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 In a historic move, TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is making the move to Wednesday Nights at 9/8c on Spike starting this Wednesday, August 20th.  Make sure you update your DVRs for the new night so you won't miss a moment of the action.  And the move to Wednesdays kicks off with the most extreme night of the year... Hardcore Justice.


For the first time in nearly four years, the dangerous Six-Sides of Steel returns in our main event.  Six men will enter the sadistic structure with a cherished prize hanging in the balance.  The first wrestler to escape the cage becomes the Number One Contender for Lashley's World Heavyweight Title.  The six contenders will be... Magnus, Gunner, Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Austin Aries.

One Monster... One crazed brawler... and one instrument of destruction. The war between Abyss and Bram has raged through Monster's Ball matches and now the fate of Abyss's girl... "Janice" hangs in the balance at Hardcore Justice.  Fifteen feet above the ring hangs this instrument of destruction, and the first man to retrieve the weapon can use it.  Abyss vs. Bram this Wednesday in Stairway to Janice.

The feud between Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Angelina Love boiled over after last week's episode in a brawl after the show ended.  Gail Kim wants to shut up Angelina once and for all at Hardcore Justice.  There will be a winner as it will be a Last Knockout Standing match for the Knockouts Title!

Mr. Anderson has never trusted Samuel Shaw nor has he understood Shaw's relationship with Gunner.  Now it's time for one man to quit.  Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw in an I Quit Match

Plus a war between two old rivals with the X-Division Title on the line. Samoa Joe defends his X-Division Title Title for the first time against Low-Ki!  

It's Hardcore Justice.  It's FREE on Spike TV.  IMPACT WRESTLING now airs permanently on Wednesday Nights!  Do not miss Hardcore Justice this Wednesday on Spike!


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 14, 2014) – TNA today announced its flagship program, IMPACT WRESTLING, will make a permanent move to Wednesday nights at 9/8c on SPIKE TV beginning this Wednesday, Aug. 20.

 "Moving IMPACT WRESTLING to Wednesday nights gives existing fans and new viewers an opportunity to enjoy both wrestling and live sports even more throughout the week," said TNA President Dixie Carter.

IMPACT WRESTLING has enjoyed sustained ratings growth this summer, drawing over 1.5 million viewers each week this quarter, and is among the most watched cable series in key male demos in its timeslot.




IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James

August 14, 2014

IMPACT opens with Bully Ray and a recap of Dixie Carter being powerbombed through a table!

Bully says after four long months, he kept his word to the fans.  He thanks them and says he couldn’t have done it without all of them.  Above all, he says he wants to thank his brother Devon.  Devon celebrates in the ring with Bully Ray as The Hardy Boys enter the arena.  

Matt says it’s been 12 years since the four of them were in the ring together.  Team 3D and The Hardys agree to face each other – one more time, to which Devon exclaims, “Oh my brother, testify!”

Video:  Recap of Samoa Joe becoming the new X-Division Champion.

Backstage:  Samoa Joe says he’s the best in the world and that he’s the one to reinvigorate the X-Division. 

Backstage:  Rockstar Spud, EC3 and Rhino head toward the IMPACT Zone. 



 Backstage:  Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Eric Young watch Dixie Carter getting powerbombed through a table. 


Six-Man Elimination Scramble Match


The winner of this contest moves on to challenge Samoa Joe for the X-Division Championship next week!

Crazy Steve and Tigre Uno begin the match.  DJ Z repeatedly distracts Steve, allowing Tigre Uno to nail a hard slam and a top rope splash for a quick elimination.  Manik enters the match. 

Manik flies into the ring and with a quick flurry of offense, eliminates Tigre Uno.  DJ Z pins Manik using the ropes for leverage.  Homicide overpowers DJ Z, planting him with a Gringo Killer for the pin!  DJ Z is eliminated. 

Low Ki attacks Homicide and mounts him in the corner, throwing a series of punches.  Homicide dumps Low Ki over the top rope.  As Low Ki stands on the floor, Homicide flies through the middle rope, sending Low Ki crashing into the guardrail. 

Homicide dominates until trying for a pin which Low Ki escapes.  Homicide attempts to whip Low Ki into the corner, but Low Ki reverses and nails a stiff running forearm.  They trade offense and Homicide attempts another Gringo Killer.  Low Ki reverses, hits a dropkick and scores a Ki Krusher for the win. 

Winner:  Low Ki

Backstage:  Two men are watching footage from last week when EC3, Rockstar Spud and Rhino approach.



EC3, Rockstar Spud and Rhino enter the arena.  Rockstar Spud demands a moment of silence for “The Queen,” Dixie Carter.  The crowd vocally protests Spud’s demands, sending him into a tizzy. 

EC3 demands the termination of Bully Ray from TNA Wrestling.  He says it’s a Carter ring and a Carter wrestling promotion – and that he’s not leaving the ring until Bully Ray is fired.

Kurt Angle interrupts by saying that EC3 is wasting time and that he’ll wrestle tonight or leave the ring.  EC3 says he spilled blood in the ring last week and that he’ll not be wrestling this week.  Angle again states he’ll wrestle or leave.  EC3 refuses to leave.  Angle calls out the police. 

Spud says he’s “not taking no orders from no Dunkin’ Donut-eatin’ cops!”  The police jump and arrest EC3, Spud and Rhino!

Backstage:  Samuel Shaw apologizes to Gunner for the problems with Ken Anderson. 

Backstage:  Spud, EC3 and Rhino are escorted from the building. 



Backstage:  EC3, Spud and Rhino plead with police to let them go.  The police hope they like Central Booking. 



Anderson and Gunner shove one another until Anderson drops Gunner with a shoulder block.  Gunner returns the favor.  They remain evenly matched – punch for punch, until Samuel Shaw enters the ring and tries to separate them. 

Mr. Anderson lays out Samuel Shaw with a hard right!  Samuel Shaw tackles Anderson and mounts a series of rapid-fire punches.  Gunner separates the two and the match ends in a no-contest. 

Backstage:  Angelina Love confronts Velvet Sky – to make sure they’re good. 



Video:  A recap of Dixie being powerbombed through the table is shown just before never-before-seen footage.  The video shows Bully Ray singing the classic “Ding dong, the witch is dead…” song from The Wizard of Oz.  Then, medics are shown taking Dixie out of the arena on a stretcher. 


Knockout’s Championship Fatal 4-Way

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim (c)

Velvet attacks the champion, Gail Kim, as Angelina attacks Taryn.  The Beautiful People double-team Gail, sending her to the outside.  They shift their focus to Taryn, who tries fighting out of a double-team attack, but The Beautiful People prove too much. 

While coming off the ropes toward Taryn, Velvet is tripped and pulled from the ring by Gail.  Gail grabs Angelina and Velvet by the hair and smashes their heads together before taking them down with a cross-body from the apron. 

Meanwhile, Taryn Terrell climbs the ring post and jumps, connecting a cross-body with Gail Kim and The Beautiful People.  Taryn rolls Angelina into the ring and drops her with a series of clotheslines.  Taryn attempts a pin, but Gail interrupts the count. 

Eventually, all four women are in the ring and the Beautiful People begin to argue.  Gail attacks both and pins Velvet following an Eat Defeat!

Winner:  Gail Kim

Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King and Lashley are asked about Dixie Carter.  Kenny King says no one cares about her and MVP says they make the headlines.




Six-Man Tag Team Match




Following the introductions, Roode and Lashley are in to start the match.  As they circle one another, Kenny King rushes into the ring to attack Roode.  Roode quickly gains control of the match and tags Austin Aries, who slingshots into the ring, landing onto the chest of Kenny King. 

Aries makes a quick tag to Roode, who stomps the chest of King in the corner.  Roode tags Eric Young.  Following a double-team takedown, EY attempts a pin.  Kenny King kicks out and tags MVP.  MVP hobbles into the ring and quickly tags out to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley.

Lashley overpowers Eric Young, but action spills to the arena floor and EY gains the advantage.  EY scouts Lashley from the top rope, but Kenny King pulls Young from the ropes as Lashley tags out. 

King and Lashley alternate tags until EY is finally able to tag Austin Aries!  Aries flies around the ring, taking out all of his opponents.  Aries rushes toward King in the corner, but King gets his boot up, sending Aries to the floor. 

Lashley reenters the match and begins overpowering his opponents.  Aries reverses a power slam and climbs to the top rope, but a crutch to the back of the head, courtesy of MVP, sends him crashing down.  When Aries stands, he’s pummeled with a spear and pinned for the three.    

Winners:  Lashley, MVP and Kenny King

Backstage:  Abyss heads toward the IMPACT Zone.



Backstage:  The Wolves discuss their legacy and victory over the Hardy Boys.  They issue a challenge to Team 3D for the Tag Team Championships – anytime, anywhere. 

Abyss walks to the ring clutching his stomach.  He claims Bram has something that belongs to him.  He demands Bram’s presence. 

Bram, with Magnus, enters carrying the sadistic weapon known as Janice.  Abyss says possession is 9/10 of the law.  Abyss demands Bram returns Janice.  Bram says she’s all his – and that she drives him wild, every time he drives her into the chest of Abyss. 

Abyss asks Bram – and New York City – if they want to get extreme.  Abyss challenges Bram to one more match, where Janice is suspended 15 feet above the ring.  Bram accepts!

Magnus insults “The Monster” Abyss.  Abyss attacks Bram and Magnus, but they regroup and leave the ring with Janice in hand.  “Stairway to Janice” is official for Hardcore Justice, next week!



Video:  James Storm claims “the revolution is upon us.”  He walks into a run-down house, where he’s got Sanada tied to a post.  He grabs Sanada’s head and says he’s the light – and that he’ll turn him into “The Great Sanada.”



Devon and Matt start the match in the center of the ring.  They exchange takedowns and Matt tags Jeff.  They drop Devon with a double elbow, but Devon is able to make a tag to Bully Ray.  Team 3D double-teams Jeff. 

Bully Ray maintains control until Jeff tags Matt and fights off Bully Ray.  The Hardy Boys double team Devon.  Bully Ray grabs a handful of Jeff’s hair and powers him to that mat.  Devon attacks Matt from behind and Team 3D is in control. 

Devon and Bully Ray exchange tags while maintaining the advantage over Jeff Hardy.  They whip Jeff into the ropes – he tries to counter – but Team 3D powers him back to the mat.  Jeff reaches for Matt as Bully locks in a submission.  Jeff fights out.  Bully reverses and climbs the turnbuckle. 

Jeff rushes up the ropes and sends Bully Ray flying with a hurricanrana.  Jeff goes for a pin attempt, but Bully’s out at two!  Each man makes a tag, bringing in Matt and Devon. 

Matt changes the complexion of the match with a Side Effect and a moonsault.  Bully breaks up the count on Devon.  Devon drops Matt and turns his focus toward Jeff on the top rope.  Devon trips Jeff.  He climbs and attempts a drop, but Matt comes up behind Devon and hoists him onto his shoulders.  Jeff connects with a Whisper in the Wind!

Devon somehow kicks out at two!  Bully Ray is back into that match and Team 3D nails a Doomsday Device! Bully Ray and Devon jump from the ring to “Get the tables!” 

Jeff launches himself over the top rope, taking out both members of Team 3D!  Jeff rolls Devon into the ring.  Matt nails a Twist of Fate and Jeff follows up with a Swanton!  Devon, again, somehow kicks out at two!

Bully rushes into the ring just in time to catch Matt with a 3D!  Devon makes the cover for the win. 

Winners:  Team 3D

Next week – IMPACT moves to Wednesdays at 9/8c


 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 13, 2014) – The Aug. 7 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING, TNA’s flagship program airing Thursday nights at 9/8c on Spike TV, drew 1.6 million viewers (P2+, +3 Rating), the largest audience since mid-February of this year. The episode was also up against six nationally or regionally televised NFL pre-season games, the first of the NFL season.

Historically, IMPACT WRESTLING ratings are highest during Q1, however in Q3 2014, IMPACT WRESTLING has experienced a steady increase in total viewership and key demos that are exceeding ratings from Q1 2014, and rivaling Q1 ratings from previous years. To date, Q3 2014 ratings have attracted more viewers in the highly sought after Men 18-34 demo since Q1 2012, and the highest ratings for P2+, P 18-49 and Men 18-49 since Q1 2013.


IMG 2331


Boy Makes 3,500 Mile Trip Across The Pond To Meet Hardy and Attend #TNANYC Live Events at Manhattan Center

During TNA’s events in New York City last week, one Jeff Hardy superfan from the UK had a day he will always remember. With the help of UK wish granting charity Starlight Children’s Foundation and TNA Wrestling, Tom Trussler, a 12-year-old who has been diagnosed with a rare progressive congenital disorder, was granted his wish of meeting TNA Superstar “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy.

“The thing that caught my eye about Jeff is his determination, and I like that,” said Tom. “Ever since I first saw him on TV Jeff Hardy has been my favorite wrestler.”

Determination is something Tom knows a lot about. In July 2013, Tom underwent a bone marrow transplant, which forced him to be homebound for six months. During his recovery Tom spent much of his time watching professional wrestling, in particular matches of Jeff Hardy on IMPACT WRESTLING.

Tom and his parents, Mark and Lesley, made the 3,500 mile trek from the U.K. to New York City to meet Hardy and take part in the IMPACT WRESTLING live event at the Manhattan Center on Tuesday, Aug. 5 and Wednesday, Aug. 6. Prior to the sold out August 5 show, Hardy spent the afternoon hanging out with Tom as the two talked wrestling and took photos. Hardy also introduced Tom to dozens of fellow TNA Superstars - Bully Ray, The Wolves and Mr. Anderson, to list a few. 

Before the start of the event Tom was invited backstage to Hardy’s dressing room where his face was painted by Hardy to match the “Charismatic Engima’s” own face paint in signature IMPACT WRESTLING colors of black, blue and white.

Following an afternoon of activities with Hardy and a VIP meet-and-greet autograph session with other TNA Superstars, Tom and his parents were escorted to their front row ringside seats to watch the IMPACT WRESTLING televised event from the sold out Manhattan Center.

photo 1


Months in the making, last week #ItHappened!

Bully Ray, with an assist from the entire TNA Locker Room, finally got his hands on Dixie Carter and drove her through a table. Gone but not forgotten, we’re sure that Dixie’s status (and injuries) will be a hot topic tonight on IMPACT. EC3, Rockstar Spud and Rhino will certainly be on the hunt for revenge after what happened to “Aunt D”.

The rest of the locker room has been abuzz as well. Below you can see reaction videos from a number of IMPACT Stars and Knockouts.

What will happen in the wake of the most shocking moment in IMPACT history? We will have an update on Dixie’s condition tonight and we hear that EC3 and co. will be on hand to address what happened last week. Don’t miss an incredible IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike!




It’s a feud that is often seen as the pinnacle of modern tag team wrestling. A feud that created new match-types, broke boundaries and turned 4-men into icons – and, this Thursday, you get to see it happen one more time! Of course, we’re talking about The Hardys vs Team 3D.

When Jeff invited Matt to IMPACT a few weeks ago, The Hardys asked the fans who they would most like to see the brothers challenge. A name that kept popping up was Team 3D and both teams couldn’t turn down the offer to recreate that magic one more time. The matches between the two were insane and some of the most captivating wrestling of the modern era. This Thursday will be no different.

In front of a wild, sold-out NYC crowd at the Manhattan Center. It will be The Hardys and Team 3D, one more time. This will be one of the most talked about matches of the year and you can see if for yourself tomorrow night on Spike TV at 9/8c!

The old adage proves true, there really is strength in numbers. Even more strength when those numbers include TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley. Week after week, challengers step up to the plate and are put back down by The Destroyer. Impressively, Lashley has done much of his dirty work without MVP or Kenny King aiding him.

However, the three have proven that together, that may very well be unstoppable. Even after being removed from power by the TNA Board of Directors, MVP has asserted himself in the ring – bad knee and all. Kenny King is one of the very best young wrestlers today. And Lashley… well, it’s Lashley! Enough said.

This Thursday Team MVP will take on the team of Eric Young, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. While both EY and Aries have proven to be formidable challengers, all eyes are on Bobby Roode at this point. He’s the man that is at the center of controversy, being suspended by MVP and kept out of the Championship scene. Many, Roode included, feel this is a sign that Team MVP is afraid to challenge Roode. One has to assume that if Roode can pick up a clean win this Thursday, it would get him closer to a one-on-one shot at Lashley.


Last week on IMPACT, Gail Kim was given the opportunity to pick her opponent and grant the lucky lady a Knockouts Championship match. Some would take the easy route, pick a lesser opponent that you’re confident you can beat. However, Gail Kim is undoubtedly the best female wrestler today and she loves to prove that with a challenge. So, who did she pick? Is Angelina Love getting a rematch? Yes. Is Taryn Terrell getting a rematch? Yes. Is Velvet Sky deserving of a shot at KO gold? Yes.

Gail Kim didn’t just pick one opponent; she chose three. This Thursday, it will be Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell vs Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky. Since dropping the strap, Angelina Love has been complaining about not getting a fair rematch – even breaking up an incredible title match between Gail and Taryn two weeks ago. Now that rematch is going down!

Gail is obviously a worthy champion and will put up a good fight. Taryn Terrell has proven that she can never be counted out. However, the real interesting piece to this puzzle is what will happen between Angelina Love and her Beautiful People partner Velvet Sky? Will Velvet lend a helping hand that leads Angelina Love to victory? Or will this pairing lead to UGLY turmoil between the two? While the two may be besties now, we know first-hand that a shot at the Championship is enough to break up any friendship.

Who will emerge victorious in this high-level Knockouts showdown!? Tune into Spike TV on Thursday at 9/8c to find out!

Last week saw one of the most shocking moments in TNA history, as Bully Ray finally made good on his promise and put Dixie Carter through a table. Fans and fellow wrestlers cheered emphatically, but what will the fallout be after Bully finally made good on his word? Find out this Thursday night!

The main event this week is the return of one of the most infamous rivalries in tag team history. Team 3D takes on Matt and Jeff, The Hardys, in a must-see matchup!

After what took place last week on IMPACT, TNA World Champion Lashley teams with MVP and Kenny King to take on Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Austin Aries.

The Knockouts Title is on the line in a 4-way as Gail defends against Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Taryn. Will Gail overcome the odds and retain her title? Will Velvet and Angelina be able to stay on the same page or will they go separate way in order to capture the championship?

Plus, the tension has finally boiled over between Mr. Anderson and Gunner and the two friends will face off one-on-one this Thursday.

All of this and MUCH MORE this Thursday as IMPACT airs on Spike TV at 9/8c from New York City!

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