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Before we move into this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING where Dixie Carter will be making the announcement for the 2015 inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame we take a look back at past inductees looking first at Sting. 

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At Sting's Hall of Fame ceremony he was paid tribute in this video that looks at the influence and career of the man called Sting. 

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Sting was inducted into the Hall of Fame at a Ceremony on October 12, 2012 by Lex Luger.  Speeches were given by many that he has had an influence on as well as worked with him through his illustrious career including AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Samoa Joe, Lex Lugar, Dixie Carter and the Icon Himself. 

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Sting has had a tremendous influence on the wrestling world and is not restricted to just the fans.  He has also managed to influence the lives of superstars still seen in a TNA Ring today and will likely have influence on those long into the future. 



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Josh Mathews previews this week's edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America.

Josh Mathews Reacts To The Top 5

5. Tigre Uno

Hell yes, he is The X Division Champion. He is thrilling and daring and spectacular and deserves to be in The Top 5. Tigre Uno can translate his game to any opposition and therefore could be a viable contender for The World Title. Watch out Mr. Carter… and Mr. Trump!

4. Lashley

Just keep hanging around, eventually you will be Champion yet again. Lashley knows this and I feel that is why he really shouldn’t sweat this Top 5 or any other.

3. Drew Galloway

Almost beat EC3, almost became World Champion… If it weren’t for Eli Drake, Drew will be tied up with Eli for a bit, but once Drew defeats Eli Drake, The Great Scot can focus on becoming a Champion.

2. Bobby Roode

This call was made by The Law, Bully Ray and I will not argue it. Bobby Roode is a wrestlers wrestler and I hope he gets his opportunity to become Champion in the future.

1. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy deserves this chance and opportunity, Matt Hardy did soften up Kurt Angle for EC3 and does deserve a match for The World Title, being #1 on The Top 5 almost promises that will happen.

After Bully Ray was placed in charge at IMPACT WRESTLING many members of the roster had mixed feelings about the situation.

A night after winning the TNA Knockouts Championship on IMPACT WRESTLING (Destination America, Wednesdays at 9PM E/P) Brooke celebrates with Smashing Pumpkins' frontman Billy Corgan and Marilyn Manson backstage at The End Times Tour in Houston, Texas at NRG Arena Thursday.

Marilyn Manson, Brooke and Billy Corgan pose backstage at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas ahead of The End Times Tour Thursday night.

Brooke, who lives in Houston, captured the TNA Knockouts Title for the third time in her professional wrestling career.  She also was a contestant and placed 4th, alongside fellow IMPACT WRESTLING star Robbie E, on the 25th season of the CBS hit reality show Amazing Race.

In addition to leading the Smashing Pumpkins, Corgan also serves as senior producer of creative and talent development for TNA Wrestling.

Brooke on twitter @RealBrookeAdams
Billy Corgan on twitter @Billy

For more information about Brooke, Billy Corgan and IMPACT WRESTLING, visit and follow the company on twitter @IMPACTWRESTLING


VIDEO CLIP: Brooke Becomes 3x TNA Knockouts Champion on IMPACT WRESTLING

VIDEO CLIP: Brooke Post-Match Interview After Winning the TNA Knockouts Championship


Brooke on twitter @RealBrookeAdams
Billy Corgan on twitter @Billy

For more information about Brooke, Billy Corgan and IMPACT WRESTLING, visit and follow the company on twitter @IMPACTWRESTLING

Update #3

Bully Ray has decided that Matt Hardy and Bobby Roode, number 1 and 2, respectively, on The Impact Top 5 will meet in a Number 1 Contender’s Match and it will be a Tables Match. It is not a surprise that Bully would choose this stipulation to decide a Number One Contender and it is a perfect Main Event for Wednesday Night Impact on Destination America at 9P Eastern/8P Pacific.

Update #2

Bully Ray would like to announce that long time rivals Bram and Magnus will be going one on one in the first match this Wednesday night on Impact Wrestling and this will be a Street Fight. Anything goes and anything can happen when Bram and Magnus collide. Bully likes the fire he has seen from both competitors and feels this is the perfect way to kickoff the action on Wednesday night.



Bully Ray has just contacted The Impact Offices and wants to shake things up next week on Impact Wrestling. Bully stated that he wants to see how maniacal Eric Young really is and how resilient Rockstar Spud can be when the two of them clash in a Chain Match!

  “The Bearded Terror” and The Ultimate Underdog will be chained together at the wrist and the steel chain can be used as a weapon in this one on one encounter that can be won by pinfall or submission.

  This match fits perfectly in Eric Young’s wheelhouse, but how will Spud fair? Find out Wednesday night at 9/8PM E/P on Destination America.spud ey

Question 1 QUESTION OF THE WEEK!: @graham_williams. asks: “@RobbieEImpact #AskRobbie: Now that you're solo again, can we expect you to be going after X Division gold or is the world title in your sights?”


Robbie: I am def. going after some gold for sure. I would love to be a 2 time X Division champ as well as a World Champion & seal the deal on having held all the titles at one point in TNA!!.

Question 2:
 @gyonekura asks “What ever happened to your original tag partner Billy Bax and did you like being part of the Valedictorians?”



Robbie: My former partner Bax has retired from wrestling and just had a child.  I still talk to him and our career highlight was wrestling each other in the first round of the famous Super 8 Tournament!!

 Question 3: @justzombiemad asks: What would it mean to you if you were a #TriplecrownWinner and who would you take the #HeavyweightTitle off of?”


Robbie: It would mean the world to me.  Since I was a child I always wanted to be a World Champion!! I know that dream will come true.  The help of the #boomsquad always helps!! I would
love taking the title off of EC3!!

Question 4: @ethancartertna asks: “Will you join my clique?”


Robbie: No, because you are a closet scum bag that uses people and is fake.

Question 5:  @chrisGgreen asks: “who do you want to run TNA?"


Robbie: I think it would be cool if Jeff Jarrett ran today!! He has been here since day one and has TNA in his blood!!

Question 6:  @Epjwednesday asks: “How will the @RobbieEImpact character further develop & build to more Championship Gold in TNA?"


Robbie: I'm myself!! This is me.  Just a different side of me. My competitive side is out.  Pro wrestling is rough!! People forget I'm a pro wrestler.  I do have a tough side!!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 15, 2015)  TNA is partnering with AO1 Productions, an industry-leading global production company, that will tag team with Ron and Don Harris, two seasoned professional wrestling and production veterans, to enhance broadcast production and the fan experience.  

“We recognize the importance that advancements in technology play in producing and delivering a more immersive fan experience, whether cheering from the arena or at home watching TNA programming,” said TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead. “A01 brings a vast knowledge of current and emerging technologies we will be integrating into our production. While some upgrades will directly engage the fan’s senses, others are focused on driving operational efficiencies behind the scenes.”

TNA annually produces more than 300 hours of dynamic professional wrestling programming broadcast in 18 languages to more than 120 countries around the globe.

AO1 Productions, a Virginia-based multi-media and multi-platform production house, has more than 50 years of experience consulting and activating global broadcast events, delivering world-class audio, visual and lighting solutions to corporate and entertainment clients.

“We are proud to be partnering with TNA and utilizing our experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology to deliver enhanced in-venue and broadcast experiences that will have TNA fans engaged from start to finish,” said AO1 Director of Operations Tim Morin.

Twin brothers and TNA veterans, Ron and Don Harris, who have 30 years of experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in production and touring, have returned to the company to lead production of live events and broadcasts, including flagship IMPACT WRESTLING seen in the United States Wednesdays at 9e/p on Destination America.

The next televised live events for IMPACT WRESTLING, Xplosion and One Night Only are scheduled for July 22-30 at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. For more information visit


Impact Coverage by Bobby James
July 15, 2015 | The New Law

Dixie Carter Introduces “The Law”

The Impact Wrestling roster surrounds the ring as Dixie Carter recalls the last time she was surrounded. She says she’d just gone through a table and the roster was cheering for that; she wonders how things got to that point.

Dixie Carter takes the blame, citing her ego as the cause of  her actions.

She says going through the table gave her an incredible perspective and respect for the wrestlers. Dixie segues into talking about the future, which she says is easy to doubt. She says it’s easy to not have faith in her promises, but that she needs everyone’s trust.

Dixie says she’s hired someone that understands the roster – someone to stands as the law. Ethan Carter III interrupts, demanding to know the mystery person’s identity. Dixie Carter introduces Bully Ray as “The Law,” the new charge of the TNA roster.

Bully Ray recounts his phone conversation with Dixie Carter. He says Dixie apologized for her actions, for letting down the roster and fans. Bully says he would only return to TNA Wrestling for the fans and roster.

He instructs everyone at ringside to stand on the apron, because they’re equal and don’t deserve to be standing on the floor, symbolically beneath himself and Dixie Carter. Bully accepts the position to lead TNA “back to the promised land.”


No. 1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title | 20-Man Battle Royal

It’s announced that the winner of the battle royal will receive a championship opportunity in the main event of Impact Wrestling – tonight!

Chaos ensues with the opening bell as bodies begin flying toward one another. Slowly, wrestlers start being tossed over the top rope. Early eliminations include Manik, Abyss and Chris Melendez.

A second round of eliminations includes James Storm and Magnus. Jessie Godderz eliminates Robbie E. Jessie and Austin Aries are eliminated next.

Drew Galloway, MVP and Eric Young are the final three participants. Young and MVP form an alliance against the former leader of The Rising. The alliance endures through an elimination attempt.

MVP tries dumping Galloway over the top rope, but Eric Young rushes up from behind with an elimination of his own. Galloway fends off Young, eliminating him in the process.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Video: “The Icon” Sting’s TNA Hall of Fame induction is revisited. The 2015 inductee will be announced next week!

Backstage: Mike Tenay interviews Mr. Anderson regarding Bram’s post-match assault last week. Anderson reflects on his career and talks about the possibility of facing an injury at the hands of a competitor like Bram. He contemplates engaging in such a hardcore war.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud approaches Bully Ray. Bully tells Spud to be proud of himself. Then, he announces Spud will be in an X-Division Championship match.


Video: Kurt Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction is revisited. The 2015 inductee will be announced next week!

Backstage: Drew Galloway vows to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Eli Drake approaches him with words of encouragement.

Video: Donald Trump’s controversial immigration comments are recapped; Tigre Uno will address Trump next week!

X-Division Championship | Grado vs. DJ Z vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Tigre Uno

DJ Z immediately goes after Rockstar Spud. Grado uses his robust size to his advantage against all three challengers. He ultimately comes face-to-face with Spud. Spud attempts to slam Grado, but he’s unable, finding himself in a pin attempt instead.  

DJ Z and Tigre Uno strip away Grado’s advantage before squaring off with one another. Grado fends off his attackers – and then he and Spud form an allegiance against DJ Z. Tigre Uno delivers a double dropkick from the top rope. Grado lands in the center of the ring and Spud’s sent to the outside. Tigre Uno flies over the top rope with a crossbody to take out Spud. Then, the X-Division champion delivers a 450 splash to Grado for the win.

Winner: Tigre Uno

Backstage: Taryn Terrell says Brooke will suffer the same fate as Gail Kim and Awesome Kong. Gail Kim’s “Playtime is over” vignette is intercut.


Knockout’s Championship | Brooke vs. Taryn Terrell (c) w/ Jade and Marti Bell

The bell sounds, and early on, the Dollhouse distraction pays dividends for the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion. Brooke tries valiantly to retaliate, but Taryn drops her with a big swinging neckbreaker.

Brooke’s finally able to connect with some offense, for which she pays dearly. Jade and Marti Bell rip Brooke from the ring while Taryn distracts the official. The Dollhouse unleashes a furious assault before rolling Brooke back into the ring.

Taryn makes a pin attempt, but Brooke’s out at two. The complexion of the match shifts as Brooke connects with a dropkick. As she appears to be headed up the turnbuckle, Jade and Marti Bell intervene again, allowing Taryn to connect with a cheap shot.

Outside, Taryn smashes Brooke’s face against the apron and stairs before choking her. The official demands the action return to the ring. Taryn rolls her in and connects with a diving crossbody. Brooke kicks out of two pin attempts before scoring an inside cradle and near-fall of her own!

Taryn misses a dropkick from the turnbuckle, allowing Brooke to nail a series of clotheslines and back elbows. Brooke drops Taryn with a second jumping forearm and spear!

With Taryn laid out, Brooke appears poised for a moonsault. Jade shoves her from the ropes when, suddenly, the arena goes dark. When the lights come up, Gail Kim is standing over a fallen Marti Bell! Gail sends Jade face first into the turnbuckle. The lights go down again – Gail’s disappeared and Taryn turns into a “Butter Face Maker” (facebreaker).  

Brooke makes the cover. The official counts three – and Taryn’s historic 238-day title reign has come to an end!

Winner: Brooke

Backstage: Kurt Angle is seen with Bully Ray. As the meeting ends, Angle says he presented Bully with a great idea and that he’s on his way to the ring to reveal it.


Angle’s Announcement

Kurt Angle says that TNA is undergoing a lot of changes and that he isn’t ashamed of losing the title to Ethan Carter III. Angle takes issue with the shady finish of his rematch with EC3 for the title.

He says Bully Ray has granted him a rematch on his own time. Angle says he’s been diagnosed with a tumor on his neck and that he’ll undergo surgery to have it removed. Angle continues by saying that when he returns, he’ll challenge EC3 for the title.

Eric Young interrupts Angle’s farewell. Young says Angle needs to start telling the truth. He says EC3 didn’t defeat him, but that he did. He asks Angle how many piledrivers he’s received. Then, he asks Angle how many piledrivers his neck has left.

Young tells Angle he’d like to take credit for the tumor, but that’s nature. He says nature is telling him it’s time to pack up and go home. Eric Young tells Angle he wants him gone longer and he takes a cheap shot!

Angle attempts to fight back, but Young sets him up for a piledriver. Chris Melendez makes the save, but pays. Melendez receives a piledriver and is laid out next to Kurt Angle as Eric Young stands tall and moves up the ramp.

TNA Slammiversary Replay | James Storm vs. Magnus

A brawl ensues, forcing an impromptu encounter. Magnus drives Storm into the guard wall. He bounces Storm’s head off multiple ring posts and the apron. Storm counters, driving Magnus face-first onto the apron.

Magnus counters an Irish whip, sending Storm crashing into the guardrail again. He moves a table into position, but Storm counters a powerbomb and sends Magnus overhead through the table!

In the ring, Storm connects with back-to-back Last Calls! With Magnus down, Storm introduces a section of guardrail and two steel chairs to the ring. He mounts the guardrail between the chairs. With Magnus draped over the railing, Storm heads up the turnbuckle. Magnus counters by suplexing Storm onto the pile of steel!

Storm and Magnus reach their feet, but Storm resorts to old (and effective) tactics. He smashes a glass bottle across Magnus’ face to steal the victory.

Winner: James Storm

Video: A recap is shown of Mickie James to find “one woman” to stand beside him, to face Magnus and herself.

Backstage: James Storm and Khoya address Mickie James. Storm teases having found a tag team partner to face Magnus and Mickie in two weeks. He says his tag team partner is someone very close to Mickie.

Backstage: Ethan Carter III says he wants to work with Bully Ray. He tries to have the match postponed a week. Bully Ray declines, telling EC3 to act like the World Heavyweight Champion – and to find a way to get the job done.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Carter III

Galloway takes the fight to EC3 immediately. EC3 forces a break using the ropes, but the two lock up again and Galloway regains control. Galloway sends EC3 into retreat. He pursues the champion outside where he connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker onto the apron!

EC3 rolls back into the ring. While the official tends to him, Tyrus squashes EC3 against the ring post. Eli Drake rushes to ringside wielding his crutch to fend off Tyrus. EC3 uses the distraction to his advantage. He begins overpowering and dominating Galloway.

Galloway fights out of a headlock only to find himself caught with a neckbreaker. EC3 smashes Galloway face-first against his knee before landing a few insulting slaps. Galloway becomes enraged and takes the champion to task, ultimately scoring a near-fall.

Galloway sets up for a big boot; EC3 counters. Galloway drops the champ for a near-fall, but Tyrus places EC3’s foot on the ropes. Tyrus trips Galloway, but the interference proves ineffective as the Scot unloads a series of chops to EC3 in the corner. Galloway inadvertently takes out the referee and EC3 drops him with a low-blow.

Tyrus climbs into the ring, but Eli Drake is there to counteract him, crutch in hand. Tyrus backs down, but as Galloway crosses in front of Drake, Drake turns on Galloway! Drake climbs out of the ring and retreats up the ramp as EC3 scores the victory with the One Percenter!

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Friday, July 10, is a day six-year-old TNA mega-fan Reegon will always remember, and a day that changed Rockstar Spud forever.

Through TNA's partnership with the UK's Starlight Children's Foundation, arrangements were made for Spud to spend the day with Reegon. Below is an entry from Spud's journal masterfully capturing the emotion and life-changing events of the day:

Today was the best day of my life...
Im 32 years old, I have been in the wrestling business for 14 years and in life I thought I had seen most things, felt most emotions and created some amazing memories.  If you would have asked me up until today what my greatest moment was, you'd most likely expect me to say something that relates to the pro wrestling ring or being on TV.
I can honestly say that not one thing I've accomplished in wrestling or in any other aspect of my life will stand out above this day.
Today I met a 6-year-old boy named Reegon.  He has a life-threatening heart condition that requires an operation, one that most do Starlight2not live through.  
Reegon's family contacted a great organization called STARLIGHT that grants wishes to sick children.  Through Starlight, Reegon was given the opportunity to make a wish come true – any wish. He could do anything his incredible imagination would allow, including taking a trip to anywhere in the world or meeting anyone he desired to meet.  

Reegon wanted to meet me.
As I write that line I just filled up with tears again.  That little boy today made me feel alive in a way he doesn't even realize, and I can honestly say I've never felt more special. He wanted to meet ME.
Starlight3I got to make this little boy smile, see him embarrassed, watch his face light up when I'd gift him special treasures, have him whisper funny jokes his mom wont allow him to tell.  He held me SO tight that I just didn't want to let him go.
For all the things that this world and pro wrestling has given me the opportunity of being able to do - forget money, forget moments, forget EVERYTHING!  Things like this are what is the most important gift this world and this amazing profession offers.
Thank you Reegon for giving me the honor of meeting you.  Today was the best day of my life.


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