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Match #1:

Knockout’s Championship

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim vs. Havok (c)

Gail unloads on Havok at the opening bell. Havok fends her off, but Taryn is quick to attack. Taryn and Gail try double teaming the Knockout’s Champion, but Havok proves too powerful. She dominates the early goings of the match by countering a bulldog attempt from Gail into a slam onto Taryn.

Havok focuses her attack; she powers Taryn to the mat. When she rises, out of nowhere, Gail locks in an octopus submission. Gail tightens her grip, which brings Havok to one knee. Gail adjusts her hold again and Havok falls completely. Taryn recovers and bridges with a submission of her own.

Gail and Taryn break their holds and send Havok out of the ring. Taryn attempts a cross-body from apron; Havok catches her. Gail flies, connecting with a cross body of her own, and all three women are down.  

Gail and Taryn fight back into the ring and square off against one another! They enjoy a good run, until Havok regroups and pulls Taryn from the ring. She has Taryn on her shoulders. Taryn connects with a few shots to Havok’s head, but Havok powers her face-first into the guardrail!!!

Gail tries to unseat Havok, but Havok catches her and, as she’s done many times before, powers Gail to the arena floor! The champion tosses her opponents into the ring, lies them side by side, and then she climbs the ropes. Havok crashes onto Gail and Taryn with a big splash!

Havok attempts a double cover, but Gail kicks out to break the count. Gail and Taryn battle back. Together, they hang Havok over the top rope. Gail climbs the turnbuckle and drops a leg across the back of Havok’s head. Havok falls to the outside. Taryn catches Gail with a baseball slide.

Gail and Taryn fight around the ring until Taryn gets Gail into position for a superplex. Before Taryn can execute, Havok is back – to powerbomb Taryn (who in turn suplexes Gail). Havok drapes the women on top of one another – and again she climbs the ropes. This time, she misses the splash.

Gail and Taryn fire back! Gail catches Havok with a DDT, and then a moonsault. Taryn connects with a flying cross body to Havok. Gail connects with Eat Defeat and Taryn hits the cutter. Havok is down; Taryn goes for the pin. Gail pulls Taryn out of the pin and attempts one of her own. Taryn counters and gets Gail for three to become the new Knockout’s Champion!

Winner: Taryn Terrell


Main Event:
X-Division Championship
DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Low-Ki

The opening bell sounds. Tigre Uno and Manik fall to the outside and Low Ki and DJ Z battle inside the ring. Low Ki catches DJ Z with a mule kick; Manik attacks him from behind.

DJ Z comes off the top rope with a double drop kick, but Tigre Uno catches DJ Z with a kick of his own. Tigre Uno positions Low Ki on the top turnbuckle; he attempts a superplex, but DJ Z capitalizes powerbombs him to the mat.

Manik finds himself back in the match by aggressively attacking Tigre Uno. Manik locks in a surfboard submission. DJ Z crawls between the two and attempts a pin. Low Ki connects on the pile of bodies with the Warrior’s Way!

Manik dodges a cross body from Low Ki, sending him to the outside. Chaos ensues and Tigre Uno catches the other three competitors with a corkscrew springboard to the outside.

Bodies begin flying everywhere, but Tigre Uno ultimately gets a two count on Manik, who gets his foot to the bottom rope. Tigre Uno climbs up the turnbuckle again, but this time, Low Ki meets up top. Tigre Uno attempts a hurricanrana, but Low Ki counters with a Ki Krusher for the win!

Winner and new X Division Champion: Low Ki





(Silver Spring, Md.) – Discovery Communications announced today that it has signed a multi-year deal with TNA (Total Nonstop Action) IMPACT WRESTLING to bring the popular league to homes nationwide on Destination America, the only network dedicated to celebrating the people, places and stories of the United States.  Destination America officially enters the ring with its first world premiere of IMPACT WRESTLING in January 2015. The series features some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, including Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley and Gail Kim. The partnership includes the U.S. premieres of additional TNA WRESTLING series and specials and provides Discovery Communications with international broadcasting rights in select regions, to be announced at a later date.

“Our partnership in this uniquely entertaining franchise with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING provides a significant addition to Destination America’s programming strategy,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Destination America, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Discovery Fit & Health and Discovery Family Channel. “The enduring, cross-generational enthusiasm of pro wrestling is felt by millions of fans around the country, from coast-to-coast and throughout the heartland.  We are delighted to bring this beloved American pastime to the one and only network dedicated to celebrating the unique spirit of the U.S., Destination America.”

“Our knockout partnership with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING continues Destination America’s mission of bringing our viewers the best of all-American entertainment, and going center ring with one of the world’s foremost professional wrestling leagues fits perfectly within our DNA,” said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. “Wrestling has created a fiercely loyal, passionate and widespread fan base, and we look forward to being part of the TNA family.”

“We are very excited about Destination America being the new network for IMPACT WRESTLING and the partnership with Discovery Communications both domestically and across the globe.  Their commitment to promote and grow our brand in innovative and compelling ways was instrumental in knowing we had found the right home,” said TNA President Dixie Carter.  “Together we will create an experience that takes our fans on a new journey that will push the envelope of technology, including where we take our cameras, going deeper into our superstars’ lives and showing the reality of what it takes to create a weekly professional wrestling show, all while showcasing the very best male and female athletes in the world.”

Since launching in 2012, Destination America has become one of cable’s top five fastest-growing networks*, earning 10 consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth in Prime among P2+. With top series that explore unique American cultures and ways of life – including Mountain Monsters, A Haunting, Hillbilly Blood, Buying the Bayou, Buying Alaska, Ghost Asylum and BBQ Pitmasters – Destination America’s programming spans the nation from Alaska, Hawaii and Colorado to Louisiana, West Virginia and communities in between. To find Destination America, the new home of TNA’s IMPACT WRESTLING, go to

TNA is a privately held sports entertainment company based in Nashville, Tenn., specializing in TV properties, events, merchandise, music, and the management and promotion of professional wrestlers. TNA annually delivers more than 500 hours of original content to millions of fans around the world.

The history of hardcore has been well documented in our industry.  Three letters have somehow stayed alive since the 1990’s and those letters are ECW.  One of the men who helped build ECW to what it became is Tommy Dreamer. Tommy is the Innovator of Violence and it is well documented that Tommy will never back down from a challenge especially one that is deemed to be hardcore.

Enter Bram, who has gone around casually calling himself, “The New King of Hardcore,” and Bram can do a ton to cement that new moniker tomorrow night by defeating Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore match.

In a match up based strictly on athletic prowess, a match that doesn’t have this hardcore stipulation, many would place their money on the younger, stronger and faster Bram.  However, this is Hardcore, this is no rules, this is anything goes and Tommy Dreamer has a bigger heart and more determination than perhaps anyone in the history of this business. 

Is Bram The New King of Hardcore?  Is Tommy still The Innovator of Violence?  What will transpire tomorrow night on IMPACT in this Hardcore match?  Don’t miss what is promised to be physical and violent as anarchy rules between Bram and Tommy Dreamer.  Will it be a November to Remember?  By the looks of it, it will certainly be barely legal.


HAVOK knew when she became Knockouts Champion she would not only wear the title, but also a huge target on her back. Every other Knockout in TNA would love nothing more than to enter the holiday season as Knockouts Champion and, tomorrow night, two Knockouts have that chance.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell will both challenge Havok on IMPACT tomorrow night and, in an interesting twist, this match is one fall to a finish. Which means Havok does NOT have to be involved in the decision in order to lose her title. Gail can pin Taryn to become champion or Taryn could force Gail to tap out to become Knockouts Champion. The Champion’s advantage is gone.

Will it matter? HAVOK has been unstoppable since coming to TNA. Taryn has expressed that to as has Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. HAVOK has certainly made her mark in TNA.

What will happen tomorrow night? Who will leave as Knockouts Champion?  Can HAVOK survive both Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell? Tune into IMPACT on Spike tomorrow night to find out.




IMG 0366
Checking out the new 2015 Knockouts Calendar! Get it now at


IMG 0850
She may be a Hot Mess but also takes her in ring work seriously.


IMG 0501
Always having fun no matter what she does!


IMG 0644
Popular in the locker room, she has a good laugh before its time to get down and dirty.


IMG 0657
Ready for my closeup!


IMG 0882
Driven, focused, passionate and a hard worker, Taryn Terrell is the ultimate Knockout.


IMG 0441
Fired up, ready and hungry to be the Knockout’s Champion again!




Preview Wednesday's huge IMPACT Wrestling broadcast on Spike at 9/8c! If you can't watch the action on Wednesday, make sure to set your DVR!

Last Wednesday on IMPACT, Lashley released his frustration and rage on the IMPACT roster by taking out both Eric Young and Austin Aries. This was done to send a message to the World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. This week, Roode returns to IMPACT and he is looking for retribution. Roode has let it be known that he plans to call out Lashley to fight right at 9PM. Will Lashley answer Roode's challenge? Find out this Wednedsay on Spike.

The TNA Knockouts Championship will be on the line this Wednesday night. Knockouts Champion HAVOK has been seemingly unstoppable since winning the title two months ago.  This Wednesday, she faces her toughest battle to date.  Havok must defend against both Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.  Gail is out for revenge, Taryn wants her first Knockout Title and HAVOK must prove her dominant status.  Who will walk away with the gold?

Last Wednesday on IMPACT, Samoa Joe made a tough decision, having to forfeit the X-Division Championship due to injuries suffered the week before. Kurt Angle has made the decision to crown a new X-Division champion.  This week on IMPACT, a four way match; Low Ki battles DJZ, Tigre Uno and Manik - the winner is the new X-Division Champion.

A challenge was issued and has now been accepted. "The New King of Hardcore" Bram has taken pleasure week after week battling and defeating Hardcore legends.  This week, he faces the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer, one on one in a Hardcore Rules Match.  Is Dreamer the man extreme enough to stop Bram or will this truly be the coronation of the New King of Hardcore?

Plus, the American war hero Sgt. Chris Melendez returns to singles competition as he goes one on one against Kenny King.

All this plus much more on this Wednesday's Impact Wrestling. Don't miss it at 9/8c only on Spike!


In a move that is seldom seen in any sport, Samoa Joe surrendered the TNA X-Division Championship this past Wednesday night on IMPACT, due to injury.  The injury in question has been undisclosed and that is Joe’s right.  In such a competitive world, Samoa Joe or his doctors are not obligated to disclose his injuries to anyone other than TNA management.  We still do not know the extent of Joe’s injuries or a timetable for his return.

As a result of Joe making this major announcement, TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle has made a Fatal Fourway Match to determine a new X-Division Champion this Wednesday night on IMPACT Wrestling. 

It will be Low Ki vs. DJ Z vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno and the winner will leave as the new X-Division Champion, but beware, as Samoa Joe said that he will be back and the Championship will be like a beacon calling to Joe upon his return.

In any event, we are promised a new X-Division Champion Wednesday night at IMPACT on Spike!

Last night on IMPACT Wrestling, former TNA World Champion Lashley was on a mission. The Destroyer certainly lived up to his name by taking out Eric Young, Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries in one night, all the while searching for MVP and current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.

TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle informed Lashley that Bobby Roode was not in attendance last night due to a promotional tour and Kenny King let Lashley know that MVP was also away on business, Lashley was in no mood to wait. Lashley was out to send a message, however he deemed fit.

In the past Kurt Angle has spoken out about TNA no longer being the wild wild west and restoring order to IMPACT Wrestling, Angle had the following to say late last night when we reached out for comments.

"I didn't even get a chance to think about what I was going to do to discipline Lashley before Bobby Roode called me and told me to let him handle it. That is what I will do. “

So, while Kurt Angle is the law and order of TNA, he is clearly letting his World Champion handle Lashley and what a collision it will be when Roode returns to IMPACT Wrestling. We can also be sure that Lashley will be waiting.

December 12, 2013: IMPACT Wrestling features a "Feast or Fired" match. Four briefcases are suspended from the four posts of the ring. Three hold future championship matches. One holds a pink slip. Three "feasts" and one "your career is over" in a single epic match.  In this particular match, eight TNA superstars competed, including Gunner and James Storm. It was Gunner who shocked the world and secured the fourth and final briefcase. James Storm left empty handed.

December 19th, 2013: The Reveal: With James Storm behind him, Gunner would find out his fate and opened the jackpot. Upon opening The case, Gunner entered into a Contract for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the plot thickened.  It was EC3 who walked away with the case containing a future TNA World Tag Team Title Match.

What happened next?

February 14, 2014: Winner Take All; Gunner would put his World Championship Contract up for grabs against EC3's World Tag Team Championship Contract in a tag team ladder match. A risky move by both, but a tremendous opportunity to the victors. Gunner would team with James Storm & EC3 had Magnus.  The stage was set. Gunner and James Storm would leave with both cases and all the spoils. For his trouble, Storm was given the briefcase containing the Tag Team Championship Contract. All was forgotten.

Until November 12, 2014: The Revolution: Storm had his plan, James Storm couldn't lose last night on IMPACT Wrestling. Davey Richards joins The Revolution and The Wolves are finished or, as it played out, Davey plays hero & Storm goes to the well, brings out Feast or Fired and The Revolution wins. Anyone could have carried that briefcase around like a trophy for a year. James Storm kept it lying in wait & as a result The Revolution are TNA World Tag Team Champions.

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