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Big news is afoot in IMPACT! A few weeks ago, we announced the return of Matt Hardy to TNA. Now, word has come in from our sources that Jeff Hardy has invited his brother to appear on this upcoming week’s edition of IMPACT on Spike TV at 9/8c.

Together, the two are a team that ranks amongst the greatest of all time. Could we be on our way to seeing The Hardys reform and tear through the tag team division once again!? It certainly seems that way, but we will have to wait and see what happens at IMPACT.

This news, coupled with Devon’s return last night (thus reforming Team 3D), make us think that the tag team division in TNA is on the rise once again. What could the Wolves be thinking right now? They have proven themselves to be the very best young tag team on the planet at the moment, but with two iconic teams appearing to reform, one has to wonder about the challenges that lie ahead for TNA’s World Tag Team Champions.

What we do know is this: if you love tag team wrestling, you HAVE to be excited about these developments! Don’t miss this week’s IMPACT to see what happens when Matt Hardy and his brother are reunited at last!

Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!

Last night, a severe beatdown was taking place and it was Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer at the brunt of the attack. It seemed as though the Carters had really taken figured out a way to get rid of Bully and Dreamer. Then things all changed with a very unforgettable “WHASSSSUP” over the PA system.

To the surprise of fans throughout New York City, Devon emerged and took to the ring to make the save of his longtime friends. That’s right, the Hall of Fame tag team, Team 3D, is back together and looking for a fight. As Dixie Carter bragged about her plans and seeming victory over Bully and Dreamer, the odds seem to have now swung back into the favor of Bully Ray.

We’re told that Kurt Angle is wasting no time and will be announcing plans for Devon’s in-ring return soon. What will happen next, as all hell breaks loose? Don’t miss IMPACT next Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!


Last night on Twitter, Dixie Carter announced her intentions to appear on this Thursday’s episode of IMPACT on Spike TV at 9/8c. The show will feature her nephew Ethan Carter III and hired gun Rhino taking on the team of Dixie’s most intense foes, Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. Dixie bravely announced “nothing could keep me away from NYC,” but the question remains: what happens when she arrives?

We all know that Bully is on the hunt for Dixie and has promised fans for weeks that he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Carter and put her through a table. It certainly seems as though Carter is not afraid of coming into Bully Ray’s hometown — and that could be because, thus far, it has been the Carters who put Bully Ray through not 1, not 2, but 3 tables!

Plus, with the recent hiring and shocking return of Rhino, it seems like Dixie may have ensured her protection. However, the thing all IMPACT fans know is that you can never count out Bully Ray or Tommy Dreamer. These two kings of extreme always manage to find a way to overcome the odds… Will they do it again!?

Don’t miss IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8c!



Kurt Angle insists that Willow allow Jeff Hardy to returnIt’s an absolute understatement to say that Thursday night has been highly-anticipated by wrestling fans for months. For the first time ever, IMPACT WRESTLING  will be broadcast from the world-famous Manhattan Center in New York City. The arena will be packed, the atmosphere electric and history will be made… a fact not lost on TNA’s new Executive Director, Kurt Angle.

As one of pro wrestling’s greatest competitors, Angle understands the need to seize a special moment, and there’s no better way to do that than with a World Title match. He already has a special Champion – love him or hate him, Lashley’s combination of power, speed and brutality makes him the most physically-dominant TNA titleholder in years. However, this special moment would also require a special challenger, and the Olympic Gold Medalist knew just who to call: Jeff Hardy.

There was just one problem - the man who answers to that name had been absent from TNA for months. In his place was an unhinged, maniacal, suspiciously similar-looking masked man named Willow.  While dangerous in his own right, Willow’s motivations were clearly not steeped in winning, losing or anything else based in reality.  He was a warrior, for sure…  but he wasn’t a winner. He wasn’t a champion.

On last week’s IMPACT, Angle focused his efforts on convincing Willow to “step aside” to allow for the return of Jeff Hardy. Angle believed that he could persuade Hardy to seize this special moment, but he needed a testing ground. That came in the form of a 20-man battle royal, with the winner receiving the upcoming title shot. In the end, Hardy returned with the renewed focus that Angle was looking for, leading to a victory, a celebration, and a one-way trip to the biggest title match of the year.

As a former three-time TNA World Champion, we know that Hardy is good enough to hold the gold, but is he mentally ready for this match? Consider this: the emotionally-charged “charismatic enigma” slid into the shadows months ago due to conflicts with then-TNA President Dixie Carter.  With Dixie no longer in power, Jeff hardy and Lashley Face off at the end of IMPACT WRESTLINGHardy has returned of his own accord with the sense of freedom that he’s always thrived in. 

When in the right mindset, Hardy is no longer the reckless daredevil he was pegged as in his early days.  With a more well-rounded life, ring strategy and overall approach to life, Hardy has allowed himself to grow, evolve and become a much more complete wrestler than he was even a fewy ears ago, and that’s a good thing.  From his recent times behind the mask, we know that he still has those urges, but imagine if he can harness that instinct? If he’s found the balance to control his wild side and unleash it when the time is right, there’s absolutely no telling how high he can fly… possibly all the way to a championship victory on Thursday night.

Let’s also remember that Hardy may have the most passionate, supportive fans in all of TNA. He truly thrives off of that relationship, and his return to New York, the site of some of his most memorable career moments, will undoubtedly produce a dynamic atmosphere like no other.  When he walks through that curtain, expect to feel the earth rumble all the way to your living rooms, and that energy could push Hardy to near-unbeatable territory.

Credit Kurt Angle with recognizing this special moment, but now, it’s up to Jeff Hardy. Can he make IMPACT WRESTLING’s NYC debut the most special night of his career?


Last week, Austin Aries seized opportunity when it arose in front of him, defeating Sanada in an amazing X-Division matchup to reclaim the X-Division Championship just weeks away from the ever-important Destination X event. It certainly looked as though history was set to repeat itself and that the originator of Option C would get a shot to cash in the X-Division Title for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

However, one last test remains for Aries. An 8-Man Gauntlet Match was announced by Kurt Angle to take place this Thursday on IMPACT. The winner is your X-Division Champion and will get to decide their own fate at Destination X. The match is star-studded, featuring Manik, The Wolves, Sanada, DJ Z, Crazzy Steve and Aries — fast-paced, high-flying action is a no-brainer!

Who is your pick to stand tall after this match as X-Division Champion? Certainly, Aries is a standout. With the most X-Division reigns in TNA history, Aries is also the only competitor to hold the TNA World Title in this matchup. Sanada proved to be one of the best in-ring talents in TNA with an impressive reign throughout the year thus far and certainly cannot be overlooked. Speaking of impressive reigns, The Wolves have climbed the mountain in a short amount of time and stand united as the best tag team pairing in professional wrestling today. High-flyers like Tigre Uno, Manik and DJ Z have proven to be fierce competitors who are hungry for their chance to shine. Lastly, could it be Crazzy Steve who shocks the world? He certainly came close at Slammiversary…

This is the last chance for one X-Division star to choose their own destiny. Whoever emerges as champion this Thursday can risk it all and take a shot at the World Title at Destination X. It is also important to remember that BOTH previous Option C users have been victorious in their title match. What will happen? Find out this Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!

Former World Champion Eric Young is known for being “Just Crazy Enough” (Eric Young's "Just Crazy Enough" t-shirt at  He is never afraid to take on any challenge. He even made a TV show about doing the craziest things imaginable because his wrestling career wasn’t difficult enough. Needless to say, TNA fans can appreciate a certain amount of crazy thanks to Young’s wild side…

However, for the past few weeks, a type of crazy has been rearing its head that is uncomfortable – especially for the beautiful Madison Rayne, who has been the target of the crazy.

Newcomer Brittany said that Madison was her wrestling idol and went out of her way to get close to the Knockout, often times at the expense of Rayne. Brittany would cost Madison matches, be lurking around every corner backstage and showing signs that she might be a little too fascinated with the former Knockouts Champion. However, most accepted it as trying to impress her role model and trying to make new friends in a difficult environment.

That all began to change over the last couple of weeks. First, Brittany stood by as the Beautiful People cheated to pick up a victory over Madison. Then, it all became clear. Brittany called Madison to the ring, feigned an apology and then savagely attacked her former hero before uttering the phrase “Never meet your idols… they ALWAYS let you down.”

Now, Madison Rayne has revenge on her mind and has demanded a match against Brittany. Kurt Angle obliged and even added a special stipulation fitting of these unusual circumstances… Madison Rayne will get a shot at Brittany and it will be a No Disqualification Match.

One of two things can be expected here: first, if Brittany can shine and defeat the former Knockouts Champion, it should skyrocket her value and potentially even put her in line for a KO Title shot. OR, Madison Rayne will have the opportunity to show Brittany what the Knockouts Division is all about — hopefully putting an end to the chaos that Brittany has brought with her.

Do not miss this incredible Knockouts action this Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!



This week on IMPACT, Bobby Roode and Eric Young are set to team up against MVP and Kenny King. Since MVP arrived, the biggest thorn in his side has been the It Factor of Professional Wrestling and that certainly shows no signs of slowing down now that Roode has been reinstated by Executive Director Kurt Angle.

Roode has made his intent clear. He wants to personally conquer MVP, Kenny King and Lashley for the weeks of suspensions, beat downs and more that he has been forced to deal with. Finally getting his hands on MVP will certainly be exciting for Roode — and something you will not want to miss, when it airs on Spike TV at 9/8c in New York City’s Manhattan Center!

Here, we look back at the problems Bobby Roode has been forced to overcome.



The first sign that things weren’t quite right with MVP’s reign as Director of Wrestling Operations came when he suspended Bobby Roode from IMPACT. After a blow-up between the two, Roode was sent home to “cool off” and was kept at home for over a month – even being forced to miss Slammiversary.

Fans overwhelmingly responded with a #BringBackBobby campaign on Social Media, but it seemed we were doomed to MVP’s tyrannical rules and reign. Until…

MVP’s crusade became clear with Roode out of the picture, he wanted the perfect opportunity to seize the World Title. After suffering a serious knee injury, MVP was taken out of the mix but the stars did align for his faction when Lashley unleashed his wrath on Eric Young and won the World Title at IMPACT, live in Bethlehem, PA.

The beatdown that followed was unnecessary, but led to Roode’s shocking return – charing through the packed crowd, hopping the railing and saving his longtime friend from further harm.

After many weeks of clearly abusing his power, change began to come. This started when officials from TNA’s Board of Directors arrived at IMPACT and revealed that they too were unhappy with MVP’s behavior and removed him from power. This paved the way for the Board of Directors to announce their choice as the new Executive Director of TNA: Kurt Angle. Angle made known his intentions to right the wrongs of both MVP and Dixie Carter and that started with the immediate reinstatement of Bobby Roode.

The reinstatement hasn’t been easy for Roode thus far, however. Facing beatdowns from Team MVP seemingly out of nowhere, Roode had his work cut out for him. This led to wild brawls and a match against Kenny King that saw the two fight all throughout the arena. Ultimately, Roode picked up the win against King and went into the Battle Royal to determine a new #1 Contender for Lashley as a big favorite.

However, more funny business from MVP and Kenny King led to Roode being eliminated. Now, with weeks of pent up rage, Roode will finally get his hands on MVP for the first time this Thursday. Joining Roode in his fight is another man who has dealt with his fair share of injustice due to Team MVP: former World Champion Eric Young.

One has to assume that these two former partners and longtime friends will do whatever it takes to make MVP and Kenny King pay for the chaos they’ve caused. Plus, with MVP milking his injury, it will be interesting to see just how hurt he really is when he steps back into the ring for the first time in over a month!

Don’t miss IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8c.

By Gerry Strauss

Nearly two decades ago, the landscape of professional wrestling was changed forever by a ragtag group of unpolished, untamed animals cutting their teeth in a dirty, sweaty bingo hall in South Philadelphia. The wrestling world watched in awe as these unorthodox warriors beat each other to their physical limits, all in the spirit of violence, aggression and the u broken bonds of respect and brotherhood that came with it. They weren't all friends, and in time, they'd all eventually go their separate ways in the industry. However, without a word being spoken, the understanding remained that they were a fraternity for life. Would they battle? Absolutely, but more importantly, they'd all remain loyal to the rebellious, anti-establishment spirit that they once shared.

Rhino Gores Bully Ray upon his return to IMPACT WRESTLINGTwo weeks ago on Impact, Bully Ray found himself in a familiar situation. For months, his one-man crusade against Dixie Carter has been his singular focus, and in typicaly Bully Ray fashion, he's been anything but shy about his ultimate goal: to put the divine Ms Carter through a table in vicious fashion.  On this night, as Bully was doing battle with Carter's nephew, ECIII, fellow hardcore alumni Rhino appeared, presumably to help his brother-in-arms even the odds against Carter's cronies. Instead, the "War Machine" did the unthinkable, turning his attention towards Bully and flattening him with his unstoppable "Gore". 

Just as he'd begun to turn the corner in his war against Dixie, Bully Ray had been betrayed - not just by a former friend, but by a brother.

Last week, an enraged Bully Ray demanded answers... and boy, did he get them when Rhino arrived for a public face-to-face meeting and made it very clear that hisRhino Beats up on Bully Ray with EC3 Looking on allegiances were with Dixie Carter. He hypocritically accused Bully of stabbing his friends in the back, while Bully shot back that he needed to take responsibility for getting fired from every major company he'd worked for over the past decade. Clearl;y, Rhino's treachery was still a shock to Bully, who uncharacteristically left himself susceptible for yet abother thunderous "Gore"... only to be saved by a fellow "extremist" who truly values the ideals of brotherhood,  Tommy Dreamer.  

Now, the long-raging war has expanded, and the battle lines are clearly drawn. Oe one side stands the defiant Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer, two men whom have proven that they can rely on one another through thick and thin. On the other side stands Dixie Carter, her family, her lackeys, and - most importantly, her money, and those whom will sell their soul for it. Will Rhino’s decision make him a rich man – or a target? More importantly, what other tricks does a desperate Dixie have up her sleeve, and can two “Innovators of Violence” survive the onslaught alone… or will their hardcore legacy finally come to an end at the hands of the Carter family?


IMPACT Wrestling’s summer really heats up this Thursday with our first show from the Manhattan Center in the heart of New York City! New Executive Director Kurt Angle has put together a PACKED lineup – and will be on-hand to present the much-anticipated return of the SIX-SIDED RING!

WorldTitleheader xtitleheader5

Bullytagheader roodetagheader

  • In our main event, LASHLEY battles JEFF HARDY with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line! Can Hardy find a way to stop the juggernaut and regain the gold – or will the World Champion continue to annihilate all challengers?
  • Bully Ray’s war for revenge continues in front of his hometown crowd in NYC as he and Tommy Dreamer join forces to battle EC3 and “The War Machine” Rhino!
  • With Destination X just weeks away on July 30, can Austin Aries retain his newly won X-Division Championship to gain another shot at the World Title? Kurt Angle has one last major test for Aries this Thursday – he’ll defend the gold in an Eight-Man X-Division Gauntlet Match featuring Sanada, Tigre Uno, the Wolves, DJ Z and Crazzy Steve!
  • Also on the broadcast, Bobby Roode will team with Eric Young to take on MVP and Kenny King, plus the Knockouts will be in action as Madison Rayne gets her chance for revenge against Brittany in a No Disqualification match!
  • All this and so much more on Thursday’s must-see IMPACT broadcast on Spike TV at 9/8c, from New York City!



This week, after a few years away, the 6-sided ring makes it’s return to TNA! That’s right, the fans have asked for it and, for the first time in 4-years, IMPACT will take place this Thursday inside a 6-sided ring. The 6-sided ring was home to some of the most classic battles in TNA history and was a fan-favorite from Day 1. As TNA debuts in its new home for the Summer, New York City, we wanted to bring fans something different – and that is the 6-sided ring.

Make sure you witness the return of 6-Sides this Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!

For now, we look back at some of the best matches to take place inside 6-sides!



The first match on our list is the crowning of the first TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all-time! From Slammiversary 2007, it’s a King of the Mountain Match which featured Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, AJ Style, Christian Cage and Chris Harris. King of the Mountain was as unique a concept as the 6-sided ring itself and both are key in TNA’s history.



Two of the most respected tag teams in all of professional wrestling, competing for both the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Championships, Beer Money and Team 3D took it to the limit in this Philadelphia Street Fight from Lockdown 2009. One of these teams is now a part of the exclusive club known as the TNA Hall of Fame and, one must imagine, that the other team will join them. It’s a matter of when, not if…



Two of the very best ring technicians of all-time, doing battle inside a steel cage. Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle was a rivalry that no TNA fan will ever forget — and this match was one that delivered above all others. Taken from Lockdown 2008, the prize was the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the battle featured the two kings of submission. This match featured Samoa Joe’s very first World Title win and is a moment that will live in infamy forever!



Six Sides of Steel and two of the most respected tag teams in TNA history, America’s Most Wanted and Triple X. The final chapter in an incredible 2-year rivalry between the teams, this match included the stipulation that the losing team must disband forever. This match was extremely brutal and is also considered the best cage match in TNA history by many. Elix Skipper performs a truly jaw-dropping hurricanrana from the top of the cage. Try to watch this without screaming at your computer screen!



Two of the signature pillars of TNA have been the 6-Sided Ring and the X-Division, so what could be better than looking back at Unbreakable 2005’s X-Division Championship Match between Samoa Joe, AJ Style and Christopher Daniels? Widely considered to be one of the greatest matches in TNA History, the chemistry of this match is something that will be studied by wrestling fans for decades to come.

With the return of 6-sides and he importance of the X-Divison, we expect to see tons of great action like this in the days to come!