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TNA Hall of Famers and the most decorated tag team in the history of professional wrestling, Team 3D certainly have an argument as being the very best tag team of all time. At Slammiversary, the wrestling world was shocked to see the return of Devon to TNA and the announcement that the duo had been selected to join the exclusive ranks of the TNA Hall of Fame.

Fans were surprised yet again when Devon emerged this past Thursday on IMPACT to clean house and help Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer in their battle against EC3 and Rhino.

Team 3D has faced off against the very best teams all over the world and here we look back at some of their greatest feuds.


Team 3D vs Beer Money


Double championship belts on the line in this classic feud between Team 3D and Beer Money. Taken from Lockdown 2009, this was a wild and raucous match between two iconic tag teams with both the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Titles on the line.



Team 3D vs The Steiner Brothers


A 2-Out-Of-3 Tables Match from Bound For Glory 2007, Team 3D and The Steiner Brothers went all out in this battle of legendary proportions. The Steiner Brothers, much like 3D, are widely considered one of the best tag teams in history. A little help from the Motor City Machine Guns gave The Steiner Brothers the win here — but this would not be the last team these two iconic teams would meet!

Team 3D vs Motor City Machine Guns

Team 3D also had a legendary feud with the Motor City Machine Guns, that is still talked about as one of the most important tag team feuds in TNA history. Several matches took place in this feud and this one shows off the incredible chemistry the two teams had during a 2010 Xplosion taping!


Team 3D vs LAX


One of the most shocking, literally, feuds in TNA history was none other than Team 3D and LAX. This feud was brutal, even leading to an electrified steel cage match between the two teams.

With Team 3D back in TNA, the entire tag team division must be on high alert — don’t miss this Thursday’s IMPACT to see what happens when Team 3D arrive in their hometown of NYC! 9/8c on Spike TV!


Last night, a severe beatdown was taking place and it was Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer at the brunt of the attack. It seemed as though the Carters had really taken figured out a way to get rid of Bully and Dreamer. Then things all changed with a very unforgettable “WHASSSSUP” over the PA system.

To the surprise of fans throughout New York City, Devon emerged and took to the ring to make the save of his longtime friends. That’s right, the Hall of Fame tag team, Team 3D, is back together and looking for a fight. As Dixie Carter bragged about her plans and seeming victory over Bully and Dreamer, the odds seem to have now swung back into the favor of Bully Ray.

We’re told that Kurt Angle is wasting no time and will be announcing plans for Devon’s in-ring return soon. What will happen next, as all hell breaks loose? Don’t miss IMPACT next Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!


Last night on Twitter, Dixie Carter announced her intentions to appear on this Thursday’s episode of IMPACT on Spike TV at 9/8c. The show will feature her nephew Ethan Carter III and hired gun Rhino taking on the team of Dixie’s most intense foes, Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. Dixie bravely announced “nothing could keep me away from NYC,” but the question remains: what happens when she arrives?

We all know that Bully is on the hunt for Dixie and has promised fans for weeks that he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Carter and put her through a table. It certainly seems as though Carter is not afraid of coming into Bully Ray’s hometown — and that could be because, thus far, it has been the Carters who put Bully Ray through not 1, not 2, but 3 tables!

Plus, with the recent hiring and shocking return of Rhino, it seems like Dixie may have ensured her protection. However, the thing all IMPACT fans know is that you can never count out Bully Ray or Tommy Dreamer. These two kings of extreme always manage to find a way to overcome the odds… Will they do it again!?

Don’t miss IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8c!



Kurt Angle insists that Willow allow Jeff Hardy to returnIt’s an absolute understatement to say that Thursday night has been highly-anticipated by wrestling fans for months. For the first time ever, IMPACT WRESTLING  will be broadcast from the world-famous Manhattan Center in New York City. The arena will be packed, the atmosphere electric and history will be made… a fact not lost on TNA’s new Executive Director, Kurt Angle.

As one of pro wrestling’s greatest competitors, Angle understands the need to seize a special moment, and there’s no better way to do that than with a World Title match. He already has a special Champion – love him or hate him, Lashley’s combination of power, speed and brutality makes him the most physically-dominant TNA titleholder in years. However, this special moment would also require a special challenger, and the Olympic Gold Medalist knew just who to call: Jeff Hardy.

There was just one problem - the man who answers to that name had been absent from TNA for months. In his place was an unhinged, maniacal, suspiciously similar-looking masked man named Willow.  While dangerous in his own right, Willow’s motivations were clearly not steeped in winning, losing or anything else based in reality.  He was a warrior, for sure…  but he wasn’t a winner. He wasn’t a champion.

On last week’s IMPACT, Angle focused his efforts on convincing Willow to “step aside” to allow for the return of Jeff Hardy. Angle believed that he could persuade Hardy to seize this special moment, but he needed a testing ground. That came in the form of a 20-man battle royal, with the winner receiving the upcoming title shot. In the end, Hardy returned with the renewed focus that Angle was looking for, leading to a victory, a celebration, and a one-way trip to the biggest title match of the year.

As a former three-time TNA World Champion, we know that Hardy is good enough to hold the gold, but is he mentally ready for this match? Consider this: the emotionally-charged “charismatic enigma” slid into the shadows months ago due to conflicts with then-TNA President Dixie Carter.  With Dixie no longer in power, Jeff hardy and Lashley Face off at the end of IMPACT WRESTLINGHardy has returned of his own accord with the sense of freedom that he’s always thrived in. 

When in the right mindset, Hardy is no longer the reckless daredevil he was pegged as in his early days.  With a more well-rounded life, ring strategy and overall approach to life, Hardy has allowed himself to grow, evolve and become a much more complete wrestler than he was even a fewy ears ago, and that’s a good thing.  From his recent times behind the mask, we know that he still has those urges, but imagine if he can harness that instinct? If he’s found the balance to control his wild side and unleash it when the time is right, there’s absolutely no telling how high he can fly… possibly all the way to a championship victory on Thursday night.

Let’s also remember that Hardy may have the most passionate, supportive fans in all of TNA. He truly thrives off of that relationship, and his return to New York, the site of some of his most memorable career moments, will undoubtedly produce a dynamic atmosphere like no other.  When he walks through that curtain, expect to feel the earth rumble all the way to your living rooms, and that energy could push Hardy to near-unbeatable territory.

Credit Kurt Angle with recognizing this special moment, but now, it’s up to Jeff Hardy. Can he make IMPACT WRESTLING’s NYC debut the most special night of his career?


Former World Champion Eric Young is known for being “Just Crazy Enough” (Eric Young's "Just Crazy Enough" t-shirt at  He is never afraid to take on any challenge. He even made a TV show about doing the craziest things imaginable because his wrestling career wasn’t difficult enough. Needless to say, TNA fans can appreciate a certain amount of crazy thanks to Young’s wild side…

However, for the past few weeks, a type of crazy has been rearing its head that is uncomfortable – especially for the beautiful Madison Rayne, who has been the target of the crazy.

Newcomer Brittany said that Madison was her wrestling idol and went out of her way to get close to the Knockout, often times at the expense of Rayne. Brittany would cost Madison matches, be lurking around every corner backstage and showing signs that she might be a little too fascinated with the former Knockouts Champion. However, most accepted it as trying to impress her role model and trying to make new friends in a difficult environment.

That all began to change over the last couple of weeks. First, Brittany stood by as the Beautiful People cheated to pick up a victory over Madison. Then, it all became clear. Brittany called Madison to the ring, feigned an apology and then savagely attacked her former hero before uttering the phrase “Never meet your idols… they ALWAYS let you down.”

Now, Madison Rayne has revenge on her mind and has demanded a match against Brittany. Kurt Angle obliged and even added a special stipulation fitting of these unusual circumstances… Madison Rayne will get a shot at Brittany and it will be a No Disqualification Match.

One of two things can be expected here: first, if Brittany can shine and defeat the former Knockouts Champion, it should skyrocket her value and potentially even put her in line for a KO Title shot. OR, Madison Rayne will have the opportunity to show Brittany what the Knockouts Division is all about — hopefully putting an end to the chaos that Brittany has brought with her.

Do not miss this incredible Knockouts action this Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV!



This week on IMPACT, Bobby Roode and Eric Young are set to team up against MVP and Kenny King. Since MVP arrived, the biggest thorn in his side has been the It Factor of Professional Wrestling and that certainly shows no signs of slowing down now that Roode has been reinstated by Executive Director Kurt Angle.

Roode has made his intent clear. He wants to personally conquer MVP, Kenny King and Lashley for the weeks of suspensions, beat downs and more that he has been forced to deal with. Finally getting his hands on MVP will certainly be exciting for Roode — and something you will not want to miss, when it airs on Spike TV at 9/8c in New York City’s Manhattan Center!

Here, we look back at the problems Bobby Roode has been forced to overcome.



The first sign that things weren’t quite right with MVP’s reign as Director of Wrestling Operations came when he suspended Bobby Roode from IMPACT. After a blow-up between the two, Roode was sent home to “cool off” and was kept at home for over a month – even being forced to miss Slammiversary.

Fans overwhelmingly responded with a #BringBackBobby campaign on Social Media, but it seemed we were doomed to MVP’s tyrannical rules and reign. Until…

MVP’s crusade became clear with Roode out of the picture, he wanted the perfect opportunity to seize the World Title. After suffering a serious knee injury, MVP was taken out of the mix but the stars did align for his faction when Lashley unleashed his wrath on Eric Young and won the World Title at IMPACT, live in Bethlehem, PA.

The beatdown that followed was unnecessary, but led to Roode’s shocking return – charing through the packed crowd, hopping the railing and saving his longtime friend from further harm.

After many weeks of clearly abusing his power, change began to come. This started when officials from TNA’s Board of Directors arrived at IMPACT and revealed that they too were unhappy with MVP’s behavior and removed him from power. This paved the way for the Board of Directors to announce their choice as the new Executive Director of TNA: Kurt Angle. Angle made known his intentions to right the wrongs of both MVP and Dixie Carter and that started with the immediate reinstatement of Bobby Roode.

The reinstatement hasn’t been easy for Roode thus far, however. Facing beatdowns from Team MVP seemingly out of nowhere, Roode had his work cut out for him. This led to wild brawls and a match against Kenny King that saw the two fight all throughout the arena. Ultimately, Roode picked up the win against King and went into the Battle Royal to determine a new #1 Contender for Lashley as a big favorite.

However, more funny business from MVP and Kenny King led to Roode being eliminated. Now, with weeks of pent up rage, Roode will finally get his hands on MVP for the first time this Thursday. Joining Roode in his fight is another man who has dealt with his fair share of injustice due to Team MVP: former World Champion Eric Young.

One has to assume that these two former partners and longtime friends will do whatever it takes to make MVP and Kenny King pay for the chaos they’ve caused. Plus, with MVP milking his injury, it will be interesting to see just how hurt he really is when he steps back into the ring for the first time in over a month!

Don’t miss IMPACT this Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8c.

By Gerry Strauss

Nearly two decades ago, the landscape of professional wrestling was changed forever by a ragtag group of unpolished, untamed animals cutting their teeth in a dirty, sweaty bingo hall in South Philadelphia. The wrestling world watched in awe as these unorthodox warriors beat each other to their physical limits, all in the spirit of violence, aggression and the u broken bonds of respect and brotherhood that came with it. They weren't all friends, and in time, they'd all eventually go their separate ways in the industry. However, without a word being spoken, the understanding remained that they were a fraternity for life. Would they battle? Absolutely, but more importantly, they'd all remain loyal to the rebellious, anti-establishment spirit that they once shared.

Rhino Gores Bully Ray upon his return to IMPACT WRESTLINGTwo weeks ago on Impact, Bully Ray found himself in a familiar situation. For months, his one-man crusade against Dixie Carter has been his singular focus, and in typicaly Bully Ray fashion, he's been anything but shy about his ultimate goal: to put the divine Ms Carter through a table in vicious fashion.  On this night, as Bully was doing battle with Carter's nephew, ECIII, fellow hardcore alumni Rhino appeared, presumably to help his brother-in-arms even the odds against Carter's cronies. Instead, the "War Machine" did the unthinkable, turning his attention towards Bully and flattening him with his unstoppable "Gore". 

Just as he'd begun to turn the corner in his war against Dixie, Bully Ray had been betrayed - not just by a former friend, but by a brother.

Last week, an enraged Bully Ray demanded answers... and boy, did he get them when Rhino arrived for a public face-to-face meeting and made it very clear that hisRhino Beats up on Bully Ray with EC3 Looking on allegiances were with Dixie Carter. He hypocritically accused Bully of stabbing his friends in the back, while Bully shot back that he needed to take responsibility for getting fired from every major company he'd worked for over the past decade. Clearl;y, Rhino's treachery was still a shock to Bully, who uncharacteristically left himself susceptible for yet abother thunderous "Gore"... only to be saved by a fellow "extremist" who truly values the ideals of brotherhood,  Tommy Dreamer.  

Now, the long-raging war has expanded, and the battle lines are clearly drawn. Oe one side stands the defiant Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer, two men whom have proven that they can rely on one another through thick and thin. On the other side stands Dixie Carter, her family, her lackeys, and - most importantly, her money, and those whom will sell their soul for it. Will Rhino’s decision make him a rich man – or a target? More importantly, what other tricks does a desperate Dixie have up her sleeve, and can two “Innovators of Violence” survive the onslaught alone… or will their hardcore legacy finally come to an end at the hands of the Carter family?


Best friends, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, may be vain and narcissistic prima donnas but that doesn’t stop them from dominating in the wrestling ring and cleansing the world one ugly person at a time. When not in the ring trying to cheat for a win for the Knockouts title, both can be found maintaining their high maintenance lifestyle and enjoying a fabulous summer. Angelina and Velvet open up and share a few keys to a beautiful summer and how you can grow one step closer to living like the Beautiful People.

  • First and foremost, make sure the convertible is clean.
  • Make sure you have a good pedicure. No one wants to see nasty toes.Have a good spray tan but make sure you aren’t too orange. You don’t want to look like the cast from Jersey Shore.
  • Make sure you wax everything and I mean EVERYTHING! No one wants to see any gnarly hairs.
  • Last but certainly not least, make sure you have a scantily clad man fanning you with a giant leaf, feeding you grapes and wine and telling you how beautiful you are all day long.
  • With summer in full swing, we know these tips will be helpful for you and your friends. You can thank us later!

    Check out the newest sexy photos of the Beautiful people and the rest of the Knockouts in the Knockouts Section


Challenge and TNA Wrestling search for a
new superstar in ‘British Boot Camp 2’

New series of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp exclusively on Challenge
TX: Autumn 2014

Challenge today announces the return of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp, a new series searching for the UK’s next wrestling superstar. Commissioned with TNA Entertainment, this thrilling eight-part series will air exclusively on Challenge this Autumn and follow the search for aspiring professional wrestlers, who are trying to make it big in the ultra-competitive world of America’s TNA IMPACT WRESTLING.

Ambitious wrestlers from across the UK and Ireland will be invited by TNA to attend open wrestling try-outs filmed in the three announced locations of the 2015 TNA MAXIMUM IMPACT Tour; Glasgow, Manchester and London. The budding pros will have to demonstrate their prowess and wrestling skill levels to a panel of judges made up of three of TNA's top personalities, who will be announced shortly.

Wrestlers auditioning for TNA British Boot Camp will have to prove themselves before the judges to progress in the competition, with the stakes getting higher with each progressing round. Wrestlers making it past the audition round will return to face off against one another in a ‘Best of Britain’ showcase, where the top competitors from the event will win the opportunity to travel to the US to continue in the series, meeting the stars of TNA and experiencing first-hand what it takes to be a member of the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING fraternity.  The top finalists will go on to compete in New York City, in front of the toughest fans in the world.

The winner will receive a contract from TNA President Dixie Carter to become a full-time member of the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING roster. Three runners-up will also win a spot on TNA’s annual MAXIMUM IMPACT UK Tour, which will take place in January 2015 and be taped for global television.

The winner of the first series of British Boot Camp, the former Birmingham bank clerk turned wrestler, Rockstar Spud, is now a successful member of the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING roster, representing the company at events all over the world. Spud will be on hand to counsel and encourage this year’s contestants throughout the series.

“The first series of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp was so successful that the winner has gone on to be a major star in America’s TNA IMPACT WRESTLING," says Stephen Ladlow, Director of Challenge. "As Challenge is the UK home for TNA, it’s only fitting that we commission a series that invests in a new UK talent and inspires passionate TNA fans and Challenge viewers alike to the high pressure world of professional wrestling.”


"I am thrilled TNA is once again partnering with Challenge to bring season 2 of British Boot Camp to our incredible fans across the U.K. and Ireland,” says TNA President Dixie Carter. “The first season brought Rockstar Spud – my amazing Chief of Staff – to TNA and I anticipate discovering another incredible athlete and entertainer on this new season.”


British Boot Camp Executive Producer and TV presenter Jeremy Borash adds: “The number one question I always get from fans across the UK is ‘when will we get a second season of British Boot Camp?’ And with the first season's popularity, combined with the incredible success of Rockstar Spud, we couldn't be more excited with this news.  Everything about season 2 will be bigger, more competitive and more exciting for our fans. If you loved the first season of Boot Camp, then fasten your seatbelt."


TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 will search for a UK superstar. Exclusive to Challenge, the series will follow the aspiring home-grown wrestlers as they pursue a professional wrestling contract with TNA Wrestling. TNA will be inviting wrestlers to try out for the show in televised trials, which will take place in Glasgow, Manchester and London in August 2014.


*Any professional wrestlers who are over the age of 18, who would like to apply to be invited for trial, should email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 was commissioned for Challenge by Chris Brogden, Acting Head of Sky Entertainment. It aims to compliment the burgeoning success of the TNA Impact series which is one of the top performing series on the channel. The series supports Sky’s commitment to increase its investment in home grown content to £600m.

For further information visit:


Notes to Editors

About Sky

Sky entertains and excites more than 10.4 million homes through the most comprehensive multichannel, multi-platform television service in the UK and Ireland. Sky continues to break new ground with its own portfolio of channels: Sky 1 combines its commitment to UK production with the best of the US; Sky Living pushes ahead with fresh and innovative entertainment formats; Sky Arts is the UK's only dedicated arts channel brand; Sky Atlantic is the home to HBO and other iconic drama and comedy, Sky Sports is still raising the bar in sports broadcasting; Sky News remains a pioneer in television news; and Sky Movies is leading the way in High Definition and on-demand.

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Sky believes in making a wider contribution to the communities in which it operates, not least by increasing participation in, and access to, the arts, supporting grassroots sports, and taking positive action on the environment.

 About Challenge

Challenge is the home of contest and the only UK TV channel of its type showing the biggest and best games shows from Britain and around the world. It offers cult shows, world famous quiz formats, innovative new game shows and superb TNA Impact Wrestling action. From original UK commissioned content to iconic classic shows, there's something for everyone.

Challenge TV is available on Freeview channel 46, Sky channels 125 and 164, Virgin Media channel 13

About TNA Entertainment, LLC

TNA Entertainment, LLC, is a privately held sports entertainment company based in Nashville, Tennessee, specializing in events, products, numerous TV properties, merchandise and music, as well as, the management and promotion of professional wrestlers.

The roster features such greats as Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, MVP, Bobby Lashley, Eric Young, Magnus, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Gail Kim, the lovely and lethal Knockouts and many more through its highly successful TNA IMPACT WRESTLING weekly broadcast.

In addition, TNA produces monthly PPV events and more than 100 live events a year. The product is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling and is broadcast in more than 120 countries. For more information, please visit



*By returning the application, I acknowledge that everything stated in this application is true. I understand that any falsely submitted answers can and will be grounds for removal from the casting process and from my subsequent participation in the pilot or final series. Whether or not I am selected to be an on-camera participant in the series presently entitled British Boot Camp 2 (the ³Project²), I acknowledge and understand that I may be taped and otherwise recorded during the interview and application process, and that TNA Entertainment, LLC (³TNA²) shall have the right to record, use, publicize, distribute and otherwise exploit such recordings, together with my name, voice and likeness, any biographical information contained in this application, my home video, taped interview and any other materials submitted by me, in any manner and for any purposes (including the Project and in any related or derivative versions and/or uses of the Project) in all media now known or hereafter devised throughout the world in perpetuity for no compensation. I further acknowledge and accept that this application form and any other materials (including, but not limited to, any photographs, videotapes, etc.) that I have submitted or will submit to TNA will become the property of TNA and will not be returned. Except as may be required by applicable law, government order, regulations, or by order or decree of a court, I shall keep and hold all information which is acquired by me in connection with the Project and/or TNA company matters strictly confidential. I shall not, without TNA¹s prior written consent in each instance, speak to the media or otherwise make any public statements or broadcasts (including so-called ³tweeting² or ³blogging²) concerning the Project or my involvement with TNA.



Kurt Angle enters the IMPACT Zone to begin the show.  He declares tonight to be the Championship Showcase.  Angle says three championships will be decided and that a 20-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal will take place to determine the No. 1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

Angle requests the presence of the unpredictable Willow.  Willow’s cackle echoes throughout the arena as the world around him is painted shades of black and white.  Angle says Willow was born from a dark place that required violence.  He assures Willow that in the absence of Dixie Carter and MVP, TNA isn’t that dark place anymore.  He asks Willow to leave for tonight and for “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy to enter tonight’s Battle Royal!

Backstage:  The Wolves head toward the IMPACT Zone.

Backstage:  Austin Aries hypes his X-Division Championship match against Sanada.





World Tag Team Championships



Magnus and Davey Richards begin the match in front of an electric crowd that’s fully behind The Wolves.  Richards kicks Bram and then briefly controls Magnus before tagging in Eddie Edwards.  Like Richards, Edwards rushes across the ring and kicks Bram off the apron.  The Wolves mount a double-team assault on Magnus.  Bram, trying to stop The Wolves’ double-team, finds himself on the receiving end of a similar attack from the reigning tag team champions.

Magnus leaves the ring and then Davey Richards finds himself hung up in the apron.  Magnus ruthlessly beats Richards, who tries desperately to escape.  Richards is put back in the ring.  As Bram begins to dominate, Magnus rips Edwards off the apron and slams him to the floor.  Richards reaches for the tag – Edwards isn’t there. 

Together, Bram and Magnus exchange tags and deliver beatings to Davey Richards.  After Richards finally makes the tag, Edwards lands a series of rapid-fire chops as the pace quickens.  Edwards’ flurry of offense culminates with a missile dropkick and a top-rope hurricanrana!  The Wolves fly from the ring with a suicide dive to Bram and Magnus.  Then, what begins as a backslide pin attempt from Davey Richards finishes as a bridged pin from Eddie Edwards – and The Wolves retain!

Winners:  The Wolves

 Bram and Magnus viciously attack the retaining champions after the bell. 

Backstage:  Bobby Roode enters the arena and says he’s calling out MVP.



 Bobby Roode blames MVP for missed time and opportunities.  MVP enters the arena in a wheelchair and says if anything – he’s prolonged Bobby Roode’s career.  MVP claims Roode furthered his knee injury. 

Roode jumps from the ring and rushes to attack MVP.  Kenny King rushes up from behind, but Roode dodges the attack and then dumps MVP from the wheelchair.  King recovers and he and MVP gain the upper hand on Roode.  Eric Young runs down the ramp to make the save.  Bobby Lashley counters EY and leaves him reeling outside the ring as Bobby Roode gets back to his feet.  Roode and EY retreat. 

Backstage:  James Storm taunts Sanada and asks, “What happens if you lose?”

Backstage:  Kurt Angle says he thinks he got through to Jeff Hardy.





X-Division Championship




Christy Hemme introduces the next title match as Austin Aries enters the IMPACT Zone to challenge his opponent from Tokyo, Japan – Sanada!

Aries and Sanada square off.  The two are evenly matched until Sanada sends Aries flying over the top rope with a clothesline.  Having Sanada well-scouted, Aries counters a spring-board assault from Sanada, sending the champion crashing out onto the floor.  Sanada begins fighting back with a standing hurricanrana.  Sanada pushes Aries from the ring and executes a diving sommersault! 

Back in the ring, Aries blocks a dragon suplex and attacks Sanada in the corner with a series of punches and chops.  Sanada counters Aries’ running attack, then Aries counters Sanada’s moonsault attempt.  Having Sanada set up for a powerbomb, the challenger decides to drop the champion face-first into the corner before hitting a running dropkick! 

Sanada reverses Aries’ brainbuster and nails a tiger suplex.  Sanada connects with a moonsault!  Aries kicks out at two!  Sanada attempts another moonsault, but Aries rolls out of the way and lifts Sanada to execute a brainbuster!  Sanada kicks out! Aries climbs the ropes and crashes down with a 450 splash to become the new X-Division Champion!

Winner:  Austin Aries



 In from the break, a video recaps Rhino’s attack on Bully Ray last week.  “Moments ago,” Bully Ray says he’s calling out Rhino. 

Backstage:  EC3 says Rhino will reveal the man Bully Ray truly is. 

Bully Ray comes into the arena.  Bully says when he began wrestling, he was told he’d be able to count the friends he made on one hand – he thought one of those friends was Rhino. Rhino responds to Bully with EC3 and Rockstar Spud in tow.  Bully asks WHY!?

Rhino says he realized Bully Ray was a con-man after he saw the TNA Hall of Fame induction announcement.  Bully says Rhino sold-out to the Carters and that Rhino is jealous.  Bully yells, “You’re the reason why you got fired from WWE! You’re the reason why you got fired from TNA! It’s not my fault that at one time, you were hardcore, but now, you’re nothing but a bitch!”

EC3 says he paid and will continue to pay Rhino to take out Bully Ray.  Bully goes to attack EC3 and is gored by Rhino for his efforts!  EC3, Rhino, and Spud triple-team Bully Ray until Tommy Dreamer rushes in with a Singapore cane.  The crowd chants “E-C-W!” as Dreamer makes the save.

Backstage:  The Beautiful People complain about Angelina Love losing the Knockout’s Championship last week.  Angelina claims she’ll regain the gold…next. 




Backstage:  The Menagerie discusses their strategy to win the 20 Man Battle Royal.


4-Way Knockout’s Championship




Brittany rushes up behind Madison Rayne and attacks her before the match ever starts – and before the Knockout’s Champion has even entered the arena.

Gail Kim rushes down the ramp and attacks The Beautiful People before moving the action into the ring.  Gail and Madison form an early alliance before facing off against one another. 

Angelina Love trips Gail Kim, then drops her face-first onto the arena floor.  Brittany attacks Madison in the ring.  Angelina enters and convinces Brittany to double-team Madison Rayne.  The duo delivers a deal of punishment to Madison, then Angelina gives Brittany a distraction and makes a pin attempt. 

Brittany breaks up the count and attacks Angelina Love.  As their brief partnership dissolves, Gail Kim flies off the top rope, taking them both out.  Each of the women execute their finishing maneuvers – Brittany hits a handspring moonsault on Gail, Madison nails the Rayne Drop on Brittany, Angelina delivers a Botox Injection to Madison and Gail makes Angelina Eat Defeat, allowing her to retain her title.

Winner:  Gail Kim





20-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

Christy Hemme announces Eric Young as the first competitor, followed by:  Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and Bobby Roode enter before the commercial break.  When IMPACT returns, the ring is full of wrestlers and Bully Ray makes his way to the ring, followed by JEFF HARDY!

The battle royal begins immediately as Hardy steps into the ring.  Crazy Steve of The Menagerie is eliminated by Jesse! Jesse is eliminated by The Freak.  The Freak and Knux eliminate DJ Z!  Bram and Magnus eliminate The Freak and Knux!  Bram eliminates King Mo!  Sanada is eliminated! Magnus is eliminated! James Storm eliminates Mr. Anderson then Gunner! Jeff Hardy eliminates Bram!

Rockstar Spud saves EC3 from elimination.  A furious Bram violently stalks the outside, but “The Monster” Abyss rushes out and fights Bram into the backstage area.  MVP saves Kenny King from being eliminated.  King eliminates Manik!

Bobby Roode eliminates James Storm! Kenny King chokes Bobby Roode on the bottom rope as Spud attacks Bully Ray!  Bully Ray counters with a “crotch claw” that leaves Spud reeling!  EC3 and Spud attack Bully Ray, who counters and drops Spud from the ring!  EC3 and Bully Ray eliminate one another!

Kenny King struts around the ring before attacking Eric Young and Bobby Roode.  Bobby Roode powers King down to the mat with a hard spinebuster!  As Roode is about to eliminate King, MVP hits Roode with a crutch.  Roode is eliminated by King, who is then eliminated by Eric Young!

Jeff Hardy and Eric Young are the final two competitors! Hardy and EY shake hands before locking up.  Eric Young almost eliminated Jeff Hardy with an over the top rope hip toss!  Jeff Hardy dropkicks Eric Young off the apron to become the new No. 1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner:  Jeff Hardy

Post Match:  JB asks Jeff Hardy how he feels and Hardy claims he’s the next World Heavyweight Champion.  Hardy says Lashley is tough, but that can get rougher than most.  JB hypes Hardy vs. Lashley for next week!

Lashley climbs into the ring and poses with the World Championship as he stares into the eyes of his next challenger as IMPACT goes off the air.



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