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IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James | June 19, 2014

“The Aftermath of Slammiversary XII” IMPACT opens with a recap of Sunday’s World Heavyweight Championship match between Eric Young, Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries. 

MVP kicks off the show!  Mike Tenay mentions MVP’s not medically cleared for competition after suffering a torn meniscus, which kept him from Slammiversary’s main event.  MVP is interrupted immediately by a “You can’t wrestle!” chant from the raucous and lively Pennsylvania crowd!  MVP exclaims tonight will be run his way, in defiance of the Board of Directors, and he calls out the champion, Eric Young!

 MVP and Eric Young exchange threats.  Kenny King grabs the mic and challenges the champ to a match.  Eric Young calls Earl Hebner to the ring. 

MATCH #1: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Eric Young, with an extremely vocal crowd behind him, takes the early advantage until he’s thrown from the ring.  Bobby Lashley and MVP approach, but are countered by Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and The Wolves. 

Kenny King uses the distraction to fly over the top rope onto the champion.  He rolls Eric Young into the ring and continues his assault.  E-Y changes the momentum until he’s dropkicked into the turnbuckle by Kenny King.  Eric Young kicks out of a pinning suplex combination then counters Kenny King’s Coronation with a small package for the pin! 

Winner:  Eric Young



MVP is still in the IMPACT Zone as IMPACT returns.  He attacks the bell-ringer!  Eric Young rushes back into the arena with The Wolves, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe.  A giant brawl ensues!

MVP grabs a mic and screams, “I run this company! I am the Director of Wrestling Operations! I am like God!”

MVP says he’ll abuse his power, as he’s been accused of doing, and books the champion Eric Young in a second World Heavyweight Championship against Bobby Lashley!  MVP says everyone is banned from the arena, except himself, Kenny King, and the referee. 

MVP then books The Wolves to defend their Tag Team Championships against Samoa Joe and Austin Aries – and – a mystery tag team! 

MVP calls out senior official Earl Hebner, tells him that he had a simple task, to count 1-2-3 against Eric Young.  He scolds him for failing, and then fires Earl! Brian Hebner rushes to his father’s aid, MVP threatens to fire him if he doesn’t back down!

Backstage: EC3 and Dixie Carter appear.  Dixie says MVP’s actions will backfire, as EC3 runs down retiring “The Icon” Sting, ending Kurt Angle’s in-ring career, and defeating Bully Ray.  He refers to himself as the “Hardcore American Icon,” while Dixie Carter discusses her upcoming confrontation with Tommy Dreamer!



Backstage:  Eric Young is interviewed and says MVP has taken things too far by firing Earl Hebner.  He then takes a call from Kurt Angle as the show cuts to the entrance of The Wolves for their title defense!

MATCH #2: Triple Threat World Tag Team Championship Match

Christy Hemme announces the following contest as “The Monster” Abyss and Willow enter the IMPACT Zone.  The bell sounds.  Austin Aries and Willow are in to start the match.    

Willow and Aries are evenly matched opponents.  Aries tags out to Samoa Joe! Joe attacks Willow, which brings forth “The Monster.”  Abyss and Willow attack Joe and Aries and The Wolves enter the fray.  The match breaks down as Aries and Joe take the advantage and nail The Wolves with a double suicide dive!  

Just before the break, Tommy Dreamer is shown backstage entering the arena!

Back from commercial, Abyss is in control of Davey Richards.  Eddie Edwards comes to his aid.  Abyss catches Edwards.  As “The Monster” attempts a double chokeslam, the champions back flip out and nail a double dropkick! Austin Aries tags in and attacks The Wolves who quickly gain the advantage with a double team attack.  The Wolves isolate Austin Aries and make rapid tags as they unleash an onslaught of offense.

Aries fights out with a discus forearm, sending Davey Richards into the corner of Willow and Abyss.  Abyss tags in, misses another chokeslam, bringing in Samoa Joe!  Joe nails a 350, but it’s only good for a two-count!  Joe dominates “The Monster” and Willow tags himself into the match and sends Aries flying into The Wolves!

Willow leaps backwards from the top turnbuckle into the pile of bodies.  The Wolves regain control and double team Willow with a powerbomb/double-knee backbreaker for the three count to retain their tag team championships!

Winners:  The Wolves


Backstage:  MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley discuss not being prepared for “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle. 

Mike Tenay and Taz preview the impending confrontation between Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer.  They detail the Twitter war between the two.    

Backstage: Rockstar Spud is with Dixie Carter as she makes her way toward the IMPACT Zone.  The confrontation is next!



Backstage:  Security escorts Samoa Joe and Austin Aries out of the arena.

Backstage:  MVP books The Wolves in another Tag Team Championship Match – against Bram and Magnus!

Accompanied by Rockstar Spud, the TNA President Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring.  She speaks to “the haters” who tell her how to run IMPACT Wrestling.  She reminds the fans, and MVP, that she’s in charge.  She says MVP is digging his own grave, and like MVP, Tommy Dreamer is doing the same. She compares Tommy Dreamer to a parasite and invites him to the ring.

Dreamer enters.  Dixie demands an apology.  The crowd chants “E-C-W!” and Dixie responds, “You people did not go to school and you do not have the right letters!”

Tommy Dreamer discusses how he originally came to IMPACT Wrestling.  Dixie claims she doesn’t remember.  He asks what happened to the gracious Dixie Carter.  He says what he sees on IMPACT makes him embarrassed to say he’s a professional wrestler.  He then states Dixie’s not a wrestler, but it’s her responsibility to provide the best product on television!

Tommy Dreamer says there’s still good in Dixie Carter because he saw her explode like a fan at Slammiversary! He pleads with her to do the right thing – to give the fans what they want to watch. 

A crying Dixie Carter embraces Tommy Dreamer.  Then she deceives him and hits Dreamer with a low-blow before instructing a vicious EC3 to get this “has been” out of the ring!

Backstage:  Kurt Angle arrives and is confronted by Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. 




MATCH #3: World Tag Team Championship Match

Magnus and Bram attack the champions immediately and isolate Eddie Edwards.  Edwards reverses a corner attack and exchanges rapid-fire tags with Davey Richards.  In pursuit of Magnus, Edwards is attacked by Bram.  Bram slams Edwards face-first into the turnbuckle and rolls him in the ring to Magnus. 

Magnus tags Bram.  Eddie Edwards fights off both Bram and Magnus before finally making the hot tag to Davey Richards! Richards explodes and uses his speed and agility to mount a flurry of offense.  Richards evades an attack from Bram and connects with a missile dropkick to Magnus!

Richards climbs the rope and let’s out a howl before missing a top-rope assault.  Richards lands on his feet, but as he turns, Bram and Magnus attack with steel chairs, earning themselves a disqualification.    

Winners:  The Wolves (via DQ)

Post-match, Bram and Magnus toss Richards from the ring and put Eddie Edwards' head in a chair - damage will be done!  Willow and Abyss make the save.

Backstage:  MVP makes Brian Hebner the referee for the title match between Eric Young and Bobby Lashley.  He threatens Hebner’s job and says he’ll count 1-2-3 on E-Y!

Backstage:  TARYN TERRELL is back!




Backstage:  Magnus and Bram say they were instructed to beat up The Wolves.  Willow attacks!

In the ring, Gail Kim welcomes Taryn Terrell back to IMPACT Wrestling.  Taryn Terrell enters the IMPACT Zone.  Gail says she didn’t like Taryn when she first came to TNA.  Then she says Taryn opened her eyes with their Last Knockout’s Standing match at last year’s Slammiversary.  Gail says Taryn has earned her respect. 

Taryn says she took the last year off to have a baby.  She says technically, the record between her and Gail is tied.  She teases a rubber match to determine the best Knockout. 

The Beautiful People interrupt, claiming they’re the leaders of the Knockout’s Division.  Angelina Love attacks Taryn Terrell before joining Velvet Sky to double team Gail Kim. Taryn recovers and attacks The Beautiful People!  She and Gail throw Angelina and Velvet out of the ring. 


Backstage:  MVP confronts Kurt Angle.  Angle says he wants MVP to look inside himself.  MVP threatens Angle, telling him to leave the arena, or to join his party.




Backstage:  Security is shown removing Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, JB and the cameraman from the arena. 

MATCH #4: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Accompanied by Kenny King and MVP, the challenger Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring.  The World Heavyweight Champion enters next to defend his title.  

Eric Young takes an early advantage, managing to get Lashley to the outside of the ring.  E-Y launches himself from the turnbuckle and connects with a flying cross body! Eric Young attempts another flying cross-body in the ring, but is captured by Lashley who begins to control the match as IMPACT goes into a commercial break. 

When IMPACT returns, Mike Tenay details Bobby Lashley’s dominating physicality during the break.  Lashley hoists Eric Young into the air for hanging suplex.  E-Y shifts momentum as the crowd screams his name.  He heads to the top rope and connects with another flying cross body!

Lashley powers out of a two-count and begins to dominate.  E-Y reverses an attack and executes a piledriver on Bobby Lashley.  Before Brian Hebner’s hand can count the three, Kenny King pulls him from the ring.  Eric Young slips out of a double team attack that sees Lashley knock King from the apron.  Lashley is met with a Spike DDT.  Eric Young climbs the rope one more time, hoping to score an elbow drop.  Lashley rolls out of the way and breaks Eric Young in half with a spear before making the cover and becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

After the match, MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley attack Eric Young.  Bobby Roode emerges from the crowd to make the save!  







TNA Superstar, MMA fighter, three-time amateur wrestling Collegiate National Champion and former Army man Bobby Lashley (twitter: @fightbobby) tonight became the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, defeating reigning champion “Showtime” Eric Young during an explosive episode of IMPACT WRESTLING (Spike TV, 9/8c) broadcast live to millions around the globe from Bethlehem, Penn.

lashley1This is the first time the behemoth Lashley has held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Ranked by “Pro Wrestling Illustrator” as Rookie of the Year in 2005, Lashley has spent nearly a decade dominating the squared circle with his rare mix of size and athleticism. Lashley originally joined TNA in 2009 and after a hiatus returned to the promotion at the “Lockdown” Pay-Per-View event earlier this year. In recent weeks Lashley has joined forces with Director of Wrestling Operations MVP to wreak havoc on the TNA locker room.

Lashley is a decorated amateur and professional wrestler, including:

•       NAIA Collegiate National Championship (1996 - 1998)
•       NAIA All-American (1995 – 1998)
•       CISM Armed Forces Championships Senior Freestyle Medalist – Gold (2003), Silver (2002)
•       Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year (2005)
•       Two-time ECW World Champion
•       WWE United States Champion
•       TNA World Heavyweight Champion



Thursday night on IMPACT on SpikeTV, Tommy Dreamer will make his return to confront Dixie Carter - and no doubt, Dreamer will be brutally candid with the TNA President. After a recent controversy involving Carter removing Bully Ray from an appearance at Dreamer's House Of Hardcore event, the "Innovator Of Violence" lashed out online at Carter. In turn, Dixie took personal offense and invited Dreamer to Thursday's IMPACT - daring him to speak out face-to-face. Dreamer quickly accepted the challenge, and now Thursday's IMPACT will feature the much-anticipated confrontation between the hardcore legend and the TNA President.

As we count down to Thursday's huge broadcast, takes a look back at Tommy Dreamer's history in TNA Wrestling!




Dreamer made his surprise TNA debut at Slammiversary 2010, appearing in the audience and distracted Bully Ray, costing him his match at the epic event. Dreamer's appearance ushered in a Hardcore Revolution in TNA, as he was joined the following week by Raven, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Simon Diamond and Al Snow. The group aligned with Mick Foley and Rob Van Dam and declared war on the TNA locker room. Dreamer made his official TNA in-ring debut on July 29, 2010 against Abyss. This hardcore invasion led to TNA showcasing the Hardcore Legends and over a dozen alumni from the famous Philadelphia promotion with their own Pay-Per-View event in August 2010 - Hardcore Justice. That night, Dreamer reignited his longtime feud with Raven in a bloody and violent "Final Showdown" between the two enemies.



One week after Hardcore Justice, Dreamer and the hardcore legends were attacked by Ric Flair's "Fourtune" alliance, consisting of AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Kazarian, Matt Morgan and Doug Williams. The two-month battle between Dreamer's EV 2.0 (Extreme Version 2.0) and Flair's group led to a battle inside the Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage at Bound For Glory 2010, where Dreamer got the win for his team by pinning AJ Styles.



Unfortunately for Dreamer, in-fighting among the EV2.0 members in the months that followed ultimately led to the implosion of the group, with Dreamer battling Rhino on IMPACT and Rob Van Dam at Turning Point 2010. After EV2.0 disbanded, Dreamer took a brief hiatus from TNA before making his return in February 2011, involving himself in a feud between Team 3D. At Victory Road 2011, Dreamer defeated Bully Ray in a Falls Count Anywhere match after an assist by Brother Devon.


In January 2013, Dreamer made a brief return to TNA as a groomsman for Bully Ray during his wedding to Brooke Hogan. However, a war exploded later that year when Bully Ray showed up unannounced to Dreamer's "House Of Hardcore" event in Philadelphia, attacking Dreamer and the legendary Terry Funk. The attack drew Dreamer back to TNA, where he battled Bully in a Falls Count Anywhere match in February 2014 at the "One Night Only: Old School" Pay-Per-View event!



It was another recent "House Of Hardcore" event that will result in Dreamer's return to IMPACT this Thursday night to confront TNA President Dixie Carter. No doubt, the wrestling world will be watching with anticipation to see what happens when Dreamer goes off on Dixie! Don't miss it this Thursday at 9/8c on the can't-miss IMPACT broadcast on SpikeTV!








ARLINGTON, Texas (June 15, 2014) --- Earlier tonight during the TNA Wrestling Slammiversary XII Pay-Per-View event viewed by millions around the world in more than 120 countries and broadcast live from Arlington, Texas, Dallas Cowboys players, led by starting Defensive End George Selvie, came to the aid of Mr. Anderson as he faced “The Cowboy” James Storm.

Storm provoked Selvie by spitting beer in his face. Selvie’s teammates held him back, but Selvie broke away, burst through the barricade and interfered with Storm, allowing Anderson to win the match. Selvie’s teammates Ben Bass, Nick Hayden, Tyrone Crawford, Caesar Rayford and Martez Wilson joined him in the ring to celebrate their teammate Selvie and Anderson’s victory.



Slammiversary Coverage:  June 15, 2014

On Sunday night, TNA Wrestling presented the annual Slammiversary event from Dallas, Texas! If you missed the epic event, you can still catch the replay all month long on your Pay-Per-View provider - check your programming guide for availability!

youtube5WATCH THE REPLAY ONLINE ON YOUTUBE: Note: You will see the first 2mins for free. You must login for the full rental. Not available for some mobile users. CLICK HERE

Check out exclusive ringside photos from Slammiversary below

The summer extravaganza known as Slammiversary is finally here!

MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley are caught backstage arguing about tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Match.  ‘Every man for himself’ is the motto MVP has suggested for tonight’s participants. 

Ladder Match for the X Division Championship:  Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Sanada vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

The current Tag Team Champions The Wolves Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are the first to enter the ring followed by Tigre Uno.  Accompanied by The Menagerie, Crazzy Steve is the next competitor, along with Manik and the current X Division Champion Sanada.

Manik is the first to draw blood by attacking Sanada before the bell even rings.  As Crazzy Steve mounts the first ladder in his attempt to climb to the championship, Tigre Uno completes an amazing corkscrew backflip off the top rope onto the wrestlers below. 

The next crazy attempt, no pun intended, in order to beat off defenders comes from Crazzy Steve when after attaching a ladder to his body, becomes a one-man tornado revolving multiple 360 degrees and taking out wrestler after wrestler. 

After Davey Richards was powerbombed from one ladder to the next and Eddie Edwards received a blow to the head from his current tag team partner, Sanada was the lone man standing and successfully climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring retaining his X Division Championship.

Winner:  Sanada



MVP’s entrance music comes on and the Director of Wrestling Operations walks out along with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley.  MVP pleads his case to the thousands of fans informing everyone of his medical condition.  He states his brilliant idea for the replacement wrestler in the World Heavyweight Championship match, saying both winners of the Austin Aries vs. Kenny King match and Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley match will face Eric Young in a steel cage for the World Heavyweight Title.

Match:  Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings and Bobby Lashley wastes little time – he viciously blindsides Samoa Joe’s backside throwing multiple punches.  

The strength and power from both wrestlers are on full display.  Samoa Joe throws Lashley into the turnbuckles, but before Joe can capitalize, Lashley rolls out of the ring only to do some blindsiding of his own and pounces onto Lashley on the mat below. 

These two mammoth-sized men trade blows back and forth, leading Joe into attempting a rear-naked choke.  Lashley counters and Joe makes a crucial mistake bumping into referee Earl Hebner.  After Joe turns to face his opponent once again, Lashley capitalizes and spears Joe into the mat.

The first qualifier in the World Heavyweight Championship is set.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

Camera cuts to the Carter suite and announcer Jeremy Borash attempts to get some insider information from President Dixie Carter.  Her meetings with the Board of Directors this past week were beneficial for the company and Dixie states that the events will play itself out and “karma” will come to those who deserve it. 



Match:  Willow & Abyss vs. Magnus & Bram

Magnus is the first to enter the ring accompanied by his long-time friend and thug Bram, Willow is next accompanied by “The Monster” Abyss. 

Magnus dominates the opening and lays out Willow with multiple blows to the head and body.  He converts a rear chokehold and gets referee Brian Hebner to count to two, but Willow snaps out of it before the third count. 

Before both in-ring wrestlers can continue, Abyss confronts Bram after he attempts to climb into the ring.  These two brutes continue their own personal battle with their own weapons of choice.  Bram finds a turnbuckle and Abyss finds Janice. 

But with his back turned to Willow, Abyss chases after the wrong man and leaves Willow helpless in the ring.  Magnus capitalizes on Abyss’ absence and piledrives Willow.

Winner:  Magnus



TNA Hall of Fame Announcement

Camera cuts to announcer Jeremy Borash in ring.  The next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame will soon be announced.  But before doing so, the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle enters the arena. 

He thanks the Board of Directors along with past, present and future TNA wrestlers and of course, the fans. 

After much anticipation and excitement, Kurt Angle stands alone in-ring and says the greatest tag team in TNA history will be the next inductees.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame is…Team 3D.

Bully Ray and Devon enter the ring and almost immediately the entire crowd repeatedly chants, “WE WANT TABLES!”  Bully Ray states the main reason why they will be accepting the induction is for every single fan. 



Match:  Kenny King vs. Austin Aries

The match kicks off with some trash talk center ring followed by a dropkick to the head by Double A.  Aries climbs to the top rope, but is leveled by Kenny King’s own dropkick.  Aries falls to the ground and King successfully completes a twisting slingshot from the top turnbuckle onto Aries below.   

The two wrestlers find themselves back to the middle of the ring and Aries smashes King’s head repeatedly from corner to corner.  Kenny King’s brains have officially been scrambled.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived lands a missile drop kick, but King gains his balance and springs onto Aries back and lands a neckbreaker.  Both men simultaneously climb the corner turnbuckle and Aries puts himself into the driver’s seat.  He twists into the ready position and completes a brainbuster on King from the top rope.

The third and final competitor in the World Heavyweight Championship is set.

Winner:  Austin Aries

Camera cuts to Jeremy Borash and he announces to the ring Ross, Marshall and Kevin Von Erich, Texas’ most famous wrestling family. 



Match:  BroMans Jessie Godderz & DJ Z vs. Ross & Marshall Von Erich

Before the bell rings, the BroMans attack from behind both Von Erichs.  Marshall Von Erich finds himself in the mix and is laid out by multiple punches.

The match goes inside and outside and inside again with the Von Erichs delivering the heaviest blows.  But just as soon as the Von Erichs capitalize on a series of moves, Jessie brings a chair into the ring and swings it upon Marshall’s back.  The BroMans are officially disqualified and the Von Erichs are in trouble. 

But look who comes to the rescue?  Kevin Von Erich who was sitting ringside, flies into the ring and successfully applies the famous Iron Claw to DJ Z sending the BroMans scrambling to the exit.

The entire Von Erich family celebrates in ring with arms raised. 



Match:  Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim starts off strong and trips Love to the ground and follows it up with a kick to the back.  The challenger is sent to the outside and the Beautiful People’s numbers come into play with Velvet Sky standing over the lifeless body of Gail Kim.

Angelina performs an awkward hip-inverted bulldog and immediately after, Velvet Sky sprays Gail Kim in the face with hair spray and referee Earl Hebner escorts Velvet Sky out of the arena.  He substitutes himself in for referee Brian Stiffler only to be knocked out incidentally by Gail Kim. 

Angelina Love capitalizes with a reversal and the only conscious referee, Brian Stiffler, counts 1, 2, 3 and the match is over.  Referee Brian Stiffler is officially enamored with the Beautiful People and should now be considered a ‘dirty’ referee. 

Winner:  Angelina Love



Texas Death Match:  Bully Ray vs. EC3

Bully Ray starts off by wrangling EC3’s neck with a rope and throws the Carter around the ring like a rag doll.  Bully then pulls back the pads on the floor alongside the ring and sets up two tables, one right next to the other. 

Punches are thrown back and forth and one half of the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame pulls out a third table.  EC3 counters and retrieves a chair from under the ring.

The next weapon pulled out, a cheese grater…yes, a cheese grater.  Bully brings it to EC3’s chest and applies pressure and force, ripping the Carter’s skin apart.  They both find themselves on the top rope and Bully suplexes EC3 onto a chair below. 

Bully then does the unspeakable – he pulls back the ring cover and pads and exposes the wood infrastructure, but doesn’t need touse it.  Instead, he lines up Bubbu Cutter and lands EC3 onto the shards of glass that were emptied from the garbage can. 

Bully sets up his finisher and lays EC3 onto the tables he initially set up, but who comes to the rescue of EC3?....Aunt D, President Dixie Carter.  After Bully chases Dixie Carter around the ring, she runs right into the arms of EC3 and is accidentally knocked unconscious. 

Taking advantage of the opportunity and hearing all the chants from around the world, Bully envisions sending Dixie Carter through a table.  He picks up her lifeless body and sets her on the tables below.  EC3 crawls back into the ring, hits Bully with a kendo stick and while his body is falling to the tables below right onto Dixie Carter, Spud pulls the President’s body away from harm and EC3 stands alone in ring.

Winner:  EC3



Match:  “The Cowboy” James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

James Storm calls out the Dallas Cowboys players sitting ringside, including defensive star George Selvie, and then pulls out a Dallas Cowboys helmet and pours a beer over the top of it.  The entire arena has been mocked and scorned. 

The match begins and Mr. Anderson completes a series of strikes, and puts Storm onto his shoulders, rolling him onto his back from the top corner onto the mat. 

James Storm rolls out and finds his leftover beer sitting in the corner.  He picks it up, takes a chug and spits beer all over the face of Dallas Cowboys player George Selvie.  Selvie ‘storms’ the ring, knocking down the fence and grabs James Storm’s leg, tripping him right into the arms of Mr. Anderson.  Mr. Anderson capitalizes, lands a Mic Check and celebrates in ring with all Dallas Cowboys players in attendance. 

Winner:  Mr. Anderson



Three-Way Steel Cage Match for World Heavyweight Championship:  Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries

Eric Young starts off the match with quick punches to Lashley’s face.  Aries follows suit and attacks MVP’s henchman as well. 

The championship match is starting to look as if EY and Aries are teaming up to defeat Lashley.  EY takes control with a missile drop kick to Lashley and a flying punch to Aries, and follows these moves up by picking up not one, but two wrestlers and slamming both to the ground. 

All three men find themselves high in the corner.  Aries flings Lashley to the mat below all the while EY climbs even further to the top of the steel cage.  EY performs his signature elbow drop from the top of the cage, but is stalled by Lashley.

Aries capitalizes and lands his finisher brainbuster, but is unable to pin.  Lashley regains his balance and attempts a spear, but misses, breaks down the steel fence and falls to the ground below. 

EY takes advantage of this rare 1 on 1 opportunity and puts Aries in a piledriver.

Winner:  Eric Young


ARLINGTON, Texas (June 15, 2014) --- During Slammiversary XII live from Arlington, Texas, Olympic Gold Medalist and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle announced the next inductees into the TNA Hall of Fame will be Team 3D, Bully Ray and Devon. 

Team 3D is the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history having won 23 tag team championships across various promotions, including twice winning the TNA World Tag Team Championship. In 2005 Team 3D was named TNA Tag Team of the Year and in 2013 were named TNA Tag Team of Tag Teams.

Having made their TNA debut in 2005, Bully Ray and Devon are known for their no-nonsense hardcore approach, taking care of business inside and outside of the ring, which often ends in putting their opponents through a table.

Team 3D becomes the third inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, following the inaugural induction of “The Icon” Sting in 2012 and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle earlier this year.

A special induction ceremony for Team 3D will take place later this year.


"The Muta Scale" is a wrestling term for bloody matches based on the historic match between The Great Muta and Hiroshi Hase, widely considered one of the bloodiest matches of all time. Professional Wrestling has always ranked among the most aggressive sports in the world and sometimes, blood is spilled. It's the nature of the sport based on the sheer violence and physicality. Over the course of its history, TNA Wrestling has witnessed many bloody battles - from the early TNA wars involving Abyss and Raven to last week's "First Blood" match on IMPACT, we look back at some of the memorable bloodiest brawls! As an added bonus, fans can watch our past "Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls" releases via YouTube! Viewer Discretion Is Advised!

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Two of the most acclaimed Bloodiest Brawls were from TNA's early years - the Six Sides of Steel Cage Match between America's Most Wanted and Triple X at Turning Point 2004 and the pinnacle of violence in TNA's history, the "Barbed Wire Massacre" with Abyss v. Sabu from Turning Point 2005! You can watch both matches below in their entirety - AGAIN, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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There's been many more bloody brawls in TNA's history, all of which are contained on the "Best Of The Bloodies Brawls" releases you can watch below! Some of the more memorable bouts include:

- Steel Cage Match: AJ Styles vs. Abyss, Lockdown 2005
- Dog Collar Match: Raven vs. Abyss, No Surrender 2005
- Six Sides Of Steel: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. The Latin American Xchange, Bound For Glory 2006
- Barbed Wire Cage Match: Rhino vs. Christian Cage, IMPACT November 2006
- Last Rites Match: Sting vs. Abyss, Destination X 2007
- Texas Death Match: James Storm vs. Chris Harris, Sacrifice 2007
- No Disqualification Match: Abyss vs. Tomko, Slammiversary 2007
- Barbed Wire Massacre 2: Abyss vs. Judas Messias, Against All Odds 2008
- Street Fight: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode, Bound For Glory 2012

Watch these bloody matches and more with the "Best Of The Bloodies Brawls" releases below!

Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls - Volume 1 :

Best Of The Bloodiest Brawls - Volume 2:


 1. Day 1 – Part 1: The first show gets off to a rocky start

June 19th 2002, the date of the first ever TNA Wrestling show almost didn’t happen.  During the first match a fairly large wrestler by the name of Cheex faced off as the opening untelevised match, at some point during the match the ring could not handle the weight and actually completely broke.  Fortunately the staff at TNA Wrestling was on top of it and managed to get the ring fixed before the first match and that “get things done” mentality has never left. 


2.  Day 1 – Part 2: TNA begins in Huntsville Alabama 

The first match to kick off the first ever live Pay-Per-View was undoubtedly the launch pad of what TNA Wrestling would be all about for years to come.  The show kicked off with an X Division match putting a group called the Flying Elvises against the team of AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn and Low Ki.  This set the tone of what TNA Wrestling would be about for years to come. 

3.  TNA's One Year Anniversary, The Debut of Sting

At the one year anniversary show of TNA Wrestling’s Weekly Pay-Per-View events it seemed only fitting that a major impact be made to make the anniversary show special.. and special it was.  Jeff Jarrett had brought in a special guest to help him defeat AJ syltes and Syxx Pac.  To the astonishment of the fans the icon himself came out to team up with Jeff Jarrett to defeat Styles and Syxx Pac. 


 4.  2004 Anniversary Show - Debut of an Enigma

June 23, 2004

In 2004 at the anniversary show, the world saw the surprise debut of Jeff Hardy against none other than the Phenomenal AJ Styles.  This was a fan dream match at the time that ended in a no contest after the interference of Kid Kash.  However the impact was made and Hardy’s debut sent shockwaves through the wrestling world and put TNA on the Map. 

5.   Slammiversary 2005 - The Submission Machine is Introduced

Jun 19, 2005 

Slammiversary 2005 saw the debut of one of the biggest staples in TNA Wrestling.  “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe.  A week before the anniversary event asked fans via a poll which independent star they most wanted to see debut at Slammiversary and to the delight of the fans the winner of the poll, Samoa Joe, debuted at Slammiversary and annihilated Sonjay Dutt making him an instant star… And the rest is history.

 6.  Slammiversary 2007 - Dawn of a New Era

June 17, 2007

Slammiversary 2007 took place at the original home of TNA Wrestling, Nashville, TN.  With that it seemed only fitting that a new era would unfold with the introduction of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  When TNA Wrestling first began it was under the lineage of the NWA : TNA and held exclusive booking rights to two of their titles which included the world Tag Team Championships and the World Heavyweight Championship.  It seemed only fitting that the place where TNA is reborn is the place where it held so much history.   To determine the new and first TNA World Heavyweight Champion five men faced off in a King of the Mountain Match.  AJ Styles, Chris Harris, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe battled it out in the six sided ring and after a long hard fought battle Kurt Angle claimed victory and became the first ever TNA World Heavyweight Champion

 7.  Slammiversary 2008 - Kurt Angle takes on AJ Styles

June 8, 2008

There have been many matches between the Phenomenal AJ Styles and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and this match is no exception.  The two have always battled to their fullest and have given every TNA Crowd that has ever seen these two face off more than their moneys worth for the show.  At Slammiversary 2008 AJ Styles was able to finish off Kurt Angle with a Styles Clash for the win despite outside interference. 

  mg 0079

 8.  Slammiversary 2009 - Double Vision

June 21, 2009

In 2009 the annual Slammiversary event saw a first with not only 2 King of the Mountain matches in one night but one of them was the first ever X Division King of the Mountain Match.   Fans were treated to King of the Mountain Title Matches where Kurt Angle defeated the current champion Mick Foley along with Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.   In the X Division Manik (Known as Suicide at the time) retained his championship against Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley

9.  Slammiversary 2010 - You may say he's a Dreamer... oh wait, yeah it's Tommy Dreamer!

June 13, 2010

Some major debuts have happened at Slammiversary events and this one is no exception.  Dixie Carter had been teasing that she had a big surprise that would be unveiled at Slammiversary.  Finally when the day came it was revealed during the match between Bully Ray and Jesse Neal that the mystery was none other than Tommy Dreamer.  This revelation cost Bully Ray the match and set off a chain reaction that led to the formation of EV 2.0


10. Slammiverary 2011 - Last man Standing

June 12, 2011

AJ Styles and Bully Ray faced off in a last man standing match that found them going everywhere throughout the IMPACT ZONE.  One of the most memorable moments of the night involved, you guessed it.. a table, only this time it wasn't Bully Ray sending AJ through a table.  Bully Ray lay sprawled out on a table by the entrance to the IMPACT ZONE and AJ, being the risk taking, high flyter that he is jumped off of the rigging onto Bully Ray... we are still in awe of this moment today.  Unfortunately, and perhaps miraculoulsy, Bully Ray was the victor in this contest. 


11. Slammiversary 2012 - Recognizing an Icon

June 10, 2012

In 2012 it was announced that as part of the 10 year celebration of TNA Wrestling's existance, an innagural member of the newly introduced TNA Hall of Fame would be announced.  In front of one of the largest crowds in TNA Wrestling History in Arlington, Texas, Dixie Carter announced that the first member of the TNA Wrestling Hall of fame would be the man who made a tremendous impact on the company and the entire wrestling world.  That man is the Icon Sting. 

12.  Slammiversary 2013 - Last Knockouts Stading

June 2, 2013

In 2013 the Knockouts had a stellar display when Taryn Terrell took on Gail Kim in what may be considered one of the greatest Knockouts matches of all time.  The stipulation was a last man standing match and was the result of months of feuding between Terrell, who was only reinstated as a wrestler after snapping, and Gail Kim.  Terrell went on to defeat Kim but the match between the two is still talked about today. 


Mr. Anderson has always been a funny guy. Rumor has it being named class clown in high school inspired the tattoo on his arm (sorry Crazzy Steve, it isn’t your portrait).

In recent months Anderson has stepped up his antics. From visiting Sam Shaw’s mom to impersonating “The Cowboy” James Storm, Anderson knows how to get a laugh and throw a powerful punch line.


Mr. Anderson Visits Sam Shaw’s Home



Mr. Anderson Challenges James Storm to a Drinking Contest




Mr. Anderson Impersonates Cowboy James Storm





“The Cowboy” James Storm holds an exclusive spot in the club known as the TNA Originals.  Since day one, Storm has been with TNA Wrestling, and in that long time, this hell-raiser has certainly made his mark on the wrestling world as both a singles and tag team wrestler.  Whether you love or hate him, this Cowboy certainly plays by his own rules and after signing a new multi-year deal in April 2014, this TNA original will surely make many more memories in the future, but first, let’s take a look back at some of the Cowboy’s great moments at TNA and the hell he has raised. 


James Storm & America’s Most Wanted

Credited for putting the tag team division on the map, America’s Most Wanted (AMW) certainly made their mark on TNA.  In 2003 at the Nashville Asylum, AMV successfully completed their finisher the ‘Death Sentence’ on Slash of The Disciples of the New Church and became Tag Team Champions once again.  In total, the duo of James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris would go on to win the NWA Tag Team Championship a record 6 times. 


James Storm & Beer Money

This hell-raising moment brought to you by Beer Money and Team 3D.  Perhaps the most cringe-worthy moment James Storm has been a part of involved putting Homicide through a glass table, sending thousands of pieces flying in every direction.  Beer Money would eventually go on to claim the TNA World Tag Team Championship 4 times and claim their place in TNA history as one of the best tag teams ever. 


James Storm & Bound for Glory 2012


One of the bloodiest brawls in TNA history, the matchup between James Storm and Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory 2012 went down in the record books.  The match was labeled as a Street Fight and every weapon imaginable was used including tables, trash cans, tacks and even beer bottles.   


James Storm Ruins Gunner’s Tribute to His Dad

Storm’s most recent hell-raising moment came at the expense of Gunner.  While abruptly and rudely interrupting Gunner’s tribute to his father, Storm beat down both men, handcuffed Gunner to the ring and bashed a beer bottle over Gunners father’s head – talk about a headache!

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