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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
November 25, 2015 | World Title Series

World Title Series: Group X-Division Sudden Death | Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Manik

*Two will advance to the Round of 16.

Tigre Uno and DJ Z work against Manik, sending him through the ropes and off the apron. DJ Z sets up a springboard moonsault, but Tigre Uno catches him with an enziguri that downs him on the apron. Tigre Uno sends DJ Z off the apron with a running dropkick.

Tigre Uno takes down Manik and DJ Z with a moonsault from the turnbuckle. When the action returns to the ring, Manik applies a submission to Tigre Uno that DJ Z interrupts. Tigre Uno sends DJ Z out of the ring and delivers a chin breaker to Manik.  

Manik’s quick to recover and applies a backpack submission to Tigre Uno while applying a Boston Crab to DJ Z! The hold’s broken and pin attempts ensue. Tigre Uno and Manik find themselves on the apron and simultaneously springboard toward DJ Z, colliding mid-air. DJ Z scores a double tornado DDT!  

DJ Z pins Manik to advance to the Round of 16!

Manik counters a sunset flip from Tigre Uno to score his own two-count. They trade blows and when Tigre Uno’s whipped into the ropes, he comes out flying with a modified stunner! Manik just kicks out before three!

Tigre Uno moves for a springboard corkscrew, but Manik counters and sits into a pin. Tigre Uno’s out but rolled into a cross armbreaker. He fights his way to the bottom rope, forcing the break. Manik attempts a back suplex from the corner, but Tigre Uno counters. Manik picks his ankle, sending him face-first into the ring post.

Manik sets up a neckbreaker that Tigre Uno spins out of. He sends Manik into the turnbuckle with a German suplex. He follows with a split-legged moonsault to score the three-count.

Tigre Uno advances to the Round of 16.

Result: DJ Z and Tigre Uno def. Manik

World Title Series: Group UK | Rockstar Spud vs. Drew Galloway

Rockstar Spud couples his speed and height disadvantage to evade Galloway early on. Galloway eventually catches up, but Spud sends him through the ropes with an armdrag. Beyond the ring, Galloway powers Spud into the apron and then flips him up, onto his shoulder. He runs toward the ring post, but Spud counters and then Galloway misses a spear, crashing head first into the stairs.

Spud hurries into the ring with the official and the count begins. Galloway just slides under the ropes at nine. Spud makes a cover, but Galloway’s out; Spud scales the ropes. He dives toward Galloway, but he’s caught and spun into a backbreaker! Galloway charges again, but this time rams into the ring post!

Spud unleashes his underdog fury and connects with an enziguri! He signals for the Underdog, but Galloway lifts out of it and delivers a clubbing blow that downs Spud on the apron. Galloway sets Spud up for a powerbomb from the apron, but he appears conflicted and breaks the hold.

Spud sends Galloway over the top rope with a kick to the face. When Galloway rises, Spud plants him with a diving DDT! Galloway powers out at two and connects with a neckbreaker and the Claymore for the victory.

Result: Drew Galloway def. Rockstar Spud (Galloway advances to the Round of 16

World Title Series: Group UK | Bram vs. Grado

Bram rolls up Grado for the three-count.

Result: Bram def. Grado (Bram advances to the Round of 16)

World Title Series: Group Future 4 | Micah vs. Jessie Godderz

Micah sends Jessie into retreat, but after taking him down from the apron, Jessie returns the action to the ring and sends Micah face-first into the turnbuckle before delivering a backbreaker.  

Jessie connects with a huge standing dropkick before dragging his forearm across the bridge of Micah’s nose. Micah regains control soon after and delivers a big clothesline and body drop. Jessie uses the bottom rope to stop the count.  

Micah catches Jessie with a Samoan drop, but misses a diving headbutt! Jessie sinks into the Adonis Crab and forces the submission.

Result: Jessie Godderz def. Micah (Jessie advances to the Round of 16)

Kurt Angle’s Future

Angle says the European tour in January will be his retirement tour for TNA.

World Title Series: Group Tag Team Specialists | Davey Richards vs. Robbie E

Davey and Robbie drag one another around the ring in a blur of offense, defense and counters. Robbie scores a series of armdrags before applying a shoulder hold. Davey’s out quickly and sends Robbie through the ropes with a dropkick.

Davey misses a running kick from the apron, which allows Robbie to connect with a rolling senton! Robbie’s caught with an exploder suplex and clothesline once the action returns to the ring. Davey applies a cloverleaf variation, but Robbie forces the break. Robbie and Davey come to blows until Robbie takes advantage with a series of clotheslines and a two-count.

Robbie delivers the Boom Drop for another two-count! Then they trade a series of pin attempts that culminate with a double stomp from Davey! Davey goes up the turnbuckle, but misses a second double stomp. He offers Creeping Death instead to secure the victory.

Result: Davey Richards def. Robbie E (Davey advances to the Round of 16)

World Title Series: Group Wildcard | Crazzy Steve vs. Kenny King

Kenny King flips out of a hammerlock and catches Steve with a drop toehold. Steve’s up and checks King with a spinning shoulder. He retrieves his bike horn but is floored for his antics. Steve regains control and honks at King before connecting with a springboard hurricanrana!

Crazzy Steve scores a series of two-counts before being caught in a Royal Flush!

Result: Kenny King def. Crazzy Steve (King advances to the Round of 16)

Backstage: Austin Aries says that Lashley will need to be perfect and greater than “The Greatest Man that Ever Lived” in order to advance to the Round of 16.

World Title Series: Group Champions | Austin Aries w/ Thea Trinidad vs. Lashley

Lashley overpowers Aries, but Aries’ speed takes over and he scores with a series of shots in the corners. He drives Lashley face-first into the ring post before dropping his arm over the top rope. Lashley’s sent into the opposite corner with a missile dropkick.  

Lashley powers out of the corner with a clothesline before sending Aries outside. He rolls Aries back into the ring and sets up for a delayed vertical suplex. Aries counters with several knees to the head, forcing Lashley to drop to one knee. Lashley, however, will not be denied and rises with Aries still in position to receive a vertical suplex!

Lashley counters a discuss forearm with a belly-to-belly suplex! He sets up a spear, but Aries dodges  Lashley connects with the ring post. Lashley sends Aries over the top rope, but he connects with a neckbreaker on the ropes. Aries scores another missile dropkick!

Lashley powers out and lifts Aries off the mat to deliver a running powerslam! He scores a two-count as the 5-minute warning flashes on the screen. Aries separates himself and plays opossum, luring Lashley into a Last Chancery!

Lashley counters by pressing Aries up. Aries drops out of the slam attempt and delivers a discuss forearm and running dropkick! Aries motions for a brainbuster, but Lashley counters with a belly-to-back suplex! He rushes in for a second spear as Aries rises, but misses and drops to the outside.

Aries leaps for a suicide dive – but he catches his feet on the ropes and takes a nasty head-first landing into the guardrail! Lashley rolls him into the ring and sets up for another spear that Earl Hebner tries waving off.

Lashley lifts Aries to his feet twice – both times he collapses. The third time, Aries delivers a chop, but Lashley runs him over with a clothesline. Lashley tries for another spear, but Aries sits out of it and locks in the Last Chancery as the 1-minute warning flashes!

Lashley forces his way to the ropes and breaks the hold. Aries attempts a 450 splash, but Lashley rolls out of the way and delivers the spear to pick up the win.

Result: Lashley def. Austin Aries (Lashley advances to the Round of 16)

The Round of 16 – Matchup Reveal


Block A:                 
Ethan Carter III vs. DJ Z
Bram vs. Davey Richards

Block B:                 
Lashley vs. Drew Galloway
Mahabali Shera vs. Eli Drake

Block C:                 
Tigre Uno vs. Gail Kim
Eric Young vs. Kenny King

Block D:                 
Jessie Godderz vs. Awesome Kong
Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy        


The World Title Series started with 32 competitors in 8 groups fighting for the chance to become the new undisputed TNA World Champion. After weeks of Group round action, two competitors from each Group have earned the points to make it to the Round of 16. Starting next Wednesday, Dec. 2, the Round of 16 begins.

The Round of 16 is single elimination. Win and move on. Lose and go home. 

Watch Josh and Pope reveal the matches scheduled for the Round of 16, and see the matchup graphics below. Share them on social media using #Roundof16 


davey bram

djz ec3

drew lashley

EY King

hardy roode

kong jessie

shera drake

tigre gail


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Watch Josh and Pope in the IMPACT Breakdown as they take a look at the Lashley vs Aries match slated tonight in the World Title Series, as Group Champions will send one more participant to the Round of 16. Who will it be? Find out tonight at 9e/p on IMPACT WRESTLING. received this video earlier today from Robbie E, who has a message for his opponent, Davey Richards, and the entire locker room ahead of the World Title Series tomorrow night on IMPACT WRESTLING. 

The story of the first Thanksgiving has been told over and over to all American children. The first Settlers sat down with the Native Americans and ate turkey and had a huge feast while the Settlers learned about their new home, America. We celebrate every November with overeating, football and wrestling!

Let’s take the time to relive some classic IMPACT Thanksgiving moments.

Like in 2013, when Rockstar Spud hosted a feast in the six-sided ring.

Feel free to go to our official YouTube Channel and watch all the great Thanksgiving moments from TNA history! Enjoy your holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!


Have you ever really looked into Eric Young’s eyes? The man really is a world class maniac and one of the most feared men on The Impact Roster. Eric Young represented himself in The World Title Series in The Group TNA Originals.


First up for the deranged Eric Young was a man just as diabolical, The Monster Abyss. This was a fun match to witness, two heavy hitters giving it they’re all and in the end it was Abyss who left with 3 points. Eric Young was not happy!


Eric Young would face Bobby Roode in his next match and just like his t-shirt says, Eric Young showed that he is a World Class Maniac, going to work early on Roode. Young was stalking Roode, trying to play mind games. Did they work? Eric Young took the 3 points and victory, so yeah, you guess they did.



With his back against the wall, Eric Young met James Storm in his third match. Eric Young was persistent and not at all worried about Storm, that he didn’t fear Storm. It could have been mind games or Eric Young might have known something we didn’t. Either way, Eric Young won the match, the points, and the opportunity to compete in the Round of 16.



Who will have to deal with The World Class Maniac in the Round of 16? Can anyone stop this man? Can anyone match the level of intensity that Eric Young brings to The World Title Series?

He is the longest reigning Champion in TNA history. He wants to win The World Title for a 3rd time and he knows more than anyone what is at stake in The World Title Series. Bobby Roode is a true pro.


Bobby Roode’s first match was against The Cowboy James Storm. Roode wasn’t at all concerned about their past friendship or what was once Beer Money. Roode knew what needed to be done and that was take out James Storm, earn a victory, get three points and go home. And that is exactly what Roode did.



Next up was another familiar foe, Eric Young. Do you remember what Eric Young did to Bobby Roode back in January? He only cost him The TNA World Title and made Roode’s 2015 a living nightmare. And wouldn’t you know it, Eric Young did it again using Earl Hebner to his advantage and defeating Roode with a piledriver.



It came down to Roode vs. The Monster Abyss in a do or die situation. Roode, always the pro, was calm and collected and then he collected his 3 points as well as a spot in the Round of 16.



Who will face Bobby Roode? Will this former World Champion do it again? Will Bobby Roode’s hand be held high when we determine who will win The World Title Series?


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