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The conclusion of the TNA Tag Title Series between The Wolves, The Hardys and Team 3D certainly answered many questions about all three teams. However, it raised a new question: can anyone beat The Wolves?

It is understood that Team 3D and The Hardys are two of the best tag teams to ever put on wrestling boots and get in the ring. By defeating not just one but both teams, The Wolves established their dominance - not just in TNA but in professional wrestling as a whole. Now, as the TNA Tag Team Champs like to say, the hunt is on... this time, however, it's to determine the next team to challenge for the Tag Team Championships. 

This week on IMPACT, a tournament will kick-off and there is room for 8-teams. The tournament is open to anyone on the TNA roster; all you need is a partner! Over the coming days, TNA Superstars will be making deals with one another, partnering up and plotting to challenge the Wolves. Round one of the tournament will be held this Wednesday on IMPACT!

Who do you think has the best shot at finally slaying the Wolves? Will we see unlikely alliances form? Who do you want to see pair up? Sound off with your picks on social media using #TagTourney! 

We expect teams to announce themselves in the coming days so stay tuned to for the most up-to-date information! 


IMPACT WRESTLING Coverage by Kristofor Long          
October 15, 2014

Executive Director of Wrestling Operations Kurt Angle Kicks off IMPACT WRESTLING to settle the controversy between Bobby Roode and the World Champion, Lashley.

Kurt opens by addressing the situation that happened last week and calls out Lashley to address the issue between him and Bobby Roode. 

Video: Recap of what happened last week between Bobby Roode and Lashley

Kurt Addresses Lashley about MVP and Kenny King manipulating the World Heavyweight Title picture and wants to know why he did not accept Roode’s request for a rematch.  Lashley stated that he already had his shot and continued by extending a title shot to Angle.  After a long staredown Angle said that one day they will fight and he’ll regret it, but not today.  Angle set up a #1 Contender match between Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.  Angle finished and wished them all luck. 

Video:  Hightlights from Team 3D’s Hall of fame induction this past weekend in Japan. 


 Backstage:  Matt Hardy is asked about his brothers match but is interrupted by Magnus who taunts him to the point of that made Matt extend a challenge, to which Magnus accepts

Match #1
Knockouts Championship Match
Madison Rayne vs. HAVOK

While Madison enters for her match against HAVOK a video is shown of her commenting on the previous week between her and Taryn and that she did no wrong and Taryn will get over it.

Video is played during Havok’s entrance recapping her successful title defense this past Sunday at Bound for Glory. 

The match starts with the two locking up and HAVOK displaying dominance over Madison from the offiset.  Madison managed to gain some momentum at which point HAVOK regained her composure out side the ring.  Rayne could not wait but it was to her detriment to go on the offense as HAVOK gained the upper hand immediately after a failed dive. 

Havok made a number of attempted submission attempts that, while not successful, wore down Rayne who continued her onslaught of submission attempts and hits.  HAVOK threw Rayne outside of the ring and HAVOK followed, but her offense was stopped by the referee. While HAVOK was arguing with the ref, Madison managed to turn things around back in her favor.

Rayne continued with a series of offenses and after a missile dropkick went for the pin attempt but was unsuccessful.  Madison couldn’t regain the upperhand, HAVOK put her finishing Harlot Slayer on Rayne and was able to pick up the pin.

Winner: HAVOK

Backstage:  Kurt Congrats Devon on the TNA Hall of Fame, Devon was thankful but wanted to let him know he is still committed to do what he has to for the roster.


 Backstage:  Eric Young weighs in on the match tonight and his odds of winning the title. 

Match #2
Magnus vs. Matt Hardy

The two lock up but the immediately start exchanging a series of offenses leading to Hardy attempting to pin.  Hardy continues but an obviously flustered Magnus leaves the ring to catch his composure.  Hardy follows but Magnus is ready, first smashing his spine into the ring post then the edge of the ring.

Magnus dominates back inside the ring with more pin attempts.  Matt manages to pull the match back in his favor for a short period but Magnus was able to regain and continue his domination of the match.  Magnus puts Hardy into a submission hold, Hardy attempts to get out of it but is responded to with a series of offenses that were unsuccessful and control returned in Hardy's favor. 

Continuing the series of offenses Hardy does a moonsault into a near pinfall.   Magnus makes pin attempts using the ropes for leverage but is caught by the referee.  While distracted Matt managed to pull off a twist of fate on Magnus and pick up the pin for the win.

Video:  Ethan Carter III while in Japan talks about his firing of Rockstar Spud and his imminent firing.  Carter alludes to his replacements debut tonight.

Winner:  Matt Hardy


Match #3
Angelina Love, DJ Z and Jessie Godderz accompanied by Velvet Sky
vs. Knux, Rebel and Crazzy Steve

Angelina Love and Rebel Kick things off but Rebel is immediately distracted and things start in the favor the Love and the BroMans.  Knux made his way in and took DJ Z to task for a spanking!  Crazzy Steve came in to wear down DJ Z who immediately was able to tag in Godderz.  Favor was now leaning to the BroMans and Love who picked up a near fall.

Godderz tagged in DJ Z who continued to wear down Crazzy Steve to pick up another near fall.  DJ Z tagged in Godderz to continue the offense.  This led to Love and Rebel being tagged and Love nearly picked up a pin.  Both were obviously worn down and tagged in Crazzy Steve and Godderz. 

Crazzy Steve nearly picked up the win but Love interfered and Crazzy Steve made an attempt to kiss Love but was stopped by Godderz.  Godderz attempted to take out Crazzy Steve but unable to put in any offense Crazzy Steve was able to pick up the pin fall for the win.

Winner:  Crazzy Steve, Rebel and Knux


Backstage: Roode comments on his #1 Contender match, Aries comes in and talks about what tonight is about.  It’s not luck, it’s determination.  When the bell rings the mutual respect is out the window. 

EC3 Enters and is followed by his new huge body guard.  EC3 introduces his new body guard who is called Tyrus.  EC3 addresses Rockstar Spud, who he says he’ll never see again then moves on.  EC3 moves on to address the main reason he’s there which is to hold Bully Ray accountable for his actions and be removed from the Hall of Fame.  EC3 touches on how he is undefeated and how nobody will ever defeat him…

Devon comes out after hearing this and confronts EC3 for all of his talk.  Devon makes him aware of the fact that he hasn’t beat him.  Devon challenges EC3 to a match but before he even made it to the rign Bram beats Devon with a metal lid and continues the attack before leaving the arena. 


Ethan Carter III and Tyrus still in the ring chalk it up as a win for EC3 and claims that he beat Devon. 

EC3 not wanting to leave has set up a match for Tyrus to continue the fun they are having.  He reveals that Sharkboy is his legendary opponent.  Sharkboy’s music begins to play however he is nowhere to be seen. 

Backstage: An agent looking for Sharkboy finds him in the back eating donuts and sends him on his way to the ring.

Match #4
Shark Boy vs Tyrus

Shark Boy starts of but is obiviously very out of shape and the match is extremely shortlived with Tyrus not even breaking a sweat.  Tyrus unleashes an offense and Sharkboy couldn’t swim away and Tyrus defeats him with ease.

Winner: Tyrus

Video: Recap of Bound for Glory this past Sunday on Pay-Per-View

Backstage:  Jeff Hardy weighs in on jumping back into the title scene, Creatures Mount up!


Video: Recap of the Tag Team Series leading the the Wolves being victorious

Video:  A cryptic message from the Wolves to challenge any team who wants a shot at the titles.  But warns them to be careful.

Elimination Match
#1 Contendership for the World Title
Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

The match kicks off with Aries taking the fight to Hardy right at the offset.  Aries and Hardy end up outside the ring and Young and Roode lock up in the ring.   Aries makes his way back in but both Aries and Roode end up getting knocked outside the ring and Young faces off against Hardy.  As Hardy attempts to go high risk Aries stops him and they fight on the ropes.  As Aries attempts to go high risk against Hardy, Roode stops him and ends up pushing him off the top rope onto the mat leaving Young and Aries to face off which leads to Young making a dive on Roode to the outside of the ring. 

Hardy managed to take out Roode and Young through jumping off the back of Aries onto the floor but this is promptly followed by Aries taking out all 3 with a dive. A countout is initiated but Young managed to slide in and stop the count.  All men exchange blows, though between the four of them though none of them manage to take the advantage and no eliminations happen.  Young was able to land a DDT on Hardy but could not get the 3 count.  Young was able to unleash a series of offenses and went to the top rope, but was stopped by Roode, however this ended up leading to an amazing double suplex from Hardy, however, he could not pick up an elimination from this. 

The first elimination finally happened in what seemed to be an unlikely situation where Roode gave Young a Roode Bomb into the pin attempt while at the same time Aries goes for a Brainbuster on Hardy into a pin resulting in the referee counting them both for a double elimination!

Roode and Aries are facing starting out with a flurry of exchanges and dominance changes in true contender fashion.   Roode and Aries exchange submission holds trying to make the other tap.  Aries was able to gain dominance for a time but in the end Roode was able to get Aries into position for a Roode Bomb, which allowed him to get the pin on Aries for the win and become the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship Title.

Winner:  Bobby Roode



HAVOK in the ring before her match on IMPACT WRESTLING
In ring physical and preparation for IMPACT Wrestling that evening.


HAVOK Before getting transformed
Transformation into the always defiant HAVOK.


Anticipation, excitement and pre-match pressure backstage.


Havok Backstage before Entering the arena
Intensity pulses as HAVOK marches through the "Black Curtain" to preform live for the TNA fans.


HAVOK Looking at the KO Title Backstage
Backstage after winning the ultimate prize... The Knockouts Championship!

Ahead of tonight's IMPACT, TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle has announced the final competitors in the World Heavyweight Title #1 Contender Match. Previously, we knew Bobby Roode would be in the match and now we can reveal that these will be the men joining him:

Jeff Hardy: The Charismatic Enigma will be looking for another shot at The Destroyer after their close encounter earlier this summer! Hardy is a 3x TNA World Champion and one of the most popular wrestlers in the world today. Surely fans will be excited to see Jeff back in the hunt for TNA gold! 

Eric Young: "EY!" chants have dominated IMPACT for the greater part of this year, and with good reason! EY captured his first World Championship earlier this year and has experienced his greatest successes yet in 2014. No doubt, he will be looking to become a two-time champion and that all starts with tomorrow's #1 Contender Match!

Austin Aries: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived is certainly a deserving fourth, and final, addition to the match! A former World Champion himself, Aries is known as one of the most innovative men in TNA. He laid it all on the line this summer, trading his X-Division Championship for a shot at Lashley which came up short. Aries will certainly have vengeance on his mind as he enters IMPACT tomorrow night on Spike! 

Now that the competitors have been announced, keep the conversation going! Tell us on social media who you think will win this match and challenge Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Use #WorldTitleShot and don't miss IMPACT tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV! 

Tonight on IMPACT, HAVOK is scheduled to defend her Knockouts Championship against Madison Rayne, who won a #1 Contenders Match last week against Angelina Love and Taryn Terrell. The question on everyone's mind is simple: can Madison stop the powerful and violent HAVOK?

Thus far, no one has... HAVOK entered TNA and laid waste to two of the toughest women on the planet, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, and hasn't looked back since. Quickly rising to the top of the Knockouts Division, HAVOK dominated Gail Kim in a way that no woman has been able to en route to capturing the Knockouts Championship. At Bound For Glory, Velvet Sky became the next victim of HAVOK's brutality.

Now, it's on Madison Rayne to put a stop to the chaos - but can she? If you look at her career, she has as good a shot at defeating HAVOK as anyone could hope for! A 5-time Knockouts Champion, 2-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion and former Knockout of the Year (2010), Madison Rayne is one of the most decorated women in TNA Wrestling and being the first woman to defeat HAVOK to capture her sixth Championship would certainly be one of the biggest accomplishments of her career!

If you're asking us to pick a winner, it is certainly hard to go against HAVOK given the current state of the Knockouts Division. However, we like Madison's chances! Look for this to be closer than many may expect and, potentially, a major upset! 

Don't miss Madison Rayne vs HAVOK for the Knockouts Championship,  tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV! 

Tonight's IMPACT on Spike TV is already a highly anticipated event. What happened at Bound For Glory from Tokyo, Japan this past Sunday night? Who is the next challenger to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley?  Will HAVOK continue her string of dominance?  What’s next for EC3 now that he’s fired Rockstar Spud?  

TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle made it clear last week that Bobby Roode is a contender for The TNA World Heavyweight Championship. However, many other wrestlers want that same opportunity. Angle has decided the best way to choose Lashley's next opponent is to have a Four-Way #1 Contender's Match. Bobby Roode is in, but who else will join Roode and who will emerge as the new #1 Contender?

Last week, Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love and Taryn Terrell in a Triple Threat Match to earn the right to challenge for the Knockouts Championship. Now, Madison must face the demonic and vicious HAVOK, who successfully defeated Velvet Sky at Bound For Glory. Madison used some unsavory tactics to win last week. She'll need all that and more if she wants to defeat the powerful champion, HAVOK. 

"You are fired." The words still echo in Rockstar Spud's head as he awaits what is next from EC3. A new employee has been hired. The words massive, strong, scary and menacing have been whispered in TNA. Is this new employee a bodyguard? A hired thug to do the bidding of EC3? Don't miss IMPACT to find out. 

Plus, a six person intergender tag team match as The Menagerie takes on Jessie Godderz, DJZ & Angelina Love - which should be highly entertaining!

All this and so much more on this tonight’s IMPACT airing on Spike TV at 9/8c.


Last night, TNA Wrestling held two historic moments inside Tokyo's Korakuen Hall. First, Team 3D, the most decorated tag team in the history of wrestling, joined an elite group when they entered the TNA Hall of Fame. Team 3D now stand alongside Sting and Kurt Angle as the only members of this illustrious club and fans all over the world rejoiced as Team 3D received the highest of accolades!

Then, TNA Wrestling went on to hold their first-ever international pay-per-view, as Bound For Glory took over Korakuen Hall and gave fans 3-hours of the most exciting stars from TNA and Wrestle-1. We have selected 5 of our favorite moments, from fans who captured photos of the action at Bound For Glory. Tweet us using #BoundForGlory to give us your favorite moment! 

5. "Excuse me, EC3, can I ASS you a few questions!?" 


EC3 Year One has come to an end and, boy, what a year it was! Ethan Carter III ran through all competition in his first year with TNA, racking up an impressive undefeated streak. However, he faced his biggest challenge yet (literally) at Bound For Glory, where he faced off against sumo wrestler Ryota Hama. While Mr. Carter DID score another impressive victory, fans all over the world (including Rockstar Spud) loved the moment when EC3 came face-to-face with Hama's ... well... "ham." 

4. Samoa Joe vs Kaz Hayashi vs Low Ki (X-Division Championship)

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.42.17 AM copy

Heading into Bound For Glory, we knew that this was a match that could steal the show - and it certainly lived up to the hype! Joe, Ki and Hayashi flew all over Korakuen Hall in a fast-paced, hard-hitting matchup. This match was so insane that it got a traditionally quiet Japanese audience to start a "This Is Awesome!" chant. In the end, Samoa Joe stood tall and paid respects to the Japanese fans who have supported him for so many years. What a fight! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.39.10 AM copy

3. MVP Balls Out In Japan

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.42.33 AM copy

It goes without saying that fans of IMPACT certainly have a harsh opinion of MVP - and with good reason! However, MVP has been a longstanding supporter of Japanese wrestling, even walking away from the money of American wrestling to go and compete in Japan for some time. At Bound For Glory, last night, it was clear that the Japanese fans have the same respect and admiration for MVP. After an incredible promo talking about what Japanese wrestling has meant to him, MVP put on a great match against Kazma Sakamoto and had the crowd at Korakuen Hall in the palm of his hand. Including when he dropped this elbow and the entire sold-out arena shouted his trademark "Ballin'" catchphrase! 

2. The Great Muta and Tajiri Headline TNA's First Japanese Pay-Per-View

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.42.47 AM copy

When you think of Japanese professional wrestling, two of the first names that come to mind are The Great Muta and the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri. It was only fitting that the two teamed up in the main event of Bound For Glory to face-off against James Storm and The Great Sanada. Even better, watching the Japansese legends spray their iconic mists to kick off the bout was a moving moment for any fan of professional wrestling! 

1. Team 3D Become The Newest Members of the TNA Hall of Fame

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.03.14 AM copy

Team 3D are the most decorated tag team in wrestling history and it was only fitting that their TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place in Japan - a country where Team 3D has never lost a match. Last night, during the Hall of Fame ceremony segment of Bound For Glory, #ThankYouTeam3D trended on social media with fans sharing their favorite moments of the storied careers of Bully Ray and Devon. What a night it was in Korakuen Hall - and what an honor it is to welcome Team 3D to the TNA Hall of Fame!

Whether you missed it the first time around or just want to relive an excellent night of wrestling, you can watch Bound For Glory NOW! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.03.29 AM copy

Ever wonder what HAVOK does before a match? Or how Angelina Love prepares for her day? We thought you might... This week, will kick off a series spotlighting each of the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts.

Tomorrow, we will kick things off with reigning TNA Knockouts Champion HAVOK. Then, each of the next nine weeks will give fans uprecedented access to each of their favorite Knockouts, including never-before-seen photos and behind-the-scenes stories! 

Needless to say, the next nine weeks will be the hottest of the year for! Speaking of the Knockouts, you can make every day of 2015 hotter than the next by picking up a copy of the 2015 TNA Knockouts Calendar, which is on sale now at

Because we know you can't wait for tomorrow, we'll leave you with this teaser!



The newest members of the TNA Hall of Fame, Team 3D - Bully Ray and Devon, were inducted into the exclusive club yesterday. Now, tonight at Bound For Glory, Bully and Devon will be in action as Team 3D faces fellow hardcore legends, The Monster Abyss and Tommy Dreamer.

Also, arguably the most-recognized Japanese athlete in all of professional sports, The Great Muta, will join forces with “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri to face Muta’s former student, the “reborn” Great Sanada, who will be teamed with his new mentor and leader of the revolution, James Storm in a much anticipated grudge match. 

Bound For Glory will feature, unique one-time-only promotional matches between TNA and Wrestle-1 Superstars including:

The unstoppable Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe defending his X Division Champion vs the awe-inspiring Low Ki vs former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kaz Hayashi

The undefeated EC3 vs famed sumo wrestler Ryota Hama

The charismatic and devious MVP vs the global phenomenon Kazma Sakamoto

The masked, unpredictable Manik vs the former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Minoru Tanaka

In addition, the pay-per-view will include a Knockouts battle between the destructive HAVOK and 2x Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky.

Order TNA Bound For Glory, exclusively on pay-per-view tonight!

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