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TNA has launched two premium and very limited edition VIP packages for all 3 events in Manchester, London and Birmingham. They were put together in direct response to fan feedback and include a ringside seat (worth at least £99). You can buy today from


  • Guaranteed ringside seat in the front two rows
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  • Guaranteed ringside seat in the front row
  • Early entry to the venue
  • Pre event meeting and Q&A with Dixie Carter (estimate 30 mins)
  • Attend and participate in a creative workshop with the TNA creative team (estimate 30 mins)
  • Pre event backstage tour with Dixie Carter - see the TV truck, changing rooms and walk the ramp
  • Professional photo with Dixie in the six sided ring
  • Meet & greet with up to eight wrestlers, including photographs and personalised signed photos
  • Professional photo with the TNA World Championship belt
  • One piece of exclusive Tour merchandise
  • A VIP Tour laminate

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Jan. 29: Manchester, UK | Jan. 30: London, UK | Jan. 31: Birmingham, UK

Rob Gronkowski wants to be called "Robbie G" and it's not sitting well with Impact's own, Robbie E. TMZ just posted the following story.

Not many people have the balls to threaten Rob Gronkowski -- but TNA star Robbie E is going after the NFL star -- claiming Gronk stole his wrestling nickname and now he's gotta pay!!!

Robbie says he's frickin' livid over a wrestling-style promo Gronk made this week in which he calls himself, "Robbie G" -- accusing Rob of the worst thing anyone can be accused of ... blatant rip-offery. 

"I never thought an NFL player from the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski would have to try and steal my name bro," Robbie says. 

"So here's the deal ... I'm gonna beat you worse than the Dallas Cowboys are gonna beat you bro."

Robbie says he's already locked up the perfect place for the two to throw down -- TNA's Impact Wrestling.

Read more and watch the videos at:

After the announcement by Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan regarding the future of the World Title, Josh Mathews breaks down what to expect for tonight's IMPACT WRESTLING On Destination America.


TNA President, Dixie Carter and TNA Executive, Billy Corgan have made it official. The World Title Series begins tonight. Every 30 minutes starting at 2:30PM EST on we will be releasing The fist half of the field. 16 athletes will find out when you do that they will be competing The First Ever World Title Series. Then don’t miss Impact Wrestling tonight to see how it all unfolds.

Just Added...

Micah Added to the World Title Series on IMPACT WRESTLING


~ Matt Hardy ~
The man who relinquished the title is in! Matt Hardy wants to be Champion, but wants to win it the right way. The World Title Series is the right way.



~ Crimson ~
He has been around TNA long enough to know that chances like this don’t come along often. Can Crimson take advantage?



~ Tigre Uno ~
The X Division Champion is poised for a breakout moment. Will that moment come in The World Title Series?



~ James Storm ~
He is a former World Champion and a unique athlete. Can James Storm make his way thru this tough field and become Champion again?



~ Davey Richards ~
One half of The World Tag Team Champions, Davey couldn’t pass this opportunity by and is in The World Title Series.



~ Eli Drake ~
His name is Eli Drake. He has a chance at The World Title. This is what Eli has been asking for, to be centerstage.



~ DJ Z ~
It’s all about that DJ tho!!! What a chance! Can DJZ get it done?



~ Abyss ~
The man who has been here since day one. The Man who has done it all. The Man that can be World Champion, if he survives.



~ Robbie E ~
He has accomplished a ton and wants more. He wants to be taken seriously as a wrestler, well here is your chance, Robbie E.


Micah Square

~ Micah ~
The bloodline, the pedigree and The DNA, but can Micah put it all together and win a World Title?




~ Ethan Carter III ~
The Man who filed an injuction and started all this chaos is officially in The World Title Series. Has EC3 finally got what he wants?



~ Lashley ~
The Destroyer is in. Everyone needs to watch out now, things just got very interesting.



~ Austin Aries ~
What??? How??? Who??? This man lost his TNA CAREER!!! How did he pull this off?



~ Mr. Anderson ~
He is a 2x World Champion and this chance might be exactly what the doctor ordered for Mr. Anderson.




~ Drew Galloway ~
The former #1 Contender for The World Title sees another opportunity at becoming Champion. Will Galloway finally be Champion?



~ Rockstar Spud ~
The Ultimate Underdog has accomplished so much in his career. Is The World Title his next major feat?



~ Bram ~
He is the most dangerous man on the roster, he may run roughshod over everyone en route to becoming World Champion.



~ Grado ~
If Austin Aries can find a way into the World Title Series after losing his career in TNA, Grado should be given a chance, right?


GroupWildcard2 1


~ Kenny King ~
The 2x X Division Champion has this opportunity to become World Champion for the first time in his career.



~ Crazzy Steve ~
From the circus to the World Title? Anything is possible in this World Title Series.



~ Aiden O'Shea ~
TNA Executives were impressed with the strength shown by this newcomer at Bound For Glory. A big chance for the heavy hitter from Chicago.



~ Mahabali Shera ~
This is no surprise, Shera has been a force since his debut and has been trending in a positive direction since dumping The Revolution.




~ Gail Kim ~
Yes. An elite group of Knockouts has been selected to compete for The World Title. Gail Kim, as Knockouts Champion has been selected.



~ Madison Rayne ~
She is a 5x Knockouts Champion and with The Beautiful People watching her back, can Madison Rayne become World Champion?



~ Awesome Kong ~
Fearless, powerful and ready to hoist gold above her head. Will it be World Title gold after The World Title Series?



~ Brooke ~
She never received her Knockouts Title rematch, so how about a chance at The World Title for The Houston, TX native?



 The World Title Series has begun. Who will join this week? How does Matt Hardy fit into The World Title Series?

NASHVILLE (Wed., October 7, 2015): Following days of shocking events and litigation that led to the vacating of the TNA World Title, TNA executives today announced an unprecedented World Title Series that will begin tonight on IMPACT WRESTLING at 9e/p on Destination America to crown a new undisputed World Champion. 

The Events Leading Up To Today’s Announcement

The signature event every year for TNA Wrestling is Bound For Glory, which took place live on Pay-Per-View this past Sunday in Charlotte, NC, and ended with Matt Hardy achieving a lifelong dream of becoming the TNA World Champion for the first time. Yet, Matt’s victory was mired in controversy given many believe the actions of his brother, Jeff Hardy, who was serving as guest referee, led to Matt’s victory and crowning as the new TNA World Champion.

On Monday, the man who lost the TNA World Title at Bound For Glory, former champion Ethan Carter III (EC3) filed an injunction preventing the new TNA World Champion Matt Hardy from appearing on television until the controversy was settled. Matt Hardy, learning that the first court date for the injunction would not be until December, refused to let this become a political affair and relinquished the title just two days after winning it at Bound For Glory. This left TNA executives with a decision to make regarding the future of the World Championship.

The Crowning of A New Undisputed TNA World Champion

TNA President Dixie Carter met with her senior staff, including Senior Producer Billy Corgan, to determine a resolution to the situation. Today they announced that they have accepted Matt Hardy’s request to relinquish the Title, which nullifies the injunction filed by EC3. 

“Although we were prepared to fight the injunction, we understood the process would hold up the World Title for weeks, if not months. We respect the honorable decision that Matt Hardy made not only for IMPACT WRESTLING, but for this business itself,” said Carter. “His unselfish act led us to create an opportunity to do something truly special.” 

The World Title Series Begins Tonight

TNA announced that on tonight’s Destination America broadcast of IMPACT WRESTLING, the World Title Series will begin to crown a new undisputed World Champion.   

“We don’t have a champion right now, so we worked strategically and creatively to turn this misfortune into an exciting new format that allows us a true, fair way to determine who is the best of the best,” said Corgan. “We believe this World Title Series will bring the prestige and legitimacy of the Championship to another level.” 

The World Title Series will feature a format very similar to soccer’s World Cup, with thirty-two members of the IMPACT WRESTLING roster competing for the TNA World Championship. The wrestlers will be divided into eight groups to begin round-robin group play. Winners receive three points, a draw receives one point and a loss earns zero points. The top two point-getters from each group will advance to the field of 16 and a single elimination tournament where the competitor who wins advances and the loser goes home. The ultimate winner of the World Title Series will have survived the most grueling test in the history of wrestling and will be crowned the true and undisputed TNA World Champion. 

The complete World Title Series will broadcast weekly on Wednesdays on Destination America at 9e/p. The show will feature advancements in the presentation of professional wrestling offering new features like a virtual set where hosts Josh Mathews and Pope will update viewers on the World Title Series leaderboard, incorporate social media interactions from fans and wrestlers, and make predictions. After the matches, cameras are waiting backstage to capture instant reactions from the competitors leaving the ring.



Josh Mathews takes a look at what we know so far going into tonight's IMPACT WRESTLING and what may be in store for the future.  He also lets us know when we will hear an update of the final decision from the executives in charge. 

Moments ago during the Bound For Glory broadcast on Challenge TV in the UK and Ireland, TNA President Dixie Carter revealed the three dates on the January 2016 TNA MAXIMUM IMPACT 8 Tour in Manchester, London and Birmingham will be double IMPACT WRESTLING tapings.
Nine additional Stars and Knockouts have also been added to the Tour, including British favorite Grado, Tag Team Champions The Wolves - Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, former TNA World Champion Mr. Anderson, X-Division Champion Tigre Uno, India’s Mahabali Shera and Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne.
The 2016 TNA MAXIMUM IMPACT 8 Tour includes stops in:
Manchester on January 29
London on January 30
Birmingham on January 31

PosterWeb has been providing updates on the EC3/Matt Hardy Injunction story throughout the day - PREVIOUS STORY UPDATES
TNA and Matt Hardy were informed within the last two hours that the first available court date in this case would be in December.  

After a flurry of phone calls between Matt, Dixie and various TNA executives, we received the following video statement from Matt Hardy.


TNA officials have promised to make a statement tomorrow about the future of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

What is Your Favorite Destination in America? Question Mark Ep. 10

We will be updating this page throughout the day – please check back often.

As reported earlier, the World Heavyweight Celebration originally planned for this Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast on Destination America has been postponed indefinitely.  An injunction brought against the new World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy by the former champion Ethan carter prevents Matt Hardy or the TNA World Championship from appearing on Impact Wrestling this week moving forward.
  Dixie Carter made a statement last night addressing this controversy and informed fans she was huddled with her top advisors about how TNA plans on handling this injunction brought by Ethan Carter against TNA and the new World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy.  We can report this meeting went well into the evening and reconvened against this morning.  Dixie has promised they were working towards a swift solution.
We have learned some of the details being alleged by Ethan Carter in this injunction.  In his video provided to yesterday, Ethan named TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter, Jeff and Matt Hardy as working together in collusion that lead to end of his title reign.  These claims center around the rapid series of events that saw Dixie Carter change the main event of Bound For Glory originally scheduled as EC3 vs. Drew Galloway.   The former champion claims Dixie’s personal feelings towards him caused her to allow Matt Hardy easy entry into the title match.  That injunction also claims that the bias continued as Dixie appointed a former disgruntled employee of EC3, Jeff Hardy, as the special referee. Ethan’s attorney claims they did not want to pull out of the advertised Bound For Glory event and moved forward into the match.   The injunction also points out that Jeff Hardy’s actions directly affected the outcome – including striking EC3 with a chair in an unprovoked attack that lead to the former champion being illegally incapacitated from the conclusion of the match.  These allegations were enough for the judge of the seventh circuit court to grant the injunction preventing Matt Hardy to appear as World Heavyweight Champion on television indefinitely.
We’ve reached out to EC3 for more comments and received the following response

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My Official Statement Regarding #BoundForGlory and the #injunction against Matt Hardy as TNA Heavyweight...

Posted by EC3 on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Update (2:00PM ET)

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Matt Hardy has released a statement regarding the World Title