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Eminem and Elton John.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Arnold Schwarzenneger and Danny Devito.  Over the years, there have been some unusual, and at times, crazy duos.  Whether one defines the relationship as symbiotic is completely subjective though.  With Mr. Anderson and Gunner forming the unusual pairing of tag team partners for their match against The BroMans last night on IMPACT WRESTLING, it is yet to be seen if this partnership will be mutually beneficial or if it will crash and burn, and keeping with that theme, we take a look back and share the most unlikely duos in TNA history. 


Adam “Pacman” Jones & Ron “The Truth” Killings

Back in 2007 and after Adam “Pacman” Jones was viciously attacked backstage by an unknown assailant, the professional football player went on the offensive and assumed the beating was from Ron “The Truth” Killings.  Killings immediately addressed Pacman in the ring and the duo transformed from bitter enemies to tag team partners and went on to defeat the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and “The Icon” Sting at No Surrender 2007 and win the World Tag Team Championship.


Eric Young & Orlando Jordan

On the July 29th, 2010 edition of IMPACT, Orlando Jordan formed a dysfunctional tag team with Eric Young, who was battling mental problems after taking a bump to the head.  After taking the hit, Young cost himself and Jordan a tag team match between Ink Inc. after throwing a mannequin into the ring which he had first tagged into the match.  This flawed relationship was on full display when the duo decided it was time to meet with a psychiatrist to discuss Eric Young being completely unaware of Jordan’s sexual orientation and interest in him. 



Bully Ray & Rockstar Spud

Bowtie vs. Chain necklace.  Brit vs. American.  Mike Tenay justly labeled these two wrestlers as “polar opposites”.  When it was announced on the Joker’s Wild II One-Night-Only PPV that Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray would be paired up to face Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries, most assumed the Brit and American had no chance of winning.  This unlikely duo silenced the critics, won the match and went on to qualify for the Gauntlet Battle Royal later that night. 


Eric Young & ODB

Does it get more unlikely than a male/female duo to win the Knockouts Tag Team Titles?  On the March 8th episode of IMPACT WRESTLING, the current World Heavyweight Champion “Showtime” Eric Young and ODB defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.  Immediately after the bell was rung, Eric Young made history and proposed to his soon bride-to-be only to be upstaged and have ODB propose to him. 


Check out exclusive #IMPACT365 videos from Thursday's IMPACT below, including comments from EC3 on Samoa Joe's return and what happened with Bully Ray, plus Madison Rayne's candid thoughts on Brittany and from earlier Thursday, World Champion Eric Young at The Today Show




videosScroll down for exclusive ringside photos from Thursday's IMPACT

IMPACT Highlights: Click Here To Watch Videos On YouTube

IMPACT WRESTLING kicked off  with Bully Ray coming out toImage address the IMPACT ZONE to address his obsession with the 6 people that he has placed a bulls eye on.  Though he didn’t just say who they were, he did it in style.  Bully Ray went over and uncovered 6 tables revealing the names of the people that he has targeted to put through a table with no intentions of showing any mercy.  His list included Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, MVP, Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and last but not least Dixie Carter.   After the unveiling Bully Ray called out any and all of the people to send them through a table!

Without hesitation MVP came out to address Bully Ray and urged him to rethink his position, though he didn’t forget his backup.  Bobby Lashley and Kenny King came out behind MVP, However not to miss the opportunity to completely take out Bully Ray EC3 and Rockstar Spud was right there beat down on Bully Ray, though it did not seem that they were working with MVP’s team but on their own. 

Right as EC3 was about to put Bully Ray through a table, the World Champ himself Eric Young came to the rescue along with Austin Aries, and the Wolves!  After MVP and company was chased from the ring it seemed that Rockstar Spud was still in the ring hiding under a table.  Before MVP, King and Lashley could leave, Austin Aries challenged him to a 3 on 3 tag team match.  But before letting them leave Bully Ray sent a not so gentle reminder of what is going to happen to them eventually by pummeling Rockstar Spud through a table!

Up Next:  MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King take on the Wolves and Austin Aries





MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King vs. the Wolves and Austin Aries
Straight out of the break a 3 on 3 match with the Wolves and Austin Aries taking on MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley is well under way.  The cargage remained outside of the ring for some time before Lashley and Aries brought things back into the ring where Aries was overwhelmed by the sheer size of Lashley.   For sometime MVP, Lashley and King kept the upperhand but it wasn’t long before Aries and the Wolves put the three men over the top rope and followed it up with 3 high risk jumps out of the ring.  Finally things were brought back into the ring and the match was officially started.  Team MVP maintained the upperhand and worked on breaking down the already injured Eddie Edwards.  Finally Edwards managed to muster the energy to tag in Austin Aries who went to work.  At this point favor went back to Aries and the Wolves but MVP was able to get a knockout kick on Davey Richards and get the pin for the win

Winner:  MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King


 Up Next: Bram vs. Tigre Uno




The BroMans vs. Gunner and Mr. Anderson This tag team contest got off to a rocky start for Gunner and Mr. Anderson as immediately DJ Z distracted them allowing for BroMans to start with the upper hand. Jessie and Gunner started off with Jessie able to maintain the advantage thanks to the shady techniques of the BroMans. After being tagged in Robbie E managed to keep the momentum going until he got a bit too cocky allowing for Gunner to take out Robbie and tag in Anderson. In a quick turn of events Mr. Anderson and Gunner was able to get the pin on Robbie E for the Win

Winner: Gunner and Mr. Anderson

Up Next: The Menagerie???






In an odd turn of events following the match the Menagerie came in to the pomp and circumstance one has come to expect with this circus sideshow. Meanwhile the BroMans stayed in the ring with extremely confused looks on their faces. Surrounded, the bromans had no idea what to do, finally Jessie and Robbie managed to escape but DJ Z was grabbed by the freak and tossed around before he and his partners could escape!

Up Next: Dixie Carter Confronts MVP


Dixie came out to the IMPACT ZONE to address MVP with what many assume to be an offer of some sort.  Dixie called out the man himself to finish what she started last week.  MVP wouldn’t have it though as he made it clear that he was in charge and he commands respect unlike Ms. Carter so there is no way she could help him.  She presented two options, which was to either go home or confront the board of directors about him.  MVP countered by talking about all the money he has at his disposal to help him and that they both know that money is power and that if they wanted to get into a game of chicken, then let the games being. 

Before things could escalate Bully Ray and Eric Young came out to make good on Bully’s threat to put them through a table.  Though MVP stated that Eric doesn’t have the heart to beat him, Eric wouldn’t have this and attempted to jump at him but was stopped by Bully Ray.  MVP made it clear that he wasn’t scared of them at all and accused Bully of just having a big mouth to which Eric had to stop him from attacking MVP as well.  MVP took the opportunity to use his power to create a match between Bully Ray and Eric Young with EC3 as the referee.  Bully refused said he’d rather be fired then face his best friend.   Dixie called him out on backing down but Bully countered and stated that he guaranteed every single one of them will go through a table. 

Up Next:  Brittany and Gail Kim vs. The Beautiful People




Brittany, embarrassed from her terrible makeover from last week, had been trying throughout the night, even being told by Madison Rayne to simply back down, finally her efforts to get a tag team partner to join her in facing the Beautiful People paid off when Gail Kim agreed to join her.  Brittany started facing off against Angelina Love.  Love made it immediately clear that she was not going to take it easy on the new girl.  And holding true to the past few weeks Velvet Sky made it a point to distract referee Brian Stiffler while Love unleashed an offense on Brittany.  After Brittany managed to get some momentum she refused to tag in Gail Kim which allowed for the Beautiful people to mercilessly plunder Brittany.  Finally Brittany was able to tag in Gail Kim and she managed to build a sizable offense until Brittany tagged herself in which ended up being detrimental as she was knocked out by Love while referee Brian Stiffler was distracted and this allowed Velvet Sky to swoop in for the win. 


IMG 6318Brittany refused to leave the ring and requested that Madison come out to the ring.  Judging by the way Madison looked she had no idea what it was about.  Brittany wanted to know why Madison had refused to be her partner tonight and Madison stated that things were getting a little weird.   She didn’t want to be responsible for getting her involved but Brittany responded that she would take responsibility for it because she just wanted to be with her!  This put Rayne over the edge as she said she took things just a little bit too far.  Brittany crazy on Madison at this point.  At this point the Beautiful people came out and started to egg things on with Brittany.  Madison responded and told them to stop worrying about Brittany and to start worrying about the Knockouts Title because one week from tonight Madison will get her rematch for the Title. 


Up Next:  Will Bully Ray face Eric Young with special referee Ethan Carter III




It’s Main Event time!  To kick off the main event Christy Hemme began to announce however, Kenny King came to the ring and kicked her out and continued as usual to introduce the competitors but in less than stellar fashion.  This caused the competitors to chase King around the ring…. Even though he was just doing his job…  Next up special referee Ethan Carter III made his way to the ring, but things didn’t stop there when a special enforcer was introduced, the “living tank” himself, Bobby Lashley, came to the ring to fill the duties… but that’s not all… Kind proceded to introduce the special timekeeper…MVP.  Things could get interesting.

IMG 6408Finally the match started however EC3 was afraid to get in the ring, mostly likely because he doesn’t want to be put through a table.  Finally EC3 made his way into the ring and after a brief distraction Young and Bully locked up and things were on the move.  It didn’t last long as King interfered in the match by hitting Bully with no repercussions.   Things got back underway for a while however once Young exited the ring this time MVP took out Young from behind.  After more time the match continued control switching back and forth but right before Bully went to use his elbows on Young, EC3 stopped him, which angered Bully and as a consequence he took out the Guest Referee.  King, MVP and Lashley took this opportunity to enter the ring and beat down on Young and Bully.  To everybody’s surprise Samoa Joe charged in to stop MVP and his crew by taking them all.. Samoa Joe is back!

IMG 6419




This Friday, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young’s new show, “NO LIMITS,” premieres on Animal Planet. To promote the show and his upcoming title defense, EY appeared on the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda! Amongst other topics, “Showtime” shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to fight off spiders and snakes; and lets them check out how heavy his title is!


Watch Eric Young on the TODAY Show here:








The first family of Texas wrestling, the Von Erichs, have captivated audiences worldwide for more than seven decades. At TNA’s Slammiversary on Sunday, June 15, Kevin Von Erich will celebrate Father’s Day by accompanying his sons, Marshall and Ross, to the ring for their first globally televised match.
"Seeing my boys enter the ring on Father’s Day will be one of the proudest moments of my life.  I am looking forward to it and looking forwarding to being back in the Dallas area.  I now understand how my father felt when me and my brothers entered the ring."
Kevin is legendary for his many championship reigns, as both a singles and tag team competitor. Ross and Marshall, who both excelled in high school athletics, were trained by their father and attended the acclaimed wrestling school of the great Harley Race. In recent years the tag team has trained and competed in Pro Wrestling Noah Dojo in Japan.  The duo has made a name for themselves in Japan and TNA is excited to have them make their U.S. television debut during the Slammiversary Pay Per View.Ross-and-Marhsall-VE3G3


Rebel may be a country girl at heart, but she has always had a wild side! Whether its hopping on a motorcycle, twirling fire, dancing with chains & hooping aerial, performing for our Troops overseas, shooting guns or following her passion in professional wrestling, Rebel is ready to make her mark on the IMPACT WRESTLING fans' hearts. Currently living in Louisville, KY, she is training full time at the Ohio Valley Wrestling school. Hard work, dedication and the support of her long-time love Knux are all things that give her the fire she will need to bring a little mayhem to the Knockouts Division.

“I am honored to be surrounded by a locker room full of women I look up to as the best female wrestlers in the business. I am putting my all into this and proud to say I dare to be rebellious!” says the stunner.

Well we are ready to see just what she can do. Stay tuned for more of Rebel and The Menagerie!

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By Gerry Strauss

They say that nothing can screw with a man’s head like love and war.

For Samuel Shaw,  love was the final straw that pushed him beyond the brink of insanity.  A tremendous athlete and “Gut Check” winner, Shaw’s irregular behavior became apparent soon after his debut on the TNA roster. However, it was his infatuation with ring announcer Christy Hemme that showed the world exactly how imbalanced  this man truly had become.

Now, thanks to a loss to Mr. Anderson in a match with heavy stipulations attached, Shaw has been forced to face his issues - like it or not.  As a result of that match, Shaw has been involuntarily institutionalized with only the facility’s medical staff and TNA Wrestling personnel allowed on the premises, allowing the world to watch his road to possible recovery. Via this footage, TNA management and fans alike thought we’d witness the inevitable pain, anguish and – hopefully – the light at the end of the tunnel.

What we never could have expected was the arrival of another TNA Wrestling star: Gunner, whom clearly had no ties to Shaw in the past. In fact, their paths had barely crossed as friend or foe during their relatively young TNA Wrestling careers.  Actually, by all accounts, Shaw’s erratic behavior had prevented him from making any friends at all I the company.

So why Gunner, and why now? While only snippets of the actually conversations between the two were available, we heard enough to understand that Gunner came to Shaw of his own volition. He offered Shaw the opportunity to talk, and then compared his mental challenges with those of whom he served with during his military days.

Those familiar with Gunner’s life story know that he served as a lance corporal and machine gunner with the U.S. marines in the Iraq War. The treacherous conditions associated with that environment made “post-traumatic syndrome” a household term, and it is certainly no surprise that Gunner would have seen the long-term mental affects of war among his fellow soldiers.

Can he actually recognize and understand similar trauma within the mind of Samuel Shaw?  More importantly, can he be the unlikely ear that Shaw needs in his new  quest for normalcy, or will this new element to his treatment  only serve to send him deeper off the edge?

No matter what happens, the strange-yet-fascinating tale of Samuel Shaw appears to just be getting started. Rest assured, we – and TNA management – will be watching very closely.


Simply, The Great Muta is one of the brightest international stars the professional wrestling world has ever known.  Throughout his career, he’s held wrestling gold 19 times and has won awards and praise across the globe. Not only that, but The Great Muta has consistently worked to shine a light on new talent from his native Japan – most recently sending his protégé Sanada to TNA, who quickly captured the X-Division Championship. The Great Muta is also responsible for some of the most exciting Japanese wrestling under his own Wrestle-1 banner!

TNA Wrestling is extremely honored and excited to announce that The Great Muta will be returning to TNA this summer and is set to take part in our first IMPACT in New York City, on June 25 at the Manhattan Center. Additional details will be revealed shortly.

Muta was last seen at TNA Lockdown in Miami, where he teamed with his Wrestle-1 proteges, Sanda and Yasu. To celebrate the return of The Great Muta to TNA, that match from Lockdown is now available below in its entirety.

More surprises will be revealed soon!



NASHVILLE, Tennessee (May 27, 2014) – In response to incredible demand from IMPACT WRESTLING fans, TNA Entertainment is adding three televised events in New York City August 5, 6 and 7 at the famed Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom. Tickets for the August New York City IMPACT WRESTLING Live! events, which will broadcast on Spike TV in the U.S. and to millions of fans in more than 120 countries across the globe, go on sale this Fri., May 30 at 10 a.m. ET, and are available at all Ticketmaster outlets, online at and by phone at 800.745.3000.

Tickets start at $20 and elite front row ringside seats are available for $75. A pre-sale for the August events will start at 10 a.m. ET on Wed., May 28. For exclusive pre-sale codes follow TNA President Dixie Carter on twitter @TNADixie.

A limited number of VIP Packages, which include premiere seating, a meet and greet autograph session with select TNA Superstars and a commemorative souvenir, are also available starting Wednesday at 10 a.m. via

TNA has now announced a total of six televised IMPACT WRESTLING Live! events this summer at The Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center; June 25 –27 and Aug. 5 – 7.

For more information on TNA in NYC visit and follow @IMPACTWRESTLING on twitter and on Facebook at



TNA Entertainment, LLC, is a privately held sports entertainment company based in Nashville, Tennessee, specializing in events, products, numerous TV properties, merchandise and music, as well as, the management and promotion of professional wrestlers. The roster features such greats as Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, MVP, Magnus, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Gail Kim and the lovely and lethal Knockouts, and many more through its highly successful TNA IMPACT WRESTLING weekly broadcast, airing Thursday at 9/8c, on SPIKE TV. In addition, TNA produces monthly PPV events and more than 100 live events a year. The product is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling and is broadcast in more than 120 countries.



Preview Thursday's can't-miss IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c as the road to the June "Slammiversary" epic event continues! If you can't watch it Thursday, make sure to set your DVR!

- Tune in Thursday night on SpikeTV to witness the fallout from MVP's new alliance and the path of destruction they unleashed this past week! After beating down World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young, Austin Aries and World Tag Team Champions The Wolves, is there anyone in TNA that can stop the trio of MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King? Video: MVP unleashes his new alliance on TNA

- Plus, TNA President Dixie Carter confronted MVP this past week, but she was interrupted by Bully Ray before she could finish. Will we find out more about Dixie and MVP's current business relationship this Thursday? Tune in and find out! Video: Dixie Carter confronts MVP and his alliance

- Speaking of Bully Ray, will he unleash all his fury after being beaten down by MVP, Lashley and King…AND then humiliated after Dixie ordered ECIII to put him through ANOTHER table? Will everyone feel Bully's wrath on Thursday? Don't miss it!

- After what happened this past week, Brittany has challenged The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) to a Knockouts tag team match on IMPACT! Who will Brittany get to be her tag team partner?

- Also on Thursday' IMPACT, Mr. Anderson and Gunner will take on The BroMans in tag team action

- Plus, TNA newcomer Bram will be in action as he continues to try and get Magnus to unleash a more violent, aggressive side! Article: Will Bram bring out the dark side of Magnus?

All this and much more on Thursday's huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c, including all the latest news on the upcoming "Slammiversary" event!


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