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Team 3D has made it clear: their reunion will not end with a TNA Hall of Fame induction (scheduled to take place at Bound For Glory in October). No, they want something much more than that. They plan to solidify themselves as the best tag team of all-time and they plan to do that by beating two other top teams: The Hardys and The Wolves in the ongoing Tag Team Titles Series.

Bully and Devon kicked off the series with a bang two weeks ago, picking up a huge win during the series’ first match. Tonight on IMPACT, they announced their choice of stipulation for next week’s matchup: you guessed it, a TABLES MATCH! The kings of wood plan to make it a clean sweep tonight, by putting one (or more) of their opponents through a table and becoming World Tag Team Champions for a remarkable 24th time.

Catching up with the Hall of Famers, Team 3D said the following to “Team 3D is the most decorated tag team of all time and, when we reunited, we decided to prove that we are still the best tag team in the world. This series allows that. You have the top 3 tag teams in professional wrestling and however emerges victors can truly call themselves the best in the business. We already picked up one victory and we have one more to go. What better way to do that than in the match that is synonymous with Team 3D. We’re coming to IMPACT tonight with tables and we’re leaving with the TNA World Tag Team Championships.” 

Don’t miss match #2 in the TNA Tag Titles Series tonight at 9/8c, on Spike TV! 

James Storm is scaring a lot of people in TNA right now... The decorated former champion has been using words like "awakening" and "revolution" for the past few weeks and has even, seemingly, brainwashed Sanada. Then, last week, the two took Manik from the ring after an X Division matchup. This week, we saw Manik's condition.

Tied to a support column in a barn, Storm promised Manik a new self, an "awakening" and began to abuse and unmask him, before he sent our cameras running from the property.

The question we are asking, and Storm isn't answering is: What is the endgame here? What could it be that James Storm is doing with these men and how will it effect IMPACT? How do these mean play into Storm's "revolution" and what is the ultimate goal? Is it a World Title? Or something far sinister?

Only Storm knows his motive - and chances are he's not telling. Yet...

Lashley had a lot to prove when he entered the Bellator cage. In MMA, fans and critics alike are often opposed to professional wrestling. However, Lashley entered the cage and won big with a second round submission. After the fight, Lashley promoted that IMPACT is on Spike every Wednesday and said that he cannot wait to be back in the Bellator cage? Who will be his next opponent? We will find out soon!

Not to be outdone, another TNA star stepped inside the cage. King Mo won his fight as well, with a decisive TKO victory over Dustin Jacoby! TNA went 2-0 at Bellator 123. Don't miss the Destroyer this week, Wednesday Night, on Spike TV!



IMPACT Coverage by Bobby James
September 3, 2014

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley kicks off IMPACT Wrestling with MVP and Kenny King by his side. MVP claims there’s no one tougher than Lashley. 

X-Division Champion Samoa Joe interrupts MVP and contests the claim. Joe challenges Lashley to a one-on-one match. Kenny King cautions Joe, to which he responds with a punch to King’s face. 

MVP, Lashley and Kenny King attack Samoa Joe. Lashley accepts Joe’s challenge.

Video: HAVOK has arrived.

Video: A chronicle of Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell promotes their Knockout’s Championship match – tonight!




Knockout’s Championship
Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim (c)

Gail and Taryn lock up in the center of the ring.  Their series is tied one and one; the two Knockouts are evenly matched until Taryn sends the champion flying across the ring. Gail reverses an attack from Taryn for a quick pin attempt. Taryn’s out a two.

Gail and Taryn exchange offense and pin attempts until Taryn drops Gail with a hard neckbreaker, which she follows with a diving clothesline. Taryn attempts another high risk maneuver, but Gail counters with a frankensteiner and an armbar DDT!

Gail launches herself toward Taryn, but Taryn sidesteps, sending Gail flying through the ropes and into the guardrail. Gail and Taryn fight on the apron. Gail drops Taryn on the steel steps with a devastating neckbreaker! Gail drops Taryn with an Eat Defeat, but Taryn kicks out just before the three!

Gail attempts a second Eat Deafeat, but Taryn counters with a flying neckbreaker! Gail is out just before two! The crowd chants “This is awesome!” as Taryn climbs to the top rope again and connects with a flying crossbody! Gail rolls through to score the three-count and to retain her Knockout’s Championship!

Winner:  Gail Kim

Post-match, Gail and Taryn display respect to one another.

The mysterious and highly promoted HAVOK blazes into the arena and climbs into the ring with Gail and Taryn. She lets out a loud screech that echoes throughout the arena before assaulting both women! Havok plants Taryn first. Then she fends off Gail Kim, powering the Knockout’s Champion down with a hard chokeslam! She lifts Gail and plants her beside Taryn Terrell before stacking the women and standing over their bodies!

Havok has arrived.

Backstage: MVP tries to remind Eric Young of how Bobby Roode once acted toward him. MVP tells EY to “trust history” when it comes to Bobby Roode.


Up on the Rooftop: DJ Z tells Robbie E and Jessie to reveal the Knockout they matched with on Tinder. Robbie E and Jessie argue of over which BroMan the mystery knockout belongs to.

Ethan Carter III enters the IMPACT Zone claiming to be sickened by everyone who’s cheered for his Aunt D being put through a table. He says the “Carter Charity” ends and that his first victim was Rhino. 

EC3 says his violence will continue until his list of demands is met. He asks Rockstar Spud for his list of demands. Spud is empty-handed. He demands the immediate termination of Bully Ray, the banning of the words “Hardcore” and “Extreme“ and his final demand is for RESPECT!

The crowd chants “You can’t wrestle.”  He disagrees and says, “I’m a Carter and the world needs us.”

Rhino hops the guardrail and attacks EC3.  Rhino issues a challenge. EC3 accepts and says his opponent tonight is Rockstar Spud!

Backstage: A mystery woman twirls her hair and looks on seductively as Gunner approaches Samuel Shaw.



Samuel Shaw & Gunner vs. Magnus & Bram

Magnus and Samuel Shaw start the bout.  Samuel and Magnus wrestle back and forth. Samuel takes a slight advantage and brings in his partner, Gunner, for a double team. Gunner tries to maintain control, but Magnus fights out and tags in Bram. 

Bram enrages Gunner. Gunner savagely drives Bram’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly! Bram rakes Gunner’s eyes and he stumbles toward his corner. Samuel Shaw tags himself in, and a brief argument with Gunner allows Bram to take control. 

Bram tags Magnus and he and Samuel take one another down with a double clothesline. Both men tag out at the same time and Gunner overpowers Bram. Gunner tweaks his ankle, allowing Bram to capitalize and roll him up for a three-count. Unable to make the save, Samuel Shaw begins attacking the referee until Gunner breaks it up. 

Backstage: MVP tells Bobby Roode that Eric Young hasn’t forgotten the things he’s done.


Up on the Rooftop: Robbie E and Jessie continue to argue over “BroMan” rules. Velvet Sky enters and walks toward Robbie E! Angelina Love follows, walking to Jessie! Angelina Love tells them that as long as the BroMans keep The Beautiful People happy, they’ll keep the BroMans happy. DJ Z says love is in the air.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender’s Mach
Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

EY and Roode lock up in the center of the ring. A split audience erupts into “Let’s go EY, Let’s go Bobby” chant as the two men ground one another with alternating headlocks. 

Eric Young takes Roode down with a flying clothesline and a missile dropkick to score a two-count. Roode storms the ring and hits EY with a high knee lift, a powerful clothesline and a giant diving neckbreaker!

EY tries fighting back, but Roode powers him down with a spinebuster. EY is able to fight back, nailing a wheelbarrow slam and a moonsault from the rope. Roode kicks out at two and counters a follow-up assault by EY.  Roode locks in a crossface! EY reverses into a pin-attempt.  Roode kicks out, but he’s planted with a spike DDT! 

EY drives a diving elbow into the chest of Bobby Roode.  Roode kicks out just before the three. EY motions for a piledriver, but Roode reverses and the two competitors trade numerous pin attempts. Roode turns one attempt into a Roode Bomb for the three! Bobby Roode is the new No. 1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner:  Bobby Roode

Post-match, Roode and EY hug it out.


Backstage: Bobby Roode and Lashley have stare-down.

Backstage: Team 3D says they’ve chosen a “Tables Match” stipulation in their series against The Hardys and The Wolves. Bully Ray says Team 3D will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame as the World Tag Team Champions!

X-Division No. 1 Contender’s Match
Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Crazy Steve vs. Manik vs. Homicide vs. Low Ki

The crowd chants for Low Ki as the opening bell sounds. Low Ki and Tigre Uno start the match. Low Ki’s super aggressive and powerful style earns him an early two-count against Tigre Uno. The other competitors storm the ring to break the count.

A series of rapid-fire tags ensues until Crazy Steve and DJ Z find themselves against one another. A double crossbody has both men reeling, which allows Manik and Low Ki to tag back into the match. Low Ki sends Manik flying with kick from the turnbuckle. Again, the other competitors storm the ring and chaos follows.

Manik and Homicide find themselves alone in the ring. A great display of technical wrestling follows until Homicide drops Manik with a Gringo Killer for the win.

Winner: Homicide

Post-match, James Storm and “The Great” Sanada enter the arena. Sanada stalks Manik. Storm gives him a thumbs-down and Sanada delivers a Last Call kick. Together, Storm and Sanada drag Manik out of the arena.


Austin Aries calls out “The Great” Sanada and James Storm.

Storm and Sanada answer the call. Storm says Sanada’s a man who’s had an awakening. Storm says he’s instilled a sense of purpose in Sanada. He claims he’ll do the same to Manik.

Aries says James Storm is liberally using the word “great.” He says when the fans think of “great,” they think of him. Aries claims Sanada and Storm have enraged him and all of Japan. Tajiri comes into the IMPACT Zone.  He and Aries fight together, sending Sanada and Storm into retreat.

Backstage: Rockstar Spud asks EC3 why he’s been placed in this match against Rhino. EC3 asks Spud what he’s done to defend Dixie Carter’s honor.  Then he says, “If you don’t like it – there’s the door. But if you still want your job – there’s the ring.”


Video: Chris Melendez’s hiring.  His debut is next week!

Rockstar Spud w/ EC3 vs. Rhino

The bell sounds.  Spud tries for a quick escape, but Rhino powers him into the corner and drives a shoulder into Spud. Taz calls Spud a “feisty little rascal,” but Spud’s feistiness is no match for the dominant power of Rhino. Spud dodges a Gore and brings a trashcan into the match. Spud hoists the trashcan above his head, but as he turns, Rhino catches him with a Gore to end the match.

Winner: Rhino

EC3 turns his back on Spud and makes his exit.

Backstage: Lashley heads toward the ring.



Samoa Joe vs. Lashley

Joe’s out first for the challenge, followed by “The Dominator,” Lashley.

Samoa Joe jumps from the ring to initiate the attack, but Lashley powers Joe into the stairs. Joe begins fighting back and catches Lashley in the air, slamming him onto the floor.

Joe lands a kick to the side of Lashley’s head before driving his boot into his face. Lashley whips Joe into the corner and drives a running shoulder into Joe’s gut. Joe counters a second shoulder with a choke, but Lashley reverses the choke, dropping Joe with a neckbreaker.

Lashley brushes sweat from his brow and powers an elbow across the chest of Samoa Joe. Joe manages his way back into the match by powering Lashley down to the mat. Joe finds himself on top of the turnbuckle, but Lashley counters with a running power slam!

Joe locks in a rear-naked choke, but a distraction from Kenny King causes the break. Lashley slams Joe to the mat, but the “Samoan Submission Machine” is out at two. Lashley breaks Joe in two with a powerful spear for the win.

Lashley stands tall ahead of his Bellator bout this Friday!

Winner:  Lashley


During last night’s action packed episode of IMPACT, two major happenings occurred and two new number one contenders were named. Bobby Roode and Homicide have title shots ahead of them. This is exciting for many reasons if you’re a fan of IMPACT.

Two of TNA’s most impressive performers are back on the path to holding gold. Bobby Roode is the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion of all-time so, who better to get a shot at dethroning the Destroyer, Lashley? Homicide is another decorated former TNA champion and the newly returned superstar has wasted no time rising back to the top.

Not only that, but the two matches to follow will undoubtedly be two of the most anticipated matches of the year. For months, fans have been anxiously waiting for the moment when Bobby Roode would finally get his shot at Lashley – and that time is coming! Similarly, wrestling fans have great memories and recall that this isn’t the first time that Homicide and Samoa Joe have gone toe-to-toe. Two of the most innovative men to ever step inside the ring are set to deliver another classic match that can’t be missed.

The title picture in TNA just got clearer… and a whole hell of a lot more exciting! 


Last night, the world witnessed chaos… terror… HAVOK. At the conclusion of an otherwise tremendous Knockouts Championship match, a pulsing beat blared from the speakers and she appeared. HAVOK charged the ring, laying out both champ and challenger, making a huge IMPACT with her first moments in-front of TNA cameras. 

In that instant, it became clear that HAVOK is not concerned with anything other than being the most dominant woman in pro wrestling today. With her sheer power and brutal beatdowns last night, it appears that she may have very well already accomplished that. 

One thing we know for sure, Gail Kim never backs down from a challenge. She certainly has a big one ahead of her! Find out how she addresses it next week on IMPACT!


Tonight’s IMPACT has definitely become one of the most action-packed lineups in history! From title matches, #1 contender matches and big grudges, tonight will be an IMPACT that you cannot miss! NO EXCUSES! 

Tonight on IMPACT:

-Lashley vs Samoa Joe (Champions’ Showcase)

-Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim (TNA Knockouts Championship)

-Bobby Roode vs Eric Young (#1 Contenders Match – TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

-Low Ki vs Homicide vs Manik vs DJ Z vs Crazzy Steve vs Tigre Uno (#1 Contenders Match - X Division Championship)

-Rhino confronts EC3!

-Austin Aries promises payback for James Storm and The Great Sanada


IMPACT is on Spike TV at 9/8c tonight! 


What went wrong!? Well, is you ask EC3, it was all Rhino’s fault and this lead to his beloved “Aunt D” Dixie Carter going through a table at the hands of Bully Ray. Two weeks ago, we all watched as EC3 and Rhino engaged in a war of words that turned explosive, with EC3 leaving Rhino’s body lying ringside after a vicious beating.

Last week, we saw another explosion between the two when they faced off on IMPACT. The match reached it’s end when EC3 boiled over and savagely beat down Rhino with a steel chair. Once again, Rhino was left lying – but a real outcome has yet to be determined. So, we’re told that Rhino is on his way to IMPACT tonight and plans to issue another challenge to EC3 for tonight’s show. Knowing Rhino’s own explosive personality type, one has to imagine that fireworks will be in full effect during tonight’s show.

Another important focus in all of this is Rockstar Spud, EC3’s “best friend” who has nearly received beatings of his own from Mr. Carter in recent weeks. In fact, last week, EC3 even threatened to blast Spud with the chair as Spud pleaded for him to stop his attack on Rhino. Will Spud be in the corner of his best friend tonight!? 

Tune into Spike TV at 9/8c tonight to find out!

One of the most fascinating developments in recent weeks has been James Storm’s “revolution”. His part in the rebirth (or brain-washing) of Sanada is a remarkable tale indeed. However, what is the end goal of Storm here!? Could it be that he is assembling an army of souls with which he will attempt to rise to the top of TNA? Or did he truly see something in Sanada… something that he (and Sanada) felt wasn’t being seen by The Great Muta.

We caught up with Austin Aries, who faced the wrath of The Great Sanada last week, to get his thoughts. “I don’t know what the hell that was. I’ve developed a rivalry with Sanada since we first crossed paths in Japan and that was truly scary to see – some sort of transformation occurred in that match and I really don’t know what it was. What I do know is that James Storm had no business getting involved – and that’s my biggest problem. I prove every single week that I am the greatest man in the world and a victory was stolen from me. Well, this week, I intend to make up for that. So, Storm and Sanada, I’m coming to IMPACT tomorrow night. Don’t worry about finding me, we’ll find you.”

After what we witnessed last week, it will be very interesting to see what Austin Aries will do in response to The Great Sanada and James Storm. Moreover, what can we expect from Storm himself — and will this new persona of Sanada lead both men back to the top of IMPACT!?

Find out tomorrow night at 9/8c on Spike TV!


Another major match has been announced for tomorrow’s edition of IMPACT on Spike TV! We will be crowning a #1 Contender for the X-Division Title and the contenders are Low Ki, Homicide, Manik, Crazzy Steve, DJ Z and Tigre Uno. Whoever emerges victorious will be the next to challenge current champ Samoa Joe.

Two of the X-Division superstars with the most steam heading into the match are the recently returning Low Ki and Homicide. Low Ki has been a one-man wrecking crew and highlight reel, leaving fans in awe after his insane recent matches. Then there’s Homicide. From the minute the arena fills with the sounds of gun shots, fans are on their feet and Homicide delivers another impressive performance. 

Manik and DJ Z are also ones to watch. Both former X-Division Champions, both who always shine in the ring – and both who need to rise back to the top of the division once more. That leaves our newcomers, Crazzy Steve and Tigre Uno. Tigre has come close to TNA gold before, competing in a series of matches against then champ Sanada that dazzled. Crazzy Steve hasn’t had an opportunity to challenge for TNA gold yet, but has left crowds speechless time and time again.

When these 6 men enter the 6-sides tomorrow night, we are guaranteed an absolutely brilliant X-Division match, just as the winner of the match is guaranteed a shot at the X-Division Championship. Don’t miss tomorrow night’s show, as we crown a new #1 Contender for the X-Division Title!

IMPACT airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Spike TV!