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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
April 24, 2015 | TKO: Night of Knockouts

Aries’ Declaration

Kurt Angle invites Eric Young to the ring to discuss their scheduled championship match. Angle wants to know which version of Eric Young he’ll be facing – the “lunatic” or the man who won the title?

Young claims to have spiraled out of control – becoming more dangerous and unpredictable in recent months. He says Angle stopped the downward spiral and that he’ll face the best version of himself – the real Eric Young.

Austin Aries interrupts claiming to have an announcement everybody wants to hear. Aries says the real Eric Young turned on Bobby Roode. That he’s a ticking time bomb that shouldn’t be trusted. Aries says he’s cashing in his “Feast or Fired” briefcase – and that he and Angle will have one of the most epic World Championship matches in the history of professional wrestling.

Backstage: Taryn Terrell says she’s prepared to face an opponent like Kong, and that she’ll retain her title.


Number #1 Contender Match | Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love vs. Brooke vs. Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne attacks Brooke as she moves down the ramp. Gail and Angelina battle to the outside as well. The match officially gets underway and Brooke hangs Angelina and Madison up on the top rope. Gail Kim connects with a double dropkick to both women, which sends Brooke from the apron into the guardrail.  

Gail alternates her offense between Angelina and Madison, but Angelina catches her with a clothesline. Madison joins her former partner in a double team effort against Gail. Gail counters Madison, while Brooke hops back onto the apron. Angelina drives Brooke face-first into the turnbuckle; Brooke’s again out of the equation.

Madison and Angelina resume their double team on Gail by slamming her to the mat. Angelina calls for a repeat, but she’s met with a kick to the face from Madision. Madison stalks Gail, but Gail surprises her as she takes control. Gail charges toward the corner, in what appears to be a crossbody attempt, but out of nowhere, Brooke intercepts Gail with a spear!

Brooke lifts Madison onto the ring post and connects with a facebreaker. Angelina gets back to her feet to trade punches with Brooke. Brooke nails a series of clotheslines and a flapjack. Madison clubs Brooke from behind, but Gail locks Madison in a headscissor. Angelina locks in a submission on Gail and finally Brooke puts Angelina a submission of her own.

Madison escapes the hold, but Brooke takes her down and heads to the top rope. She connects with an elbow drop! Gail hits Angelina with a missile dropkick and then Gail and Brooke connect with one another mid-air during crossbody attempts.

Angelina rises to drop Brooke with a facebreaker. Gail connects with an Eat Defeat to Angelina. Before she’s able to make the cover, she’s caught with a Rayne Drop! Madison charges Brooke, but she counters with a schoolgirl roll-up for two. Brooke finishes Madison with a Tess-Shocker to become the new No. 1 Contender!

Winner: Brooke

Video: The Rising says this ends with The BDC falling while The Rising rises.


Grudge Match | (The BDC) vs. Mica (The Rising)


MVP says The Rising has engaged the crowd – that Galloway has made the fans “Stand Up.” He vows that this will be a one-on-one match. MVP dupes Mica into believing he’ll be representing The BDC. Kenny King takes a cheap shot and bell sounds.

King chokes Mica with a t-shirt as MVP taunts him (and The Rising) outside. Galloway trips Kenny King as he comes off the ropes. Earl Hebner catches him and ejects Eli Drake and Drew Galloway from ringside.

Mica delivers some offense, but a spinning roundhouse kick from King sends Mica over the top rope. Low Ki and MVP assault Mica while King distracts Hebner. King’s control resumes as he locks Mica in a chin lock. Mica counters with a back suplex.

King misses a second spin kick and Mica drops him with a slam. He makes the cover but MVP distracts Hebner again. Mica heads to the top rope and Low Ki interferes, allowing King to connect with another huge kick to the head.

Mica’s out at two, but King counters with another kick to the back of his head. King sprinboards off the top rope – Mica counters into a Samoan Drop for the three!

Winner: Mica

Post-match: MVP and Low Ki attack Mica. Galloway and Drake make the save, until Homicide comes to the aid of The BDC! The BDC’s numbers take over and MVP hands Low Ki a metal pipe. Low Ki drives it into Galloway’s stomach.



Backstage: Drew Galloway challenges Low Ki to a Steel Pipe on a Pole match at next week’s Hardcore Justice!

Debut | The Doll House (Jade and Marti Bell) vs. Laura Dennis (“Cherry Bomb”)

Jade sends Laura across the ring with a hip toss. The crowd chants “Cherry Bomb” as Laura plants a dropkick in Jade’s face. Laura catches Jade with a crucifix pin. Jade’s out at two. Jade screams, “I hate you!” as she throws Laura to the mat.

Jade argues with the referee before letting out a loud shriek and connecting with her version of a Shining Wizard. Jade repeats the Wizard and tosses Laura with a fall-away slam. While Laura recovers, Jade rushes over to Marti who feeds her – lets her lick – a jawbreaker?

Laura fires back at Jade until Marti Bell interferes. The referee ejects Marti from ringside while Jade mounts and punches Laura in the ring. Marti appears to be leaving, but she turns around and plants a knee in the referee’s back that sends him head-first into the ring post.

Marti climbs into the ring and together, The Doll House attacks Laura Dennis! Jade is disqualified, which sends The Doll House into a fit of rage. The Doll House attacks Christy Hemme. Christy is thrown into the steel stairs before Jade meets her with a dropkick. Marti shoves the jawbreaker into Christy’s mouth and The Doll House dances away.

Winner: Laura Dennis (via DQ)


Backstage: Angle approaches Eric Young. He says he knows Eric Young is the No. 1 Contender. Young says people keep stealing his opportunities. He says he’s done talking about it and that he needs to consider if he wants to be “here” anymore.

Mickie James’ Retirement

Magnus enters the ring to tell the fans how much he and his family appreciate their support over the past few months. Magnus says tonight isn’t about him though – it’s about his fiancée’s future in professional wrestling. He introduces Mickie James!

“Hardcore Country” draws a huge reaction from the crowd as they chant “Mickie!”

She thanks fans – and Magnus. Mickie says she’s shared the ring with the greatest women of our generation – and that she hasn’t just wrestled them, but that she’s beaten them all. She says her title reigns gave her purpose – and solidified that professional wrestling is what she was meant to do.

Mickie says her life now has a new purpose – named Donovan. She says she couldn’t have asked for a greater career – but that, as of this moment, she’s going home to be a mom. She thanks the fans for their loyalty and hopes that they appreciate everything.

A loud “Thank you Mickie” chant erupts.

James Storm interrupts the chant. Storm says there’s no crying in wrestling – and that Mickie’s known him for a long time. He says when he looks at Mickie, he sees a woman who will stand up for something she believes in, no matter who she has to stand up to. He says he – and the fans don’t want to see Mickie go.

Magnus says he appreciates Storm’s kind words and that Mickie’s retirement has been a difficult decision for both of them. Storm says if a decision is difficult, it shouldn’t be made. He reiterates that the fans don’t want her to go – he says Mickie’s one of the greatest entertainers on the planet, not just in TNA.

Mickie says she’s made her decision – that being a full-time mom is the right decision. He says he understands that she loves her son and Magnus, but that “these people love Mickie James!”

Storm says he’s not asking her to reconsider fully – but that he and the fans are asking her for one more time. The fans chant “One more time!” Mickie agrees as Magnus looks on with disbelief.


Backstage: Magnus says they talked about it. Mickie apologizes and says she was caught up in the moment. She asks Magnus for his support; he agrees. Davey Richards approaches Magnus, cautioning him against James Storm. Magnus says its Mickie he’s worried about.

Singles Match | Davey Richards vs. Manik

Davey Richards and Manik lock-up. They break and a rapid exchange culminates in a dropkick from Richards. Manik rolls outside, but Richards catches him in the face with running kick from the apron.

Richards whips Manik across the ring and drives an elbow into his face. Manik turns a hurricanrana into a cross arm-breaker. Manik takes control, ultimately hyperextending Richards’ arm to send him to the outside. Manik regroups as Richards reels in pain in front of a “Magic Manik” sign.

Manik connects with a dropkick to Richards’ vulnerable arm, followed up by a snap suplex and a back suplex. Manik gets a two-count. Manik applies an armbar/crossface combination. Richards battles out of the hold, only to be hung up over the top rope by Manik.

Manik springboards off the ropes, but Richards counters with a stiff kick. Richards lands a huge series of kicks afterwards, followed by another big kick to Manik’s head. The lone wolf then connects with a German suplex. Manik kicks out a two!

Richards ascends the turnbuckle to release his primal howl. He flies toward Manik, who counters when he gets his feet up. Manik attempts an elevated double chickenwing, but Richards rolls through into a victory roll.

Manik is out two! Richards delivers the Creeping Death to secure the win.

Winner: Davey Richards

Post-match: Khoya and Abyss attack Davey Richards from behind! Abyss chokeslams Richards onto the apron! Abyss is about to deliver a second chokeslam onto the steel steps, but The Hardys make the save, ultimately delivering a “Check Fate” to Manik!

Backstage: Ethan Carter III teases an announcement and says it’ll have something to do with “#EC32015”.



Ethan Carter III begins his announcement: “Ask not what EC3 can do for you – but what you can do for EC3.”

EC3 says he stands before the fans – not as a man – but as an ideal. He declares this is a day that will live in infamy. The fans reject his notion. He says that people will see him as a unifier with “golden aspirations.”

He says he’ll unify the fans that chant, “You can’t wrestler” and “Yes he can.” He declares himself the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Tyrus waves around a poster reading “EC3 2015 for Champ.”

He claims that historians say the title makes the man – but that he’ll be the man that makes the title. He says he’s been undefeated (pinned or submitted) since October 2013. He says it’s been 20 months of perfection. In those months, he’s defeated every TNA Hall of Famer (Sting, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle). He says there’s no one better suited to take TNA into the future for the next four – or eight years.

EC3 says that as champion, unemployment will decrease by 79% - and that unmotivated children and lazy millennials will decrease by 67%. He says, “I love this speech too!”

He claims the United States will become “Carter Country,” led by the Hardcore American Icon. He says he’ll take the title worldwide – and into space, to be defended in orbit, on the moon and against Martians on Mars!

Mr. Anderson interrupts EC3. Anderson tells EC3 he has a bright future – just not as a world champion. Anderson says EC3 spews so much garbage that he’d be better suited for Washington, D.C. He suggests EC3 run for President.

Anderson even suggests a running mate for EC3…Anthony Weiner. He says the ticket can be “Little Weiner” and “Anthony Weiner.” Anderson screams that you don’t win titles by politicking – it’s done through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice. EC3 and Anderson scuffle, sending EC3 to the back.


Knockout’s Championship | Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c)

Taryn tells Kong this should be a match the fans deserve – a no disqualification match.

The bell sounds and Taryn quickly finds herself outside the ring. Kong’s domination is unwavering. Kong swings Taryn head-first into the guardrail! Kong withdraws two kendo sticks! Kong smacks Taryn with the sticks before slamming her into the apron.

Kong lifts Taryn for a powerbomb aimed for the steel steps! Taryn counters, driving Kong face-first onto the top step. She stands on Kong’s hair, but Kong moves quickly and Taryn falls hard onto the apron!

Taryn clutches her shoulder, but she’s able to avoid a splash from Kong! Taryn disorients Kong with a series of clotheslines. Taryn connects with a flying crossbody and Kong falls from her feet. The fans chant, “We want tables!” and Taryn slides one into the ring.

Taryn grabs a kendo stick and returns to the ring. She rams the kendo stick across Kong’s throat and begins to set up the table. The Doll House emerges to watch from the ramp. Taryn drags Kong’s head over the table and then she attempts the Taryn Cutter; Kong counters. She slams Taryn’s face onto the table!

With Taryn laid on the table, Kong climbs the turnbuckle. The Doll House grabs the kendo sticks – and they attack Kong! Kong slumps over the top turnbuckle. Taryn, with an assist from The Doll House powerbombs Kong through a table!!!

Taryn seductively crawls on top of Kong for the three-count.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Post-match: Taryn grabs a mic as The Doll House brings her title into the ring. She says she’s putting everyone on notice. She says, “If you mess with me – you mess with my friends and we don’t play very nice.”

Taryn stuffs a jawbreaker into Kong’s mouth, then she says, “This is our house – The Doll House!”


Backstage: Aries says he’ll become the new champion. Eric Young is shown leaving the arena with his bags.

Backstage: Magnus asks the camera crew to keep watch over Mickie James.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle (c)

Eric Young attacks Austin Aries from behind! Young grabs the briefcase and smashes it across Aries’ face! Aries is sent to the outside where Eric Young drops him with a piledriver! Young drags Aries onto the steel stairs and delivers a second piledriver onto the steps!

Aries’ body falls limp onto the floor and Kurt Angle rushes to his aid. Eric Young appears to be backing off, but when Angle checks on Aries, Young attacks!

He slams Angle’s face into the stairs before stomping on his head! Eric Young exposes Angle’s surgically repaired knee and then he smashes a chair across it! Young locks in a Figure Four and security and referees rush to stop the carnage as Impact goes off the air.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 23, 2015) --- Professional wrestler and Nashville Predators superfan Eric Young led a thunderous capacity crowd in the National Anthem before the NHL Playoffs game five opening puck drop, inspiring a crushing victory over the Chicago Blackhawks tonight at Bridgestone Arena and seen in homes across America on NBC Sports Network and locally on Fox Sports Tennessee.

As a professional wrestler I’ve heard my fair share of loud crowds,” said Young. “The electricity and excitement of the Predators fans was insane tonight. Being on the ice and leading the crowd in the National Anthem ahead of such an important game is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.”

While the Predators make the run for the Stanley Cup, Young’s quest for Championship gold continues on the April 24 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING when he faces current TNA World Title holder and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. IMPACT WRESTLING airs Fridays at 9/8c on Destination America.

Professional wrestler and TNA Superstar Eric Young leads a sold-out Nashville Predators crowd in a rousing rendition of the National Anthem ahead of game five of the NHL Playoffs against the Chicago Blackhawks. Young can be seen on IMPACT WRESTLING airing Fridays at 9/8c on Destination America.


Follow on twitter @TheEricYoung and @IMPACTWRESTLING

This Friday, Mickie James has asked for an opportunity to address the IMPACT WRESTLING fans and locker room. What does Mickie have in-store for her future – not just in TNA, but in professional wrestling?

Mickie returned to TNA back in January in support of her fiancé and father of her child Magnus.  With the personal issue with Bram behind them, the timing of this announcement is curious. has reached out to Mickie James for a comment.

Mickie James is one of the most decorated female performers in the history of professional wrestling. She is the only wrestler to ever hold the TNA Knockouts Championship, Divas Championship and WWE Womens' Championship - every major title. 

Could Mickie be announcing that she's going to make another run for the Knockouts Championship? Could she be hanging up her boots? Or, could it be something completely different? When you're talking about a woman as respected and accomplished as Mickie James, who could even venture a guess as to what she'll do next?

If you have an idea, sound off on Twitter using the hashtag #MickieAnnouncement! Then, don't miss Mickie James' big reveal this Friday on a special 'TKO: A Night of Knockouts' edition of IMPACT WRESTLING! 

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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
April 17, 2015 | Tag Team Gold

Qualifying Tag Team Contest | The Hardys vs. The Revolution

James Storm and Khoya attack The Hardys before the bell. The Hardys ground Khoya and send James Storm flying into the guardrail. Jeff leaps from the apron with a cross body to Storm; Matt jumps at Khoya. Khoya catches Matt and drives him into the steel steps.

Jeff rolls into the ring as Storm steals and uses a fan’s replica title belt to take a cheap shot on Matt. Storm and Khoya methodically isolate and double team Matt Hardy. Storm connects with a double knee facebreaker; Khoya follows it up with a clothesline.

Storm and Khoya exchange tags again as the crowd comes to life behind Matt. Matt counters Storm with a Side Effect before making the hot tag to Jeff. Jeff unleashes his fury on The Revolution. A distraction by Khoya allows Storm a cheap shot.

Jeff Hardy battles back with an attempted Twist of Fate to Storm – and Khoya. Both counter, but Jeff ducks and Storm nails Khoya with a Last Call! Matt Hardy finally scores a Twist of Fate that sets Khoya up for the Swanton and pin! The Hardys advance to Ultimate X for the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

Winners: The Hardys

Post-match: James Storm attacks Khoya. The Hardys vow to become tag team champions.

Backstage: Eric Young addresses Kurt Angle. He says he wants his title shot, now.


Eric Young plods toward the ring. He declares that he’s a man to be avoided, especially given his mood. He claims to be the number one contender – and says he doesn’t care how many people he has to hurt to get his shot.

Young reference his attack on Lashley following the three way title match last week. Kurt Angle interrupts. Eric Young goes on the offensive and says he sees a man that can be beat – a man that can be hurt.

Angle says Eric Young is blinded by the championship and has turned into a lunatic. Angle confirms the title match for next week and asks Eric Young which version of himself he wishes to be. Angle says he wants to face the old Eric Young.

Angle turns his back, providing Eric Young an opportunity to attack. Eric Young does not.

Backstage: Low Ki and Kenny King bully Rockstar Spud backstage. Mr. Anderson makes the save, but The BDC says Spud is on borrowed time.


Qualifying Tag Team Contest | The BDC vs. Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson

Representing The BDC – Low Ki and Kenny King attack Spud before the match officially begins. Capitalizing on their assault, The BDC isolates Spud to continue their demolition. Kenny King mocks Mr. Anderson while Low Ki takes a cheap shot on Spud.

Spud reaches across the ring, but the rapid tags of The BDC never cease, nor does their double team assault. Spud kicks King in the face and crawls toward Mr. Anderson. King connects with a kick to the mid-section and drags Spud back across the ring. Low Ki gets his turn. He locks in a submission and series of strikes before bringing King back into the match.

Spud rolls through a slam from King and makes a pin attempt. Despite having a visual victory, the referee never sees the pin because he’s distracted by Low Ki and Mr. Anderson. When King finally kicks out, Spud connects with an enziguri! Spud almost has the tag when Low Ki rushes across the ring to knock Anderson from the apron!

The BDC is about to double team Spud again, when Anderson charges. He takes out Low Ki and Kenny King before tossing Spud to the corner. He climbs just outside the ropes and makes the official tag.

With a flurry of clotheslines and back elbows, Mr. Anderson takes control of the match. Anderson tags Spud and throws him at Low Ki! Spud connects with a hurricanrana that sends Low Ki flying to the outside! As Spud and Anderson look poised for a double team on King, a chair is slid into the ring.

Anderson ejects the chair, which distracts the referee. Spud connects with an Underdog to King! Spud makes the cover, but Low Ki lands on his back with the Warrior’s Way! King makes the pin and The BDC advances to the Ultimate X match.

Winners: The BDC

Backstage: Ethan Carter III says he’s undefeated; Bram says he’s unstoppable


Backstage: The BDC has a celebratory gathering. MVP says The Rising stood up to get beat down – and just like them, Spud and Anderson did the same. MVP says he wants Angle dealt with. Homicide pulls a razor blade from his mouth and goes off in search of Angle.

Qualifying Tag Team Contest | Tigre Uno and Jay Rios vs. EC3 w/ Tyrus and Bram

Immediately, Tigre Uno sends EC3 into retreat! Tigre Uno launches himself over the top rope, but he’s caught mid-air by Tyrus; Tyrus slams him onto the floor. EC3 gets in some offense before tagging, and unleashing, Bram.

Bram grounds the high flying lucha libre star. Bram and EC3 exchange tags and the methodical pace of the match continues. The crowd alternates between “Tigre Uno” and “EC3” chants.

Bram re-enters the match, missing an elbow drop that allows Tigre Uno to tag in Jay Rios. Rios exponentially increases the pace of the match as he flies from turnbuckles and tope ropes. Rios lands a kick to Bram’s knee and springboards off the ropes with a cutter/neckbreaker!

EC3 makes the save! As Rios comes off the ropes, EC3 uses his arm brace for a cheap shot. Bram connects with the Brighter Side of Suffering. EC3 tags in to make the pin! Ethan Carter III and Bram advance to Ultimate X.

Winners: Ethan Carter III and Bram

Post-match: Bram attempts to confront EC3 about the end of the match tag, but Tyrus steps between them.

Backstage: The Knockouts await a huge announcement.

Backstage: Kurt Angle addresses Eric Young and Homicide.


Christy Hemme says, “One of the big differences between TNA Wrestling and everyone else are the Knockouts.”

The Knockouts emerge, led by the reigning Knockout’s Champion, Taryn Terrell. Gail Kim, Brooke, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne are close behind. Hemme announces that next week will be “TKO,” an entire show dedicated to highlighting the Knockouts!

Angelina Love steals the microphone. She says that despite TKO sounding really exciting, it should really just be a night devoted to her. She reminds the world that she’s the record-setting six-time Knockout’s champion.

Gail interrupts Angelina. She says it’s not about any one Knockout, but about the fans. Madison interrupts Gail. First, Madison moves Angelina out of her way and asks Angelina how many times she’s lost the title to be a six-time champion.

Madison says they’re all forgetting that she’s queen of the division. Christy Hemme takes back her mic to announce a Four Way match to determine the number one contender. She announces the match will be Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Brooke.

Brooke announces her excitement. She says “three-time Knockout’s champion coming soon” – and that she’s bringing a Texas-sized ass kicking. Hemme asks her if she’s excited before going on to announce that next week will mark the debut of new Knockouts and a main event between Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong for the Knockout’s Championship!

Taryn says she has passion and that she’ll prove why she’s reigning over the division.

Awesome Kong emerges. As she enters the ring, Taryn attacks. The rest of the Knockouts work to separate them. All hell breaks loose and Knockouts begin flying everywhere. Taryn scales the turnbuckle and takes out the entire division with a diving cross body.

Taryn returns to the ring and hoists her title high into the air.

Backstage: Jessie asks Robbie E to not mess up again. As Robbie E makes his way backstage, Aries and Roode – “The Dirty Heels” – confront him. They tell him he’s the better BroMan – that he more skill, a better body and better hair.

They tell Robbie that if he beats either one of them, he could shoot to the top of the contender’s list for the World Title. Robbie E buys it and Aries and Roode go in search of Jessie.


Qualifying Tag Team Match |The BroMans vs. The Dirty Heels

Jessie and Robbie jockey for camera time before the match. Their dissention continues as they argue over who’ll start the match. Aries flies from the top of the turnbuckle and drops them both with a double clothesline of sorts.

Bobby Roode plants Robbie E with a front slam, then he and Aries double team Robbie. Jessie attempts to make the save, but he’s tossed from the ring for his efforts and the assault on Robbie E continues.

Roode comes off the ropes toward Robbie, but Jessie sweeps his legs from outside the ring. Robbie connects with a back elbow and Jessie forces himself into the match. He commands some offense before screaming to Robbie, “This is how you win a match you idiot!”

Robbie E forces a tag as Jessie turns his back.

Roode counters Robbie’s initial offense, but Robbie’s able to connect with a clothesline from the second rope. Robbie makes a pin attempt; Roode’s out a two. Robbie slaps on a headlock and yells, “That’s how Jessie!”

Robbie E connects with a neckbreaker. Jessie asks for the tag. The BroMans double team Bobby Roode, but their subsequent miscommunication costs them. Roode tags Aries. Aries unleashes on The BroMans until Jessie drops him with a high knee and incredible press slam!

Jessie screams, “This is my time!” as he and Robbie E attempt a BroDown! Roode pulls Robbie from the ring and Aries boxes Jessie’s ears. Aries connects with a discuss forearm. Jessie rolls to the outside and Aries connects with a suicide dive!

Jessie’s back in the ring and Roode whips Aries toward the corner. Aries connects with a running dropkick that flows into a spinebuster from Roode! Aries flies with a 450 splash and makes the pin. “The Dirty Heels,” Roode and Aries, advance to Ultimate X.

Winners: The Dirty Heels  

Post-match: The BroMans implode! DJ Z attempts to make the save, but he’s shoved away for his efforts as Jessie and Robbie E leave separately.


Backstage: Homicide attacks Kurt Angle in the parking lot! Their brawl spills into the arena. Homicide holds a chair to Angle’s throat and drives the chair into the ring post. The crowd’s involved with a “Let’s Go Angle” chant that’s countered with a “BDC” chant.

Angle slaps on an ankle lock – and the rest of The BDC attacks. MVP delivers the Black Out Kick. The Rising (Drew Galloway, Eli Drake and Mica) come to Angle’s aid and leave Angle and MVP in the ring alone.

As MVP’s about to take the last shot with a chair, Eric Young intervenes. MVP backs down and Eric Young picks up the chair. When Angle rises, Young drops the chair and retreats.


Ultimate X Match | The Hardys vs. The BDC vs. EC3 and Bram vs. The Dirty Heels

The four teams brawl all over the ring at the opening bell. After disposing of their opponents, The Hardys and the Dirty Heels (Aries/Roode) come face-to-face. The Dirty Heels gain the advantage after Roode drops Jeff with a clothesline and Aries connects with a discuss forearm to Matt!

The BDC and EC3 & Bram make their way back into the match. The BDC takes control of the Hardys as EC3 and Bram square off with The Dirty Heels. When The Hardys and the Dirty Heels are taken out, The BDC meets EC3 and Bram!

The BDC is sent to the outside where Tyrus attacks. In the ring, Bram shoves EC3 and instructs him to climb the Ultimate X structure to retrieve the gold. EC3 references his arm brace, arguing that it prevents him from climbing. He withdraws a ladder from beneath the ring!

EC3 and Bram use the ladder to begin their ascent. The Hardys make the save and use the ladder as a weapon to dismantle EC3 and Bram, then Aries and Roode. The Hardys begin climbing the structure! The BDC joins them.

All four men scurry towards the Tag Team Championships, until Tyrus begins shaking the entire structure and one-by-one, they all fall down! Tyrus slides into the ring and wreaks havoc on the Hardys and The BDC! Tyrus allows EC3 to climb onto his shoulders. As he moves toward the center of the ring, Austin Aries connects with a missile dropkick to Tyrus’ face!

Bram drops Aries with a savage clothesline before mounting a ladder against the turnbuckle. He whips Aries toward the ladder, but Aries counters with a discuss forearm that sets Bram up for a diving neckbreaker from Roode!

The Dirty Heels send Bram crashing into the ladder! Aries connects with a running dropkick and Roode finishes him with a spinebuster. Roode climbs the structure and guides his hands along the wire, with his feet on Aries’ shoulders. Homicide interferes, taking out Roode and Aries!

Matt Hardy catches Homicide with a Side Effect, and then he and Kenny King begin climbing the ladder. They brawl atop the ladder, until Hardy tips the scales and connects with a Twist of Fate from the ladder!

The moment Matt Hardy’s hands touch the titles, Low Ki flies from out of nowhere onto the ladder! He battles both of the Hardys. He alternates between punching Matt and swinging from the wires, kicking toward Jeff who’s walking on top of the wires! A well-placed kick sends Matt flying off the ladder, but Matt comes off the ropes and shoves the ladder away.

Like Jeff, Low Ki hangs from the ropes! Jeff kicks Low Ki and he loses his grip. Low Ki crashes onto the mat. Jeff hangs on until Matt replaces the ladder and joins his brother at the top to claim the TNA World Tag Team Championships for the first time in their careers!  

Winners: The Hardys


Impact Coverage by Bobby James
April 10, 2015 | The Rising

TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle addresses the controversy surrounding the finish of last week’s main event. Angle invites Lashley to the ring.  

Lashley introduces footage depicting his shoulder off the mat. Lashley tells Angle that he didn’t win before asking if Angle was satisfied with that victory.

Angle says he won’t back down from a title defense – and that the outcome will remain the same. Angle proposes the match for later on Impact!

Eric Young interrupts, claiming to be the new number one contender, based on the weekly rankings. Young says he earned the spot by defeating Bobby Roode. Lashley tells Young to earn it again. Young rakes Lashley’s eyes and hits Angle with a low-blow! Lashley charges toward Young, but the spear connects with Angle instead.

An enraged Kurt Angle challenges both Lashley and Eric Young.


Video: A package chronicles the history between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong; as well as Kong’s return to TNA.

Number One Contender’s Match | Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

Gail and Kong trade punches when the bell sounds, but Kong’s size advantage takes hold as Kong hurls Gail across the ring. Gail mounts some offense, but for her efforts, she’s squashed!  

The pace slows incredibly as Kong locks in a camel clutch. Gail escapes the hold, but she’s quickly powered back to the mat. Kong chokeslams Gail! She kicks out at two!

A loud “Let’s go Gail” chant erupts as Kong tries to expose a steel turnbuckle. Gail launches herself with a crossbody. She bounces off, finding herself on the mat again. Kong rips off the turnbuckle padding and Gail flies onto Kong, locking in a version of a dragon sleeper.

Kong makes the break by ramming Gail into the turnbuckle before sending her to the outside. Gail connects with a running dropkick which sends Kong crashing into the guardrail! Both women struggle to get back into the ring.

Gail lands a series of strikes, ultimately backing Kong into the corner. Gail connects with a diving crossbody from the ropes; Kong powers out at two!

Gail attempts to make Kong Eat Defeat, but she powers out! Kong charges toward Gail. She sidesteps and Kong connects head-first with the exposed turnbuckle! Gail makes a cover; Kong again powers out at two!

Gail connects with the second Eat Defeat, but again, Kong powers out! Gail counters a chokeslam by Kong into a headscissor submission hold. Kong turns the hold into a sit-out powerbomb and three-count to become the new number one contender for Taryn Terrell’s Knockout’s Championship.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Backstage: Mickie James thanks James Storm for intervening last week against Bram. Manik passes Mickie on her way out and inquires about her. Storm tells Manik to never question him.


The Revolution fills the ring. James Storm says he’s brought Manik, Khoya and Abyss into the ring to make a statement. He declares that each of them has failed him – and that they’re all at risk of being cut, like Sanada.

Storm says that in The Revolution, there can always be room for one more, but that now there can always be room for one less. Storm demands a referee, declaring that the winner will be his tag team partner in the tag team tournament for the titles.


Three Way Match | Manik vs. Khoya vs. Abyss

 Storm leaves his staff lying in the center of the ring. As the bell sounds, Manik is tossed from the ring and Khoya and Abyss collide. Khoya’s sent from the ring as Manik re-enters with a chair.

Manik attacks Abyss, but “The Monster” quickly powers out, sending the high-flying Manik back to the arena floor. Abyss gains the advantage against Khoya, until Manik connects with a missile dropkick that sends Abyss falling backwards.

Abyss attempts a chokeslam; Manik counters with a submission in the center of ring. Outside, Storm slaps Khoya as if to provide him with motivation. Khoya rushes into the ring and grab’s Storm’s staff.

Khoya uses the staff to assault his Revolution mates before powering Manik to the mat with a huge powerbomb.

Winner: Khoya

Backstage: Mike Tenay interviews Low Ki about the beginning of TNA and his wrestling career.


Drew Galloway enters with “The Rising.”

Galloway tells the fans all he’s ever wanted to do was be a professional wrestler. He thanks them for their continued support and says the reason he came to TNA was to change professional wrestling with the “#StandUp” movement.

Galloway turns the mic. over so that his teammates may introduce themselves. First, Myka, son of the legendary Haku, introduces himself and assures the fans that wrestling is pumping through his veins.

Eli Drake introduces himself next. Drake says he – and his comrades are not “robots cut out in a factory,” that they’re not “Superstars,” but rather, they’re three professional wrestlers with something to prove.

Together, they address The Beat Down Clan, warning them not to mess with The Rising. Galloway says MVP – and The BDC – doesn’t run Impact anymore. They vow a war.

The BDC arrives on the scene. MVP advises The Rising not to try making their names off The Beat Down Clan. MVP assures The Rising will have a most tragic fall. Galloway counts down from three. At one, The BDC and The Rising collide! They battle all around the ring until order is restored and Galloway requests a referee.


Six Man Tag Match | The Rising vs. The Beat Down Clan

Eli Drake and Kenny King start the match.

Kenny King slaps on a side headlock and attempts a shoulder block. King catches Drake with a back elbow against the ropes. Drake then catches King with a scoop powerslam before tagging out to Myka.

Myka comes face-to-face MVP. MVP shoves Myka – and Myka explodes with a series of rights. Myka follows up with a standing dropkick and neckbreaker. Myka scales the turnbuckle and Low Ki distracts the ref.

Kenny King shoves Myka from the top rope. Myka appears to have tweaked his knee with the fall to the outside. MVP brings forth Low Ki who commands the match and taunts The Rising.

Kenny King tags into the match and capitalizes on the existing advantage. MVP quickly makes the tag and taunts Galloway and Drake as he drops Myka with a huge boot to the face.

Myka counters a Black Out Kick with a Samoan drop! He and MVP make their respective tags! Galloway mows over Low Ki with a big kick before knocking King from the apron. Galloway powers Low Ki into the corner.

Drake and Galloway clear the ring and Myka flies from the turnbuckle with a crossbody that connects with the all three members of The BDC! With their attention focused beyond the ring, a masked man enters with a steel pipe to attack The Rising!

The man removes his mask as the bell sounds repeatedly! Homicide has returned to The Beat Down Clan!

Winners: The Rising (via DQ)

Backstage: Eric Young attacks Kurt Angle!


Backstage: Angle assures the trainer that he’s fine – and that the match is still a go.

X-Division Match | DJ Z vs. Davey Richards

Davey Richards displays incredible athleticism against DJ Z in the early goings of the match. Richards uses a bridge to kick DJ Z in the head. Richards follows-up with a shoulder block and dropkick.

DJ Z rolls to the outside, but Richards catches him with a punt on the apron!

DJ Z rakes Richards’ eyes and sends him crashing into the guardrail with a dropkick from the apron. DJ Z rolls the former tag team champion into the ring, as the crowd chants “DJ Reject!”

Richards is floored with a flapjack, but then DJ Z misses a corkscrew moonsault! Richards and DJ Z trade blows once again; Richards takes advantage as he sends DJ Z over the top rope. The lone wolf dives, and connects with a crazy suicide dive that violently sends DJ Z into the guardrail!

Richards rolls DJ Z into the ring and connects with a huge missile dropkick! He follows up with a kick to the DJ Z’s temple – it’s good for a two!

DJ Z connects with a jawbreaker and a clothesline in the corner. As DJ Z climbs the ropes, attempting a superplex, the crowd chants, “Kill the peacock!”

Richards battles out, sending DJ Z to the mat with a headbutt! Richards howls and misses a top rope stomp! Richards counters with a huge kick and the Creepy Death! Peacock dead.  

Winner: Davey Richards


Backstage: The Beat Down Clan re-introduces Homicide. They say, “We do what we do because we can.”

Video: A promo airs, introducing Jade and Marti Bell, “A Dollhouse Production.” Coming soon!

The Hardys enter to a massive ovation.

Jeff gets the crowd to chant “Hardy’s revenge,” while declaring The Hardys intention to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions. Matt says he and Jeff are going to do the one thing they’ve never done in this business – become tag title holders in TNA!

Matt’s interrupted by Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. EC3 describes The Hardys career as “fairly adequate” before describing his own 19-month undefeated streak in TNA. EC3 says that despite being undefeated, title shots have evaded him – that he’s never gotten a just shot at the World Heavyweight Championship – or any gold.

EC3 says he’s making himself eligible for a championship opportunity. He vows to win the tag team title tournament with his new partner – Bram!

Bram says he’s in a bad mood – and that the thought of teaming with anyone makes his skin crawl. He claims to hate everybody, but says he hates EC3 the least. Bram says he only cares about battering The Hardys and everyone in the locker room.

The arena goes dark and Mr. Anderson appears.

Anderson introduces his tag team partner – Rockstar Spud!

Austin Aries tells them all to wait a second – that despite having a “Feast or Fired” briefcase with a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, he’s feeling greedy. He says next week, he’ll be in the tag team tournament with his partner – Bobby Roode!


TNA World Heavyweight Championship | Eric Young vs. Lashley vs. Kurt Angle (c) 

Eric Young leaves the ring at the opening bell, leaving Lashley and Angle to do battle while he stretches outside.

Angle and Lashley lock up in the middle of the ring. After trading holds, Lashley powers through Angle. Young trips Lashley as he comes off the ropes. Angle uses the distraction to his advantage and tosses Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Angle pummels Lashley with an uppercut and series of strikes. Young trips Angle next. Lashley and Angle agree to a double team on Eric Young. Young is powered to the arena floor when Angle whips him into a clothesline from Lashley.

In the ring, Angle clotheslines Young and then Lashley. Lashley rolls over the top rope and Angle asserts his dominance until Young counters with a piledriver! Young makes a cover; Lashley breaks the count!

Lashley tosses Young from the ring before powering through Angle with a running power slam. Lashley lifts Angle for a hanging vertical suplex. When Angle rises, Lashley connects with a spear! Lashley makes a cover; Young just makes the save!

Kurt Angle delivers three German suplexes to each of his opponents before locking in an ankle lock on Lashley! Lashley writhes in pain, but manages to roll through, sending Angle to the outside.

Young takes advantage of Lashley as he sinks into a figure four leg lock. Lashley reaches the ropes!

Eric Young, unbeknownst to referee Brian Hebner, mounts a chair in the turnbuckle! Lashley catches Young with a long standing vertical suplex, but when he charges for the spear, Young sidesteps and Lashley connects with the chair!

Angle rushes up behind Eric Young to score an Angle slam! Then, he delivers one to Lashley that’s followed with a moonsault! Angle scores the three-count!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Post-match: Eric Young swings a chair into the injured leg of Lashley! Young then locks Lashley’s ankle in the chair before crushing it! Young, with a metal shin guard, applies a figure four! When the hold breaks, Lashley scrambles in pain and Young gives a satisfied grin.

Last Friday, IMPACT WRESTLING ended in extreme controversy. Kurt Angle and Lashley put on an epic main event bout for the TNA World Title but, as Angle had Lashley pinned, referee Brian Hebner was out of place to make the final count. Video confirms that, despite being counted out, Lashley had a shoulder up and the match should not have ended. 


Now, Kurt Angle is coming to IMPACT WRESTLING to address the controversy. Lashley has also promised he’d come to IMPACT with his side of the story. What will happen to the TNA World Title? Find out Friday night at 9/8c on Destination America!


Drew Galloway shocked the BDC two weeks ago when two men hopped the barricade and joined Galloway by “Standing Up” to the BDC. The men have dubbed themselves The Rising and are coming to IMPACT this week to speak for the first time. What does The Rising have in-store for TNA and how will the BDC respond? Find out Friday on IMPACT, 9/8c on Destination America.


Taryn Terrell is ready for a new challenger and, this Friday, one will emerge. One of the most decorated women in all of professional wrestling, Gail Kim, will face the destructive force known as Awesome Kong. The two will collide and the winner will become the new #1 contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship! Who will move on to challenge Taryn Terrell? Find out Friday at 9/8c on Destination America.


Also, in an X-Division showdown, DJZ and Davey Richards will go one-on-one. Last week, Davey and his tag team partner, Eddie Edwards, were forced to forfeit the TNA World Tag Team Titles due to Edwards’ injury. Until Edwards is back on the mend, it looks as though Davey Richards will stay busy in one of TNA’s most prestigious divisions. Don’t miss the impressive X-Division this Friday at 9/8c!


All of this and so much more when IMPACT WRESTLING comes to Destination America, this Friday at 9/8c!