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Bound For Glory | October 4, 2015 | coverage by Bobby James 

Bound For Gold Gauntlet | Mr. Anderson vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake vs. Al Snow vs. Aiden O’Shea vs. Robbie E vs. Mahabali Shera vs. Tyrus vs. Chris Melendez vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss

Godderz extends a hand at the opening bell. Anderson takes immediate control; Godderz plays opossum before sending Anderson into the bottom rope. Godderz press slams Mr. Anderson.

Anderson connects with a swinging neckbreaker; Eli Drake enters the match. Drake and Godderz attempt to eliminate Mr. Anderson; Anderson saves himself as Al Snow enters with Head. Snow tosses Godderz and Drake across the ring.

Snow delivers a series of headbutts to Godderz; Drake drops Snow with a neckbreaker. Anderson and Snow gain control as Aiden O’Shea enters the match. O’Shea sends Snow into the ring post and begins to brawl with Anderson, Godderz and Drake. Robbie E storms the ring.

Robbie E joins forces with Snow to shift the complexion of the match. Snow eliminates Eli Drake with Head. Mahabali Shera is the next entrant; his music plays until everyone in the arena and ring is doing the “Shera Shake.”

O’Shea interrupts the party with a strong headbutt. Shera clotheslines him over the top rope and continues to dance. Tyrus powers into the ring and dominates upon entry.

“The Sarge” Chris Melendez enters, as Tyrus overpowers his opponents. Melendez immediately takes on Tyrus, Robbie E and Mr. Anderson. Tyrus eliminates Snow, Melendez and Shera. He then focuses on Anderson as tommy dreamer enters.  

Tyrus and Dreamer exchange low blows; Dreamer catches Tyrus with a crossbody. Godderz saves himself from elimination as “The Monster” Abyss climbs over the top rope. Abyss chokeslams Robbie E and comes face-to-face with Tyrus. Pope leaves commentary and enters the match!

Pope eliminates himself and returns to commentary.

Dreamer and Robbie E take down Abyss; Anderson and Godderz take on Tyrus. Abyss and Tyrus’ dominance continues until they come to blows. Dreamer interrupts Abyss’ attempt to eliminate Tyrus; Abyss catches him with the Black Hole Slam!

Tyrus eliminates Abyss! Anderson and Dreamer DDT Tyrus! Godderz eliminates Robbie E with a headscissor. Anderson eliminates Dreamer and Godderz. Tyrus spikes Anderson; Anderson connects with the Green Bay Plunge! Tyrus powers out of the pin attempt.

Anderson receivers another spike while trying to eliminate Tyrus. Tyrus makes the cover and claims the victory.

Result: Tyrus def. Mr. Anderson

Post-match: Ethan Carter III congratulates Tyrus. Tyrus announces he’ll be challenging for the TNA World Championship!


It all comes down to this, TNA Wrestling's biggest night of the year Bound For Glory came to us live from Charlotte North Carolina.  We saw surprise entrances and appearances and saw things we never expected to see happen. 

X Division Title Match:
Tigre Uno (c) vs. Andrew Everett vs. DJ Z vs. Manik (Results and Photos)

Bound For Gold:
Mr. Anderson vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake vs. Al Snow vs. Aiden O'Shae vs Robbie E vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss vs D'Angelo Dinero (Results and Photos)

World Tag Team Championship:
The Wolves (c) vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers (Results and Photos)

King Of The Mountain Championship
Bobby Roode (c) vs. Lashley (Results and Photos)

Hall of Fame
Earl Hebner Introduced as the newest 2015 HOF inductee (Results and Photos)

Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Awesome Kong (Results and Photos)

No Disqualification Match
Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle (Results and Photos)

World Heavyweight Championship
Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy (Results and Photos)

Bound For Glory | October 4, 2015 | coverage by Bobby James

Ultimate X Match | DJ Z
vs. Manik vs. Andrew Everett vs. Tigre Uno (c)

All challengers collide at the opening bell; Manik tosses DJ Z from the ring. Andrew Everett connects with a springboard dropkick to DJ Z and Manik. Tigre Uno catches Everett and Manik with a hurricanrana and corkscrew crossbody.

Tigre Uno is nearly decapitated with a clothesline from DJ Z. Tigre Uno regains control by working against DJ Z and Manik. DJ Z floors Tigre Uno and then leaps off his back, over to top rope onto Manik!

Tigre Uno flies from the ring, catching DJ Z and Manik with a corkscrew dive. Everett springboards off the top rope with a Shooting Star Press, connecting with all three! Everett scales the Ultimate X structure and almost clinches the X-Division Championship when Manik makes the save!

Bodies fly everywhere; Manik and DJ Z meet in the middle, reaching for the title. They drop to the floor, as Tigre Uno inches toward victory.  Manik makes the save with a springboard dropkick!

Everett sends DJ Z outside, where Tigre Uno delivers a 450 splash from the Ultimate X structure! Everett fends off Manik on his way to the title. Tigre Uno ziplines to the center and sends Everett crashing to the mat with a kick to the skull. Tigre Uno secures the title to retain.

Result: Tigre Uno def. Andrew Everett, Manik and DJ Z

Post-match: Gregory Helms circles and confronts Tigre Uno.


Going into Bound for Glory we will be hearing from the various competitors participating in this huge event.  We first hear from Eric Young who will be facing Kurt Angle tonight at Bound for Glory.  Come back every hour for new videos.

 Jessie Godderz will be taking part in the Bound for Gold match at #BoundForGlory.  What are his thoughts on his competitors and what his chances are in this match?

 Bobby Roode laid out an open challenge and Lashley answered the call.  What is going through Bobby Roode's mind going into this important match?

 Gail Kim will be defending her Knockouts Championship against Awesome Kong.  We expect to see a heated contest between these two considering their very intense history.

 The Wolves will be defending their titles against Brian Myers and Trevor Lee of Global Force Wrestling thanks to a rematch clause in the contract..

Awesome Kong is prepping for tonight's match, she doesn't have a lot to say.. but she means business.

Drew Galloway will be facing Matt Hardy and EC3 for the World Heavyweight Title tonight at #BoundForGlory.  What are his thoughts going into this pivotal match?

Kurt Angle returns to in ring action tonight at #BoundForGlory to face Eric Young who only months before was working to take out the Olympic Gold Medalist for good.

Right before Bound for Glory went on the air our crew captured this..

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Watch the Open to Tonight's Bound for Glory Pay-Per-View

This past Wednesday night on the special #CountdownToGlory edition of IMPACT WRESTLING, Dixie put Eric Young in a match against Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory.  Given that Eric Young thought he was rid of the Olympic Gold Medalist for good he was not happy with this, especially considering he was also just dealt a dose of justice from Robbie E, Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez.  A brief look at the heated history between these two fierce competitors only shows that we can expect a lot of intensity come Tomorrow night at #BoundForGlory live on Pay-Per-View


Josh Mathews and The Pope look at the atmosphere going into tonight's Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View. 

Khoya when he was a part of the Revolution, faces off against Davey Richards on Xplosion.

EC3 Sits Down for a fireside chat and talks about the most pressing issues of our time. Come back Fridays at 1PM ET/12PM CT for for new episodes of EC3 Fireside Chat!  Subscribe for more!

Two Knockouts with arguable the most heated history in the Knockouts Division will go head to head this Sunday.  Gail Kim ha seen her share of clashes in the past with Kong so what will we see this Sunday going into Bound for Glory?