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Last week, British Boot Camp 2 premiered on Challenge TV to all-time high ratings and buzz! UK mainstream press, worldwide social media trends and a great cast led to the show breaking records! This week, judges Al Snow, Samoa Joe and Gail Kim are now heading to Manchester for another round of auditions. Will they uncover the newest TNA superstar?

With the success of Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray at last week's Glasgow auditions, three more women attempt to advance in this week's competition. See how Gail Kim reacts to Heather Schofeild, Lana Austin and Melantie Price! It's British Boot Camp 2, Sundays at 9PM on Challenge TV!

Stay tuned to Challenge after Boot Camp, as IMPACT airs at a NEW time! Immediately following British Boot Camp 2, IMPACT will air at 10PM on Challenge TV!

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BritishBootCamp2!

PLUS, every Monday morning, join us for Boot Camp Breakdown, starring Rockstar Spud and Christy Hemme, featuring your favorite wrestlers, celebrities and more talking about British Boot Camp 2! Episode 1 is available below! 

TNA Wrestling would like to congratulate LASHLEY on his dominant performance inside the Bellator MMA cage tonight! Lashley picked up a strong victory over Karl Etherington at Bellator 130, quickly moving up the ranks in Bellator's competitive Heavyweight Division!

Lashley finished the fight in the first round, picking up a brutal TKO win and improving his MMA record to an impressive 12-2!

Now, Lashley turns his focus to Wednesday night and Bobby Roode. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion will face Roode in the main event, with special guest referee Kurt Angle, and TNA's most respected prize is on the line! A major question we have is: how quickly can Lashley's body recover from his rigorous training and fight at Bellator 130? Fighting at the highest level of two worlds is tough - fighting in Bellator on Friday and defending your TNA World Title on Wednesday? That's completely unheard of!

One thing is for sure, Lashley is The Destroyer and one of the toughest men in the world. He has run through all comers in both TNA and Bellator with relative ease. If anyone is up for the task, it is him.

Don't miss Lashley vs Roode II, this Wednesday night on IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike TV!

For now, make sure you congratulate Lashley on his Bellator MMA victory! You can find him on social media: @FightBobby! 

Last week, EC3 introduced his new bodyguard to the world. His name is Tyrus. Tyrus has already established himself as a HUGE force, literally and figuratively, in TNA. Prior to coming to IMPACT, Tyrus was a high-profile bodyguard for celebrities and athletes, including Snoop Dogg, and before that was a stand-out college football star. 

This week, we saw the team of ECTyrus team up and win their quarterfinal match in the Tag Team Tournament. In anticipation of next week's match, caught up with Tyrus to learn more about this mammoth addition to EC3's entourage.

IMPACTWRESTLING.COM:  Congratulations on winning your first-round match in the Tag Team Tournament! Being new to TNA and in a new partnership, do  you have any concerns going into the semifinals next week? 

Tyrus:  Ha!  Concerned for the well being of our opponents. That's about it. We're focused on domination. Spud was no challenge, he's a guppy in a big pond. We're the sharks and the whales... we're the big fish. 

IMPACTWRESTLING.COM:  Can you explain your relationship with EC3 and Dixie Carter? 

Tyrus:  Our relationship is simple. I can describe it in 3 words: Dollars-N-Sense.

IMPACTWRESTLING.COM:  This isn't your first time protecting a high profile personality. Tell us about your previous bodyguard experience.

Tyrus:  I have been the top bodyguard in the world for quite some time. I only work with mega-stars; people like Snoop or J-Lo, that level of clientele. They want the best. They want to feel safe and secure and I am the one who can provide that. Now, my services are being used by EC3 and the Carter family and I promise you, had I been in NYC this summer, Dixie Carter would not have gone though that table. Things are going to change in TNA now that I am here.


What sort of IMPACT can we expect from Tyrus in TNA?

Tyrus:  TNA is not my mission or concern, I don’t work for TNA. I work for the Carter Family and my mission is to keep EC3 safe and undefeated. I have no records, no goals… I simply want to cash the large checks from the Carters. I am here to beat, destroy, injure, intimidate and end careers, if necessary, if anyone stands in the way of any member of the Carter Family. The Carters pay me to do what I love: hate everybody - and I get paid well.

Make sure you catch Tyrus in action on Wednesday's IMPACT on Spike TV. He and EC3 have a semifinal match in the Tag Team Tournament and the show starts at 9/8c! 

256 days. That is how long Bobby Roode sat at the top of TNA Wrestling. Bobby Roode walked into IMPACT and took the World Title from James Storm in October of 2011. He took on all comers for nearly a year, before losing the title in the Summer of 2012 to Austin Aries. Since the night he lost that title, Roode has been working hard - harder than ever before in his illustrious career. It takes a lot to call yourself the World Champion and he was determined to do so again. 

Last month, he got a shot at the belt again when he faced off against Lashley in a thrilling main event at TNA's No Surrender in New York City. Roode gave Lashley all he could handle and vice-versa. For months, Lashley has run through all comers with relative ease - earning his nickname, The Destroyer, in the process. It seemed he may be untouchable. That was, until he met up with Bobby Roode.

In that match, Roode proved to be the toughest challenge yet for the TNA Champion. He even became the first man to kick-out of Lashley's deadly Spear. However, towards the end of the match, something went wrong. It appeared that Roode had injured his knee. As he limped on, he attempted a Roode Bomb and that's when his knee buckled. It was that moment that allowed Lashley to take advantage and put Roode away.

One month later, the stage is set for an epic second match between the two warriors. If Roode's knee is healed, how will he match up against Lashley this time? It seems hard to believe that anyone could defeat the Destroyer but, after watching his courageous effort in the face of injury, we believe that Roode could be the only man left that has a shot at conquering Lashley. 

Whatever happens in the ring on Wednesday night, we are the clear winners. Watching two dangerous men like Bobby Roode and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley is a treat for all of us. This will be a night for the ages. 

Wednesday, October 29th  on Spike TV, IMPACT will be headlined by Lashley and Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship. Make sure you're watching! 



IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
October 22, 2014

The Hardys open IMPACT Wrestling on their quest to win the Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Match #1:
Tag Team Tournament
The Hardys vs. The BroMans

DJ Z locks up with Matt Hardy at the opening bell. DJ Z catches Matt with a side headlock; Matt counters with a handful of hair. Matt drives DJ Z’s face into the mat as Jeff Hardy counters an offended Jessie.

The Hardys double team DJ Z; Jeff follows with a pin attempt. DJ Z’s out at two, then he makes the tag to Jessie. Jeff maintains control over Jessie and tags his brother Matt. The Hardys double team Jessie.  DJ Z rushes into the ring. His distraction allows the momentum to shift as Jessie connects with a standing drop kick.

DJ Z tags in. Matt connects with a Side Effect. DJ Z and Matt crawl to their corners and Jeff and Jessie collide. Jeff drops Jessie with a face buster, but DJ Z interrupts what may have been a three-count. Jeff fights off DJ Z and tags Matt. Matt scores a Twist of Fate that Jeff follows up with a Swanton Bomb! Matt makes the cover on Jessie for three.

Winners:  The Hardys


Bram is out to explain why he attacked Devon last week.  

Bram says destroying a human body – the sounds of driving something into flesh “really does it for me.” Bram labels himself the “New King of Hardcore.” He says Devon is just his latest victim, despite being a Hall of Famer and a hardcore legend.

Bram vows that everyone will know and fear his name: “I am Bram!”

Devon emerges from the back. Devon climbs into the ring and immediately attacks.  Bram and Devon brawl around the ring. Devon tosses Bram to the outside. Devon drives Bram headfirst into the guardrail, then rolls him back into the ring. Devon applies a choke until a group of referees and security guards break them apart.

Kurt Angle books a hardcore match between Devon and Bram.

Backstage: Brittany asks Samuel Shaw, “Are you gonna do what we talked about? Because I’d really like it if you did.”


Match #2:
Tag Team Tournament
Low Ki and Samoa Joe vs. Samuel Shaw and Gunner

After Samuel Shaw selects Gunner as his partner – Gunner tells him to prove that they’re a team – that they’re friends. Samuel and Joe start the match. Joe leads with a series of right hands and a jumping kick. Joe tags Low Ki and they double team Samuel Shaw. Samuel makes a quick tag to Gunner.

Low Ki lands a series of chops, only enraging Gunner. Gunner mows over Low Ki and makes a pin attempt. As Gunner secures a headlock, Brittany emerges from the back and starts arguing with Samuel Shaw.

Low Ki counters Gunner’s hold, but Gunner drops him with a sharp elbow. Gunner and Samuel exchange rapid tags and Gunner connects with a high vertical suplex to Low Ki. Gunner’s distracted by Brittany, which allows Samoa Joe to be brought into the match.

Joe hits a running kick before positioning Gunner on top of the turnbuckle. Gunner counters and as he’s coming off the ropes, Brittany trips him! Gunner swats at Brittany, allowing Low Ki to connect with a kick to the face. Joe locks in a rear naked choke for the win!

Winners: Low Ki and Samoa Joe

Post-match: Gunner argues with Brittany. Samuel Shaw attacks Gunner from behind with a steel chair. Brittany smiles, then kisses Samuel.

Backstage: EC3 says he and his new partner Tyrus will enter the Tag Team Championship Tournament. He challenges Rockstar Spud and a partner of his choosing.


Backstage: MVP says Lashley will destroy Bobby Roode. Kenny King says he and MVP will enter the Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Match #3:
Rebel vs. Angelina Love

Rebel enters the IMPACT Zone for her match against Angelina Love. As her music fades, the Knockout’s Champion answers the call instead. Havok attacks!

After dropping Rebel, Havok connects with a running leg drop. Havok grabs Rebel by the throat and plants her with the Harlot Slayer (chokeslam). As Havok stands over Rebel, Gail Kim’s music hits and she rushes into the ring. The crowd erupts as Gail fights Havok out of the ring. Havok counters Gail, hurling her into the air, up the ramp. Security and referees break apart their brawl, but Gail and Havok fight to break free.


Match #4:
Hardcore Match
Bram vs. Devon

Before Devon reaches the ring, the fight ensues. Devon scores the early offense and catches Bram with a slam in the center of the ring. He battles Bram to the outside and around ringside. After temporarily disposing of Bram, Devon fills the ring with an array of hardcore objects before slamming Bram face-first into the turnbuckle.

Devon smashes a trashcan lid onto Bram’s head. He drags Bram to a chair and places his head between a chair and the trashcan lid. Devon smashes Bram’s head using another chair!

Bram counters a clothesline and connects with a trashcan lid of his own. Bram connects with a trashcan, and then he mounts another one in the corner. Devon takes another head shot, but while Bram is taunting him, Devon connects with a low blow!

Devon places a trashcan over Bram’s groin. He climbs the turnbuckle – and just as he reaches the top, Magnus interferes by smacking Devon with a Singapore cane! Devon falls from the ropes. As Devon turns, Bram drives a metal turnbuckle into his face! Then, Bram makes the cover for three.

Winner: Bram

Backstage: Mr. Anderson asks Chris Melendez if he’ll be his tag team partner against MVP and Kenny King.


Match #5:
Tag Team Tournament
Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez vs. MVP and Kenny King

Before the bell, Kenny King mocks Chris Melendez by hopping around on one foot. Chris and Mr. Anderson take the fight to them before the bell sounds. MVP and Kenny King are sent to the outside.

Kenny King and Mr. Anderson lock up first. Anderson grounds Kenny King with a shoulder block and a hip toss. MVP grabs Mr. Anderson’s ankle and Kenny King capitalizes with a kick and a series of hard rights.

Kenny tags MVP. MVP uses Anderson’s hand to mockingly reach out to Chris Melendez. MVP keeps Anderson just out reach. Anderson fights out of MVP’s hold, but MVP counters, again grounding Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson struggles to make the tag, but MVP doesn’t allow it. MVP misses a diving elbow drop, then he and Mr. Anderson catch one another with a double clothesline. MVP tags Kenny King – and finally, Anderson tags Chris Melendez!

Chris catches Kenny King with a hip toss and a fisherman’s suplex. MVP interferes and Mr. Anderson rushes back into the ring. MVP gains the advantage and charges toward Anderson. Chris Melendez blindsides MVP and sends him out of the ring.

Kenny King sneaks in with a roll-up and a fistful of tights for the three count.

Winners: MVP and Kenny King

Backstage: Eric Young tells Rockstar Spud, “Let’s go!” Rockstar Spud says he’s got nothing.


Backstage: James Storm approaches Davey Richards. He says he wants Davey to join him; Storm brings in Manik to explain “the beauty” of “the revolution.”

Eric Young says EC3 and Tyrus are looking at a former World Champion. He says he sees a lot of himself in his tag team partner – Rockstar Spud. Spud no-shows.

EC3 laughs into the mic. He says Rockstar Spud isn’t coming. He mocks the “I’m with Spud” movement. EC3 says Spud was a dumb child with a dumb dream that snuck his way into IMPACT Wrestling. He says Rockstar Spud fears defeat and failure.

Rockstar Spud enters!


Match #6:
Tag Team Tournament
EC3 and Tyrus vs. Eric Young and Rockstar Spud

Eric Young and EC3 look poised to start the match, but before they do, Rockstar Spud calls for the tag. Spud and EC3 come face to face. EC3 laughs and tags in Tyrus. Tyrus comes face to face with Spud. Spud reaches for the tag, but EY fires up the crowd and a loud “Spud! Spud! Spud!” chant erupts!

Spud fires up with a great flurry of offense that grounds the gigantic Tyrus! Tyrus comes back with ease though and begins dominating Spud. Tyrus hoists Spud into the air and the tenacious Spud attacks his face!

Tyrus drops Spud, then he locks in a face lock before tossing him over head. Tyrus charges Spud, but Spud dives out of the way – feeding Tyrus some turnbuckle. Spud crawls toward EY, but before he can make the tag, Tyrus takes a cheap shot on Eric Young.

Tyrus tags EC3. EC3 squats down and slaps Rockstar Spud. Spud gets furious! He connects with a slap that knocks EC3 off his feet! Spud crawls between his legs and makes the tag to EY!

EY dominates! He lands a top rope elbow and makes the cover. EC3 reverses the cover and slides out of the ring. EY connects with a suicide dive, then Spud flies off the top rope with front flip! Spud takes out EC3 and Tyrus!

EC3 and EY continue to fight outside the ring and Rockstar Spud jumps toward Tyrus. Tyrus catches Spud with a clothesline – and EC3 slids into the ring and makes the cover for three.

Winner:  EC3 and Tyrus


The Contract Signing

Kurt Angle enters, contract in hand. He says he’s added a special stipulation that neither challenger for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is aware of.

“The ‘It’ Factor” Bobby Roode enters first, followed by the World Champion, Lashley, who’s joined by MVP and Kenny King.

Bobby Roode vows to fight Lashley with the heart, passion and determination to take away the World Heavyweight Championship. Roode says MVP may have built Lashley up really well, but he’s also held him back. Roode says he’ll prove that Lashley is not a destroyer – that he’s just a man.

MVP interrupts – saying Lashley’s a machine! MVP says Lashley destroys all comers.

Kurt Angle says the match deserves a decisive winner. He bans Kenny King and MVP from ringside next week – then he announces that he’ll be the special guest referee. Lashley signs the contract, despite the protest of MVP.

Lashley and Roode have a stare down to end IMPACT.

Tonight, Kurt Angle will preside over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match contract signing between Bobby Roode and Lashley. TNA's Executive Director has also promised that he will make an announcement that will change the face of this matchup at the signing. It all goes down TONIGHT at 9/8c on Spike TV during IMPACT!

However, did anyone catch this little exchange between Lashley and Angle last week? When Lashley asked Kurt if he wanted a piece of The Destroyer, Angle siad there will be a day when the two finally step in the ring against one another... Where do we sign up for that? 

Kurt Angle is a TNA Hall of Famer, a 5-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a 2-time World Tag Team Champion, an X-Division Champion... oh, not to mention, an Olympic Gold Medalist! Angle is definitely amongst the leaders in the discussion of who might be the best athlete to ever enter professional wrestling. 

Lashely has proven his dominance as well. He is your current TNA World Heayweight Champion, a Bellator MMA fighter and an Army Ranger. Not only that, but Lashley has spent the last several months decimating the top superstars in TNA on a weekly basis. 

On paper alone, these are two of the most accomplished athletes in the professional wrestling industry. A match between the two would be labeled a "Dream Match" and it certainly seemed that both men were game for the competition. 

Lashley has a major challenge ahead, as he is scheduled to defend the TNA World Title against Bobby Roode - and Kurt Angle is still rehabbing his injured knee. However, once both men are ready, who would you pick in a fight between Kurt Angle and Lashley? Hopefully we will get to answer that question some day soon!

Earlier today, in the TNA-Lister Email Newsletter, a major announcement was made! There, fans were given the exclusive news that MVP and Kenny King will enter tonight's Tag Team Tournament, which kicks off on IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike TV! 

For more exclusive news and special offers, sign up for the TNA-Lister Email Newsletter HERE! 

The addition of MVP and Kenny King makes this tournament even more exciting! What happens if the pair makes a run through this tournament and eventually captures the Tag Team Championships? The trio of MVP, King and TNA World Champ Lashley would certainly have the most dominance yet over the TNA roster! MVP is an incredibly sound technical wrestler and Kenny King is one of the most impressive athletes, making these two a major threat in the tournament!

Thus far, four out of the eight teams have been revealed! The Hardys, MVP & Kenny King, EC3 & Tyrus and Jessie Godderz & DJZ have all entered. Who will join the mix? What will these matchups look like? Join the conversation on social media by using #TagTourney - and don't miss the start of this epic tournament TONIGHT at 9/8c on Spike TV! 



IMG 0379
Rebel is glowing in the mirror, about to get her makeup done.


IMG 0770
Blotting her face after having the fabulous catering in Bethlehem, PA.


IMG 0170
Always down to help a girl out, Rebel is a great friend to have in your pocket!


IMG 0526
Working hard as always, training in the ring before the live IMPACT show.


IMG 0872
Pizza lady? Sandwich maker? Train conductor?


IMG 0664
Adding some lip color to her perfect pout!


IMG 0716
Feeling #Rebellious and ready to rock in the IMPACT zone with her boys,
The Menagerie.


Robbie E may be away at the moment, racing around the world with Brooke as part of CBS' The Amazing Race, but his bros have decided to keep busy the best way they know how. Jessie Godderz and DJZ have announced that they will enter the Tag Team Tournament tonight on IMPACT.

Godderz is a 2-time TNA World Tag Team Champion who has been on the hunt for revenge since the Bro Mans lost their belts earlier this year to the Wolves. DJZ is a former X-Division Champion and one of the Division's finest high-flyers. Together, they are 2/3 of the Bro Mans and they will do whatever it takes to get the TNA World Tag Team Championships back around their wastes.

One question comes to mind though... Say Jessie and DJZ win the tournament and become the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles? What if they even capture the titles? What happens when Robbie returns for The Amazing Race? For now, that thought surely won't creep into Jessie and DJZ's minds. They have one focus and that is tonight's tournament kick-off! 

Who will they face in the first round? Find out and catch all the action - including The Hardys and the team of EC3 & Tyrus - when IMPACT kicks off tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV!