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Chandigarh, 22nd September 2014:
Marking a historic moment in the world of wrestling entertainment, TNA and SONY SIX together announced the signing of the first ever Indian wrestler Mahabali Shera into the global roster of TNA Wrestling. Catering to the sustained demand and popularity of the sport, the announcement marks a significant investment by SONY SIX and TNA to the growth of wrestling entertainment viewership across the Indian market.

This momentous announcement comes after a yearlong search for an Indian wrestler which begun with Hall of Fame star Kurt Angle’s visit to India in 2013. The TNA superstar selected and mentored Mahabali Shera, welcoming him into the elite faction of the TNA global talent roster. Under his guidance, the 24-year-old, Mahabali will feature across TNA’s programming line-up of TNA Impact Wrestling (Monday nights) in a bid to grow the popularity of wrestling in India through local connect. Viewing the market potential, SONY SIX and TNA, through this announcement, state their collaborated vision of exponentially growing and reaching out to a broader fans base for TNA in India.

Speaking on the announcement, Mr. Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, Sony SIX commented,

‘‘We are thrilled to partner with TNA in creating this iconic moment with the unveiling of the first ever Indian wrestler for TNA. India is home to some of the most passionate wrestling fans and through our consistent offering, high quality content and market reach we will make Mahabali Shera a household hero and fuel growth and popularity for TNA.”

On the launch announcement of Mahabali Shera into TNA roster, TNA President Dixie Carter said, “Signing Mahabali to our roster as the first Indian wrestler is a testament to TNA’s commitment to our Indian viewers and our continued focus on international brand expansion. With his in-ring talent and incredible story of achieving his dreams, we are confident viewers will quickly connect with Mahabali as he represents the people and nation of India throughout the world.” 

Speaking on Mahabali Shera joining TNA, Kurt Angle said, “It’s great to be back in India where TNA Wrestling is enjoyed by millions. This visit makes it even more special as I introduce Mahabali Shera as the newest TNA Superstar. Mahabali Shera is a great athlete who has showcased tremendous potential and skill, which strengthens my belief that he has what it takes to become a champion.”

Being signed on by TNA, Mahabali Shera said, “TNA is one of the biggest wrestling entertainment organizations in the world and I am deeply thankful and thrilled to be a part of it. With the organization featuring some of the best wrestlers in their talent roster, it is a great opportunity as well as honour for me. I hope my inclusion in the TNA storyline will be a catalyst for audiences in India to connect with TNA and enjoy the sport exclusively on SONY SIX.”

TNA schedule on Sony SIX:





TNA Impact Wrestling

9.00pm – 11.00pm


TNA Greatest Matches

9.00pm – 11.00pm


TNA Explosion

9.00pm – 10.00pm

TNA Greatest Matches

10.00pm – 11.00pm

The Wolves had their backs against the wall going into No Surrender. In a series for their Tag Team Championships, The Wolves were down and nearly out. Team 3D and The Hardys each had a win on the board and only needed one more to take the Tag Titles from the reigning champs. Against all odds, in one of the most incredible matches you'll see this year, The Wolves rose to the occasion! In a match with one insane moment after the next, it was Eddie Edwards who ascended the ladder and took down the Tag Team Championships to the wild ovations of a sold out NYC crowd!

Now, the Tag Title Series is all evened up!

Now it has been announced by Taz and Mike Tenay that on the upcoming tonight on IMPACT, The Wolves will tell the world their decision. The Hardys, The Wolves and Team 3D will come face to face and the Wolves will announced what the final match of the Tag Title Series will be. This makes IMPACT another can't miss episode so make sure you're in front of your TV on tonight to hear the news!

After a series of wild matches like nothing else you'll see this year, it is clear that this final match isn't just for the Tag Titles, it's to determine which team is the best tag team in the biz today!

Relive highlights from the first three matches now!

Tonight, TNA Wrestling presents IMPACT on Spike TV. The show tonight presents 10 TNA superstars with the opportunity of a lifetime. However, only 1 superstar will be able to mine his way through The Manhattan Center in New York City leaving with a guaranteed Championship match.  It's appropriately called the "NYC Gold Rush."

As the sun sets on our summer in NYC so too will the dreams of 9 TNA Wrestlers. As per Executive Director Kurt Angle, tonight there will be 5 qualifying encounters, pitting 10 of TNA's best in one on one competition. The winners advance to a chaotic, frantic & One Fall to a Finish finale that will surely be brutal.  

Why would these men put themselves in such a violent affair? For the prize! The winner earns a guaranteed Championship Opportunity, at anytime, for ANY Championship he sees fit for the taking.

Why wouldn't the winner simply choose the World Title? Well, would you want to face The Destroyer, Lashley? Would a "Bro" pick any title other than a Tag Team Title? What if a beaten down Samoa Joe was simply too weak to defend The X Title?

Here we are going to look at the 5 favorites who should emerge from their respective qualifying matches & enter the final round of the NYC Gold Rush tonight on IMPACT presented by TNA Wrestling. 


1) Knux vs. Austin Aries: Knux would be a powerhouse in the finale against four other TNA superstars, but in order to do so, The 300 pounder will have to defeat former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries. Aries will rely on his speed & agility to outmaneuver the slower Knux. In the end, it's hard for even the most critical of TNA aficionados to go against Austin Aries.


Aries wins this one, but it's closer than the experts think. 




2) MVP vs. Low Ki: On paper it's the toughest match of these qualifiers to pick, the word "qualifiers" hardly does any of these matches justice. Throw in the fact that MVP & 'Ki are close friends and anything can happen. They know each other very well, training together & having the same pedigree. This is really a toss up, but we are going with MVP, quite honestly this is a "pick 'em" and will be a treat for us watching. Whoever emerges from this match could very well be the frontrunner for the whole tournament!




3) Tajiri vs. Robbie E: In a dream sequence, Tajiri wins NYC Goldrush & goes on to face Samoa Joe for The X Title in a thriller! Not so fast, friends! Robbie E pulls off the upset & "amazingly races" his way to grabbing fellow Bro & challenging for The TNA Tag Team Titles. It's what a bro should do, right? Imagine the intrigue here if Robbie E somehow topples The Japanese Buzzsaw? Robbie can go after The TNA World Championship, but says, "nope, The Bro Mans want to be Champs together!" Or, Robbie hands the Title opportunity over to The Beautiful People & one of the gorgeous girls challenges for The Knockouts Title! A lot to speculate here, folks. Let's take Robbie E to win!




4) Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus: Hey, Mr. Anderson, it's time to remember who you are again. It's time to realize you can be at the top of TNA and it only takes one night. Go grab the opportunity and run with it. Score the winning touchdown. It's not too late. Although, Magnus might disagree. This is a pivotal match for both of these men. The winner here must carry their energy into the final and climb back to the top! We have to pick a winner here, but much much more is at stake for both men. We are going with Mr. Anderson!




5) Abyss vs. Samuel Shaw: Oh boy, two heavy hitters here. Abyss is very comfortable in chaos & Samuel Shaw knows no other way. Sit back and enjoy this one. It should be very physical! These guys will feel the affects of this contest for a couple weeks to come. We think they damage each other enough to ruin any chance of winning The NYC Gold Rush. However, for the one on one match, we are taking Samuel Shaw. 



Those are our picks for the five favorites: Samuel Shaw, Mr. Anderson, Robbie E, MVP & Austin Aries. Maybe not "favorites," but the five we feel have the best chance to qualify for the finale of the NYC Gold Rush. It's gonna be a fun and entertaining night on Spike TV. It's our last night of IMPACT in NYC and someone is leaving the concrete jungle where dreams are made of with an opportunity of a lifetime. 

We want to hear from everyone tonight, engage on social media - and, on Twitter, use #NYCGoldrush to be part of the conversation. 



IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
September 17, 2014
Presented free on Spike TV, welcome to TNA NO SURRENDER!

No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal
Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love
vs. Rebel vs. Brittany vs. Havok

No Surrender opens with a battle royal to determine the No. 1 Contender for the Knockout’s Championship!   

Following Havok’s imposing entrance, the bell sounds. Immediately, Havok dominates Madison Rayne while The Beautiful People double team The Menagerie’s Rebel. Havok shifts her focus and begins attacking all the other Knockouts!

The Knockouts team up on Havok in the center of the ring, but she fights back and eliminates Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell in the process.

Brittany challenges the domineering Havok, but she’s destroyed with ease.  Brittany is eliminated. The Beautiful People double team Rebel, but she counters an attack to eliminate Angelina Love.  Rebel jumps Havok from behind, but Havok tosses her over the top rope and Rebel takes a nasty spill onto the steel steps!

Velvet attempts to gain some offense, but Havok is just too powerful. Mid-cross body, Havok catches Velvet and dumps her over the top rope. Havok emerges as the new challenger for Gail Kim’s title!

Winner:  Havok



Backstage: Gunner encourages Samuel Shaw to seek re-evaluation – and to ask Brittany on a date. Samuel Shaw says his mind is fixated on someone else.

MVP and Kenny King enter the IMPACT Zone.

MVP promotes Lashley, “The Destroyer,” against Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. MVP claims that Lashley will destroy Roode and that tomorrow’s headline will be “Roode’ Awakening.” Then, he calls out IMPACT rookie, Chris Melendez.

MVP and Kenny King extend an offer to Melendez – to join them. Melendez declines. King berates Melendez for refusing to join them.  King attacks and refers to Melendez as a “peg leg.” Then King demands a referee!

Kenny King w/ MVP vs. Chris Melendez

MVP distracts Melendez early, allowing Kenny King to strike from behind as the bell sounds. Kenny King dominates the match, capitalizing on his pre-match antics.

King’s rampage continues, but Melendez catches a lucky break and scores the pinfall with a reversal!

Winner:  Chris Melendez

Post-match, Kenny King attacks Melendez and yellss, “You got all these people chanting U-S-A! You can’t even defend yourself, how the hell you gonna defend this country? This dude ain’t no hero – he ain’t no bionic man – he’s just a damn cripple!” 

King attempts to rip off Melendez’s prosthetic leg, but Mr. Anderson rushes into the ring to make the save.

Video: A package highlights Bobby Roode’s quest to defeat Lashley for the TNA World Championship.



Backstage: Anderson talks to Chris Melendez.

X-Division Championship
Homicide vs. Samoa Joe (c)

As Mike Tenay highlights, Samoa Joe and Homicide previously met for the X-Division Championship Hardcore in 2009, when Joe dethroned the reigning Homicide.

Joe and Homicide lock up several times, after which the “Samoan Submission Machine,” finds himself with a slight advantage. Homicide sidesteps Joe, sending him to the arena floor. Homicide launches himself toward Joe with a huge suicide dive – he connects!

Homicide moves the action back into the ring. He commands the match, until Samoa Joe launches him into the turnbuckle with a killer suplex! Joe sets up a Muscle Buster but Homicide counters with a tornado DDT!

Homicide follows up with a cutter, but Joe is out just before the three! Homicide attempts a Gringo Killer, but Joe reverses the attempt and turns another cutter from Homicide into a rear-naked choke! Homicide taps.

Winner:  Samoa Joe

Post-match: James Storm and “The Great” Sanada attack Samoa Joe and Homicide! Manik emerges from the stage and joins them after crashing down with a giant splash onto Homicide!

Backstage:  The Wolves vow to win the ladder match against Team 3D and The Hardys.  Davey Richards says that “tonight, The Wolves come alive!”



Backstage:  Eric Young gives Bobby Roode a pep talk.

Tag Team Championship Series – Match #3
Ladder Match
The Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves (c)

The Wolves forego their entrance and storm the ring. Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray find themselves outside the ring on one side, while Matt and Devon find themselves on the other. The Wolves fly with two different suicide dives, taking out all four of their opponents.

The Wolves ram a ladder into any one of their challengers, but Jeff Hardy flies from the turnbuckle.  He connects with the ladder to take out The Wolves! The Hardys take control of the ladder and assault The Wolves.

Bully Ray spins with his head in the ladder, dropping all the bodies he connects with. Matt Hardy storms the ring with another ladder as Devon calls for tables! The Hardys gain control and Matt Hardy begins the climb.  His fingers touch one of the Tag Team Championship belts, but Eddie Edwards is there to make the save. 

Devon tips the ladder and Matt and Eddie get hung up on the top rope. Then, Jeff Hardy smashes another ladder into Devon’s face! Bully Ray shifts the momentum when he powerbombs Jeff Hardy onto a ladder!!! The ladder folds and the bent end flies into the faces Eddie Edwards and Matt Hardy!

Bully Ray begins climbing one of the ladders, but The Wolves powerbomb Bully Ray from the ladder! Two ladders stand side-by-side and The Wolves, Matt Hardy and Devon climb to the top.  As Davey Richards and Devon headbutt one another and fall backwards, Matt Hardy delivers a Twist of Fate to Eddie Edwards from the ladder!

Jeff Hardy begins his ascent on a different ladder and Bully Ray counters with a suplex from the top of the ladder!!! Team 3D double teams Eddie Edwards, then The Hardys score a double Twist of Fate! Jeff flies with a Swanton as Matt connects with a moonsault!

The Hardys start to climb two ladders, but The Wolves again make the save.  Jeff and Matt launch Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards into ladders! Matt Hardy puts a ladder on the second rope and slams Richards onto it. He lifts the ladder and Jeff connects with a splash from the top rope!

Team 3D attacks The Hardys with a table and The Wolves attack Team 3D with chairs! The crowd chants “TLC! TLC!” as Davey Richards sends Matt Hardy crashing through a table!

In the ring, Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards climb a ladder. They engage briefly, but Davey Richards tips Jeff’s ladder and Jeff crashes hard onto the edge of the ladder as it falls!!!

Eddie Edwards secures the title belts to win the match! The Wolves will choose the next stipulation in the Tag Team Championship Series!

Winners: The Wolves



Bram vs. Gunner

Gunner intensely assaults Bram, sending him crashing to the outside. Gunner appears to have tweaked his knee in the process, but that doesn’t stop his onslaught. Gunner’s physicality continues until he aggravates his knee injury by jumping from the turnbuckle toward Bram.

Bram capitalizes takes advantage of the injury and slams Gunner’s knee onto the edge of the steel stairs. The injured leg becomes the focus of Bram’s attack as Samuel Shaw makes his way to ringside.

Samuel Shaw rushes into the ring, in an attempt to aid Gunner, but Bram sidesteps Samuel, sending him crashing into Gunner. Bram tosses Samuel from the ring, headfirst into the guardrail! Then he rolls up Gunner for the win.

Winner: Bram

Post-match:  Samuel Shaw apologizes to Gunner. Gunner shoves him to the mat and limps away from the ring.



Video: Recap of Havok winning the battle royal.

Backstage: Gail Kim addresses Havok.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c)

“The It Factor” Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring, on his quest to regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. With MVP and Kenny King in tow, the champion, “The Destroyer,” Lashley enters the IMPACT Zone.

The bell sounds and the crowd erupts with a “Let’s go Roode” chant.

Roode is on the offense immediately, but a strong shoulder block from the champion sends the challenger to the corner to regroup. Lashley overpowers Roode continuously, but Roode uses Lashley’s aggression to his advantage. Roode counters a charge from Lashley, sending the champion over the top rope. 

An infuriated Lashley charges Roode, who again sends Lashley over the top rope. Lashely takes a moment beside the ring to regroup with Kenny King and MVP.

Kenny King attempts a distraction to no avail. Roode climbs the turnbuckle, but MVP grabs his foot and referee Brian Hebner catches the interference.  Hebner ejects MVP from ringside.

In the ring, Roode catches Lashley with a powerful clothesline and attempts a DDT.  The champion powers out, sending Roode flying through the air! Lashley attempts a spear as Roode rises to his feet, but Roode counters and locks in a crossface!

Kenny King breaks the hold. Eric Young rushes down to ringside and fights King to the back. Roode locks in another crossface, but Lashley stands and powers out! As Roode rises, a spear connects!

Lashley covers, but just before three, Roode kicks out!

Lashley retrieves his title. He swings and misses, allowing Roode to nail the Roode Bomb! Hebner counts, but Lashley just gets out before three!

Champion and challenger trade blows in the center of the ring. Lashley takes the advantage with a kick to the gut, but as he comes off the ropes, Roode counters with a big spinebuster!

Lashley catches Roode with a running power slam. He makes the cover, but Roode is out at two! Lashley attempts a Torture Rack; Roode escapes. Roode hoists Lashley onto his shoulders for another Roode Bomb. Lashley grabs the top rope, preventing Roode from executing his finisher.  Instead of pulling, Roodes instead opts to power Lashley to the arena floor with a HUGE Roode Bomb!!!

Roode gets Lashley back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Somehow, Lashley manages to throw Roode from the top rope and try for a spear! Roode reverses, twice, but his leg gives out while attempting a third Roode Bomb and Lashley catches him with a spear for the win!

Winner:  Lashley

Fans of TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim have another reason to pick up this month's edition of FLEX Magazine which is on newsstands now! Gail finds herself on the cover of the October issue, alongside Lou Ferrigno, with a fantastic multi-page feature interview and tons of steamy photos! 


In the piece, Gail discusses her passion for lifting weights, healthy eating, and everything else you could possibly want to know about the most dominant female wrestler today! Pick up a copy of FLEX today!

In the meantime, here's just a taste of what you'll get in this month's issue!


Since becoming TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim has been electric. She's defeated all challengers and delivered several match of the year candidates - including her series of stunning matches with Taryn Terrell. It seemed as if Gail was becoming untouchable. At least, until HAVOK revealed herself and laid waste to Gail and Taryn after their match, two weeks ago.

Then, last week, HAVOK interupted the Knockouts Calendar Cover reveal - laying waste to all of the women in the ring, before leaving with the TNA Knockouts Championship. This led to a wild backstage brawl as Gail Kim searched for HAVOK -- and her championship. Ultimately, the brawl spilled back out into the arena, where HAVOK left a pile of bodies - including several TNA ring crew members. 

Tonight, we get to see HAVOK make her official in-ring debut in a Knockouts Battle Royal for the #1 contender slot. Entering the match, it seems that she is the clear frontrunner - but with a deep roster of talented women, perhaps all of the lethal ladies in the ring will band together in hopes of taking HAVOK out early. 

However, HAVOK has already made things very personal with Gail Kim. If she doesn't win tonight, chances are she and the TNA Knockouts Champion will run into each other again soon. Don't miss this epic Knockouts showdown TONIGHT at 9/8c on Spike TV! 

A rivalry reborn... Samoa Joe and Homicide have one of the most lauded feuds in professional wrestling. The two men have done battle numerous times and always deliver matches that look more like highlight reels. Both men have held TNA gold on numerous occasions and tonight, the two men will do battle for Samoa Joe's X-Division Championship. 

We take a look back at classic moments between the two men. Whether you're new to TNA or you've seen these matches before, everyone will be on the edge of their seats looking back at these great matches. Then, don't miss the epic match between these two men on tonight's edition of IMPACT, aptly named "No Surrender," at 9/8c on Spike TV!



Preview tonight's huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on Spike at 9/8c! Tonight's special IMPACT broadcast is dubbed "NO SURRENDER" featuring a HUGE double main event and is FREE only on Spike. If you can't watch the action tonight, make sure to set your DVR!

The TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Bobby Roode finally gets his shot at the title and faces Lashley one on one. Will “The Destroyer” continue his dominant reign as champion, or will Roode become a two time TNA World Champion? Find out tonight on Spike!

The TNA Tag Team Title Series goes to the next level at No Surrender, when The Hardys face Team 3D and The Wolves in a LADDER MATCH. With The Hardys and Team 3D each securing one victory apiece, The Wolves are fighting to keep their Tag Titles and must win this Ladder Match to even the series. You do not want to miss this epic Ladder Match, tonight on Spike.

A new #1 Contender will be decided in a Knockouts Battle Royal at No Surrender featuring the in-ring debut of HAVOK. Who will emerge victorious and be the new top challenger to TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim?

Plus, the TNA X-Division Championship is on the line as a long-time rivalry is renewed when X-Division Champion Samoa Joe defends against Homicide.

All this and so much more on tonight's “No Surrender” edition of IMPACT. Don't miss it at 9/8c only on Spike!




IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
September 10, 2014

Emanating from New York City, IMPACT Wrestling opens with a performance of the national anthem by the New York City Joint Service Color Guard. “The Star Spangled Banner” gives way to the debut of Sergeant Chris Melendez, a US war veteran, on the eve of September 11. 

Chris Melendez vs. DJ Z

The crowd vocally supports the debuting Chris Melendez against his opponent, DJ Z.  Melendez gains commands an early advantage, drawing a loud “USA” chant from the crowd. From behind, DJ Z chop blocks Melendez’s leg.

DJ Z’s offense is short-lived, however, as Melendez valiantly fights back into the match, catching DJ Z with a Samoan drop to secure the victory in his debut match.

Winner:  Chris Melendez


“The It Factor,” Bobby Roode addresses the fans while praising Eric Young. Roode claims to be ready to reclaim his spot atop TNA.  MVP, Kenny King and Lashley interrupt. MVP says facing Lashley is a reality, not a movie that ends happily ever after.  He claims that the best Bobby Roode can hope for is a short hospital stay.

Roode says he knows Lashley could destroy him, but that his heart and passion are enough to overcome “The Destroyer.” MVP, Kenny King and Lashley attack Bobby Roode.  Samoa Joe and Eric Young clear the ring.  Joe issues a challenge to Roode’s assailants; they accept.



Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and Eric Young vs. Lashley, MVP and Kenny King

Lashley, MVP and Kenny King stand grouped at the bottom of the ramp. Samoa Joe launches himself through the ropes with a suicide dive. Joe and Kenny King start the match, which the X-Division Champion dominates early.

King drops Joe’s throat across the top rope, then misses a springboard assault. Joe tags Eric Young as MVP enters the match. Young appears evenly matched against MVP, until Kenny King drops him with a cheap shot, allowing MVP to bring in the World Champion, Lashley.

Lashley proves to be a dominant opponent by keeping Eric Young grounded.  Lashley, Kenny King and MVP exchange tags, isolating Eric Young. Lashley locks in a cross armbreaker, which Eric Young counters into a powerbomb!

The powerbomb creates enough separation to allow MVP and Bobby Roode to be tagged into the match. MVP attempts a Drive By but Bobby Roode counters and secures the win after a Roode Bomb!

Winners:  Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and Eric Young



Backstage: Brittany approaches Gunner, inquiring about Samuel Shaw’s relationship status.  

The BroMans and The Beautiful People enter the arena, to face off against The Menagerie. 

The BroMans and Velvet Sky vs. The Menagerie

Crazy Steve and Jessie start the match. Crazy Steve blows a kiss to Velvet, to the dismay of Robbie E. Robbie E tags himself into the match, but runs in circles, trying to escape the Menagerie’s crazed clown. 

Robbie E tags out to “Mr. Pectacular,” Jessie Godderz. Jessie poses in the ring and The Freak mockingly hops onto the apron. Crazy Steve jumps onto Jessie’s shoulders, biting Jessie in the head!  Jessie stumbles toward his corner and Robbie E nails a cheap shot.

Robbie E and Jessie double team Crazy Steve.  Crazy Steve counters a double suplex into a double DDT. Crazy Steve tags Rebel, who makes her in-ring debut. Rebel assumes control of Velvet Sky, but The BroMans interrupt her pin attempt.

Knux rushes into the ring and drops The BroMans with a cross-body. Crazy Steve stalks and grabs Velvet. Velvet screams, but she’s silenced by a kiss from the clown! Rebel takes advantage of a disoriented Velvet by slamming her down to the mat.  Rebel climbs the turnbuckle only to find herself distracted by Angelina Love.

Rebel kicks Angelina in the head, but the distraction allows Velvet to grab a handful of tights to secure the pin.   

Winners:  The BroMans and Velvet Sky

Backstage: Kurt Angle addresses EC3’s criticism.



Backstage:  Team 3D vows to become 24-time World Tag Team Champions!

Kurt Angle calls out EC3. EC3 says Kurt Angle has blood on his hands. A loud chorus of boos and “You can’t wrestle!” chants drowns out the voice of EC3 as he vows to exact his vengeance.

Angle says he hasn’t forgotten what EC3 did to him. He vows to beat EC3 when the time is right. Angle says EC3 is a wrestler, he can wrestle or leave. EC3 claims he’s not ready; Angle says he won’t book him in a wrestling match tonight.

EC3 appears relieved, but then Kurt Angle announces a street fight against Rhino!

Street Fight
EC3 vs. Rhino

Rhino storms the ring and sends EC3 crashing into the guardrail. Rhino tosses an array of weaponry into the ring, but as he turns, EC3 meets him with a kick to the gut. EC3 throws Rhino into the guardrail.

Rhino delivers a suplex onto the ramp and then rolls EC3 into the ring.  Rhino assaults EC3 with a Singapore cane. Rhino picks up a chair, but a low-blow by EC3 allows the momentum to shift. EC3 slams a trashcan and its lid across Rhino’s head!

EC3 strips off his belt and uses it to lash Rhino! The crowd cringes with each thud. EC3 mounts a trashcan in the corner and then powers a chair down across Rhino’s back! EC3 drags Rhino to a trashcan and repeatedly slams his head into it.  The crowd begins alternating “EC3” and “Gore! Gore! Gore!” chants.

Rhino gains some semblance of control, but EC3 sidesteps a Gore attempt, sending Rhino crashing into the trashcan mounted in the corner!  “EC3” chants come again as he drops Rhino with a One Percenter on top of a chair in the center of the ring.  EC3 makes the cover for the three!

Winner:  EC3



The Knockouts surround JB in the ring while they await the announcement of which Knockout will grace the cover the 2015 TNA Knockouts Calendar! Angelina Love assumes she’s made the cover, but JB announces it’s Velvet Sky. 

Havok interrupts the celebration. On her way to the ring, Gail Kim seeks retribution for last week, but Havok fights her off and powers her into the guardrail. Havok climbs onto the apron, grabs and chokeslams Brittany! 

The other Knockouts look on cautiously as Havok takes possession of the Knockout’s Championship and leaves the IMPACT Zone!

Backstage:  James Storm interrogates Manik and asks, “Why do you wear a mask when your awakening is upon you?” Storm instructs the camera crew to leave as he tears Manik’s mask from his face. 



Video: Recap of Lashley’s fight on Bellator MMA last Friday.

Backstage: Gail Kim furiously storms through the arena calling for Havok.

James Storm and “The Great” Sanada make their way to the ring.

James Storm and Sanada vs. Austin Aries and Tajiri

“The Great” Sanada circles “The Japanese Buzzsaw,” Tajiri.  Sanada and Tajiri trade holds to get the match underway. Tajiri and Austin Aries exchange tags, allowing them to maintain control.

Storm breaks the hold Aries locks in on Sanada, but Aries regains control and soars with a suicide dive, catching both Storm and Sanada. Sanada distracts the referee, allowing James Storm to score a series of illegal chokes and shots to Aries.

Storm and Sanada change the pace and look of the match as they begin exchanging tags. James Storm tries for an Eye of the Storm, but Aries reverses, catching Storm with a discus forearm.  Aries brings in Tajiri.

Sanada tries for the green mist, but Tajiri ducks and locks in the Tarantula! James Storm breaks the hold by spitting beer into Tajiri’s eyes and allowing Sanada to score a kick to the head and a pin. 

Winners:  “The Great” Sanada and James Storm

Backstage:  The Hardys say they defeated Team 3D in the first Tables Match all those years ago and that tonight, history will be repeated.

Backstage:  Gail Kim finds Havok.  Gail attacks, but Havok dominates the Knockout’s Champion. 

Havok and Gail fight into the arena! Havok mounts Gail Kim and lands a series of hard rights!

Security enters and is finally able to separate Havok and Gail Kim, but Havok tosses one of the men with ease and chokeslams the other! The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as Havok stands over another pile of bodies while Gail Kim is dragged to the back.



Tag Team Championship Series – Match #2
Tables Match
Team 3D vs. The Hardys vs. The Wolves

The Wolves enter following their iconic opponents, as Taz declares, “Let the hunt begin!”

All six men square off around the ring. Bodies fly and heads are bounced off of every surface including the ring apron, guardrail and steel steps. Matt Hardy and Bully Ray find themselves in the ring. Bully Ray commands the match and he and Devon nail “What’s up!” Bully and the crowd instruct Devon to “Get the tables!”

Team 3D pulls the first table from beneath the ring. The Wolves attempt a double suicide dive, but Team 3D dodges their assault and they use the table to clothesline the Tag Team Champions! As they turn, The Hardys dropkick the table into the faces of Team 3D!

The Hardys assume control by slamming Davey Richards’ throat across the leg of a table before dropping Eddie Edwards on the side of a table with a front suplex! Jeff positions the table, then he drapes Eddie on top of it. He climbs the turnbuckle, but Eddie counters with a superplex! Before Jeff crashes down, Devon moves the table to keep the match going.

The match breaks down into a chaotic scene as The Hardys gain control and a double-team advantage on Bully Ray. Bully moves just in time and Jeff Hardy drives his own feet through a table.

Team 3D sets up a table outside the ring and attempts to power Matt Hardy through it, but The Wolves fly with another suicide dive to prevent the attack.  Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy unfolds a table and positions it between the ring apron and the steel stairs he’s tipped to their side!

Eddie Edwards leaps from the turnbuckle to the floor, taking out Jeff Hardy with a huge cross-body! The Wolves double team Matt Hardy, but before they can mount further offense, Team 3D clears the ring.

Team 3D dismantles Jeff Hardy’s creation and they set up the table in the center of the ring. Team 3D stalks Matt Hardy, calling for a 3D! The Wolves fly from the turnbuckle, thwarting the attack.  They position Matt Hardy on the table and make the climb. 

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy make the save. Matt Hardy drops Eddie Edwards with a Twist of Fate from the turnbuckle! Matt drags Eddie Edwards from the ring and drapes him across another table.  Jeff Hardy flies from the turnbuckle with a Swanton that sends Eddie crashing through the table – ending a spectacular encounter!

The Hardys take the second match and now choose the stipulation for the next match in the Tag Team Title Series!

Winners: The Hardys

Matt Hardy declares the next stipulation:  A Ladder Match!

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