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Impact Coverage by Bobby James
October 29, 2014

Match #1:
Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final
MVP and Kenny King vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe

IMPACT Wrestling opens with MVP and Kenny King in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Low Ki and Samoa Joe enter.

Kenny King and Low Ki start it off. King locks in a tight side headlock before driving Low Ki into the corner. He catches Low Ki with a stiff arm to the face before mocking him in the center of the ring. Low Ki battles out of the corner and Samoa Joe and MVP find themselves in the match.

Joe leads with a series of submission holds that MVP counters into a rolling armbar. Joe reaches the ropes. MVP breaks the hold and Joe unleashes a series of kicks and a leg bar. MVP grabs the bottom rope and Samoa Joe tags his partner.

Low Ki mounts a small amount of offense before Kenny King is brought back into the fold. King is dominant upon reentry, driving Low Ki to the mat and locking in another headlock. Low Ki battles back with a giant uppercut and tag to Samoa Joe.

Joe connects with a series of punches and a reverse elbow. He whips Kenny King against the ropes, but MVP pulls his partner from the ring. Joe rushes toward them but they grab his ankles. With Joe struggling to break free, Low Ki flies out of the ring and connects with a suicide dive over the top rope!

Low Ki makes a pin attempt with Kenny King back in the ring. King’s out at two and Low Ki connects with a kick to the head. MVP catches Low Ki with a cheap shot and then he takes the tag and the advantage.

MVP drops a big elbow to the back of Low Ki’s head. He follows up with a snapmare and a dropkick. Kenny King tags himself in.

Kenny King quickly makes a cover, but Joe interrupts the count. Kenny King. As Low Ki tries battling out of a submission, King powers him back down to the mat. MVP comes back into the match. Low Ki takes the moment to connect with a flying back elbow. Just before Low Ki tags Samoa Joe, MVP grabs his ankle and drags him to his corner, to tag Kenny King.

King and MVP alternate tags and double team Low Ki in between. Low Ki catches both with kicks from the corner. Finally, Low Ki makes the tag! Samoa Joe storms the ring and attempts a pin on Kenny King. MVP interrupts the count and Joe locks in a rear naked choke!

MVP breaks the hold and Kenny King catches Joe with a solid kick to the face! Low Ki interrupts King’s pin attempt, and then he goes to battle MVP on the outside. Samoa Joe locks in a second rear naked choke to earn the tap-out victory!  

Winners:  Low Ki and Samoa Joe

Backstage: Devon addresses Bram.


Bram smirks on his way to the ring.

Bram says he’s rewriting history by systematically destroying the brotherhood of hardcore. He tells Devon and Abyss that their time is up. He calls out his brother, Magnus.

Magnus says he and Bram may not be brothers by blood, but they’re brothers by brothers by blood they’ve spilt.

Bram declares that he and Magnus are going to rule IMPACT, and that they will cause the extinction of the “dinosaurs of hardcore!”

Devon interrupts Bram and Magnus to introduce his new partner, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer and Devon battle their adversaries around the ring, but soon after, Bram and Magnus take control. They double team Tommy Dreamer, then retreat when Devon reenters the ring with two steel chairs.

Backstage: Madison Rayne apologizes for her dirty tactics with Taryn Terrell a few weeks back. Taryn says they should focus on their common problem: The Beautiful People.


Match #2
The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell

Angelina Love and Madison Rayne lead off. Madison makes back-to-back pin attempts at the start. She locks in an armbar, then tags in Taryn Terrell. Taryn catches Angelina with a swinging neck breaker.

She drops Angelina Love and Velvet Sky a drop toe hold. Then, Taryn takes out The Beautiful People with a double dropkick, and then a double baseball slide.

Madison Rayne turns her back on Taryn as The Beautiful People attempt a double team. Taryn connects with a double clothesline. Then, she reaches for another tag. Madison hops off the apron, to drag Angelina back to her corner.

Velvet tags Angelina. Taryn connects with a flying cross body on The Beautiful People, but again, Madison Rayne dodges Taryn’s tag. Madison illegally attacks Velvet and Angelina. Then, out of nowhere, Madison kicks Taryn in the head! She connects with a Rayne Drop, then leaves Taryn motionless in the ring.

The Beautiful People make the cover and get the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People


Match #3
Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final
EC3 and Tyrus vs. The Hardys

EC3 attacks Matt Hardy immediately by connecting with a group of kicks and punches. Matt comes back fighting with a series of punches of his own. Matt tags Jeff. Jeff comes off the top rope with a splash and an early pin attempt against the undefeated EC3.

Jeff Hardy drags EC3 around the ring in a headlock before tagging in his brother Matt. Matt and Jeff double team EC3 and then Matt connects with a Side Effect. He covers him for two.

EC3 kicks out and makes the tag to Tyrus. Tyrus squashes Matt Hardy and EC3 takes a cheap shot. EC3 tags back into the match. He repeatedly drives Matt’s face into the mat. EC3 tags out to Tyrus.

Tyrus slams Matt Hardy, then he tags in EC3 who runs in with a snapping neckbreaker and a follow-up headlock. EC3 taunts Jeff Hardy while Matt struggles. Matt dodges EC3, causing him to eat a mouthful of turnbuckle. Matt finally tags Jeff!

Jeff Hardy is in with a flurry of offense and Whisper in the Wind! The Hardys double team EC3 and then Jeff connects with a Twist of Fate! As EC3 falls backwards, Tyrus makes the tag. Tyrus connects with a double clothesline.

The Hardys dodge a top rope splash from Tyrus, then they each connect with a Twist of Fate. Jeff flies with a Swanton Bomb and The Hardys take the win! The Hardys will meet Samoa Joe and Low Ki in the finals!

Winners: The Hardys

Outside the ring, EC3 screams at Tyrus.

Backstage: James Storm, with Sanada and Manik, says his revolution will expand, just a little more.


The Revolution (James Storm, Sanada and Manik) are in the ring.

James Storm says “the storm is very close.” He says Sanada was weak and lost with The Great Muta. He says Manik was a faceless creature without a voice. He says they’ve seen the light – that they’re disciplined.

Storm calls out Davey Richards.

Richards enters the ring. Storm asks him if he’s considered his offer. Storm says his partner, Eddie Edwards, is holding him back. Storm claims to know what that’s like, that’s why he’s offered him to be part of The Revolution.

Eddie Edwards interrupts.

Edwards says Storm is out of his mind and that there’s no way Davey would give up everything for him. Tension mounts between The Wolves and Storm interrupts, saying, “This is Davey’s awakening!”

Eddie challenges Storm to a match and slaps him in the face!

Match #4
Eddie Edwards vs. James Storm

Eddie Edwards battles Storm furiously! As Davey Richards looks on, Manik moves in. Eddie leaves the ring to step between them. When he returns the ring, Storm powerfully shifts the momentum.

Storm nails some hard offense, then he drags Eddie Edwards to the edge of the ring and chokes with the ring apron. Storm continues his onslaught, until Eddie is able to counter with a kick to the face. Eddie furiously unloads a series of knife edge chops.

Eddie plants Storm with a chin buster from the top rope. Storm kicks out just before three! Storm begins clobbering Eddie Edwards and Sanada distracts the referee. Eddie shoves Storm into Sanada and rolls through for a two count.

Outside the ring, Manik whispers into Davey’s ear. Eddie catches Manik with a baseball slide that sends him crashing against the guardrail. Davey Richards climbs onto the apron and begins arguing with Eddie. As Eddie turns around, James Storm catches him with The Last Call and a three count.

Winner:  James Storm


Main Event:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Special Referee: Kurt Angle
Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c)

Lashley and Roode lock up. Lashley forces Roode into the corner, Angle makes the break. Roode catches Lashley with a chop and they two have a stare down. Lashley grabs Roode and powers him to the mat, then drives him hard into the corner!

Roode fights back with a series of rights and back-to-back clotheslines. Lashley powers back and pounds Roode’s face with some serious shots! Roode counters a clothesline attempt with a crossface, but Lashley reaches the bottom rope with ease.

The action spills out onto the floor and Roode drives Lashley’s face into the guardrail. Lashley comes back with a powerful sidewalk slam on the outside. He rolls Roode back into the ring and locks in a torture rack that he turns into a body drop. Lashley scores with a spinebuster – and he’s in total control.

Roode somehow manages to get his boot up into Lashley’s face. Roode follows up with a neckbreaker and a spinebuster of his own. Roode hesitates in pain for a moment, but gets a two-count.

Lashley powers out. He drives Roode to the mat with a huge spinebuster! Roode kicks out just before three! Lashley inadvertently hits Angle with a massive clothesline, then takes Roode down again! By the time Angle comes around, Roode is able to kick out, again, just before three!

Roode dodges a spear. Roode dodges another spear – but Lashley connects with Angle! Lashley rolls to the outside. Roode leaps from the apron in pursuit. Lashley dodges Roode. Roode dodges another spear from Lashley – this one connects with an IMPACT crew member!

Roode drops Lashley with a Roode Bomb on the entrance ramp. He rolls Lashley into the ring and makes the cover. Referee Brian Hebner flies into the ring and makes the count! Lashley powers out at two!

Lashley catches Roode with a low-blow, then he retrieves his title. Hebner argues with Lahsley and Lashley powers through him with a clothesline! Roode picks up the title and catches Roode with it. He makes the cover, but Angle is slow to count and Roode kicks out at two!

Roode battles back and attempts a Roode Bomb. Lashley grabs the ropes, drops to the apron and hangs Roode on the top rope. Lashley climbs the turnbuckle. Roode grabs Lashley from the top rope – he’s in position for a Roode Bomb, but Lashley counters into a pin attempt. Roode sits down on Lashley’s chest and Angle’s hand makes the three count just before Lashley powers out!

Winner: Bobby Roode (New World Champion)

Tonight, the Tag Team Tournament to crown new #1 Contenders for the Wolves rolls on with the Semi-Finals round! We started out with 8 teams and, now, we are down to the final four! Before tonight's Semi-Finals matches, we take a moment to relive last week's quarterfinals and show how each team advanced!

Don't miss the continuation of the Tag Team Tournament on tonight's episode of IMPACT on Spike TV at 9/8c! 

The Hardys:

EC3 & Tyrus:

MVP & Kenny King:

Samoa Joe & Low Ki:

The last time that they met, Bobby Roode set the pace for his match with Lashley. He controlled the Destroyer in a way that no one had been able to do previously. He even became the first person to kick out of Lashley's punishing finisher, the spear. However, late in the match, Roode appeared to suffer an injury to his knee. He seemed to slow down and, when he went for the Roode Bomb, he couldn't support Lashley - or his own weight. It was there, Lashley smelled blood in the water and finished the fight - just as he did this past week at Bellator 130.

It's been a few weeks, but are we sure that Roode's knee has recovered? Yesterday, on the eve of Roode vs Lashley II, we caught up with The It Factor of Professional Wrestling to check on his health ahead of the big fight!

"You know, my body has been to war many times, as has every person who has made a career in this business. Walking around injured is part of life. Training injured, wrestling injured, we have to do it - it's in our DNA. When I met Lashley last time, my knee was not ready for the challenge. Picking him up, I could feel my knee giving... Hell, I could feel it shooting through the rest of my body. I don't know if my knee is 100%, but I do know it feels better today than it did that night in New York. I'm dedicated. I am here to win and be champion. My knee is going to be fine..."

Lashley, on the other hand, has his own health on his mind... Just four days ago, Lashley went to war inside the Bellator MMA cage. He came out on top with a stunning TKO finish, but one has to wonder if Lashley is coming into this fight at 100%? The focus, training and wear-and-tear of a rigorous MMA schedule is tough to do when it's your sole focus, but having to also carry the top Championship in another organization is even more difficult to balance. 

Both men have a lot to prove in this match and we have no doubt that, tomorrow night, we will witness one of the most hard fought bouts this year.

It's Roode vs Lashley II and it all goes down on IMPACT tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV!

Since coming to TNA, The Wolves have been unstoppable. They've taken on all challengers, they've captured and held onto the TNA World Tag Team Championships for the better part of the year. They've even defeated two of the most legendary tag teams of all-time, The Hardys and Team 3D, in a best-of-3 series this summer. It seemed as if nothing could stop the run The Wolves are on....

Then, last week on IMPACT, we saw James Storm approach the Tag Team Champions and begin an attempt to recruit Davey Richards. In the end, Davey and Eddie left together, but a seed of doubt was planted. What exactly was Storm's intentions and why would Richards even listen enough to let him in? 

We've seen a very strange and scary shift in Storm over the past several months. We've seen him lead The Great Sanada to turn on his mentor. We've seen him attack and transform Manik. Could Davey Richards be the next to "pledge to the Revolution"?

We caught up with Eddie Edwards, who had the following to say. "James Storm is crazy. It's easy for anyone to see. Davey and I have been partners for years. We've travelled the world together and proven ourselves to be the best team in the sport today. No one - and I do mean no one - can tame the Wolves. Storm may want to play his little mind games, but if he thinks he's going to mess with The Wolves, he's going to be the next one hunted down." 

Unfortunately, attempted to "hunt down" Edwards' tag team partner, but Davey Richards refused our repeated calls for comment. After numerous attempts, we decided to contact James Storm himself. The Cowboy was cryptic and only had a few words for us. What he said leads us to believe that this is far from over. 

"There's always one room for one more...."

What will happen between The Wolves and James Storm? Find out tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV during a huge edition of IMPACT! 

For the past several weeks, tensions have been building between Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell. Things all started when the two met for the right to challenge HAVOK for the Knockouts Championship. Accusations of pulled tights and Madison walking out as HAVOK decimated Taryn left a lot of bad blood between the two. So, what led the two to team up this week? 

"Madison and I have a lot of history. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and try to move-on. What better way to do that then team up and prove that we're on the same page?" Taryn Terrell sounded very optimistic when caught up with her last night. She continued, "Look, I would've stayed and helped Madison if the tables were turned, but I can definitely understand not wanting to go face-to-face with her, considering all the terrifying things she's done." 

Madison Rayne refused to talk to when we tried to reach her. For her partner's sake, let's hope she's on the same page as Taryn because the two ladies will face TNA's mean girls, The Beautiful People this Wednesday night. 

Angelina Love commented, "Oh, blah, Taryn and Madison... Of course they don't like each other, no one likes either of them. The BP's aren't even thinking about them. On Wednesday, we go to IMPACT and we SLAY... Then we go on to bigger things... and by bigger, I mean HAVOK. I want MY title back." Not to be outdone, Velvet Sky had the following to say in closing: "The Beautiful People are the true queens of TNA. We've been here the longest and we're definitely the most beautiful. Everyone else in this division is beneath us."

While The Beautiful People always have a lot of attitude, they are also on the same page, which is more than Taryn and Madison can say at this point. One thing's for sure, sparks will fly when these four killer Knockouts meet on IMPACT tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV! 

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Last week, Kurt Angle kicked off a Tag Team Tournament to showcase TNA's tremendous tag team division and crown new #1 Contenders for The Wolves. Of the 8 teams that entered, only four remain and the semi-finals will go down tonight on IMPACT! 

The Hardys vs EC3 & Tyrus
The Hardys kicked off the tournament last week in impressive fashion, knocking out the Bro Mans, Jessie Godderz and DJZ, in the night's opening contest. When the Hardys reunited this summer in NYC, they vowed to capture the Tag Team Titles and they are clearly not stopping until they get another opportunity to do so! EC3 & Tyrus are a brand new pairing that is already causing chaos throughout the TNA locker room. The team, and so-called best friends, took out EC3's former best friend Rockstar Spud and Showtime Eric Young in the opening round of the contest. 

You could say that the winners of this matchup are the favorites in the finals... but just look at who the other teams are:

Samoa Joe & Low Ki vs MVP & Kenny King
The pairing of Samoa Joe and Low Ki was a surprise to many, as the two have become fierce rivals in the X-Division. However, the two made themselves a powerhouse team and proved that they work well together by nabbing a big win in the first round of the tournament. MVP & Kenny King have been working together for a while now and looked unstoppable in their match against Chris Melendez & Mr. Anderson. Imagine the power (and boasting) of a faction that contains TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley and Tag Champs Kenny King & MVP? Depending on where your allegiances lie, that is either incredibly exciting... or terrifying.

These four teams will clash this Wednesday night at 9/8c on Spike TV and the two winning teams will move on to the finals, with one team earning a shot at The Wolves. Who is your pick to win it all? Can anyone tame The Wolves? Tell us what you think! Join the conversation on social media by using #TagTourney! 

It all goes down tonight on Spike TV at 9/8c! 

Tonight's IMPACT on Spike features a huge main event as Bobby Roode gets his rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against "The Destroyer" Lashley.  Since capturing the title in June, Lashley has been a dominant World Champion, but at No Surrender, Roode came closer than any other opponent to beating Lashley.  Will the second time be the charm for Roode or will Lashley’s championship reign continue?  Also, Kurt Angle will serve as special guest referee for this championship match to ensure both challenger and champion get a fair fight.  How will this factor into IMPACT’s main event?  Find out tonight on Spike. 

Tonight will also feature both semifinal matches of the Tag Team Tournament to determine the new #1 Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Champions, The Wolves.  Current X-Division Champion Samoa Joe and Low-Ki team up to face MVP and Kenny King, and The Hardys battle EC3 and his newly-appointed bodyguard Tyrus.  Who will emerge victorious and advance to the Tag Tournament finals?

The beautiful and talented Knockouts will be in action on IMPACT. Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne will team up to take on The Beautiful People. Taryn and Madison have had their issues in recent weeks. Will they be able to put their differences aside and get on the same page for their tag team match tonight?

With help from Magnus, the "New King of Hardcore” Bram defeated Devon on last week’s IMPACT.  The boys from Britain will speak on this topic, but more importantly, how will Devon react?  Find out tonight on Spike. 

All this and much more on tonight's IMPACT airing on Spike TV at 9/8c.


Another week of The Amazing Race is in the books and #TheWrestlers are still wowing us! Brooke and Robbie finished this week's leg of the race in 5th place and will be continuing their race next Friday at 8/7c on CBS. Every week, Robbie provides exclusive recaps to discussing what each leg of the race was like.

Now, we turn it over to Robbie to give you his take on this week's episode!

Marrakesh?? We're going to Marrakesh?? Where is that?? Did I spell it right?? More importantly, do they have gyms there?

Starting off in second place this leg was awesome, but then we got to the airport and had to wait on a flight so we were all dead even again. That sucks, bro. We were all very frustrated. Then, we made it to Africa and there tons of animals and bad smells from the animals... Why are animals so weird, bro?

We landed and we hit the market to do our first obstacle, which was build a food cart. One word. Gross!!!! It smelled so bad and the food looked so gross but, none the less, I was still hungry. Will anyone ever give me food???  

After we finished that, Brooke had to scrape the hair off of dead animals' skin. BRO... What was that? Who does that? Brooke almost puked... but she powered through and killed that challenge. Next, we had to choose our detour and we chose Tea Time. First off, our outfits were horrible... But, I'm glad we chose that detour because the other one looked super hard. It involved dancing but, not like booty-popping, so we probably would've been bad at it and Brooke would've been stressed out.

BOOM! Just like you knew we would, Team BRO powered through and got the job done. We finished this leg in 5th place. Next week we'll do even better, but not too shabby bro! 

#TheWrestlers are still here and we even have our own shirt now! Support us and we promise to make you proud as we race for that $1 Million, bro! (Get the official Team BRO t-shirt here!)

See you next week in Africa! 

NOTE: Additionally, we look back at last week where #TheWrestlers were spotlighted heavily. Joel McHale even featured #TheWrestlers on a recent episode of E!'s The Soup, which can be viewed here (warning: strong language)

Last week, British Boot Camp 2 premiered on Challenge TV to all-time high ratings and buzz! UK mainstream press, worldwide social media trends and a great cast led to the show breaking records! This week, judges Al Snow, Samoa Joe and Gail Kim are now heading to Manchester for another round of auditions. Will they uncover the newest TNA superstar?

With the success of Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray at last week's Glasgow auditions, three more women attempt to advance in this week's competition. See how Gail Kim reacts to Heather Schofeild, Lana Austin and Melantie Price! It's British Boot Camp 2, Sundays at 9PM on Challenge TV!

Stay tuned to Challenge after Boot Camp, as IMPACT airs at a NEW time! Immediately following British Boot Camp 2, IMPACT will air at 10PM on Challenge TV!

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BritishBootCamp2!

PLUS, every Monday morning, join us for Boot Camp Breakdown, starring Rockstar Spud and Christy Hemme, featuring your favorite wrestlers, celebrities and more talking about British Boot Camp 2! Episode 1 is available below! 

TNA Wrestling would like to congratulate LASHLEY on his dominant performance inside the Bellator MMA cage tonight! Lashley picked up a strong victory over Karl Etherington at Bellator 130, quickly moving up the ranks in Bellator's competitive Heavyweight Division!

Lashley finished the fight in the first round, picking up a brutal TKO win and improving his MMA record to an impressive 12-2!

Now, Lashley turns his focus to Wednesday night and Bobby Roode. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion will face Roode in the main event, with special guest referee Kurt Angle, and TNA's most respected prize is on the line! A major question we have is: how quickly can Lashley's body recover from his rigorous training and fight at Bellator 130? Fighting at the highest level of two worlds is tough - fighting in Bellator on Friday and defending your TNA World Title on Wednesday? That's completely unheard of!

One thing is for sure, Lashley is The Destroyer and one of the toughest men in the world. He has run through all comers in both TNA and Bellator with relative ease. If anyone is up for the task, it is him.

Don't miss Lashley vs Roode II, this Wednesday night on IMPACT at 9/8c on Spike TV!

For now, make sure you congratulate Lashley on his Bellator MMA victory! You can find him on social media: @FightBobby! 

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