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The TNA Office was on the receiving end of a surprise visit yesterday from none other than EC3. The former World Champion was in a foul mood & you'll never believe what happened. Watch EC3's arrival below & see the full altercation this Wednesday night on IMPACT WRESTLING at 9e/p on Destination America. 


Two of the very best in The Knockouts Division will go one on one this week on Impact. Both are 5 time Knockouts Champions and both have a lot to prove. Both also have 3 points and this is their last match in Group Play. So for Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, it is win or go home. Win and advance to the Round of 16 and make history. Lose and go home quietly to watch and see how it plays out.

The World Title Series is wrestling history happening every week on Impact and these girls know what’s at stake. A legacy. The stage is set. One will move on and the other won’t. It really is that simple.

Who wants it more on Wednesday? Gail Kim or Madison Rayne.

WTS 11 11 Score KO

Join us this Wednesday night for another intense week in The World Title Series and the first World Title Series Awards.

Candidates have been carefully selected and we can’t wait to see who goes home with the hardware! It has been an incredible Series thus far and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate The World Title Series than by handing out awards.

The Categories:

World Title Series MVP

It is the most standard of all award shows and it is given out at the end of every sports season. While it may be trite, it still carries the most amount of weight. Who is The Most Valuable Player? Who has thrived in The World Title Series? Who is the best at this point? We find out Wednesday.

Match of The World Title Series

It is the match that makes you scream, “did you see that!?!?!” It had you talking to your friends and hashtagging about Impact Wrestling and The World Title Series and has stood out above the rest. It still lives on your DVR and you can’t wait to watch it again and again.

Most Improved

32 were given this opportunity and while only 1 can become World Champion, it is a chance to show the world what you have and what you can do inside the six-sided ring. Who has stood out amongst their peers? Who has made you say, “I think this athlete has a chance to go all the way?” We have a few that we think can pull off the major upset, but what do you think?

Biggest Disappointment

Now is not the time to be sensitive. Now is the time to be honest. Who has looked flat? Who hasn’t performed to the best of their natural ability? This is going to spark a lot of debate and we can’t wait to see who sends defensive tweets after The World Title Series Awards are handed out Wednesday night.

Biggest Match Still To Come

We still have plenty more to come! The matches only get more and more meaningful as we get closer to eliminations and must win situations. We have witnessed so much and there is still so much more to look forward to. Which matches do we have circled? Which match will be the best and most compelling at the end of The World Title Series?

Don’t miss The World Title Series Awards this Wednesday night on IMPACT WRESTLING! Plus, exciting action takes place inside the six-sided ring and we get closer to the Round of 16.


With no chance of advancing to the Round of 16 you’d think Mr. Anderson would be emotionally out of his match against EC3 this Wednesday in the World Title Series. However, it is quite different. Mr. Anderson knows that if he can pick up a victory against EC3, he can ruin EC3’s chances of advancing. For Mr. Anderson it is quite an appealing opportunity.

Mr. Anderson and EC3 had quite the rivalry in 2015 and all Anderson wanted EC3 to do was to prove he could win, without Tyrus or by using nefarious means. EC3 did eventually defeat Mr. Anderson, and when Anderson offered a handshake, EC3 laughed and walked away.

That moment has not sat well with Anderson ever since. Now, in The World Title Series, Mr. Anderson can play spoiler and send EC3 home, preventing him from advancing to the Round of 16 and ending his chances of regaining the TNA World Title.

What will happen is anyone’s guess, but it certainly will be intriguing when these two bulls go one on one on IMPACT WRESTLING. 

WTS 11 11 Score Champions

LashleyMMA Rotator

Friday night at Bellator 145 in St. Louis, The Destroyer Lashley lived up to his name by making quick business of his opponent, ending the bout in just 54 seconds. 

Following his victory, Lashley celebrated the win with Kurt Angle, who was cageside doing commentary. 


Lashley currently has 3 points in the World Title Series standings and is looking to build on his momentum from his Bellator victory to once again become the TNA World Champion. 

WTS 11 11 Score Champions

 FearlessPredictions Rotator

The World Title Series has brought out many fearless predictions from not only Josh Mathews and The Pope when calling the action, but from everyone around the globe. Opinions are flying in via twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more about who will win The World Title Series and become TNA World Champion. We at have our own predictions as well and here are our five #FearlessPredictions ... 

FearlessPrediction IMG 0703

A Knockout will become Champion! It has never happened in TNA history and our Knockouts can compete with any athlete in the world, male or female. Four have the chance to compete and we feel one of them will advance to the finals and win The World Title.

FearlessPrediction IMG 6750

EC3 will lose! He has never been pinned and has never tapped out. What has it been, like almost 1,000 days? This is a fearless prediction indeed, but if our calculations are correct, EC3’s time as being undefeated ends in The World Title Series

FearlessPrediction IMG 3959

Rockstar Spud wins The World Title! He is The Ultimate Underdog, he just needs the chance and remember Spud hung in the ring with Kurt Angle! No, they just didn’t “hang out!” Spud went toe to toe with the best wrestler on the planet and nearly pulled off the impossible. If everything falls into place, Rockstar Spud may become World Champion

FearlessPrediction IMG 3843

A Former World Champion is Defeated in The Round of 16! We only know that Matt Hardy has qualified for the Round of 16 and more will emerge as we move forward, but imagine the upset if this were to happen. That is why we love The World Title Series

FearlessPrediction IMG 5517

The Winner Will Be A First Time World Champion! Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities. Take them when they arrive at your doorstep and don’t look back. 32 have been gifted this chance and it is an opportunity to make history and become Champion for The First Time EVER!

What are your fearless predictions? Use #FearlessPredictions and let us know via twitter by following @ImpactWrestling and remember, you can catch up on the entire World Title Series by subscribing to our official YouTube channel and watching full World Title Series episodes available now! 

Screen Shot 2015 11 05 at 5.53.41 PM

Josh Mathews previews this coming week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING as the World Title Series continues Wednesday, at 9e/p on Destination America! 

View the current World Title Series standings. 


Watch the IMPACT WRESTLING Nov. 11 Preview. 


WTS 11 11 Score originals

With his victory on Impact Wrestling against Bobby Roode, Eric Young has made Group TNA Originals a topic of many conversations since the end of Wednesday night Impact. With the 3 points, Eric Young ties all three of his fellow TNA Originals, with all having 1 match left in Group Play.

With a bye week taking place for Group Originals this upcoming week, the four men who helped build the foundation for Impact Wrestling can sit back and relax and they all know what is looming in less than 2 weeks.

It will be James Storm vs. Eric Young and Bobby Roode vs. Abyss. It is very simple, the two men who win, will advance. Those defeated will go home. This is what the World Title Series is all about, it is win or go home, it is Game 7 and the world is watching.

Group TNA Originals are safe this Wednesday night, but Eric Young sums it up perfectly in the video below. Time is ticking...