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The Amazing Race enters it's 25th season this year, an incredible feat for any television show. The competition-based reality show is an Emmy Award Winner and one of the most popular reality television shows in the country. This year, two of TNA's own have packed their bags and are taking a journey across the globe in hopes of winning the show's 1-million dollar prize!

Robbie E and Brooke Adams, dubbed by The Amazing Race as #TheWrestlers, will be competing against 10 other teams and you can witness their journey (arguments, celebrations and everything in between) every Friday night on CBS at 8/7c. Before leaving, caught up with Brooke and Robbie to get their thoughts.

What made you want to be on the Amazing Race? How did it all come about?

 I was contacted by a casting director. After I mentioned my relationship with Robbie E as well as us both being professional wrestlers they were ecstatic! We had many interviews afterwards obviously ending with them falling absolutely in love with "The Wrestlers". Rob and I thought this would be an adventure of a lifetime, could bring us closer in our relationship, and truly put us to the test. 

Brooke and I checked out the show and both thought "WOW, we are crazy enough to do all these things!" Plus, bro, did you know you could win a million dollars? What other professional wrestlers would they have wanted besides us??? It was a win/win for all involved!

Did being a professional athelete help you? Did it also put a target on your back from the other teams?

Brooke: I truly thought being a professional wrestler and athlete was going to help a lot more than it did. In the end, being strategic and also having luck on your side is really what keeps you in the race. I think, at first, because of our appearance teams wanted to target us. We are pretty, loud, and all around amazing. I would want to target us as well. But, most then realized that Rob and I were directionally challenged and not the brightest of the bunch and forgot a lot about us as a threat. However, sometimes that can be a strategy too!

Robbie: Like Brooke said, it did to an extent but not as much as you'd think, bro. There really is no proper way to prepare. You never know what is coming at you next. I think hearing us say we are pro wrestlers made other teams scared but that doesn't mean we know where to go, we just know what to do when we get there!

How was it being that close to each other at all times? Were there a lot of fights?

Brooke: Rob and I are very, very close. We naturally spend a lot of time together. We are best friends and share it all. As close as we are, it was still a challenge for the both of us. You get so stressed because everything has to be so rushed. Then you get short and annoyed so easily without noticing; causing unnecessary fighting. It's impossible for a couple to go on this show and not fight. You will have to watch and see how bad (or good) it can get!

Robbie: When you're together, legitimately, 24/7, any couple would fight! Brooke and I love each other very much, no matter how we act. In the long run, fighting and getting over the fights brings you closer together. 

What can TNA fans expect to see from you on the show? 

TNA fans can expect to see a whole different side of Brooke and Robbie E. From the dramatic craziness to the fun, playful, loving couple we are. Watching us try and figure out the race is a show in it's own. Fans have never seen the way Rob and I interact. I think fans who know us from TNA are going to love seeing the realtionship between us in a new way. The realism, the chemistry, you definitely see something different here!

Robbie: BroFans are going to see a totally different side of Robbie E! I did things that I never thought I would do in my entire life and didn't think I was capable of. Overcoming fears, bro! I HATE ANIMALS, BRO!

When you get back from The Amazing Race, what's next? 

Brooke: Running the race really tested me as a person and athlete. After the Amazing Race, you can 100% expect Brooke chasing the Knockouts Championship and winning my 3rd title! And maybe a few Brobbies running around in the future.... 

Robbie: What she said, bro! I am very pleased with my wrestling career but, when I get back, it's time for fans to appreciate my ability more. I've held every title in TNA except for one - the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm heading in that direction next!

Watch the first episode of Amazing Race, featuring Robbie E & Brooke at!


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When we last left you, Austin Aries defeated Knux in a very physical one on one encounter earning his way into the NYC Gold Rush Finale against four top TNA superstars. Aries used his wit, strength and endurance to overcome the odds and left TNA's summer in the city with a guaranteed championship opportunity. A chance to challenge for any title Aries sees fit. 

So it begs the question, which champion will Aries challenge? Austin Aries has always done what he wants and can now dictate the future of TNA and IMPACT Wrestling. While challenging Lashley for The TNA World Heavyweight Championship seems likely, Aries may flip the script and go after another title. 

We at spoke to Aries via Skype last week and he echoed those exact words. All we know for certain is that Austin Aries has a championship match this week on Impact Wrestling. 

Don't miss IMPACT Wrestling tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV to find out which champion Austin Aries challenges and if he is successful. 



IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
September 24, 2014

IMPACT Wrestling opens with the announcement of the “New York City Gold Rush.” In the series, MVP, Magnus, Austin Aries, Abyss and Robbie E will collide in singles bouts throughout the night, with mystery opponents. Winners of the five matches will advance to the Gold Rush main event. The victor of the Gold Rush five-way match will earn the right to challenge the champion of their choosing.  

MVP is out first, claiming he’ll be victorious against his opponent…Low Ki!

Gold Rush Qualifier
MVP vs. Low Ki

The NYC crowd stands firmly behind Low Ki as he locks up with MVP in the middle of the ring. MVP takes an early advantage after a stiff elbow to the head. Low Ki battles back.  He and MVP trade blows and MVP attempts a cover. Low Ki is out immediately.

Low Ki dodges a charging MVP and cuts in with a series of chops. MVP mockingly exposes his chest, to which Low Ki begins chopping away, drawing “Woo’s” from the crowd.

MVP sends Low Ki over the top rope with a blasting kick to the face. MVP launches himself over the top rope, connecting with Low Ki. MVP rolls Low Ki into the ring, maintaining his advantage. He taunts Low Ki using his own fighting stance.

Low Ki kicks MVP in the back of the head and changes the look of the match. MVP is sent outside and Low Ki leaps from the top rope, crashing down on MVP’s head. In the ring, Low Ki attempts a Ki Krusher, but MVP counters and manages a Drive By to advance to the NYC Gold Rush.

Winner:  MVP

Backstage: The BroMans talk about The Beautiful People, the Gold Rush and Robbie E’s upcoming appearance on the Amazing Race with Brooke Tessmacher!



Gold Rush Qualifier
Robbie E vs. Tajiri

Robbie E says, “Let me ask you something. When you look at Robbie E, what do you see? You see perfectly threaded eyebrows, you see a dope BroMan tank top, you see a perfect tan and really big muscles…I’m ‘Inter-Bro-National!’”

The bell sounds and “The Japanese Buzzsaw” executes a series of strikes and kicks. Robbie E escapes to the outside and drives Tajiri’s back into the apron. Robbie E rolls Tajiri into the ring and mounts him, nailing a series of rights.

Robbie E thwarts Tajiri’s comeback until Tajiri lands a kick to the top of Robbie E’s head. Tajiri locks in the Tarantula. Tajiri misses a Buzzsaw kick and Robbie E catches him with a DDT!

Tajiri kicks out at two. Robbie E shoves Tajiri into the referee. While the ref is down, Tajiri sprays Robbie E with green mist and follows with a Buzzsaw kick for the win.

Winner:  Tajiri

Backstage:  Rockstar Spud addresses internet rumors about friction with EC3.



 Backstage: Rockstar Spud takes a phone call from EC3 and says, “Ethan, you can’t talk to me…Yes sir, you can talk to me however you’d like…”

Gold Rush Qualifier
Austin Aries vs. Knux w/ The Menagerie

Austin Aries grabs an early headlock, but Knux fights out and sends Aries to the mat with a shoulder block. Knux and Aries take turns doing handstands and cartwheels. Finally, the competitors lock up once again. Aries takes him down with a wristlock, but Knux powers out and jumps to his feet.

Knux drops face-first onto the mat after Aries connects with a running dropkick to the knee. Aries sends Knux outside and attempts a suicide dive, but Knux gets his foot up to catch Aries in the face!

Knux connects with a standing dropkick, showing a further display of athleticism! Aries begins fighting back with a flurry of kicks and forearms. Knux rolls to the outside, and this time, Aries’ suicide dive connects with Crazy Steve and The Freak! Back in the ring, Knux powers Aries down with a side slam.

Knux comes off the ropes, connecting with a crossbody for a two-count. Aries reverses a slam and connects with a dropkick and a discuss forearm. Aries hoists a disoriented Knux into the air for the brainbuster and the three count.

Winner:  Austin Aries




Gold Rush Qualifier
Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

Magnus attacks Anderson before the bell even sounds. Anderson comes back with a series of rights and an elbow to the face. Anderson attempts an early Mic Check, but Magnus slips out of the ring.

Anderson attempts a baseball slide, but Magnus pulls out and traps him in the apron. He nails Anderson in the head and tells the ref to count it. Anderson answers the count, but Magnus catches him with a second rope DDT before he’s back in the ring.

Magnus grounds Mr. Anderson with a headlock. Anderson fights out and flies off the ropes, but Magnus catches him with a hard series of clotheslines. Magnus whips Anderson into the corner, but somehow, Anderson comes rushing out and they catch one another with clotheslines.

They trade blows in the center of the ring and the momentum shifts in Anderson’s favor. Magnus rakes Anderson’s eyes and reverses another Mic Check attempt by powering Anderson down for a two count. Anderson’s foot reaches the bottom rope just before three.

Anderson reverses Magnus’ Spineshaker and finally catches him a Mic Check for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mr. Anderson





Mike Tenay and Taz preview the impending collision between Havok and Gail Kim.

Video: A recap of the havoc wreaked by Havok since her arrival in TNA. Havok and Gail Kim meet for the Knockout’s Champoinship next week!

Gold Rush Qualifier
Abyss vs. Samuel Shaw

As Taz says, both competitors are very odd and crazy. The bell sounds and Abyss overpowers Samuel Shaw twice before catching a few clubbing shots to the face. “The Monster” Abyss tries for an early chokeslam, but Samuel Shaw breaks free. Abyss catches him by the throat again and rolls him over the top rope to the floor.

Abyss slams Samuel into the guardrail and then fights him around the ring. Abyss throws a punch, but Samuel moves and Abyss catches the ring post! Samuel fights back until Abyss grabs a steel chair. Abyss swings – and again, he connects with the ring post.

Samuel wraps Abyss’ arm around the ring post twice before slamming it onto the steel stairs. Samuel continues his assault on the arm, but Abyss is overcome by either rage or power.  Abyss scores a strong shoulder block and series of offense before powering Samuel down with a chokeslam!

Abyss pulls the referee out of the way in pursuit of Samuel Shaw.  Samuel takes the opportunity to grab the steel chair and drive it into the head of Abyss. Samuel climbs into the ring and rushes into a Black Hole Slam.  Abyss covers him for the win.

Winner:  Abyss



The New York City Gold Rush
MVP vs. Tajiri vs. Austin Aries vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss

MVP hops out of the ring, to be a spectator to the beginning action between the other four competitors. As the fight spills to the outside, MVP finds himself in the center of the ring, taunting the other wrestlers.

Abyss stalks him from behind and hits MVP with a right. MVP retreats and tags in Mr. Anderson. Abyss hits a few big rights before squashing Anderson in the corner. Anderson starts to mount some offense, but “The Japanese Buzzsaw” tags himself into the match.

Anderson takes down Tajiri with a shoulder block, then the two exchange a series of chops and punches in the middle of the ring. Tajiri sidesteps Anderson, who crashes shoulder first into the ring post. Tajiri attempts a pin – it’s good for two.

Aries tags Anderson and squares off against Tajiri. They shake hands before exchanging a series of submission holds. Aries connects with a dropkick, but Tajiri comes back with a round kick and a jumping back elbow.

Aries whips Tajiri into the corner, where Tajiri attempts a Tarantula. Aries counters, sending Tajiri to the floor. MVP nails Aries with a cheap shot and with Aries distracted, Tajiri sneaks in a kick to the head. Tajiri gets a two-count.

Mr. Anderson tags in, but Aries is able to fight back and maintain the advantage. Aries crawls toward MVP, who drops down from the apron. Abyss comes into the match and attempts a chokeslam. Aries counters and catches Abyss with a discuss forearm before taggin an unsuspecting MVP!

Abyss begins to dominate and MVP retreats, tagging in Tajiri! Abyss and Tajiri trade blows and when Abyss tries for a chokeslam, Tajiri sprays the mist! Mr. Anderson tags in, but he’s quickly locked into a Tarantula!

Anderson drops Tajiri from the top rope with a rolling slam and MVP tags himself in. MVP nails Anderson with a Drive By and Austin Aries breaks the count to make the save! Anderson drops to the outside as Aries fights MVP out of the ring.  Aries flies, catching Abyss and MVP with a suicide dive.

Aries rolls MVP back into the ring, then he rolls Anderson into the ring on the other side. He tags Anderson and comes face to face with MVP. MVP attempts another Drive By, but Aries counters with a roll-up for the three!

Winner: Austin Aries


In a match that is sure to be an instant highlight reel, one of the most anticipated NYC Gold Rush battles will be between MVP and Low Ki. 

MVP was scheduled to face-off for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship back in June at Slammiversary, but an injury put him on the shelf and left him unable to compete. MVP clearly has title plans for himself, but what happens if he wins the tournament? Will he challenge his associate Lashley for the title? Or will he look to strengthen their grip on TNA by challenging for another belt?

Low Ki has been chasing the X-Division Title since returning to IMPACT. Coming up short at No Surrender against Samoa Joe, Low Ki surely wants another shot at X-Division gold. 

This will be an epic battle for the ages and it all goes down on Wednesday night, 9/8c on Spike TV! 

The Japanese Buzzsaw is one of the most lauded wrestlers to come from the Land of the Rising Sun. Throughout his storied career, Tajiri has held 18 championships across the globe. Most recently, he made his IMPACT debut, teaming with Austin Aries to take on James Storm and The Great Sanada. Now, Tajiri makes his return to the IMPACT ring to compete in the NYC Gold Rush Tournament.

His opponent is former TNA World Tag Team Champion (and upcoming Amazing Race participant) Robbie E. Robbie enters the match, hungry for another opportunity at TNA Gold after losing the Tag Titles to The Wolves earlier this year. The question is: should Robbie E win the tournament, would he use his title shot to go after the Heavyweight or X Titles? Or will he and Jessie go after the Tag Titles one more time? 

This is a can't-miss matchup, so tune-in (or set your DVR) to Spike TV this Wednesday at 9/8c! 

This week on IMPACT, Executive Director Kurt Angle is hosting the NYC Gold Rush Tournament, where the winner will have the opportunity to challenge for a TNA Championship of their choosing, any time. 

In an opening contest, it will be Austin Aries facing off against Knux. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Aries comes into the match as a favorite, but Knux will be looking to quickly move back up the ranks of the TNA elite by knocking off one of the brightest stars in TNA!

Knux also enters the bout with a gigantic size advantage against Austin Aries. No matter who prevails, one thing is for sure: whoever wins this match becomes a clear favorite for the remainder of the tournament! 

Don't miss the NYC Gold Rush Tournament, Wednesday night at 9/8c on Spike TV! 



Chandigarh, 22nd September 2014:
Marking a historic moment in the world of wrestling entertainment, TNA and SONY SIX together announced the signing of the first ever Indian wrestler Mahabali Shera into the global roster of TNA Wrestling. Catering to the sustained demand and popularity of the sport, the announcement marks a significant investment by SONY SIX and TNA to the growth of wrestling entertainment viewership across the Indian market.

This momentous announcement comes after a yearlong search for an Indian wrestler which begun with Hall of Fame star Kurt Angle’s visit to India in 2013. The TNA superstar selected and mentored Mahabali Shera, welcoming him into the elite faction of the TNA global talent roster. Under his guidance, the 24-year-old, Mahabali will feature across TNA’s programming line-up of TNA Impact Wrestling (Monday nights) in a bid to grow the popularity of wrestling in India through local connect. Viewing the market potential, SONY SIX and TNA, through this announcement, state their collaborated vision of exponentially growing and reaching out to a broader fans base for TNA in India.

Speaking on the announcement, Mr. Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, Sony SIX commented,

‘‘We are thrilled to partner with TNA in creating this iconic moment with the unveiling of the first ever Indian wrestler for TNA. India is home to some of the most passionate wrestling fans and through our consistent offering, high quality content and market reach we will make Mahabali Shera a household hero and fuel growth and popularity for TNA.”

On the launch announcement of Mahabali Shera into TNA roster, TNA President Dixie Carter said, “Signing Mahabali to our roster as the first Indian wrestler is a testament to TNA’s commitment to our Indian viewers and our continued focus on international brand expansion. With his in-ring talent and incredible story of achieving his dreams, we are confident viewers will quickly connect with Mahabali as he represents the people and nation of India throughout the world.” 

Speaking on Mahabali Shera joining TNA, Kurt Angle said, “It’s great to be back in India where TNA Wrestling is enjoyed by millions. This visit makes it even more special as I introduce Mahabali Shera as the newest TNA Superstar. Mahabali Shera is a great athlete who has showcased tremendous potential and skill, which strengthens my belief that he has what it takes to become a champion.”

Being signed on by TNA, Mahabali Shera said, “TNA is one of the biggest wrestling entertainment organizations in the world and I am deeply thankful and thrilled to be a part of it. With the organization featuring some of the best wrestlers in their talent roster, it is a great opportunity as well as honour for me. I hope my inclusion in the TNA storyline will be a catalyst for audiences in India to connect with TNA and enjoy the sport exclusively on SONY SIX.”

TNA schedule on Sony SIX:





TNA Impact Wrestling

9.00pm – 11.00pm


TNA Greatest Matches

9.00pm – 11.00pm


TNA Explosion

9.00pm – 10.00pm

TNA Greatest Matches

10.00pm – 11.00pm

The Wolves had their backs against the wall going into No Surrender. In a series for their Tag Team Championships, The Wolves were down and nearly out. Team 3D and The Hardys each had a win on the board and only needed one more to take the Tag Titles from the reigning champs. Against all odds, in one of the most incredible matches you'll see this year, The Wolves rose to the occasion! In a match with one insane moment after the next, it was Eddie Edwards who ascended the ladder and took down the Tag Team Championships to the wild ovations of a sold out NYC crowd!

Now, the Tag Title Series is all evened up!

Now it has been announced by Taz and Mike Tenay that on the upcoming tonight on IMPACT, The Wolves will tell the world their decision. The Hardys, The Wolves and Team 3D will come face to face and the Wolves will announced what the final match of the Tag Title Series will be. This makes IMPACT another can't miss episode so make sure you're in front of your TV on tonight to hear the news!

After a series of wild matches like nothing else you'll see this year, it is clear that this final match isn't just for the Tag Titles, it's to determine which team is the best tag team in the biz today!

Relive highlights from the first three matches now!