but before he connects, The BDC interferes!

Winner: Drew Galloway (by DQ)

Post-match: MVP connects with the Blackout Kick. He tosses Galloway from the ring. He and Kenny King hold Galloway against the ring post and Low Ki charges. Samoa Joe stops Low Ki – to hand him a steel pipe! Low Ki smashes Galloway across the head. The BDC retreats, leaving Drew Galloway a bloody mess.


Backstage: Magnus assures Mickie James that he’ll handle Bram.

Backstage: EC3 says he’s been undefeated for 16 months before telling Spud, “You wanted this.”

Bram vs. Magnus

Bram charges Magnus on the ramp. Magnus counters and fights Bram around the ring. He throws Bram into the guardrail before rolling him into the ring to start the match.

Magnus clotheslines Bram back to the outside. He whips Bram into the steel stairs and then rolls him back inside again. Magnus charges Bram. Bram counters, but ultimately Magnus connects with a hard clothesline and boot to the face.

Bram blindsides Magnus before repeatedly smashing the back of his head against the mat. He drags Magnus to the apron and from the outside, he repeatedly slams Magnus’ chest and neck onto the apron! Bram presses Magnus’ head onto the ring post before pulling him from the ring and dropping him with a neckbreaker!

Bram climbs back into the ring, and just as Magnus attempts to battle back, he powers him down with a second neckbreaker! Bram sits, laughing, before making a pin attempt. Magnus kicks out at two! Magnus climbs the ropes and connects with a missile dropkick, but the toll’s been taken.

Mickie James rushes to ringside. Magnus sees her and furiously, he begins to battle Bram. They trade blows in the center of the ring. Magnus explodes with a clothesline! Then, he connects with another before he flies (and connects) with an elbow from the top rope!

Bram hits a low blow and the official calls for the bell.

Winner: Magnus (by DQ)

Post-match: Bram attacks Magnus with a chair while the referee works to keep Mickie James out of the ring. Bram grabs a cue ball and smashes it against Magnus’ forehead. Bram zip ties Magnus to the ropes and Mickie James enters the fray.

As Mickie tries to defend Magnus, Bram grabs her by the hair. She connects with a huge slap, but it only enrages the new King of Hardcore. He puts Mickie in a headlock and demands that Magnus kiss his shoe if he’d like him to let her go. Magnus kisses his shoe and Bram drops Mickie.


Backstage: MVP says he’s synonymous with The BDC and that blood has just begun to flow.

Intergender Match:
Robbie E vs. Brooke

Robbie E is accompanied to the ring by Jessie Godderz, DJ Z and Angelina Love.

The bell sounds and Robbie E treats the match like a comedy routine. He has a stool, a bucket and a water bottle stashed in the corner. After a few lock-up attempts, Robbie shoves Brooke to the ground before retreating to his corner to take a break.

Robbie E and Brooke lock up again. This time, he overpowers her, but she counters into a headlock. Brooke connects with a huge forearm and a series of chops. She retreats to his corner – steals his stool and spritzes herself with water.

Angelina Love distracts Brooke and Robbie E takes her down with a handful of hair. Robbie suplexes Brooke, but he misses a dive from the ropes.

As Brooke attempts to mount some offense, Angelina trips her. Brooke leaps over the top rope and connects with a crossbody! She ascends the turnbuckle again and attempts a crossbody on Robbie E. He catches her and holds her up as Jessie attempts a dropkick.

Brooke slides out of the hold and Jessie connects with Robbie. Brooke rolls him up for three!

Winner: Brooke


Hair vs. Hair
Rockstar Spud vs. Ethan Carter III

As Spud and EC3 meet face-to-face in the center of the ring, the London crowd feverishly chants for their hometown hero!

Spud unleashes a flurry of offense, which backs EC3 into the corner. EC3 rolls to the outside, but in hot pursuit, Spud gives chase. He smashes EC3’s face onto the apron. Spud unloads a series of chops before shoving EC3 into the barber’s chair. Spud connects with a vicious running dropkick!

EC3 regains his composure and mounts a comeback that culminates with a huge clothesline that leaves Spud lying in the ring. EC3 chokes spud with middle rope, but Spud’s able to dodge a running knee, leaving EC3 hung up. Spud connects with another dropkick that sends EC3 back to the outside.

Spud launches himself over the top rope with a senton!

EC3 finds himself back in the ring to distract the referee. Tyrus rushes to ringside. He pulls Spud from the ring and powerbombs him onto the floor! Tyrus rolls Spud inside. EC3 makes the cover, but somehow, Spud kicks out at two!

Mr. Anderson enters to deliver a Mic Check to Tyrus on the ramp! EC3 attacks Mr. Anderson using the arm brace he’s wearing. Spud’s also hit with the brace – and he begins bleeding from a gash in his forehead!

EC3 drives Spud head-first into the turnbuckle! EC3 focuses his attack on Spud’s face. When he looks up, Spud’s blood is spattered all over his chest and face! His assault continues. The blood of Spud smears across EC3’s chest as the screen fades to black and white with every head-on shot of Spud’s face!

Jeremy Borash intervenes! He low blows EC3. Spud connects with a stunner!

EC3’s enraged. He repeatedly slams Spud’s face into the mat – but like a true underdog, Spud digs deep and explodes with a series of hard chops and a shining wizard! Spud kicks EC3 in the head before attempting an Underdog – and that’s when EC3 counters to shift the momentum in his favor.

EC3 clubs Spud again with the brace. He makes a cover, but Spud’s out a two. EC3 drags Spud up, only to take him down with a One Percenter! EC3 gets the three.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Post-match: EC3 says that Spud has the most heart and determination he’s ever seen. He says that there was a time he and Spud were friends. EC3 says that Spud proved he belonged in Impact Wrestling and that Spud could one day become a world champion.

EC3 says he won’t shave Spud’s head because he’s proved he’s a man. EC3 extends his hand. Spud accepts the gesture and the two shake. EC3 raises Spud’s hand high into the air.

EC3 holds the ropes open for Spud. As Spud climbs through the ropes, EC3 grabs a handful of hair and savagely attacks! He screams, “Not! Spud – time to pay!”

EC3 pummels Spud and hangs him upside down in the corner. He shaves Spud’s head and screams, “Where’s momma? Where’s dad?” Spud’s defeated.

EC3 grabs a mic and screams, “Take notice – this ring – this company – this industry – and this world – it’s mine now!”


Challenge and TNA Wrestling go behind the scenes to follow the British Boot Camp finalists on Tour

TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 on Tour show features exclusive backstage footage and interviews
Airs: Wednesday March 25 at 10pm

Challenge today announces an exclusive new special – TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 on Tour – packed full of behind-the-scenes footage of all six finalists from the hit reality TV series.

The hour-long show follows the action as TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 winner Mark Andrews, plus finalists Grado, Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar, Dave Mastiff and Rampage Brown, join TNA’s roster of international Superstars in some of Britain’s biggest arenas on the MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour.

Filmed in late January in Glasgow, Manchester and London – the programme will give fans a truly exclusive look at the goings-on backstage on a TNA UK Tour. For the first time ever, TNA cameras capture exactly what happens when young British wrestlers mix it up with some of the world’s top talent – meaning a show chocked full of brand new interviews and footage, including TNA Superstars giving their frank opinions on the Boot Camp six.

TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 on Tour will be broadcast at 10pm on Wednesday March 25 on Challenge, and repeated at midnight on Sunday March 29. The show follows six weeks of TNA programming on Challenge, all recorded in the UK, as part of the channel’s annual #TNAINTHEUK season.

This special will answer many of the questions on fans’ lips ever since the critically-acclaimed series TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 ended in December. How will the UK crowds take to winner Mark Andrews, as he makes his first appearances in his home country as part of the full TNA roster? Can Scottish sensation Grado get revenge over the judge who dumped him from the show, Al Snow, when they fight in front of his family, friends and countrymen? And can any of the finalists impress enough to join Mandrews as a full-time TNA star?

The show features insight from top TNA personalities including Magnus, Rockstar Spud, Ethan Carter III, Robbie E, Josh Matthews, Christy Hemme and Brooke, plus the return of a couple of favourite faces from the Boot Camp series… so it’s one not to be missed by any wrestling fan.

Stephen Ladlow, Director of Challenge, said: "The search for a new star of IMPACT WRESTLING in TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 really captivated Challenge viewers, so we are delighted to be able to broadcast this special show about the contestants and how they fared on the MAXIMUM IMPACT Tour.

“You really see their passion and commitment to wrestling shine through, as they interact with the stars of the famous TNA roster and delight fans across the country.”

TNA President Dixie Carter added:TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 on Tour is a fascinating documentary that shows the passion of our roster, including the talented finalists of British Boot Camp 2, as they travel to three arenas in three consecutive days to film six television shows. It will bring a newfound respect for the grit and determination of these remarkable athletes and entertainers.

“Our company is proud of the success of the British Boot Camp franchise and the Superstars we have found in Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews. And, we are thrilled to partner once more with Challenge in bringing this exclusive, never-before-seen look at professional wrestling on tour.”

The original TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 series was commissioned for Challenge by Chris Brogden, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment, Sky. It aimed to compliment the burgeoning success of the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING series, which is one of the top performing series on the channel.

Challenge is available on Freeview channel 46, Sky channels 125 and 164 and Virgin Media channel 139.


Impact Coverage by Bobby James

March 6, 2015

The Beat Down Clan addresses Drew Galloway.

Kenny King and MVP ask Galloway to consider what he’s done – and who he’s done it to. MVP says his road to the World Championship was a year in the making, and that Drew Galloway chose to involve himself in BDC business.

MVP invites Galloway to explain himself, saying Galloway is public enemy number one. Galloway enters through the crowd. Galloway declares that he’s at home – surrounded by wrestling fans. He says he’s come to TNA to speak up for those who’ve been ignored – to give the fans a voice.

Galloway says guys like MVP are the problem with professional wrestling, because they think they dictate who the champion(s) should be. Galloway says he interfered because the fans should have a say – and that those with the ability should be champion.

Kenny King cuts in, saying The BDC will have retribution for Galloway spilling Low Ki’s blood last week. He challenges Galloway. Galloway accepts, saying he came to TNA to fight.

King says The BDC is a family, but that he is a one man army. The match is next.

Kenny King vs. Drew Galloway

Before the bell rings, The BDC rushes from the back to distract Galloway. King catches him with an enziguri. MVP takes a cheap shot as Kenny King gains control of the match. The referee sends The BDC to the back.

King whips Galloway into the corner, but he counters, pummeling King with a vicious clothesline. The momentum shifts as King is sent to the outside. Galloway drops King onto the barricade. King and Galloway trade blows, then King taunts the fans. King charges Galloway, who counters, catching King with a tilt-a-whirl slam spine first onto the apron!

Drew Galloway attempts to get the action back into the ring, but King hangs him up on the top rope. King connects with a leg drop on the apron. Galloway fights out of a chin lock and attempts a big boot. King counters with a high cradle suplex.

King repeatedly slaps Galloway in the face. Galloway’s enraged. He smashes King’s face with a series of rights before throwing him into the turnbuckle. Galloway connects with a clothesline from the top rope.

King flips over the top rope, catching Galloway with a springboard neckbreaker. King tries to steal one with a backslide pin with his feet on the ropes. Galloway powers out and connects with Future Shock DDT to secure the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Post-match: The BDC rushes toward the ring as Galloway escapes through the crowd.



Bobby Roode declares that he’ll become the new number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle interrupts Roode, saying he’ll stand in Roode’s way; that he’ll become number one contender. Angle vows to defeat Lashley for the title as he moves toward Roode. Eric Young jumps Roode from behind.

Roode, Angle and Young brawl. Young retreats as Roode and Angle come face to face.

Video: Ahead of their championship match, a video package highlights Taryn Terrell’s reign as the Knockout’s Champion and the return of Awesome Kong.

Backstage: James Storm tries to recruit Bram to The Revolution.



Bram vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy counters Bram’s intense style early with a bulldog and a clothesline that sends Bram to the outside. Outside, Bram takes control of the match as he connects with a series of uppercuts. Bram drops Hardy with a jumping spin kick, and then he locks in a rear chin lock.

Hardy battles back, connecting with two clotheslines from the turnbuckle. From the second rope, Hardy connects with an elbow to the back of the head. Then, he follows up with another elbow drop, a leg drop, a Side Effect and a moonsault.

Bram shoves the referee and connects with a low blow. Bram drops Hardy with “The Brighter Side of Suffering” DDT.

Winner: Bram

Post-match: Bram grabs a pipe from beneath the ring. As he approaches Hardy, Magnus explodes onto the scene to attack Bram! Bram retreats as Magnus promises to have his revenge. Magnus assures Bram that his blood “will stain the hallowed ground of England.”

Backstage: Rockstar Spud tells Mr. Anderson that his feud with Ethan Carter III ends tonight.


Backstage: Drew Galloway says “stay tuned” to see what he’s got planned.

Video: A video package recaps Rockstar Spud’s feud with Ethan Carter III.

Rockstar Spud enters the arena in a brightly colored suit covered with British flags. Spud says the last few months of his life have been challenging. He says he’s survived because of the fans. The crowd chants, “We love Spud!”

Spud says the time has come for “this” to end. He calls out EC3.

Ethan Carter III enters alone. EC3 and Spud have a stare down, until Spud says, “I want to fight you Ethan – this ends with you and me, in a fight. No friends, no shenanigans – just you and me.”

EC3 says people like Spud don’t get to challenge people like him. He says he’s a franchise, born and bred to carry TNA into the future. EC3 reminds everyone that he’s undefeated. Spud screams at EC3 and says, “Fight me in a match, so I can be the one who ends your streak!”

EC3 accepts, on the condition that if he wins, he gets to shave Spud’s head. Spud agrees and says EC3 should put his hair on the line as well. EC3 says, “Hair vs. Hair; Streak vs. Spud – challenge accepted. But Spud, don’t forget, in this world, the bad guys win.”

Spud reminds EC3 that EC3 told him that he was fierce – a lion – a gazelle. Spud screams, “I’m none of those things. I’m a freakin’ man! And I’m going to end your streak and shave you bald!”


Knockout’s Championship

Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

Taryn Terrell jumps into the ring and immediately attacks Kong! Kong pummels the champion and stomps her as the bell sounds.

Kong tosses Taryn across the ring repeatedly. Taryn’s finally able to counter Kong and land a few forearms before being powered down with a shoulder block. Kong punishes Taryn – sending her flying into turnbuckle.

Taryn flies from the top rope with a clothesline attempt, but Kong doesn’t budge and Taryn just bounces off. Taryn bounces off the ropes and leaps for a cross-body. Kong catches her powers her down with a slam.

Kong stalks Taryn. She charges the champion, but Taryn moves and Kong collides with the turnbuckle. Taryn mounts Kong with a series of rights before hanging her over the top rope! Taryn connects with a flying cross-body! She makes the cover, but Kong powers out.

Taryn attempts a Taryn cutter, but Kong shoves her down, powering out with ease! Taryn counters an Implant Buster – and again, she attempts a Taryn cutter. Kong again doesn’t budge.  

Kong chokes Taryn. Earl Hebner tries to break the hold, but she shoves him and is disqualified!

Winner: Taryn Terrell (via DQ)

Post-match: A raging Kong slams Taryn into the steel steps. Kong’s destruction is about to culminate with an Implant Buster outside the ring, but Gail Kim makes the save. Kong battles Kim into the back!


Tag Team Championships

The Revolution (c) vs. The Wolves

James Storm and Abyss represent The Revolution on their quest to defend the Tag Team Championships. The Wolves enter the arena, but are attacked from behind by Khoya, Sanada and Manik before the match gets underway.

Davey Richards is rolled into the ring; the bell sounds. Storm and Abyss attempt a double-team suplex, but Eddie Edwards makes the save. The champions retreat to the outside. The Wolves appear to be headed for a suicide dive, but at the ropes, they’re tripped. The interference allows Abyss and Storm to regain control.

Abyss dominates Davey Richards. Just before Richards can tag Eddie Edwards, Edwards is torn from the apron by Manik, allowing Abyss to maintain control. Abyss tags Storm, who powers through Davey Richards and sends Edwards flying off the apron.

Richards counters James Storm’s offense and finally tags Eddie Edwards! Edwards battles both Storm and Abyss, ultimately earning a two-count on Storm! The Wolves double team Storm; the crowd howls.

Eddie Edwards flies off the ropes with a cross-body, but Storm counters with Closing Time. Storm follows it up with an Eye of the Storm! Edwards kicks out at two!

Storm delivers a neckbreaker before tagging out to Abyss. As the rest of The Revolution looked poised to attack, Matt Hardy comes to ringside to even the odds. The Wolves double team Storm and Abyss, before connecting with a suicide dive to Manik and Sanada!

Then, they connect with two suicide dives to Abyss and Storm! Across the ring, they double team Khoya – and leap again with a suicide dive. Storm pulls Matt Hardy in the way and this time, The Wolves connect with Abyss and Hardy.

Sanada attempts to spray Eddie Edwards with the mist, but Edwards ducks and the mist flies into Manik’s eyes instead. Abyss brings a cow bell into the match, but the referee thwarts the cheap shot. While official deals with the cowbell, Matt Hardy sneaks in a Twist of Fate!

The Wolves double team the fallen Abyss to earn their third Tag Team Championship reign!

Winners: The Wolves


Backstage: Matt Hardy says that as soon as Jeff is healthy, The Hardys would like to battle The Wolves again. The Wolves agree.

No. 1 Contender’s Match

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

Roode and Young brawl outside while Angle awaits the opening bell. Roode rolls Young into the ring, then he and Angle work together, ultimately sending Young to the outside.

Roode and Angle lock up. Angle drops Roode with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle gets distracted by Eric Young, which allows Roode to connect with diving neckbreaker. Eric Young takes the advantage after sending Angle shoulder-first into the turnbuckle.

Eric Young takes control of the match as Angle clutches his shoulder outside. Roode starts to rally, but Young thwarts his comeback with a neckbreaker. Young climbs between the ropes and stomps on the back of Angle’s head.

Young continues his assault on Roode. He places Roode onto the top turnbuckle and attempts a superplex. Angle rushes to the corner – he powerbombs Eric Young. Young’s grasp on Roode never broke, so at the same time Roode is superplexed!  

Angle delivers ten German suplexes to Eric Young!

Roode catches a regrouping Angle with a cross-face! Angle grabs Roode’s ankle, forcing the hold to break. Angle locks in the ankle lock! Roode breaks the hold and counters with his own, but Eric Young makes the save. Young tries for a piledriver, but Roode counters and Angle immediately catches Young with an Angle Slam.

Kurt Angle slaps on an ankle lock. Eric Young makes it to the bottom rope! Angle puts Roode in an ankle lock! Roode rolls through, sending Angle into the official. Roode tries to drag Eric Young back into the ring, but Eric Young grabs a chair and smashes Roode in the head. Angle capitalizes, sending Young flying off the apron before catching Roode with an Angle Slam to win the match.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Post-match: Lashley comes face-to-face with the new number one contender.




 Can lightning strike twice? On the heels of season one winner "Rockstar Spud" and his fast track rise to worldwide stardom as a member of the TNA roster, the search for the next great UK wrestler returned in 2014 with BRITISH BOOT CAMP 2. From auditions in Glasgow, Manchester and London the field was reduced to six finalists, traveling to America, competing against one another on TNA live events alongside some of the biggest names in the wrestling world.

Join judges Samoa Joe, Gail Kim and Al Snow as they decide the fate of these aspiring wrestlers looking to fulfill their dream and secure a coveted contract with TNA. TNA Wrestling presents ONE NIGHT ONLY: BRITISH BOOT CAMP 2 premiering Wednesday, March 4 8/7c.




 Impact Coverage by Bobby James
February 27, 2015

Impact Wrestling opens with a recap of MVP winning the gauntlet to become the number one contender to Lashley’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Kurt Angle enters the ring and calls out Lashley.

Angle says he worked for over a year to have another shot at the title. He declares that he’ll have his opportunity – and that after tonight, he hopes Lashley is still the champion, after facing The Beat Down Clan.

After Angle leaves, The BDC enters to confront the champ. Samoa Joe says Lashley should listen to Angle – and that all of Lashley’s success is owed to every member of The BDC. The fans responds with a chorus of boos and “You sold out!” chants.

MVP says The BDC is united – and that Lashley will be standing alone.


Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud  

EC3, clippers in hand, enters with Tyrus in tow. Anderson and Spud are out next.

Mr. Anderson mocks Tyrus as the crowd taunts EC3 with a “You can’t wrestle!” chant. Anderson mounts Tyrus in the corner and connects with a series of rights. Spud tags in and continues the assault, until Tyrus overpowers Spud, slamming him to the mat.

Tyrus tags EC3. EC3 grabs Spud by the hair, but Spud counters with a kick to the face. Anderson is tagged back into the match, sending EC3 fleeing back to his corner. Tyrus and Anderson are again the legal men.

Anderson goes on the offensive and the crowd comes alive with a “We Want Spud!” chant. Tyrus takes a cheap shot, sending Spud flying off the apron. Tyrus and EC3 shift the momentum and take control of Mr. Anderson.

EC3 and Tyrus exchange tags and isolate Anderson. Spud reaches for a tag. Tyrus misses a splash from the ropes, allowing Anderson to make the tag! Spud connects with a couple knees to the head before a shining wizard. Spud grabs Tyrus by the head and runs up the turnbuckle – Spud connects with an Underdog!

The referee gets distracted by Spud and EC3, allowing Mr. Anderson to hit Tyrus with a low-blow and a Mic Check! Spud makes the cover to get the win!

Winners: Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson

Post-match: Tyrus rolls to the outside as Anderson and Spud stalk EC3 – to make him a client in Spud’s Barber Shop! Tyrus makes the save just in time.


Backstage: Ethan Carter III vows revenge!

Taryn Terrell enters the ring. She says she’s the champion of a locker room full of women she respects. She calls out Awesome Kong – inviting her to try taking the title. Gail Kim answers instead.

Gail says she respects Taryn as a woman – and as a champion – but she cautions Taryn against calling out Awesome Kong.  Gail reminds Taryn of what Kong did to Havok. Then, she says Kong is the most dominant woman to ever compete in professional wrestling.

Taryn says she respects Gail and her opinion – but that she’s a fighting champion. Taryn says she needs to fight Kong. Gail leaves the ring. The arena goes dark and when the lights come up, Taryn is face to face with Kong!  

Taryn charges Kong, but she’s powered down hard. Kong drops Taryn with an Implant Buster before grabbing the title and hoisting it into the air. Kong drops the belt beside the fallen champion and confidently takes her leave.

Backstage: MVP talks strategy with the rest of The BDC.   


Backstage: Austin Aries is asked about MVP vs. Lashley. Aries says he has the perfect surprise ending for the show (he holds up his “Feast or Fired” briefcase).

Intergender Tag Team Match
Angelina Love and Robbie E vs. Brooke and Chris Melendez

DJ Z and Jessie Godderz accompany Angelina Love and Robbie E. Brooke enters before her partner, Sergeant Chris Melendez!

Melendez and Robbie E start that match. Robbie E swats at Brooke. Chris Melendez takes Robbie E down with a suplex. Chris Melendez puts Robbie E in an arm lock and Brooke tags herself in. Robbie E retreats and tags in Angelina Love.

Angelina makes a quick tag back to Robbie E. As Brooke chases after her ex, Angelina takes a cheap shot. Robbie E tags Angelina back into the match. Angelina goes on the offense, dropping Brooke with a series of slams. Angelina misses a clothesline in the corner and Brooke comes alive, sending Angelina into retreat.

Robbie E makes a tag, unknown to Brooke. Brooke climbs the turnbuckle – and Robbie E shoves her from the top rope! He makes the cover and the pin for the win. The BroMans and Angelina use a selfie stick to take a picture with the fallen Knockout.

Winners: Robbie E and Angelina Love

Backstage: Ethan Carter III corners Rockstar Spud in the locker room. He turns on the clippers! Spud screams from inside the dressing room. Anderson rushes in to make the save – but EC3 got a chunk of hair! Tyrus makes the save for EC3.


Backstage: Gunner confronts Kurt Angle about his passive attitude regarding The BDC. Gunner says Angle needs a little motivation – he slaps Angle in the face!

Austin Aries enters the arena! The crowd chants “Aries!”

Aries says, “I have a first name, too!” The crowd changes the chant to “Austin Aries!” He says everyone’s jockeying for power in TNA – but that he has all the power in his hand. He holds up his “Feast or Fired” briefcase.

Aries asks what if he decided to cash in tonight – what if the night ended with “And your NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion – Austin Aries?”

Samoa Joe comes from the back. He says Aries has no chance of cashing in the briefcase. Joe says that he can snap his fingers and make sure Aries cashes in nothing ever again. Aries asks what happened to Samoa Joe. He wonders if Joe is MVP’s lap dog – if he gives MVP foot rubs and gets him chamomile tea.

Joe threatens to snap Aries’ neck. Aries accepts the challenge and dives out of the ring at Samoa Joe!

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Aries and Joe’s impromptu battle carries into the ring. Aries dominates the “Samoan Submission Machine” and gets a two-count. Joe counters a brainbuster attempt by hanging Aries over the top rope and sending him to the outside with a huge kick to the face!

Joe drives Aries into the steel steps, then he tosses him into the steps again for good measure. He rolls Aries back into the ring and crowds him into the corner. Joe is relentless with a series of stomps. Joe connects with a running knee and a headbutt to the kidneys.

Joe and Aries trade forearm shots, but Aries gets the better of the exchange before Joe counters with an atomic drop, a stiff kick and a splash! Joe locks in a bear hug. Aries boxes Joe’s ears. Joe rakes the eyes, but when he charges Aries, he’s sent to the outside.

Aries jumps from the turnbuckle and connects with a clubbing blow. Joe rolls into the ring and Aries mounts some offense. Aries attempts another brainbuster; Joe counters into a full nelson. Joe attempts a muscle buster; Aries counters into a school boy.

Samoa Joe kicks out before two and Aries locks in the Last Chancery. Kenny King comes to ringside and distracts Aries with his briefcase. Aries sends Joe into King before connecting with a crucifix and a 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Post-match: Low Ki and Kenny King rush into the ring and a three-on-one attack ensues. The BDC drapes Austin Aries over a table. Low Ki climbs the ropes and comes down with a Warrior’s Way – but the table doesn’t break! Joe crashes onto Aries, sending him through the table the rest of the way!


Backstage: Lashley says that if MVP wants to be the champion – he’ll have to go through him. Lashley says he didn’t ask for – and doesn’t need – Angle’s help.

Backstage: MVP enlists Eric Young to help make the title change hands.

British Boot Camp Match:
Nolan Dar vs. Rampage Brown

Nolan Dar and Rampage Brown start what has the potential to be a competitive match, but they’re interrupted by Bram.  

Bram destroys the rookie competitors by dropping each with an Impaler DDT. Bram grabs a microphone and asks Magnus if this looks familiar. He calls out Magnus, now!

Grado responds to Bram’s call. Grado climbs into the ring and gets in Bram’s face. Bram powers through Grado and drops him with an Impaler DDT as well.

Bram screams, “I’m waiting for your Magnus!” before leaving the arena as his victims reel in pain.

Winner: No Contest


TNA World Heavyweight Championship
MVP vs. Lashley (c)

MVP, accompanied by The BDC, awaits the champion. “The Destroyer” Lashley enters powerfully and confidently.

Lashley takes MVP off his feet with a huge clothesline. The champion dominates early with a hanging vertical suplex, but their fight spills to the outside. The BDC attempts interference. While the official, Brian Stiffler, is distracted by The BDC, MVP takes control with a running kick to Lashley’s face.

Stiffler ejects Low Ki from ringside, but the interference paid off. MVP rolls Lashley into the ring and makes a cover. Lashley’s out at two. MVP connects with a well-placed kick to the spine before working over Lashley’s arm and shoulder.

MVP tosses Lashley from the ring and distracts Brian Stiffler. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe and Kenny King attack the champion. MVP applies a figure-four wrist lock, but Lashley refuses to quit. Lashley counters with a couple rights before both men catch one another with clotheslines. They’re both down.

MVP and Lashley trade shots until Lashley gains the advantage, sending MVP to the mat. Lashley powers into MVP with a huge shoulder block and spinebuster! Lashley sets up for a spear, but Kenny King grabs his ankle, allowing MVP to rush in with a boot the face and an exploder suplex.

Lashley spears MVP, but as he falls, MVP takes out Brian Stiffler! Eric Young rushes into the ring and attacks Lashley with a steel chair! Eric Young sets Lashley up for the piledriver; Bobby Roode makes the save!

Lashley and MVP make it back to their feet. Lashley drops MVP with a huge powerslam! The champion makes the cover, but Kenny King pulls Brian Stiffler from the ring just before three!

Joe and King attack Lashley. Gunner emerges to combat Joe. Lashley takes out Kenny King – and MVP capitalizes. MVP makes a cover, but there’s no referee. Brian Hebner rushes in – and Lashley powers out at two!

Brian Hebner gets distracted with the medics and Stiffler and MVP grabs the chair. Drew Galloway makes the save by kicking MVP in the face, setting up the challenger for a huge spear! Lashley connects, Hebner reenters the ring and the pin is good for the champion to retain his title!

Winner: Lashley


Mumbai (Wednesday February 25, 2015): TNA Wrestling and India’s most popular sports TV station Sony SIX have signed a long-term deal that will make Sony SIX the exclusive home for all TNA content until 2022.

This innovative and prestigious agreement anchors TNA with a major media company in the world’s largest wrestling market outside of the United States for the next SEVEN years.

The partnership also includes a commitment to the discovery and development of talent from the Indian subcontinent to join the TNA roster, following in the footsteps of Mahabali Shera – who last year became TNA’s first ever Indian-born Superstar.

Fans across the Indian subcontinent can watch TNA’s flagship show IMPACT WRESTLING every Monday night at 9pm on Sony SIX, with TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches airing every Tuesday at 9pm and TNA Xplosion each Wednesday at 9pm. Sony SIX also airs TNA’s PPV and One Night Only events.

Since joining the Sony SIX line-up in the summer of 2013, TNA has helped Sony SIX become the most viewed sports channel across the Indian subcontinent. Other major sports/events on Sony SIX include Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket, FIFA World Cup soccer, NBA basketball and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

A major highlight for 2015 has been the IMPACT WRESTLING debut of Mahabali Shera. Introduced in a blaze of publicity by Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle, Shera has made headlines and led news bulletins across India.

Sony Six Business Head Prasana Krishna said: “We are extremely thrilled to extend our partnership with TNA. India historically boasts of a rich heritage in wresting and we believe, that through this initiative, we will be taking another step forward in reaching out to our audiences across India.

“The introduction of Shera and more Indian talents will only bolster our special televised capsule of action sports, which will feature the best of action and combat sports. We at Sony SIX look forward to building on this fascinating sport.”

TNA President Dixie Carter added: “India has an incredible cultural heritage with wrestling and we are thrilled to continue this amazing partnership with Sony SIX for years to come.

“As is evident through this long-term deal with Sony SIX, the powerful introduction of Mahabali Shera, and our continued pledge to find and develop Indian talent, together we are committed to growing legions of TNA fans across the Indian subcontinent.”

Tonight, Hollywood royalty come together for the biggest night in entertainment: The Academy Awards. Who will pick up the Oscar for Best Picture? Best Supporting Actress? Well, the stars of IMPACT WRESTLING love movies almost as much as they love wrestling. Check out the two part series below where TNA's stars make their picks for the Academy Awards! 


Impact Coverage by Bobby James
February 20, 2015

Kurt Angle kicks off the show from Scotland to declare that he’ll become the number one contender in the 20-man gauntlet. He says he re-signed with TNA Impact to become the World Champion.

Backstage:  Lashley is seeking Kurt Angle.

Matt Hardy & The Wolves vs. The Revolution

The Wolves and Hardy attack The Revolution on the ramp. Hardy and Davey Richards double-team Manik in the ring. The Wolves and Matt Hardy sound off with a loud howl before order is restored to the match. Hardy dives toward Manik, who moves – sending Hardy to the outside.

Outside the ring, Khoya takes a cheap shot on Hardy before James Storm takes control of the match. Storm and Abyss exchange tags as they work to isolate Matt Hardy from The Wolves. Storm tags Manik, who catches Hardy with back drop. Manik puts Hardy in a headlock.

Hardy breaks the hold before catching Manik with a Side Effect. Hardy crawls toward his corner. Storm grabs Hardy by the ankle, but Hardy kicks out and tags both members of The Wolves. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards double team James Storm – then Manik – and finally Abyss. They send “The Monster” Abyss into Khoya and Sanada, who are at ringside.

The Wolves suicide dive onto Abyss, Khoya and Sanada. Then, Hardy and The Wolves triple team Manik and get the pinfall.

Winners: Matt Hardy and The Wolves

Post-match: The Revolution attacks Hardy and The Wolves. Then, Storm orders Abyss to Black Hole slam Manik, as punishment for the loss. The Revolution carries Manik away as they leave.


Ethan Carter III says he’s not in a good mood. He says last week he was going to shave Rockstar Spud’s head, but that someone interrupted his “hair party.” EC3 says he’s issuing a public warning to that someone…

Mr. Anderson’s music hits and Mr. Anderson says, “That someone is a human being – that someone has a name – and it’s Mr. Anderson!”

Anderson threatens to take EC3’s hair. EC3 says nobody will take his dignity – and that no one will ever defeat him. Anderson pulls a pair of hair clippers from his back pocket. He turns them on and they buzz into the microphone. He tells EC3 not to get excited!

Tyrus blocks Anderson from getting in the ring. While EC3 is distracted by Tyrus and Mr. Anderson, Rockstar Spud and Mandrews attack!

Mandrews and Spud hold up EC3. Anderson switches on the clippers – and just as he moves toward EC3’s head, Tyrus attacks all three. Anderson battles back and catches Tyrus with a Mic Check. Spud and Mandrews duct tape Tyrus to the ropes and shave Tyrus’ head!

Rockstar Spud says Tyrus is the first client in the “Rockstar Spud barber shop,” and that Ethan Carter III is next.

Backstage: MVP says The BDC will stand tall at the end of the gauntlet.


Mickie James is spotted outside the arena. She says she has an update on Magnus’ condition.

Al Snow vs. Grado

Snow attacks Grado before the opening bell. Snow dominates early with a knee to the gut and an elbow to the face. Grado attempts to fight back, but Snow overpowers him with a clothesline. Snow chokes Grado using his wrist tape.

The referee breaks the choke. Snow grabs Grado by the head and points to – and taunts Grado’s mom in the audience. Snow bodyslams Grado and covers him for a two-count. Snow slaps Grado in the face. Grado counters with a chop. Snow bodyslams Grado again and heads to the top rope.

Al Snow connects with a moonsault and makes a pin attempt! Grado’s out at two! Snow goes up top again – this time missing the moonsault. Grado hits Snow with a “Wee Boot,” before connecting with a “Roll and Slice.”

Grado misses another Wee Boot. Al Snow misses with head and Grado catches him with a Wee Boot for the win!

Winner: Grado

Post-match: Grado celebrates his victory – and Al Snow makes good on his word by shaking Grado’s hand and hoisting it into the air. The BDC attacks – but Drew Galloway debuts from the crowd to make the save! Drew Galloway catches Low Ki in the head with a metal bar – Low Ki is busted open and blood pours from the side of his head!

Backstage: The BroMans and Angelina Love take an “usie” before heading to the ring for Angelina’s match. As they leave the frame, Awesome Kong is seen in the background!


Knockout’s Championship
Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

At the opening bell, Angelina Love attacks – sending Taryn Terrell back to the outside! Angelina leaves the ring to high five The BroMans. She drops Taryn with a fall-away slam.

Angelina rolls Taryn back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Taryn sends her crashing down before unleashing a flurry of offense! Taryn connects with a snap suplex and a diving clothesline.

Taryn charges Angelina, but Angelina counters with a Botox Injection! Taryn kicks out at two – then she nails the cutter for the three!

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Post-match: The arena goes dark. When the lights come up – Kong is face to face with Taryn Terrell. Taryn yells at Kong, “This is my time!”

Kong chokes Taryn, but she breaks the hold and the two exchange blows! Taryn runs toward Kong, but Kong powers her down with a shoulder block. Kong plants Taryn with an Implant Buster!

Kong grabs the Knockout’s Championship – and from behind, Gail Kim enters the ring! Gail Kim and Kong come face to face with the championship in the background. Kong drops the title over Taryn’s motionless body before retreating. Gail stares from the ring and Josh Mathews wonders if it’s a sign of things to come.


Tommy Dreamer calls out Eric Young.

Eric Young’s music hits – but he no-shows. Dreamer tells him to be a man. EY’s music plays again – but again, he no-shows. Dreamer heads to the back to find him. Young ambushes Dreamer.

“The Innovator of Violence” gains the upper hand and drags Eric Young to ringside. Dreamer demands a referee before taking a swig of fan’s beer and spraying it into Young’s eyes! Dreamer taunts Young too long and gets dropped groin first onto the guardrail.

Eric Young bites Dreamer’s eyebrow! Dreamer bleeds profusely from the eye – but he manages to shift the momentum and get Eric Young into the ring. The bell sounds.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young

Dreamer drags a table from beneath the ring, but Young kicks the table into his face. Young rolls Dreamer into the ring and drops his elbow across the back of Dreamer’s head.

Young places a chair on the mat and attempts a piledriver. Dreamer counters, but Young slams Dreamer onto the chair and sets up the table! Young lays Dreamer out on top of the table before climbing the ropes. Dreamer counters – he superplexes Eric Young from the top rope, but Dreamer miscalculated the fall and goes through the table!

Dreamer and Young reach their feet and trade blows. Dreamer gets the better of their exchange. Dreamer slams the chair into Young’s groing, but EY fights back, slamming Dreamer head first into a chair mounted in the corner. As Dreamer stumbles, Eric Young connects with a piledriver for the win!

Winner: Eric Young


A video recaps Bram’s attack on Magnus, then “Hardcore Country” rings throughout the arena as Mickie James heads to the ring!

The crowd gives Mickie James a tremendous ovation. Mickie says her visit to Impact is bittersweet – because in the last year, she’s had a son and gotten engaged – but that the action’s of Bram have broken her heart.

Mickie addresses Bram. She says she knows Bram thinks he’s a man’s man - but “attacking someone from behind? You’re nothing but a coward!”

Bram emerges to confront Mickie with a cue ball in hand! Mickie gets in his face!

Bram says he attacked Magnus because he’s become a watered-down version of himself. Bram blames Mickie for that – and says that Magnus is “stuck” with Mickie and a child. He calls Mickie a “needy little redneck.”

Mickie says Bram is only half the man Magnus is – then she fires back with, “You know you’re nothing but a little bitch!”

Bram knocks the microphone out of Mickie’s hand! He backs her into the corner while toying with the cue ball. Mickie slaps him in the face and screams, “You don’t scare me Bram!”

Officials emerge from the back to get between Mickie and Bram. Bram leaves the ring.

Backstage: Lashley confronts Angle.

Seg9 20ManTag

20-Man No. 1 Contender’s Gauntlet

Kenny King, representing The BDC, starts the gauntlet against Austin Aries.

King drives a knee into Aries’ gut before planting a kick to the back of his head. Aries attempts an early elimination of Kenny King, but King battles out. Aries and King battle back and forth as Crazy Steve enters the gauntlet.

Crazy Steve battles Kenny King. Steve surprises and he leaves King lying on the mat.  He high fives Austin Aries, but then Aries delivers and overhead slam.

Jessie Godderz enters next – followed by Bram. Aries and Jessie fight in one corner as Bram attempts to eliminate Crazy Steve. Kenny King attacks Bram. Khoya – the next participant – climbs into the ring.

Crazy Steve attacks Khoya, but Khoya counters Steve and makes the first elimination!

Chris Melendez enters – and immediately attacks Kenny King! Jessie and Bram battle across the ring from Aries and Khoya. Chris Melendez shifts his focus and tries to eliminate Bram.

Mr. Anderson enters the gauntlet, attacking Khoya, Jessie Godderz and Kenny King!

Chris Melendez is eliminated and Samuel Shaw, DJ Z and Sanada enter. Tyrus enters and come face to face with Jessie and DJ Z. Samuel Shaw jumps Tyrus from behind – but he’s eliminated for his efforts.

Tyrus makes another elimination as Rockstar Spud rushes into the match. DJ Z and Jessie Godderz are eliminated. Spud immediately attacks Tyrus, but he’s also eliminated. Tyrus eliminates Khoya. Sanada sparys mist into the eyes of Tyrus – and Mr. Anderson eliminates Sanada. Anderson eliminates Tyrus.

Gunner enters the gauntlet. He immediately goes after Bram. Bram and Gunner battle across from Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson and Robbie E! Robbie E is eliminated as Ethan Carter III enters the gauntlet. Bram and EC3 are eliminated next!

Samoa Joe enters next. Joe powers through Mr. Anderson before attacking Gunner. Joe and Kenny King join forces against Mr. Anderson. Low Ki makes his entrance.

Low Ki instantly attacks Gunner and Austin Aries. The BDC members face off against Gunner, Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries; MVP enters the gauntlet. Mr. Anderson is eliminated before MVP enters the ring. The final participant, Kurt Angle, rushes into the gauntlet!

Angle suplexes Kenny King and then Low Ki!

The BDC eliminates Gunner and Austin Aries, making it a 4-on-1 effort against Kurt Angle.

Lashley emerges from the back – but The BDC continues dominating Angle. Angle attempts to fight out of the corner, but all of the members of The BDC trade shots on Angle.

Kurt Angle creates just enough separation to charge Samoa Joe. Joe catches Joe mid-air and slams Angle to the mat! Angle eliminates Samoa Joe, Low Ki and then Kenny King! MVP and Kurt Angle square off in the center of the ring.

They trade blows and MVP takes the advantage. MVP gets Angle over the top rope, but Angle falls onto the apron and rolls back into the ring! Angle catches MVP with an uppercut before rolling him over the top rope. MVP catches himself and rolls back into the ring.

MVP takes out Angle’s knee. MVP attempts a Black Out kick, but Angle counters into a German suplex! Angle comes off the ropes, but Kenny King grabs his ankle – and MVP connects with a Drive-By to eliminate Kurt Angle!

Winner: MVP